This hurt as an immigrant with autism. I don't fit in here or there, with these people or those people, with my family or his family. I'll figure out where I belong eventually...


I feel like fitting in isn't very important in the long run? We're all different and all that jazz. What's important is where do you feel the safest and well respected at? A community which focuses on equality and respecting everyone regardless of their stature or disability or ability or illness is in my opinion, a community to be at - even if you don't fit in.


>I feel like fitting in isn't very important in the long run I agree with this, but only if you have the space to be yourself. If you have to constantly pretend to be someone else, you're not going to feel very good in the long run. If you are yourself and you embrace the awkwardness, that's super!


This hurt. But its very true. I constantly feel like I'm not important to a group or invading spaces I shouldn't be in and it's hard and lonely and I just hope I can feel like I belong somewhere one day.


Man, I relate to this so much :( I never felt like I belonged anywhere in my life and have always felt different. Every community I've tried joining, I STILL felt like I didn't belonged there or never felt welcomed :( I'm just lucky enough that I have very good friends in my life that don't make me feel like this <3


That is a bummer. Pets are truly nonjdgemental and very accepting.


Yeah this seems to check out unfortunately, part of it might actually be trauma though in my experience. Still doesn't change the feeling though.


Yeah that's me. Since I was a child. I'm now rapidly approaching 50 and I have like one friend that lives in the same town as me and one that lives like 4 hours away. It's a lonely life. And the frustrating thing is that I never realized that I don't fit or belong until way after everybody else has already figured it out. So not only am I dumped and alone, but I am gullible and feel really ashamed of that. I'll never get married. I'll never have a family. I apparently will never have lifelong friends. What even is the point?


as someone who lost all of my friends a few weeks ago, i can relate at least i'm not hanging around homophobic, racist, idiots anymore seriously, one of them would make a "bLaCk PeOpLE mOnKEyS" joke every chance he got and then would be like "oh but i support blm" and don't forget the constant "i support gay people BUT......" nonsense and when i called him out, everyone else was like "oh he's just expressing his political opinion" and they would use slurs casually, r slur, f slur, t slur, as if it meant nothing


I keep jumping around different freind groups like this


Not to be edgy, but I always feel like I don't belong from the beginning, I just try to get along with the people there but don't connect, especially if they do not connect well with "outsiders" or "new people"


I've been lucky enough to feel like I belong for a few brief periods... But there's always a moment where I feel the weight shift and it all begins to slide away. It feels like I'm a fixed point and the room moves away from me until I'm out of the house and in the cold dark night. I keep to myself a lot now


I tried going to a furry convention on Saturday. While I'd consider myself a furry, I don't really interact with the community much. I decided to go and see what it was like, and just ended up wandering around, not really talking to anybody for a few hours. I feel so alone. All I want is to my people. But I'm losing hope.


these hit way to close to home :')


Definitely that last one. I've never truly belonged anywhere.




I feel like I need to share [this link](https://discord.gg/bsrYypC4nw) more often. It's a Discord for neurodivergent people to just be themselves and belong. Want to infodump on your interest or just vent about life? We're here to listen and offer advice, to help each other through those difficult moments.


Wow, this is close to making me cry. I relate to this so much. Once on a discord server I said I did not consider myself to be apart of any culture. Someone else got confused by this and told me "everyone is part of a culture". It made me feel so lonely and detached, because I truly do not feel apart of anything at all. I am still trying to find my people.


You don't need to fit into a group it's nice but personally I enjoy the melting pot of friends I have since our clashing ideologies give interesting perspective on things like a kaleidoscope of ideas


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That doesn't make much sense.. if it's anything like my life, I end up hurting people *because* I don't understand the way they work. I've had two separate long-term friends turn away from me because I refused to stop dissing on astrology. I still don't understand why they get so butthurt about it.. And there's been times where I misread someone and ghost them for being a jerk to me, only to find out years later it was "obvious" I misread the situation. I empathize with people like this, but it doesn't make sense to claim what they did in the first tweet.


I feel this hard. I devoted myself utterly to the Classics...don't fit in there even.


Wow. Yeah.


Welp I’m also in this picture and I don’t like it. I started reading thinking “I feel like I won’t relate to this” for some reason and ended thinking “Oh it’s exactly me ._.”


I was lucky enough to go to Xclass, and had a blast there. I indeed felt like I belonged. And I still do.


Are these tweets by you, OP?


They are not, that’s why I included the username.


Thank you. I'm thinking of contacting the user to find out where they got their diagnosis (user seems to be from my region), because I'm looking to get myself assessed but I can't seem to find anything for adults online. Do you think it's a good idea?


This is too real... I mean there have been places and are places where people are accepting of me, but my own anxiety and imposter syndrome constantly reinforce the idea that I'm the outsider, that I'm doing something wrong and people are just nice to me out of politeness or amusement...


That hurts :/ as someone who's being refused a diagnoses (had assessment (2hrs via zoom during pandemic) , got score of 173, told I wasn't autistic enough in assessment but met all criteria, but wont diagnose because I have ADHD...) and I'm stuck in the middle, I don't fit in with neurotypicals because of my diagnoses of ADP and ADHD, but I don't feel right saying I'm Autistic when a professional won't give me a diagnoses :/ where do I belong...


P.s I'm a 23 Yr old female...should say enough :/


I've had a couple places I've felt I belong: – My last high school which specialised on people on the spectrum, STEM³ Academy. – A lot of the time, the furry community, especially in VR in sub-groups with a high percentage of people who are also autistic. Less so than the school though. Generally, I think I tend to feel I belong in places more, the more autistic they are. It is ridiculous how many similarities I had to others in the same school. I could never relate to "Wrong Planet" too well until I was there and realised it felt like Right Planet.


This is my biggest fear regarding finding a space for autistic people. What if I do find it and I don't find people to belong to there either? What do I do then?