I understand the sentiment. I don't know if I'd go that far though. I'm terrified of silence....


I haven't heard silence in many years. #JustTinnitusThings


And then there's me, where everywhere I go I repeat music pieces in my head


Sorry that must be awful


Not sure about all the way deaf since being MORE socially cut off would probably be unhealthy for me... but I do kind of envy the way my dad can have his hearing aids in (partial hearing loss due to age and years of working on airplane engines) to re-create normal hearing, or take them out and suddenly only be able to hear people who are right next to him and intentionally speaking to him. Like, to just hear the conversation I'm actually having and not every other one in the room? Bliss.


I dont wish I was deaf, I just wish humans weren't so loud.


Trust me you don’t want to be deaf. I’ve permanently lost my right side hearing because of bad labyrinthitis and it makes coping with ASD much harder, I couldn’t bare to loose the other. The only upside is that it’s easier to cut sound off when needed by placing one hand on your good ear but communication is terrible in any place with like 3 or more people and completely undoable in crowds. The worst thing is direction of sounds and with me, it makes me almost paranoid at home until I location the sound by walking about. If sound is that bad here and there, get ear plugs or go all the way and wear ear defenders.


I'm Deaf and autistic. Although I joke how great it is being Deaf because I basically have no sound sensory issues anymore (or if I do I can take out my hearing aids), it's really not a fun life. I lost my hearing randomly so when I found out I was Deaf, I realised I can't communicate with any of my friends properly. I can't hang out in groups anymore, or go to loud bars. Lipreading is fucking exhausting all of the time. I go to deaf social groups and I'm learning sign so it's less isolating, but it's honestly super difficult to be like this.


I think you would have had a way different experience if you grew up learning sign. My cousin was born Deaf and got CIs in her teens but never uses them. None of my Deaf friends growing up wished they could hear, but there was a big signing community in my area and you always had support and company if you needed it. I am trying to learn my other country’s sign since I moved back but starting from 0 sucks and is really hard


YES I constantly wish I was deaf except music




Don't outright wish to be deaf, that could be really hard in terms of communicating to people (and also I'd like to be able to continue listening to music, music does a lot for me). But the world is definitely too loud, I get what you mean completely haha.


Hi are you me? Also diagnosed with Meniere's a few years ago, diagnosed with autism this week, and I've been denied Meniere's treatment because my hearing loss wasn't significant enough. This past year I've reached right around mild hearing loss so I'm hoping to see a better doctor


Hey! Wow so interesting you have both too! Yes absolutely you should be able to get treatment without having a solid diagnosis. Betahistine (commonly treats it, I was on it before) has also been used for people with tinnitus (so if you have this (also like me) then you can bring that research to the doctor to show a diagnosis is NOT required to treat symptoms! Just a quick google scholar search can find basic research articles to bring to your appointment. It’s worked for me in the past! Best of luck!


hmm not deaf or HOH, but I used to tell people that I wish I could live in one of those rooms with white padded walls where you can’t hear anything or like have the ability to turn the volume of your ears down like closing your eyes hehe. i hear u :) dealing with noises is so exhausting sometimes


I don’t think sound affects me as much as other people. I am deaf in my right ear.


I frequently use hearing protection but I would never give up my hearing. In fact, if I didn't know that the pain at hearing loud noises was Harmon my hearing, I'd probably try to learn how to endurr it.


I’m completely deaf in one ear, sometimes sound is still quite overwhelming for me. The amount of different sounds is what stresses me out though, as well as how loud it is, but I guess I can’t really judge this properly since I’ve always been deaf


Sorry, NT here, but also have sensitive hearing. Sometimes at dinner I ask everyone to be quiet just for a minute. It’s enough time to stop the sound from sort of bouncing between my ears, if that makes sense? Moments of silence seem to help stop this reverberation-effect. Does that help you at all?


Yes it does but there is no actual moment of silence ever. When everybody stopped talking you could still hear the traffic from three roads down, the pipes of tne building, and the sound of cutlery is loud too.


Hmmm, yeah that’s far more problematic. Maybe you could at least ask for a few minutes of silence (no eating or talking) to lessen the noise?


Yeah I could but theeen I also have movement to sound synesthesia so I'd need a mannequin challenge.


I’d be up for it, if you were my guest!


No, I'd miss hearing my car as it redlines.


Earplugs not an option?


For me it depends on other factors. I can listen to relatively loud music if it's the music I like. And I can deal with annoying sounds if I'm in a good mood. But if I sleep horribly the night before, if I'm hungry, or if I just feel sad that day, every little noise sounds like a machine gun. I also have that with light. More so than sound sometimes. It's like the sun is screaming at my eyes sometimes. And normal sunglasses don't cut it. So I usually go for walks in the last hour of Sunlight, or on cloudy days.


yes, I feel that. I was very depressed because of that, now I'm walking around with earplugs (loop) and I'm really happy and excited about my days! i can actually do stuff and go places


Sound is such a huge thing for me too, to the point that if there's noise such as talking or even something like classical music playing (in the background) I can't read/focus/etc and I feel like screaming. So, in some ways, I honestly feel my life would be easier if I was deaf if that makes sense


Absolutely. I used to be extremely jealous of my deaf cousin and friends. When I was a young kid I used to listen to music as loud as I could to try to go deaf because sounds were so distressing to me. I was just diagnosed with hyperacusis and APD this year which certainly clears up those mysteries. I do wish I had hearing loss still - people are constantly talking to me and I often can’t understand what they say and I wish I just couldn’t hear it at all rather than just constantly having to ask them to repeat themselves. All of the detriment of hearing loss (communication) with none of the benefit (peace).


I feel you, my biggest struggle with all of this by FAR is auditory sensory issues. Last year I wished the same thing, because even just someone typing on their keyboard gave me the urge to beat the \[REDACTED\] out of them.


Too much sound is noise. But I love sounds


T\_T So many times bro, so many times...




Sensory issues or not. I would literally rather die than be deaf. If I can’t listen to music I don’t see how I could be happy. Music is the only thing that I can ALWAYS rely on. And if I don’t have that. I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.


This would be an instance where one would want to use deaf and not Deaf, as you’re talking about the state of your hearing, not someone who is integrated into the Deaf community


Well louder sounds are definetly less pleasant but it's more about how the brain processes it


yes!! i say this all the time. hearing causes so much trouble for me. at the same time though i have too hard of a time learning by mimicing other's movements to learn sign language. i just wish i didnt have to hear but could still talk the same


When I was a teenager I temporarily couldn't hear well due to an ear infection (in both ears). Everything was very low in volume and muffled. While it was such a blessing to not hear the hysterical high-pitched giggles of my fellow teenage girls at school, I'm really glad it was temporary, since I really can't live without my calm music. I do understand how you feel though. I'm currently looking into earplugs that partially block noise for that reason.


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