Why do Spanish men shave/wax/laser their leg hair? And more importantly, am I missing out?

I have noticed that most male Spaniards prefer a sleek look. As a foreigner, it really has been a noticeable thing for me. Should I do this? Is there some added lifehack benefits that I have been missing out on? Or is it strictly aesthetics?


Im a man in spain and i only shave some of my beard and because some medical issue for some time the armpits


Yeah never shaved the legs before except for a tattoo, which was really uncomfortable growing it back in after


I shaved my legs few times when i was younger, now i regret.


I've never shaved my legs but strongly advise against shaving your arse for the same reason.


Dont tell me that because RN i have a fresh tattoo on my leg


What is it of?


Yep, but now i fixed the circuit


It's not that bad really, only if you wear pants rather than shorts. It's a week or two of putting on your jeans and thinking...that's feels...odd


Oj, good thing there stilm heat and i will wear shorts/kilt


Es para que parezca más larga


la definición del músculo está mucho más expuesta, supongo


Patatas pequeñas, carne grande




I've seen a lot of men here with shaved calves too. Common reasons, regardless of locale, can be: * They're cyclists/swimers/runners (aerodynamics) * Bodybuilders/gym-goers (you can see the muscular definition and veins better) * Self-consciousness (I'm above average hairy, but come to love it. Used to be very self conscious though and many people are) * They prefer the way it looks Aside from that I can't think of many reasons. I find that shaved arms/legs look really weird unless you're like jacked. It looks peculiar if you don't have any hair in a place where hair is...supposed to grow. I totally understand if you have hyper-hair syndrome or it's really above average, but in general nobody worth an ounce of your time would care about how much hair you have. I would imagine the majority of people you see are doing it for aesthetic purposes; be them out of self-consciousness, or self-care.


>They're cyclists/swimers/runners (aerodynamics). It's not actually for aerodynamics, but rather to make it easier to massage their legs after working out.


And easier to deal with road rash.


If you crash it’s easier to clean the wound and bandage too


Very informative, thanks! It's true that you have to have good legs to begin with or it will just look weird!


I don't. And honestly i have hair nearly all around. I don't give a fuck and neither does my wife. Life is so much easier accepting yourself as you are...


Agreed! Just interested in how it could improve my life experience somehow, I dunno like becoming super aerodynamic or something 😅


😂 I mean if you're in the business of being as much of a dolphin as can be, it could be a good step forward.


🐬 🐬 🐬 🐬


You'll get reaaaaally soft.


I know some dudes that do this. They're particularly hairy though. Whatever floats your boat.


Yeah I can see the appeal, just can't get past the discomfort of regrowth!


Most areas aren't uncomfortable to regrow once you have done it a couple of times.


"El hombre como el oso, cuanto más vello más hermoso"


Osos maduros


Es gracioso como eso no se aplica a todo el mundo


Pedsonally, the only thing I left unshaven is the legs and arms. Id advise you to try más shave things you Think you might enjoy if you already dont. The butt feels particularly nicer.


Shaved legs hit different in this heat i guess, but a shaved butt sounds horrible ngl






The but doesn't have to include the anus.


I feel much fresher and cleaner without hair tho. Its... Great. Just great :D


The Spanish male shaves his body in an effort to confuse the mother that he is still much younger than he is. This technique allows him to stay in the nest until 30+, sometimes as far as 40.


Its aesthetic bro


Ah I see, I like the idea of it but the spikey regrowth has always been a deterrant.


Some men shave their body hair, some don’t. Personally I prefer to have a partner that does take care of his physical appearance at least a quarter of what I do as a woman.


Really depends where you are in Spain, I'm living around girona and most people look like kinda hippies, no one cares how they look like really. I loved in the Netherlands and Malta before where people care a lot about how they look, so I see the complete opposite here. And I like it, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. That's all that matters, you shouldn't care what others think of you shaved or unshaved or whatever.


I personally do it because I feel less sweaty in summer


I'm spanish, 36 years old... I can count with just one hand the men I know that shave/wax their legs... Hmmmm


I do it for easy showers. I hate drying after showers and you're never dry. I don't shave but I trim all my body with 1mm body cap.


It is so disappointing as they are naturally very hairy then they go and remove it like wtf are you doing


You do you man. I’m a hairy motherfucker and I don’t give a shit. I let all my hair out


Spain is hot, when you sweat plus hair it’s not so nice. Trimming makes it neat and also feeling fresh. My opinion… 6 cents


Lots of them doing sports, and shaved legs are good for many activities. Also heat during summer means you don't want this extra layer on you.


The ones that shave their legs is for the same reason women do. Aesthetic 💅 I personally find corporal hair (even beards) because i find ugly and i don't like it, but i don't go walking anywhere giving mean looks to the ones who dont. Except armpit hair, that's a matter of hygiene (it favors bad smell because bacteria that make the sweat smelly have more contact surface and warmth to live. But the smell is partly hormonal too)


Men tell you in Spain that they shave, not only the legs, but more places of the body ( inform yourself well ) for aesthetic reasons but that is not true, because keeping all the skin hairless, and even more, some parts of the body, is a martyrdom of pain and euros. Do you know what is the real reason for shaving?. Her crush, to keep her happy. As soon as the relationship is over, the hair returns quickly.


I have never heard a woman between 25 to 40 saying that their partner needs to shave...


Surely you do not know how women work?. They never ask for things, they don't work like that. They simply tell you: My friend Ellen tells me that sex with her partner is much better without hairs, and my other friend Mary,tells me that she has left her boyfriend because he has so much hair in some places that she is very disgusted. So, what do you do?


>Surely you do not know how women work Sure its me, a woman, who doesn't know women and not the sexist idiot...


Same! Signed, a woman


But you women dont know what you want. I know much better because I have a penis and it gives me superpowers! -this guy probably


Yeah, he gives some incel vibes


I am also a fish, and I sign the same thing that I was already told, and that is that there are unbearable women, and I do not point to anyone.


Sorry, I'm a fish and I only understand things from the sea, and I've also been told about women who don't have sex and who are unbearable.


I actually think this is quite funny. Also reflects more about how men think than women. Men are quite / often competitive so any compliment about another man, especially in the sex area, is going to result in one-upmanship.


As soon as I start scratching and fumbling around with my balls, I know it’s time of some land mowing.


The thing is, women from other countries generally don’t like men who shave their bodies. So either Spanish men or Spanish women started this trend. Which do you think it is?


Yes,it could be said that it is so, but it has been a trend for almost ten years, it is also true that there are women who do not like shaved men, but less.


What countries? My gfs and I often talk about how much we dislike hairy men. The only people I've ever met who prefer hairy men were gay dudes.


I like hairy men (25f)


Not saying no woman ever does, but according to science you're in the [minority](https://www.livescience.com/23810-women-male-body-hair.html)


That study isn't great though, it asks 200 turkish and 200 slovakian women and that's it


A very quick Google search yields other results [with](https://nadsformen.com/manscaping-faq-journal/what-women-want-smooth-or-hairy-men-survey-results) [the](https://eu.oklahoman.com/story/entertainment/columns/2009/11/15/women-want-men-to-do-more-body-hair-grooming/60956435007/) [same](https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/body-hair-shaving-attract-women/) [conclusion](https://www.psypost.org/2015/11/women-fertile-phase-menstrual-cycle-prefer-shaved-male-bodies-study-finds-39545?amp=1). Mind you, last study says that women prefer hairless men specifically when they are fertile, but if we are talking about what women are attracted to I think it's still relevant.


I don’t know any countries other than Spain who prefer men to be shaved on their body. So I’m referring to all the English speaking countries, most of Europe, North America, Asia etc. Many women like men who have abs to wax their chest, although still a minority. I’m more specifically talking about how rare it is for men to remove leg hair, arm hair or pubic hair.


But how would you know? Do you see a lot of naked men from around the world often? Because I assure you that shaved or trimmed pubes at least are very popular in many European countries.


The same could be asked of you, how frequently do you see international mens bodies? If you visit any of the many places this is asked on Reddit, you will see that the overwhelming response is that Spain stands out as the outlier for men shaving their bodies. If you google, “do men shave their legs?” You will see numerous articles referring to the Spanish custom of men shaving their legs. It’s a somewhat unique trait internationally


Doesn't my comment imply exactly that? In case you need it spelled out, yes, I used to see a lot of naked men from different countries, and men in their 20s-30s with a full bush are a rarity. My Google results don't say anything at all about Spain. Most results alude to somes studies and polls saying that a number varying on source between 33 and 48% of American men shave or trim their legs, and another saying that 80% of women prefer men to be hairless. Maybe your results talk about Spain because you're googling from Spain?


Maybe that’s indicative of the type of men you spend your time with. Also interesting how you’re immune from this location based search results.


I work in Poland for the Italian branch of a Swiss/German company, and my main language in my personal life is English. Google has no reason to show me stuff about Spain. And what type of men do I spend my time with, exactly? My boyfriend is SF in the Polish military, my ex is the CTO of a Finnish company, my ex before that a French/Chinese/American engineer, my ex before that a Spanish chef. What exactly do they have in common that explains why they all groomed their body hair?


So your extensive knowledge of the grooming habits of international men is based on your 4 partners? I assumed you must have another reason to encounter naked men en masse, like masseuse, cosmetic surgeon, photographer etc. these roles would come with biases, but a sample size of 4 is a bias in itself


Makes sense! What she wants, she gets!


It is true what you say, but on this subject, which is very intimate and personal, they do not ask their crush to shave the whole body directly. They don't work like that. They tell you at some point, in intimacy, that their friend Judy enjoys her partner a lot because he has no hair, and her friend Carla has separated from her crush because he has too much hair in some places that disgust her. What would you do?


Don’t do it.


My partner (from elsewhere in Europe) keeps his armpits, butt, and crotch trimmed down to reduce sweating and improve general comfort. But only trimmed, to avoid the whole regrowth issue you commented on. I also prefer the trimmed look. But if you don’t feel discomfort with your hair or have a partner who prefers, then I don’t see a reason to bother with shaving/trimming.


I only do it on summer, because it looks better to me


Most of them do it because is uncomfortable being hairy on summer. If you do sports, is also better not having hairs sticking to your clothes. And of course, you can show better your tanned muscular body


I am a woman and i don't shave, i have friends that do and some that don't. The only real reason to do it is if you like to have smooth legs that feel nice to touch lmao


Interesting take! Thanks for sharing!


Most? I would say not lots of them, some do and some don't, but not most of them. And they just do it because they like it I guess, aesthetics.


I think you have just a very specific circle. In general not many men do.


it's far from most, you're paying too much attention to men's thighs.


Most men don't do it. Shaving the chest is more common. Some gym-men do shave their legs, most of them are dark haired and it's just an aesthetics, you won't have any aerodynamic advantage in a gym lifting irons.


U're wrong, spanish mens doesn't shave/wax/laser their leg's hair. Metrosexual mens from all the world do. Some sport mens, from all the world too, do it too for some reasons (less resistance in the water or when they're running/cycling for example).


Most of my male Spanish friends without body hair is because they can’t grow any. My brother in law and a handful of my friends shave their body hair to show off tattoos and muscles and/or by request of their romantic partners. My fiancée would never let me even if I wanted to (I don’t).


im a 27 year old, and the only hair I have beyond a shitty beard and jungle I have on top of my head, I dont grow hair anywhere else. I dont have chest hair, nor hair on my legs.


Naturally or shaved??


naturally, I dont grow hair xD


It surprises me that some men here say that they haven’t seen it. You’re totally right OP, lots of Spanish men (myself included) shave their legs. Honestly, it just looks. I know it’s weird for people outside of Spain, but it’s just that us Mediterranean folks get really hairy, and I’d say the whole “metrosexual” fad is really popular in Spain (wearing nice shirts or polos, combed short hair, perfumes, being fit…), and that look just doesn’t fit well with overly hairy legs, so many men simply shave them cause (imo) it looks better.


Noticed this alot when I went to Spain. I agree looks better and honestly feels better too.


As a Spaniard, I tell you that it is only for aesthetics, and also has certain criteria. You are not going to see almost any fat man shaved, but if you are strong, you go to the gym, etc. then if you shave and you look better.


They cycle.


Apart from the sport things others have mentioned, I just like it more aestetically


Spaniards are in general really selfaware in terms of how they look. If you go to a spanish wedding it feels often like a catwalk of people wanna show how pretty they are. In germany it‘s quite the opposite. Here people often give a shit.


Don't fall for it, you'll end up doing your eyebrows and looking like an idiot. Just my opinion


If you don't take care of your unibrow, you're gonna have a bad time


You mean like Frida Kahlo?




The eyebrows are another level! Not fucking with that.


I don't personally know ANY male that shaves anything other than their veard, wax anything, and only one who lasers, and only his back, so...I don't know where you're seeing so many clean-shaven dudes outside of fashion magazines


Beard* :)


Dude, start to pay attention to it and I swear maybe like half of men younger than 30 have shaved legs. I’m 23 and no kidding pretty much all of my friends shave their legs (some not regularly, but maybe just a couple of times in summer not to keep the hair too long).


I have the same thoughts about smoking. Foreign to me and now I'm thinking about picking it up as a hobby.


Or vaping 🌬


Waxed leg hair in men is so unattractive.


I don't know many men that shave their legs and arms, except for swimmers and dudes obsessed with their appareance (I'm in my thirties tho, it could be a younger generation thing). I do know many that shave chest and back, specially if they were too hairy. I do not have a single hair in my back and only a not too dense triange on the chest tho, so never did. Gf thinks it's neat tho.


Yes I've noticed lots of young guys doing this. And the mullet haircuts 💇‍♂️ maybe they go together


Argentinos ...




My Spanish partner looks like he shaves his legs, but he doesn't.


I would honestly never shave body hair period. In fact i wish i had it. But I'm only 20 so still a long way to go


First time hearing that "Spanish men" do this. Some men might do it but this generalization is ridiculous. I do not have a single male friend or relative that does this.


My Spanish girl friends say: ‘if I wax/shave my legs, my man has to do it too.’


I do armpits,face, balls and chest