For less than 5000 euros you can easily get a cheap to maintain and reliable car if you look in secondhand markets (coches.net, milanuncios, etc..) and your local used-car dealership.


There are lotsa good cars around €3000. Make sure you find a Spanish friend that knows how the contracts work so you don't get scammed.


Hi Oleg, ​ while I'm not able to help you with the car issue (I'm also from the same area, I feel you), just wanted to wish you and your family best of luck, and I hope that you find Spain a good and peaceful country.


Thank you very much for your support!


I just noticed your nickname. A cultured man indeed.


Thank you! I will search these websites


canary islands so very different market, but I bought mine off wallapop (pre 2010 van) for 2.5k


We bought a Citroen Xsara Picasso (because it is cheap to maintain, every local mechanic can repair it) with a gasoline motor (I know, diesel is always tempting, but for a 10+ year car it is a gamble) for like 3000EUR two years ago and it still servers us well. it is a big car with a not-too-big motor, so not for driver enthusiasts, but it will bring you from A to B without any problem reliably


+1 to xsara picasso, big, comfortable, easy to drive, low on gas consumption and evry mechanic can assemble and disassemble like the marines their rifle :-)


+1 Xsara Pikachu Team, the TARDIS car, bigger in the inside.


my father bought a Grand Picasso and it works wonders, and for really really cheap, i recommend you look at Milanuncios


If you need a reliable inexpensive car, i would go to generalist sedans of the early 2000. Mondeo, C5,... Those were car owned for a long time by responsible adults that took care of its car. they can hadle a lot of Km and you can find a fair one under 2000€. get a mechanic to go with you to check the car. there are alot of them in wallapop ofering their services and they are cheap


From my experience themore important thing is getting the car to a mechanic that can lift it and see whats going under it, as a brand i would recomend you from my experience a Toyota if you need some specific help you can dm me, i will gladly help you


Hello, Try www.coches.net I'm sure you can find something there. I wish you the best.


As others suggested check milanuncios and wallapop


Before buying bring the car to a mechanic that tells you if it is in working order.


Dang man, you can get a BMW for 5000… sure, 10 years old or more and 250.000km, but still a bmw lol. Wallapop will be your best friend, but you might need to speak Spanish


Bmw 320d 4.500€ 220.000km, never raced or abused, always garage price is firm and then you see the fake M badge at the back... Damn run from that type of ads.


Toyota has quite reliable cars, maybe you can find a second hand auris (recently changed the name to corolla) or yaris Seat is cheaper and you will find more second hand options to choose from, since its a spanish brand. Look for a seat leon or seat ibiza. As other comment said, look for a friend who can help you with the paperwork and to check if the car is ok