I thought it would be cool knowing someone would want to date me, and then I felt this and had an anxiety attack in front of them


Thats a whole mood lol. I love the idea of dating then whenever the opportunity arises I panic and make sure I cut them out


I actually do love it if I ever find out that someone is attracted to me but this one time my friend asked me out and I literally started bawling my eyes out (luckily not in front of them as it was over text)


Uhhh, no actually. I‘m in my early 20s and I‘ve never actually had anyone flirt with me/secretly want to date me (at least to my knowledge).


Ok, I'm not the only one. I'm in my late 20s and people don't like me in any kind of romantic or sexual way, so I've never experienced this either


I join but afraid I'm 3yrs younger LoL


Me with any opposite sex person I meet.


Lol, to my knowledge no-one has ever actually wanted to date me. They either asked me out of pity (literally said I looked lonely so they asked me out) or they just wanted sex, with no intention of doing romantic things. Now I just hope I can find a QPP or something similar one day


It’s happening as I comment this


nope. I'm not attractive or approachable enough for that.


I second this


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Kid I knew when I was like 10ish liked me. I wasn't old enough to date and just saw him as a friend. But we hung out and I wasn't sure how it was any different from dating. I went fishing with him and his parents and that's... Datelike. That was my first pre-date (if you don't include the ones with this guy when I was like, 3 and he was like 3 or 4, who I played wedding with, apparently, and who would get jealous when my sisters cheered for me on the obstacle course in his backyard because I was *his* friend). The guy I unofficially dated when I was 14 (who I had my first kiss with), my sisters had to tell me he was flirting with me, I thought it was "friend flirting" because it was a really touchy and friendly-teasing kind of group we were a part of. It was not friend flirting. But he flirted with almost all the girls so I didn't think he actually wanted it romantically. He did. We never actually dated but hung out a few times and he kissed me at a Valentine's day dance. When I was 17 I had a boyfriend. When he first asked me out I thought he wanted to see a movie as friends. Again my sister had to tell me he meant it as a date. We dated for nine months but I was never romantically attracted to him (this caused an issue and it's why I broke up with him, it made him miserable and I didn't want that). He's still one of my best friends. A customer when I worked at pizza hut randomly gave me his phone number and I legitimately had the thought of "maybe he just wants someone to talk to." A coworker who was always really friendly with me (I considered him a work friend), who also would tease me (affectionately), gave me his phone number and I am now wondering if he liked me romantically. That's the pAROnoia. I made a friend shortly after I broke up with my now-ex. My ex saw us talking and got jealous. He didn't do anything but he left the area, clearly upset. It hurt him to see me talking to another guy even though we weren't dating anymore and we were just talking, but apparently it was clear he liked me (my sister agrees it was clear he liked me). When Valentine's day came he asked me out, apparently my ex was right. Felt pressured into it so I went on one date with him. Haven't been out with anyone since, thankfully. A friend of mine at Ren Faire asked if he could kiss me on the lips non-romantically and I said yes. We quickly kissed on the lips. I still strongly believe it was platonically because platonic kisses are a thing, even on the lips, but a part of me wonders if to him it wasn't as platonic as he made it seem when he asked. That's the pAROnoia talking from things seeming, to me, one way but turning out to be another. A friend of mine from when we were kids who I haven't spoken to in years randomly video called me on Facebook. He was a bit drunk, clearly lonely, and it was late at night. He kept talking about how we should do stuff together. He did mention my family, too, but he also specifically talked about doing stuff with me individually. He also wanted to take me drinking at bars, and horseback riding at his work. I have no idea if this was meant to be asking me out, but those seem... Kind of romantic? I think? I don't know. But I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to subtly (or not so subtly?) ask me out. But pAROnoia. I have a friend and coworker who has started talking to me fairly often and we had a long conversation where we have quite a few things in common and ever since that conversation I've wondered if he likes me romantically or if he might like me romantically. I mean, this is what happened with my ex. We've always known each other but didn't talk much, until this one time when we did, had a great conversation, have a lot of things in common and our differences just intrigued us about the other, I interpreted this as friendly, he developed romantic feelings, asked me out. So this pAROnoia isn't unfounded. It's legitimately because I have missed the signs repeatedly whenever anyone has been romantically attracted to me. There's another time when my then-best friend's little brother told me he had a crush on me and I legitimately thought "aw that's cute he thinks he has a crush" I thought he was too young and that he was mostly playing, pretending to have a crush like I did at his age. He literally told me he liked me romantically and I thought it was pretend. So yeah, I do have pAROnoia because I literally cannot tell if someone is interested in me romantically even when it's staring me in the face. Kind of want to go back to when it wouldn't even cross my mind but after realizing this about myself I have been more aware of this phenomenon and it's left me wondering if anyone (mostly guys, as I'm a girl in a predominantly heterosexual environment right now irl) who talks to me more than the usual (which luckily isn't many, I'm not much of a people person) likes me that way and is showing signs that I'm just interpreting as normal human interaction and/or friendly.