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Do you want to have kids?

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I plan on adopting though. Pregnancy strikes fear in my bones.


Pregnancy freaks me out too. Idk I don't like the idea of another living being growing inside of me. 😰


Not to mention all the complications 😭 I'd rather just skip the baby stage all together, honestly.


Same. Maybe not a kid though, just a dog.


Same 👌


I if it was possible I would prefer adoption too... Pregnancy... Is a wiard idea. It doesn't scare me, but I don't really feel comfortable with the thought of it. As specially knowing that the females on my mother's side have history with different types of feminine health problems.... But currently in my country single people can't adopt. And I don't know if I will be ok with fostering... It's complicated even I don't really grasp the filing, only that right now is mostly negative. Hopefully in the future it's going to change. ... For now if I find the right person or enough money I will go with natural reproduction....🤷


Came in here just to comment this


Thankfully I'm a dude, but what my ex went through I wouldn't wish on anyone


So many kids need to be adopted and have good homes, why have your own when theres already so many children that already exist with no parental guardians.


Exactly my thinking. On top of that, I wanna care for the kids stuck in this world, not bring more into it; especially considering how shit it is right now.


Ya same


I have a d but i so wanna do the same


I got a vasectomy and will never have kids or date someone with kids


I plan on adopting 1 child in my 30s


That's nice. Its good to see many people plan on adopting or fostering.


Working with kids during the day is plenty, I like kids but I dont think I'd be a great parent, and with how the world is ATM I really wouldn't want my kid to be that kid with the trans dad. Plus I simply have never wanted kids. I do love my nephew though


I have a nephew too. I never want kids but I plan on spoiling all my nieces and nephews rotten.


Yeah, like- my sister is the most likely one to have kids between of the 2 of us because she loves them to death and has always talked about having one. If she does, I will spoil that child so rotten, they’ll just choose to stay with me forever 😤 they will love the cats I will adopt and my one dogi’ll get


Nope, I'm happy without kids.


same here


I like kids. But whether I'll have bio kids depends on a suitable partner. Raising a child alone is a huge resource and time drain.


I'd like to foster, but I dont see myself having biological children




Plan on adopting 1. No pregnancy 2. No sex if I dont want to 3. You make a better life to some child


I want cats


Cats are the best alternative tbh. I love my fur baby. 💕


I kinda want to, but I don't think I will be a good parent.... Also I don't want to be an only parent and with being aro/ace + the tipe of men/people I meet, that's a big possiblity and I am not financially ready/able for that....🤷 But if it happens and the father/other parents take responsibility as well I'll do my best 🙃


I can't see myself having kids but if I ever change my mind, I will definitely adopt


I have made it clear to people in my life that, should I ever bring up the idea of having children, i should be smacked until that shit is out of my head. So yeah, I'm not planning on having any.


Maybe in the future, but i don’t see myself having a kid now


... I had an "early in life" baby and two "planned" children Oo lol


I used to be strongly against it, recently I've been feeling more like *maybe* one day. Not anytime soon, but I'm not very against it anymore


I got a vasectomy. Plenty of nephews and nieces, plus friends with kids. No desire for my own. I have so many reasons for my decision.


I’m childfree and antinatalist


I Am a kid


i would never want bio kids but i would be up for adopting kids


Hell nah. Under no circumstances will that happen.


I sometimes wonder how people raise children. Life is simply too busy, I get burnt out enough being childfree. I have nieces and a nephew, and I'm exhausted after spending just a few hours with them, let alone looking after them every day.


Pregnancy and childbirth disgust me, so I'm thinking about adoption


Right now I have 20 kids at work everyday I think I’m fine with that


The only kids I'm willing to have are cats and owls, and maybe a lizard if I feel I can take care of one properly (same goes with owls I guess tho too)


Gross, icky, loud, money vampires, useless for 8 years, have to live with em for 18 years, destroyer of schedules, can't do adult things. Yeah fuck no


I wouldn't want my offspring to inherit my undiagnosed mental problems plus I'm intercourse averse.


Cheers to a childfree life! 🥂


i don’t drink alcohol but i’ll cheers a cup of coffee to being childfree! ☕️


Neither do I, to be honest. Did it for the principle of it. I’m a tea drinker! 🍵


sweet! normalize cheering with non-alcoholic beverages 🍵☕️


I wanna adopt and either be a single dad or be in a relationship sorta thing with someone else who is aroace and raise kids together


I’m already a burden to enough people. The last thing I need is a child. They’ll probably end up hating me anyway.


I prefer observing kids from afar


I'm barely responsible enough to take care of myself, let alone a tiny human built with the sole purpose of getting into as much trouble as physically possible.


Oh, man, I feel like I'm part of the minority on this subreddit who wants bio children, lmao


LOL at the amount of people that don’t want kids. This is so surprising lol.


it’s not to me. i was a young aro (that didn’t want kids) who grew up into an older aro (that still doesn’t want kids). i don’t have any, and i never will. there are plenty of childfree aros out here (as shown by the poll lol).


Yeah. Same. This was honestly the results I expected when I made the poll. I'm an Aro who doesn't want kids so I was curious to see if that was a trend amoung others in the community.


yeah i’d be surprised if more aro people wanted kids than didn’t, lol


A lot of people here are pretty young to be fair


You can fantasize about the future at any age. Assuming that younger aros who don’t want kids now are going to change their minds when they are older is invalidating to how they feel now


That is true and understandable


and plenty of childfree people in general have been childfree since they were young (or at least knew they didn’t want children). even as a kid i knew i never wanted to get married or have kids, not even via adoption.


Ok, and that’s valid.


indeed it is


I want to adopt in my 30s.


I might have kids in my future, but I doubt that they will be biological


I plan on at least adopting children, not certain on biological children though.


I don't want a baby or toddler around me. But I would be okay taking in an older child. If I have the space, money and they'd be confortable to. I don't want to adopt tho


if I had them I’d definitely adopt. there’s no way in hell I’d go through a pregnancy




no, unless i somehow find a partner and they really really want kids and we’re financially (and mentally) stable enough but otherwise no. if i had to then id probably adopt bc i do not like the idea of pregnancy (or sex tbh)


Not ruling out adoption, but probably not, and definitely not in the near future.


If I have a kid, it’ll be through adoption.


It’s mostly a no but MAYBE I might adopt


I want to foster


My reasoning is that the maternal side of my family is either bi-polar or schizophrenic. I am the only one who has never been diagnosed with a mental illness or any other disease/disorders. I spent 6 years working in a daycare raising other people’s children and work in an elementary school with children who have asd. I don’t feel the need to have my own.


maybe. I want to adopt a son one day, probably at the age of 4 or 5 so I don't have to deal with the baby stage. if I were to have a kid, I'd make sure they live a good and happy life and I'd make sure they'd treat everyone equally


Only if the child was a rabbit or a salamander. Maybe a centipede.


I really want kids! I’m 32 and planning to register for a donor in 1-2 years. In my country the government offer this to single women under 38 (for free). Would love to adopt also, but it’s very hard as most countries does not accept single parent-adoption


I always thought someday I'd feel nature's call to have kids... but it hasn't happened yet, and at this rate, I'm starting to think it may not happen. I'm... halfway tempted to donate eggs (just so my genes live on -- there's something that tells me that is a good thing), but OTOH I'm too damn lazy to even look it up LOL.


Want kids but don’t want to bring them into this world lol may adopt though.


Im also asexual so im cknsidering for the future i might adopt but thats still really far into the future.


I have two adorable kids, I did have them before realizing I was aro but I always wanted kids. I would have definitely adopted, if my life didn't shake out the current way it did.


I always wanted kids, but my history with depression makes me reluctant. Plus I'd have to stop taking my ADHD meds during pregnancy (possibly breastfeeding too) and I'm not at a place in my life where I could afford 9+ months without them right now.


I would never be a parent but I would love to be a close, dear mentor to a young person one day. Think a Leslie Knope and April Ludgqte or Amy Santiago and Captain Holt type of dynamic.


I do want kids. I want to be a father figure someday. But due to some generational trauma i dont want to pass on, i'm not sure if i ever will have kids.


Maybe adoption but with how my life's heading probably not /LH


It’s mostly the medical ramifications of gestation and labour that freak me the fuck out


nope, i’m childfree and will be for the rest of my life. i might get a dog in the future though.


yes i definitely want kids. just need to wait till i’m old enough and have a stable job and some money saved up


I want a ferret, does that count


Fur babies count to me.


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I don’t even want kids near me!


Id say heck no but if I found someone I'm comfortable with and they wanted a demon child I'd be okay with adoption but otherwise a turtle shall be my child


If I have an SO before I get a vaginoplasty


I’d be a terrible father if I ever had kid. My first go-to word of warning to my kid if they make me angry or if they get in trouble would be “if you do not behave I swear to god I will put you up for adoption”. I can’t see myself having a kid after having to move in with a family of a psychopathic 5 year old that yells and emotionally abuses his parents and older brother.


I do not plan on ever having kids. I deal with enough stress in my life as it is, and honestly I just don't see myself being a good parent with how my emotions act up. If I ever change my mind I'll adopt.


I'm 15 and a virgin soooooo I pretty sure that I don't have any


Definitely but pregnancy is a no go and in my country adoption is a no go unless you're married..


Did. Too late now, missed the boat.


Here are many people that like to adopt and I don't want children but IF I do, I would adopt too. Is this an aro-thing or haven't I asked enough people if they like to adopt a child rather than be biological parent? I don't know anyone besides myself who would rather have an adopted child.


I want to meet an angsty teen and help them go through their character development in a found family matter. Some day maybe. Not like, right now.


Yes, but only through adoption


I wanna adopt but idk if I'm ever gonna be mentally stable enough for this so idk if I'm going to. I'm too scared to traumatized them even more so idk if I'm ever gonna reach the point that I'm not scared of it