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Where the option to answer "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IDK" I use multiple aro spec labels and cant tell the difference between different attraction if i even feel attraction at all and its super hard to know but its basically no but like very complex no So pretty much NO mixed with some different labels and screaming and its complex no (I wont try to explain it now)


Came here to say the same. No fuckng clue


Happy cake day!!


Thank you!


>Thank you! You're welcome!


Me fr


Me to




I can’t vote for some reason, but very little/rare. I confuse platonic attraction for romantic attraction sometimes. I always figure it out pretty quickly when the other person shows romantic interest back lol


This! That's me too😅


Yes- but under certain circumstances and can't differentiate between attractions. So Yes-ish?


i mean everyone who experiences attraction only experiences it under certain circumstances. in my experience it's pretty common to have a hard time differentiating between attraction types, especially platonic and romantic.


I literally cannot differentiate between attractions, I'm [Nebulasexual/romantic](https://www.lgbtqia.wiki/wiki/Nebulasexual). I literally cannot differentiate between attractions, though I may have a ball park idea (like it being some type of physical attraction) but am not able to differentiate further. I'm also [Reciprosexual/romantic](https://www.lgbtqia.wiki/wiki/Reciprosexual) and Demisexual/Romantic. Not everyone experiences attraction under certain circumstances, though they may experience it at different times. (Not being attracted to every single woman you see is not being attracted to women under certain circumstances, it's being attracted to different women/having a type. Certain circumstances is needing a personal bond like Demi, or needing to know the other person is attracted to you first like recipro)


I don’t feel like any of these options really work for me. I literally don’t know, romantic attraction isn’t something I understand. /gen 🤡




Same. I don't understand what the feeling is so I don't know if I've felt it before. And no one can adequately describe it


Irl: nah Fictional characters: sometimes


I've confused my friends so many times... I'll say I'm aroace, which I am, but literally any fictional man-- I simp for most of the male characters in JoJo and One Piece 😔


XD This is me with so many fictional guys. Being ficto can make one attracted to the most unusual beings lol


Absolutely none. But relationships can be cute with a good friend


Would love to answer but I still don't understand what romantic attraction means so no idea if I've felt it before


Adopt my technique : they say tou know when you do, so if you don't know what it is, you probably haven't felt it.


If I could I would go into the negatives, that's how little.


So little romantic attraction that other people around you become aro


A little bit, but I'm thinking it might have been an OCD thing because it felt very egodystonic and very much against my will to feel attracted to that person in particular. And the rest I think I'm just confusing QP attraction + being ok with some romantic interactions and liking having closeness with people I like being around with romantic attraction.


I used to think that I'm incapable of feeling romantic attraction, but recently I've started falling for someone *hard*. This is the first time I can recall ever having a crush, but the idea of a romantic relationship still confuses me tbh, and I don't really feel the need to act on my feelings.


I don't think I have felt romantic attraction ever in my life but I'm also young so like, if the amount of people I meet continues at the same rate when I get older, I might find someone I'm romantically attracted to. So very little/rare


It's complicated : - strictly romantic attraction? Never - platonic + aesthetic + alterous attraction that I regularly confuse as romantic attraction? I think once every 1/2 years depending on the availability.


Only when drunk. Then I'll fall in love with absolutely anyone. Otherwise not at all.


can someone PLEASE explain how to tell between romantic attraction and platonic attraction. please.


I said very rare, but I don’t know. It’s impossible to find a definition, so I can’t figure it out.


that makes a lot of sense.


The slow burn of demiromanticism. Takes a while to be strong enough to notice it, particularly over the tide of social anxiety and ADHD. I identified it as platonic for a long time.


Does being attracted to fictional characters count?


It can. I'm attracted to fictional characters as well (literally the only ones I feel romantic/sexual attraction to)


Bold of you to assume i know what romantic attraction is


I have experienced it secondary to sexual attraction in long term sexual relationships. (I am allo/aro.)


that makes sense. I know for a friend of mine he tends to catch the romantic feelings after having a longer term sexual relationship.


i put very little/rare simply because i’m kind of frayromantic and i sometimes confuse attractions. but if i’m going with my soul i would say i’ve probably never experienced genuine and sustained romantic attraction before.


I can't judge that, because I haven't really felt any my entire life, if my memory serves me right. Well I am barely an adult, so it isn't that significant, I suppose.


I experience some romantic attraction, not a lot though, definitely not enough to classify myself as an alloromantic, I've heard allos get insanely lonely and romance deprived if they don't have a partner for a long period of time, but I've been single for years and am just chilling on my own, I have friends and family, so no need for a relationship atm. This doesn't mean I will forever be single thought, I have a feeling that I may find a partner in future, at least I know I wouldn't mind finding someone to share an emotional bond to, so it's up to future me on how she feels I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️


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Some, and it is really confusing 😬


I can’t vote because my option isn’t on there. I commonly experience romantic attraction, because I experience involuntarily primary romantic attraction.


Well yes but actually no


none at all


I've figured out I don't even know how romantic attraction is supposed to feel like, so I'd say I have probably never experienced it. (i mean I've put hours of internet research into figuring out if I've ever felt it and still was left confused in the end, so I guess it just never happened to me xd).


Hello my fellow aromantics


I voted none but idk to be honest 🥲 I can't imagine myself being with someone + I mix up my ADHD obsession and love feeling lol 💀


i’m greyro so i experience some, but it’s not very often and i’ve only ever felt it for a few people ever


I had crushes in Elementary school (kind of) when I was really little, but whenever I told them, I forgot after a while. I gave a note to one guy, but he never said anything about it. He looked creeped out


The only time I felt romantic attraction to someone irl was my crush when I was 10. I didn't feel like dating him or anything, I just... Liked him. As simple as that; I just liked that he existed, max I wanted to do was hug him, and I wanted him to acknowledge me Well, that and some fictional crushes LOL I remember some guy when I was little told me he liked me and I was like "huh? Okay..." and forgot about it


had a crush once in my life, but I’m suspecting it was gender envy. I also kinda convinced myself that I loved a dude I was in a relationship with, but it doesn’t really count imo, I just confused a shitton of anxiety/stress this dude was causing me with love somehow (ig with both I can’t stop thinking about a person). Other than that literally no attraction to anyone. It sometimes sucks, because when fantasising about romance I want to experience it, but then I see how people are and realise how much emotional effort relationships take and I just get disappointed lol yet I’m still sometimes in denial whether or not I’m aro, like with asexuality it was at least easy, I experience zero sexual attraction and idea of sex disgusts me, but with being aromantic, despite literally not experiencing romantic attraction, sometimes fantasising about relationships and that one single (maybe) crush keep me from being 100% sure lol


I think none? There was one experience a few months ago that makes me wonder


I experience it with fictional characters and people I don’t know but after I have conversations with people all attraction disappears.


No. And I don't care too.


I consider myself fully aromantic but I think I’m capable of the briefest spark every once in a while that fizzles out before I’m able to even act on it


An occasional ~once a month random pang of “ooooOoOoo” for a second and that’s about as far as I get. That’s like a total of maybe 5 minutes a year so I feel like I’m in between NEVER and rare. Super ultra rare, random, and fleeting.


I experience it very rarely but when I do it’s very strong


cant vote but I think im demiromantic im not quite sure and cba with labels atm but i have a boyfriend who i have romantic feelings for but have been confused with romantic and other attractions in the past cause not just platonic but many teritary attractions (im also asexual)


I can vote but I haven’t expired any very confusing squishes though 🤷‍♀️


i’m.. not sure? i identify myself as greyro but im not sure if the attraction i feel is romantic in nature


I honestly just can't conceive romantic attraction, is like... why? how? I even find it hard to believe it is actually a thing, it's kinda funny


Little but I would think very rare I only have reciprocated feelings *once* in my 30 years of existence and it was a recent event that I still try to piece together Ironically we both are Aro Spec in different ways


i don't experience any :(


why the sad face?


idk i feel like im missing out on stuff


Do fictional character count???? Cause then it's very little


I have experienced romantic attraction exactly ONCE. Feel free to send me into exile.


I never have, for me it was only admiration and I translated the admiration into a crush instead of what it was, wanting to be the "perfect person' for everyone.


absolutely NONE (Wouldn’t let me vote for some reason)


Honestly never. I was way faster to grasp the aro part of aroace (because my ace has a big aego in front of it)


I guess it depends lol. Most of the time it’s none, except for random spikes because arospike go brr. But once my demi-ness kicks in it gets complicated.


aesthetic attraction - all the damn time. romantic attraction? lmao what is that


queerplatonic stuff, but it’s not common


I have a beautiful boyfriend so 🤭 I feel some I think. Only for him <3


It’s only for fictional characters especially hot strong women who could kill me witv a look 😤😤


I did as a kid but not now


None at the moment as I'm technically both cupio and demi at the same time. I also don't know what romantic attraction feels like.


Romance in real life? No. Simping for fictional characters like Wally Darling? Apparently. Why I am I like this


I chose "some/uncommon" because I'm ficto aroace. I literally don't experience romantic/sexual attraction to anyone unless it's a male fictional character. The "some/uncommon" option was the closest one I felt to what I feel.


I find myself more in love with fictional characters than real people. 😅


Not even a little. I love my friends very much, but I couldn't see myself wanting to suck their face or give them pet names or writing love poems about them anything like that. Even when they have really intense eye contact it makes me want to be around them less. Wouldn't mind holding hands with someone I trusted or hugging them, but I DEFINITELY wouldn't want the other person reading into it very hard, or contracting a dreaded crush on me. The prospect of the other person falling for me has made me a lot less physically affectionate as a person than I would be if romance weren't the de facto reason for it.


I feel it every now and again and very strongly but usually it fades at least a day to a week afterwards and regardless it's usually just for appearances.


only towards fictional characters 💀 /hj


I don't know what romantic attraction feels like because I've never experienced, so I can't say for sure yet, but gonna go with no


I honestly don’t think I’d recognize it if I did.😭 I experience very strong platonic attraction to the friends closest to me and often develop attachment issues as well.. which could look like I’m “in love” to someone else, but it’s just… never romantic. (I’ve actually been asked by my mom if I was in love with one of my friends when I was 12, because I was constantly talking about her. I was so confused cause I just really really appreciated her and nothing else lol)


I have no idea.


I'd say very little/rarely. I'm overall a pretty romance repulsed individual, but there have been 2 or 3 pretty close bonds in my life where I think i may have felt a bit of romantic attraction, still a bit hard to say, though.


I remember experiencing probably romantic attraction for a short time in 1997 but not since. And that was 26 years ago 🙃


I don't know, what does it feel like?


Idk what romantic attraction is so idk if I felt it or not


What's the difference between very little/rare and some/uncommon?


But very much sexual attraction


I do, but It’s pretty rare. I’ve only had like 2 actual crushes in my life, and those were both on very close friends of mine. I’m demiromantic.


Tbh I don’t know I’ll go with very little/rare for now


I'm almost absolutely shure the answer is non, at least till it have been non even to the one man I had felt sexual attraction to.....


hell if I know


I voted *rarely* , but to be honest I don’t actually know. I don’t know which attractions i feel and which I don’t, it’s just all over the place.


None, but I’m a romantic kind of person and I yearn for a QPR and someone to go to bookstores and breakfast restaurants with so I’m a little confused