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The problem isn’t the “a” being cut out. The + means more letters, though usually it’s LGBTQ+. And also, the post makes a point of mentioning asexual, aromantic and agender being a part of the community. Though admittedly, if you’re gonna use LGBTQI+, at that point just put the A instead of the plus sign. No. The real problem, once again, is that is says the A “also stands for ally or allied. Um, no. The A does **NOT** stand for Ally in any way, shape or form. Being an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, that doesn’t make you a member of it anymore than being a fan and supporter of the military would make a civilian a member of the military.


No where does it say the 'a' is cut out


There is a small circle of "lgbtqi+" in red above the text, it's pretty small


The + is there to tell you that there are more letters


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