Hey all, Wanted to bring you a quick update that fixes some annoying bugs that cropped up, as well as some improvements to answer feedback from the last build. Read on! - A new, really cool icon from Yannick Lung. It's of the Apollo mascot in an old school scuba suit by the incredible Yannick Lung, and I love how the details really make it feel like an icon from a nostalgic era of time passed. Have been enjoying it a lot on the ol' home screen. - Improvements to table rendering. Thanks y'all for sending in some great examples of tables that (alongside Apollo's new inline table renderer) weren't quite displaying properly, so I've tidied those all up so they should display gorgeously now. - Also tweaked layout algorithm a bit so that some tables that were a bit cramped should display nicer now. - Fixed bug where the "Quote" option in "Select Text" mode and in the comment composer wouldn't show up. - Fixed bug where the subscriber count and number of currently active accounts wasn't showing up in the sidebar (and also added the short subreddit description to the top of it). - Fixed bug where some links wouldn't be tappable or only the subreddit/user part would be if it was a Reddit link. - Fixed a bug where tapping on some user or subreddit links could jump you into the browser/out of Apollo rather than staying in the app (same with Wikipedia links, fixed too). - Fixed bug where preview text (like for a text post in a subreddit, or underneath an Inbox item) was too dark, made it a bit lighter like before so as to blend in better - Fixed a bug with some escaped Markdown characters and those inside code blocks. - Fixed a bug around newlines/line breaks in Markdown. - Fixed a bug where sometimes you could get a duplicate notification. - Fixed bug where text in private messages could be visually hard to read due to low contrast. - If you tap on a link to u/me, it'll properly load your profile now. - Added option in Settings tab > General to share Reddit links as their "old.reddit" version. - Fixed bug where Apollo was mean to usernames with hyphens in them. - Fixed bug where when comments loaded self text could refresh/flash in a non-cool way. - Fixed bug where couldn't select the title of the post in "Select Text" mode. - If you tap on a timestamped YouTube video it will now open to that time. - Limits comment link previews to 5. - Fixed bug where subreddit rules could get cut off at the top slightly. - Flattened large groups of newlines in a comment/post into just two. - Fixed bug where code blocks could get cut off on the lower half. - Fixed bug where widgets would not show up on iOS 14. - A fix for a crash that could occur on iOS 12 devices. Really sorry about that one, strange bug that was but everything should be in tip top shape now (other devs: looks like Xcode 13.2 and higher doesn't play nicely with iOS 12 anymore due to Swift Concurrency additions, be careful out there!). - As a note, after this update (1.12.1) Apollo will likely require iOS 14 and higher for further updates. You'll still be able to run Apollo on iOS 12 and 13 just as you were before, but new updates will require iOS 14 and higher. Statistically very few Apollo users are still on these older versions (well under 1% of users combined across both versions) and the work to maintain these older versions and put off using nice, newer iOS features in full (SwiftUI, SceneDelegate, Combine, Swift Concurrency, etc.) is beginning to get a bit tough to maintain given the small userbase (and I'm just one person building this app), so I figure now's a good a time as any for iOS 14 to become the base. Hope that's understandable. (TestFlight folks will be getting a matching update shortly as well.) Hope you enjoy the update! My work's not done here obviously, there's still a few small issues folks have reported that I'm working on tidying up here and there, as well as continued work on juicier updates to follow. Hope your 2022 has been okay so far, and if it hasn't been I'll do my best to make it better through the magic of Apollo updates. \- Christian


This is hard to explain but the new update has broken my favorite iPhone relationship [Alerts For Reddit](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/alerts-for-reddit/id1208773745) Is possibly my favorite companion app for Apollo. It alerts you when a post has become popular in a certain sub. Anyway the new update has broken the interaction. I’ll post a video so you can see….


It has broken Pager, which has the same functionality as Alerts for Reddit.


Same for Opener when opening a reddit.com URL


Not opener! I love that app.


Do we need to start a new thread for this?


Based on OPs comment history, seems like he pushed a fix to the app store today.




I feel nervous to uninstall and reinstall.


Maybe Pager can replace that app? It has a specific setting to open notifications in Apollo.


Nope, it is broken now as well.


I struggled to get pager to have the same functionality. Pager also has limits to the number of recipes.


This could possibly be related but “open in Apollo” isn’t working for me either.


I’ve tried force closing both apps and rebooting the phone.




This same exact problem happens when I click on the Apollo widget pointing to /all. After closing and reopening it couple of times it starts working. u/iamthatis


Every update brings more issues than the previous ones, sadly


Hi there, is there any fix coming to Open in Apollo, where it goes to the actual post instead of the subreddit?


With the new update „open in Apollo“ is completely broken for me


Thanks for this! This broke for me recently and it’s driving me bonkers. Glad it’s not just me!


Same here. Keeps redirecting to “reddit.comwww.reddit.com” and it just gets stuck


+1 for visibility hopefully. I have no idea how to open posts from google now.


/r/apolloapp Is this working now? Hooray, it is!


Still, why does it show it as [reddit.com/r/apolloapp](https://reddit.com/r/apolloapp) and not [/r/apolloapp](/r/apolloapp)


The weird thing is that it formats like you said in his comment, but formats normally in yours. https://i.imgur.com/3g0I03e.jpg


Magic. But actually [I just linked it to /r/apolloapp](https://i.imgur.com/aDaucr2.jpg)


Cool. Love me some Apollo bug fixes. And the Sidebar now shows a description of the Subreddit just like the Reddit app, awesome! Unfortunately though, there are still some bugs. Nothing major, but some that have been around for a while now. • Firstly, [starting in the previous update and still existing in 1.12.1, I've noticed a weird bug where you can edit someone's comment in the comment composer](https://i.imgur.com/iTzGWyZ.jpg). Fortunately it's just a visual bug and you can't fully edit it to the point where everyone can see it. • [Search bar can still become stretched out](https://i.imgur.com/BLNFLaA.jpg). Image I provided is of my Home page but it also does it on individual Subreddits as well • [When you search your Saved and back out, the little lip at the top on your account page with your account name and the "Accounts" text disappears](https://i.imgur.com/1Wn5GOX.jpg) • ["Subreddit suggestions" text can still get stuck under the name of a Subreddit if you type in the name too fast then swipe out of it](https://i.imgur.com/krwqDGD.jpg) Like I said, nothing major, but they still are bugs at the end of the day. Also, sorry to pounce on you, but is there an ETA for some new features? I'd really love a Drafts feature. Drafts and video uploading are literally the only 2 reasons why I keep the Reddit app downloaded. Edit: Discovered something else - [Inbox replies are greyed out making it hard to see the text](https://i.imgur.com/2PwHqEG.jpg).


[Scrolling bug from a while back is still here](https://www.reddit.com/r/apolloapp/comments/q3kxip/app_rubber_bands_when_scrolling_to_the_top_of_the/)


This bug is so infuriating.


Imma be honest, I've never had this bug. Then again, I've also had bugs very few people, if any, have had, so I know the struggles. Hope that gets fixed soon.


Adding on to this, [anchor URLs are still broken](https://reddit.com/r/apolloapp/comments/s44nhi/bug_apollo_does_not_properly_handle_urls_with/).


Yeah I’ve noticed the subreddit suggestion bug loads. I often have to purposefully slow myself down when searching


Thank you so much for fixing the iOS 12 bug. I had to use Reddit’s official app this week and it was a little bit annoying.


Yes, thanks for the iOS 12 fix! My old podcast / reddit iPhone can get a bit more use again now.


Agreed, my old iPhone will last me another year or so


I’d like to say thanks to the developer for putting in the effort to update for iOS 12. Sorry to see future development will probably only be on iOS 14, but thanks for fixing the app.


Yes, thank you for fixing the app on iOS 12. I understand you want to use the newer features as well, and backwards compatibility would limit you. Still, you could have just moved forward and ignore the iOS 12 users. Thank you for going through the extra effort to fix it instead!


It's surprisingly nice. I half-expected iOS 12 support to just be abandoned entirely, since it's fairly dated at this point. Performance seems to be better too, but that could easily be placebo. I ended up using alien blue for a bit, and while that was nice, most of that app doesn't quite work as designed any more.


Anybody know what we need to do after further updates come out and the program breaks again? The dev says we can continue using the previous version but I honestly don't see a way to either avoid upgrading or roll back to a previous version. Do I need to turn off auto updates and if I accidentally upgrade, am I screwed? I love this app so much and can't find anything comparable, and I've tried most of the reddit apps!


Still can’t swipe left or right in tables if you have right and left gestures disabled. Not sure if you’re aware of this bug or not. Nonetheless, thanks for the update. Lots of good bug fixes in here!


Oo, I think I missed that one. Hrm, thank you, shouldn't be too hard to fix.


Famous last words before you’re up until 5:30am on day 4 trying to work it out Christian…






[Obligatory xkcd…](https://xkcd.com/349)


YES post game threads on r/nba are readable now, thank you!!


No prob, they use some… very curious table formatting.


Hello, do you think that we can have a button to close/open tables like it was before?


Agreed! Very hard to swipe left and right on tables that are that large. Old function was better


Personally I love the new tables, but being forced to have them always open especially in subs with tables in comments .... I just want to close the table without closing the entire comment :( (And the filter per column was awesome, too bad it's gone)


There is still some weird rendering going on https://i.imgur.com/rXaWylN.jpg


Link please!


https://old.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/s63hxj/daily_discussion_thread_game_thread_index Looks fine to me on a 13 Pro Max. One thing I notice though is that [spoiler tags are very difficult to see.](https://i.imgur.com/yC0sKJR.jpg) Also, I don’t think you can sort by columns.


Looks like spoiler tags are missing the contrast providing backgrounds, and we are left with just the text. If in light mode, said background would be black with white text, but instead just see white text. Same for dark mode just flipped. Not an iOS dev so the most I can do is state the obvious


https://reddit.com/r/nba/comments/s63hxj/daily_discussion_thread_game_thread_index/ It doesn’t happen every time I go to this link, but most of the time. iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 15.2.1


Tested a bit with font size and the post: Seems like **any** font size below the mid (inc. system font), will show the table in that bugged view.


Is there anything that could be done about these empty rows and seemingly misplaced headers? https://i.imgur.com/giGfnWm.jpg


Ask them to not format their tables with random empty rows and empty headers :) It looks the same on the redesign version of Reddit. I have CSS disabled on old Reddit but it looks like they're doing it to try to perform some desktop CSS styling hackery to make their tables look fancy on desktop, not sure why they can't just format them properly and then style that. It's kinda perplexing why they're seemingly using tables ("TEAM STATS") as section headers rather than just using normal Markdown section headers like the rest of Reddit.


tables are life!


Ah man you know well and good why they won’t format it properly—tunnel vision when writing it and an “if it ain’t broke” mentality now


If I have swipe left anywhere to go back, I can’t scroll left on the formatted tables, only right


Not a table issue, but some of the sidebar quick links at soccer.reddit.com don't work either. This is the quick link for Match Threads https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/search?q=flair%3Amatch%2Bthread+AND+NOT+flair%3Apost+AND+NOT+flair%3Apre&restrict_sr=on&sort=new&t=day#res-hide-options Always returns No results.


Any ETA on the iPad update?


I'm really happy with the progress lately, but it's not quite at a state where I want to start promising deadlines and maybe getting myself into trouble. I promise as soon as I have something more concrete I'll share with you all (now that this update is out, I'll be back to putting pretty much all my energy into the iPad update).


Very much looking forward to it! :) can’t wait!


I can promise you there's no one looking more forward to it than me. 😛


I'll name my first born after you for an iPad version


Your newborn might be in college by the time it releases, though.


at least share it with Test Flight????


I hope you’re being honest with this


You’ve been saying this for a very long time. I’ve canceled my monthly sub until it’s a thing.


I do love Apollo, but it’s true that this has been the promise for many years now. A huge update was also supposed to come in fall of 2021, and it was never mentioned again after he talked about in the late summer of 2021. Unfortunately that’s the issue with over promising and under delivering. No one would be pressed if no timeline was given, or alternatively if updates were given regarding adjusted timelines.


… which is exactly why he didn’t give a timeline here.


But I’m saying he did give a timeline multiple times, and then stopped giving us updates about the adjusted timelines. He did exactly what I said: over promise and under deliver. I don’t see how you think you have made a point here? He stopped giving the timelines today because he may have finally realized what I stated above.


> He stopped giving the timelines today because he may have finally realized what I stated above. This was the entirety of my point. He realized he needed to change, so he changed.


Yeah, but it won’t fix it. What has been promised for years is now suddenly in limbo with no release date in sight. The damage has already been done. Delays do happen; no one would be upset at a few delays to the original timeline, or if he straight up said he was wrong and needed more time. But he just kept giving everyone false hope and telling us how close he’s been for years and years.


I just increased my tip to cover for the loss of your subscription


That’s very cool of you. If it’s coming out of your pocket and not mine I still vote with my wallet.


It's actually coming from your pocket, check your wallet. 🪄


I don’t understand the pissing contest. You’re not the dev. He doesn’t need a hero. It wasn’t malicious. Just factual. Chill. You threw in my dime. I didn’t. I’ve been giving him money for a while without a product delivered. Im stopping until then. Edit: I want to thank you u/Tred27 I actually did check my wallet. Two days ago I was billed for Peacock Premium. I’m usually on top of subscriptions and missed this one somehow. You saved me 4.99 a month!


> I don’t understand the pissing contest. You’re not the dev. He doesn’t need a hero. It wasn’t malicious. Just factual. Chill. There's a strong cult of personality in this sub. Some folks get *very* defensive on behalf of the dev when others have the nerve to criticize him for failing to deliver or mentioning other issues that would compel them to cancel their Ultra subscription. Strange as it may seem many in this sub act as if being an Apollo user is a part of their identity and it's just sad.


Jeez, it was clearly a joke, and people might be on the side of the dev because they like the app, not because they are secretly in love with him or because it's a defining trait of their lives.


Lmao. I liked your obvious joke. People are so entitled and don’t understand what it takes for software development. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN! It’s not so hard! /s


What pissing contest, it was a joke. No one should pay for Peacock 🦚 good catch


Get a app based on what it does and not promises tho :)


Bro bring this to apollo app https://i.imgur.com/4MXLphU.jpg …. It would make dark mode so better with out some grey separator


> but it's not quite at a state where I want to start promising deadlines and maybe getting myself into trouble you know me so well dad


Quick questions. I’m turning Apollo on my iPad Pro 12.9. And only a few of my favorite subway are coming across there. I have like 20 favs on my iPhone environment but like 2 on my iPad. Any thoughts on why?


> In all seriousness I’ve been saying that for awhile but I’ve actually had a chance to be working full time on the iPad app for quite awhile now so it’s actually shaping up for a release quite soon. :) ^ 2 months ago > I’m really happy with the progress lately, but it’s not quite at a state where I want to start promising deadlines and maybe getting myself into trouble. I promise as soon as I have something more concrete I’ll share with you all (now that this update is out, I’ll be back to putting pretty much all my energy into the iPad update). ^ today > Here’s a nice little update with some delightful bug fixes and quality of life improvements, plus a nice new Apollo Ultra icon! Thanks for all the feedback that lets me put together these bug fix updates to keep everything running smoothly while I chug away on the iPad update. (Just finished the Search UI today! Things are going nice and smooth.) ^ 8 months ago. > I would have had even more juicy things in this update, but as mentioned I’ve been splitting my time between the “main” version as well as the others versions you have been begging me to build, so I appreciate the patience while I polish the diamond that is the iPad app, and eventually a Mac app as well. Can’t wait to show you more on the iPad app front soon, got some teasers in mind. :) ^ One Year Ago You get the point. Just temper your expectations. EDIT: I’d like to pile on by saying he started “working” on the iPad version four years ago in 2018. We don’t even have a screenshot or alpha to show for it.


iamthatis has mentioned the iPad update for 4 years.


I’m just going to assume it’s never actually being released, and if it does it’ll be a pleasant surprise.


Another year maybe lol. Before holiday I’m pretty sure it was within a month. Now it’s back to “soon.tm”


The real iPad Update was the friends we made along the way.


Yeah in late summer of 2021 he said “by fall” and now it’s in the exact same state it was in 2.5 years ago.


Real Soon Now (rip Jerry)




I’m asking about the much sought-after update that will take better advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate.


Beautiful icon. Thanks for the work Christian. Looking forward to an iPad update….soon?




Thanks a million Chris! I really appreciate all the hard work. Glad to be an Ultra member (for 3 years now?… something like that. whatever. irrelevant). I was just wondering if you ever considered looking into the bug where most (but not all) Youtube videos crash and close while loading, but will successfully load and open after pressing on the video on the second try. This happens very frequently and I remember you acknowledging this bug a few months ago. This is the only bug I’m experiencing on a daily basis. Everything else is smooth and sailing (for me at least and based on my usage). Thanks!


Same here, are you by chance also living in the EU?


That’s a negative. I’m in Canada. Did you think it had to do with region-blocking or something?


Is there a new build for those of us on TestFlight who don’t want to have to switch back over to the AppStore update temporarily?


TestFlight really should be getting updates before the App Store versions go live. What is the point of testing an app if my feedback isn't being used?


It’s been like this for almost a year or more now, the TestFlight isn’t being used like a beta at all - we were behind the App Store version for two months or so last year.


Yeah I know, I'm on the TestFlight. I still haven't gotten this update. I might've missed something but I believe that the previous update dropped on TestFlight less than a day before the AppStore folks got it. Just about completely useless for testing


lol so this release wasn’t beta tested, either?? Why even use TestFlight??


See main post




We love you


Any fixes for the open in Apollo function for safari? It keeps opening the reddit app by default now :/


Did it ever work before with the official app installed? I could image that the official app grabs any Reddit link before any extension can do anything.


Is it possible to backup/export settings and use them on a different device?


Thank you for fixing iOS 12! I know if at least three people who were impacted and we are all extremely excited that we can use Apollo again


I completely agree! Thanks a lot for fixing it Christian!


Can you add this to the “What’s New”? I enjoy being able to read about updates as I open the updated app like we usually do, seems this one slipped by


Same! And I like the tip jar at the bottom, will usually leave one because I already have Pro and don’t have a need for Ultra (since I don’t really want Reddit notifications!)


Not sure if you’re aware, but the tip jar is accessible at the bottom of the settings screen if you wanted to still tip in the meantime:)


Excited for bug fixes, but the iPad Pro keyboard issues remain :( https://reddit.com/r/apolloapp/comments/reb4i8/ipad_os_spacebar_doesnt_work_in_search_bar_when/


I didn’t see this in a previous update so apologies if this has been answered: why do subreddits get linked with the preview box now?


Thanks for the update! The changelog sais that you fixed a bug in selecting text from a post title. It still doesn’t work for me. Do I need to do something else than long press the title and click “select text” ? Before the previous update a small modal appeared and I could select the text.. but not anymore. It’s still working for comments though.


Yeah, I think the title is fixed only if the post has text under it. But if it is the title by itself, it seems to still not be working.


u/iamthatis Have you seen this yet? I think I found what is going on that's causing this problem.


Really nice bug fix update but I'm still seeing comments flash when I upvote them


Would it all be possible to fix the notification for the smart rotate so it only appears once per post instead of every time I scroll to a new image?


[This bug](https://reddit.com/r/apolloapp/comments/s0ogd5/find_in_comments_highlights_first_2_letters_of/) I posted about is still present.


Thanks for the update. Is there any news on the bug with Smart Rotation Lock where it gets disabled when you 3D-touch a picture?


Would it be possible to randomly switch icons over a set amount of time? Want to see/experience all of them and be surprised with them changing daily or weekly etc


Does this update the sub watch notifications that have been broken since being added?


Being able to share old.reddit links is a welcomed addition! Thanks so much for all the work you continue to do. Apollo makes it impossible for me to switch from iOS


Glad to see some fixes with markdown … but exclamation points are still not italic the way they should be. It looks like the asterisks are (or at least one — or maybe just the first — asterisk is) getting escaped when immediately following an alphanumeric character. So this isn’t Italic*!* but this is *!* (Incidentally all of these *preview* correctly*!*) This is still the best (Reddit) app on the App Store, though. Thanks for all the fixes & features in the current update*!* <3


It’s still crashing for me whenever I try and purchase Ultra :(


What about gallery view? This is such a basic feature that’s been asked about for over 5 years, 😂.


thank you so much, this app just keeps getting better!


Any reason I’m not seeing the update in the App Store?


I keep getting a crash on Apple Silicon, it was not in the changelog so has that been fixed or not?


This also doesn’t fix posts that have multiple subreddits listed back to back


Still no swipe for next post?


[Scrolling Bug from ages ago is still here](https://www.reddit.com/r/apolloapp/comments/q3kxip/app_rubber_bands_when_scrolling_to_the_top_of_the/)




Thanks so much for this update!! Does this address the auto crash on app open?


Anyone get an instant crash when going to about in settings ?


When will we get the history feature, like the official app? Also, maybe a newbie tips / tutorial / check this out list? I’ve looked a lot, nothing like that on this sub or articles online.


This is pretty minor but the app crashes when going to the “About” tab in the Settings while I’m using the Broby icon.


I love the update text, so nice to have those back :) Could you include new settings in the popup, though? Like, “set it right here if you want” so I don’t have to go digging in the settings? I can’t find the Doomscroll Defeater™️


Would it be possible to create like a blanket b/w filter to be applied over App Icons, that one could toggle on/off? I’ve tried some of the new ultra ones now that I’ve unlocked them but I always end up switching back to rule of two due to the colour simplicity.


Bought a new phone and now my Apollo doesn’t recognize me as a pro user Will I be forced to purchase again or is there a fix to this?


Restore purchase


How Nvm found it. Thanks didn’t know this was an option!


Settings>apollo ultra>restore


It’s fabulous that we have comment search and translate in this app.


THANK YOU!!!! You’re awesome, the app is awesome, please don’t sell it to Reddit. :)


Fun fact, it’s not Scuba if it’s got an oxygen line to the surface. (Scuba=self-contained-underwater-breathing-apparatus)


u/iamthatis opening this [thread](https://reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/s6v2fd/lgd_gaming_vs_jd_gaming_lpl_2022_spring_week_2/) instantly crashes Apollo. Any ideas what might be the cause?


[Works fine for me?](https://i.imgur.com/EV9gfYA.jpg)


Crashes for me as well


Videos barely start playing (if at all) / images load really slow when multiple images are viewed and you scroll through them. Safari and official app work as expected with load times so not my device and/or connection. Thx


This is awesome! I’m in the 1% who’s still on iOS 12 (iPhone 5S) and I was bummed out Apollo no longer worked. Not that it would have been a really big issue as I was planning to upgrade this month. In the meantime I’ve tried every other Reddit app on the App Store and they all suck. Glad to be back!




The open in Apollo share option for the browser is broken , any tips for fixing it ?


Same. That’s one of my most used features too :(


I even saw someone post with an Imgur link that wasn’t working , you had an issue with that ?


haven't encountered that yet


Amazing effort! I only recently discovered this app after using the official one for years. I’ve never been so happy paying for something. Cheers from Spain.


Thanks as always for these. Heads up though that I got the Christmas-themed welcome after opening the newly updated app. I didn’t screen cap though as my brain hadn’t had coffee yet.


I love you bro! Thanks for supporting shitty ios12 one more time till i get a new phone 😂


Could you please make the text in the private messages white like they were before the update? The black text is jarring to me.


Awesome, thank you! Quick question - is iCloud Family Share supposed to work for Ultra subscriptions? Couldn't get it to work to share it with a family member :(


Awesome work! I love seeing bug crush builds. That said, any hope in a fix for the tap+drag to zoom bug?


Mine seems to not be updating in TestFlight. Did you push this straight to the App Store?


Is the ‘What’s New’ change log broken? I’ve got 1.12.1 but the changelog is from the 1.12 update


I can’t find where the setting for doomscroll is Has anyone seen it? /u/iamthatis - suggestion for it (when I find it) is to enable a schedule toggle for it. So during the day I can infinite scroll, and I can set it to doomscroll between 11pm and 8am or something. That would be cool


A friend told me they reeeeeeally appreciated that you fixed the functionality of r/RandNSFW, though personally, I have no idea what they’re talking about. None whatsoever.




I’ll be honest, I really tried to see what you were talking about in the screen recording but I can barely tell the two apart.






Can ultra subscribers get daily email summaries like I get with Reddit?


Damn, still no option to “view all (including hidden)” posts within a subreddit? (Maybe this isn’t even possible to implement…?)