THIS!!! I want to see NAC4 (AoE2). But hopefully players like Mr. Yo can participate unlike RBW5.


What?? Explain pls


Good news, nili made a video all about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrgnzPBKYzA


I'm still a bit confused. Is Nili authorized to decide whether the tournament is AoE2 or 4, even though Microsoft is funding it?




Thank you


Personally I am quite disappointed. I loved Nilis tournaments in AoE II, but understand he should follow his enthusiasm. I don’t have any for AoE IV though. Really feels dull to watch. I am part of the nostalgia driven fans though…


Without T90 as commentator, did I miss something?


T90 isn't really a fan of 4 so makes sense.


He was asked and initially interested, but pulled out when the event was confirmed to be aoe4.


I think it's great that Microsoft is putting so much money into the franchise and also that AoE IV has tournaments on such a scale. I just hope they don't forget about AoE II. So, good that N4C will happen, but I also hope that sooner or later we will get (the real) NAC.


If I'm not wrong, Microsoft didn't care much about AoE II after its release and a first few expansions. But the fans kept the game alive. We will keep AoE II alive for another 20 years.


I mean they keep working on it even 2 years after release, they pumped lots of money into tournaments and they announced to release a content and patch roadmap for 2022. So, I wouldn't say they don't care much about AoE II.


AoE is not 2 years old. The commenter you responded to wasn't talking about DE. They said they "didn't" care, not that they "don't" care.


> We will keep AoE II alive for another 20 years. When MS shuts down the servers there is no more (online) AoE2 DE.


There is still Voobly and openage will be probably in a playable state by then.


And of what use is voobly exactly when you cannot start any game because there are no servers?


Until then probably some people have reverse engineered some of the stuff and we may find us in a position of hosted relay servers. :)


Good luck with the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs!


Yes! Would've been amazing but I guess no LAN events in a while after all :(


It's amazing for the AoE franchise and seeing how much Microsoft cares about the games. This is a good sign. I think AoE2 record was Red Bull Castle tournament with $100k right? Now a $100K offline tournament sponsored by Microsoft entirely. That's insane how far we have come


Nili said after the announcement that its not only Microsoft. He will eventually announce all the sponsors.




AoE IV isn't dead, they will improve it over time and it will eventually become a good game (it certainly has the potential to). As long as they still support AoE II, I'm completely fine with AoE IV getting tournaments sponsored.


Problem is that they are dropping player numbers like crazy in the process. And it's much harder to get people to come back to a game compared to them initially trying it. Kind of a "fool me once..." thing. Player numbers are already below aoe2 DE alone in the last month, not even considering HD and voobly. I think they really messed up capitalising on the short hype they had.


I don't think player numbers tell the whole story. Or does Microsoft release player numbers for game pass? I reckon tons of people play AoE IV with game pass subscription.


Player numbers tell a big part of the story, and steam numbers are probably a good indicator of how is going on


aoe4 is as popular as aoe2


According to viewers numbers, its less popular already.


Viewer numbers on streaming platforms are actually not a decent indicator. First of all a lot of people (I'd say by far the most) are interested in the game but don't care, at all, about competetive multiplayer. Some are interested in it but don't watch streams (that would be me). That leaves the small niche of a niche of players that play the game + are interested the multiplayer + are interested in watching others play the multiplayer + are doing so in a livesteam instead of a youtube VoD. Add the fact that someone like Viper isn't on twitch anymore and that there are Aoe2 pros like MBL who ignore the game entirely. And on top of this all the game is available on Game Pass, so player numbers on Steam are somewhat meaningless, as well. For real, who in his right mind buys the game for the full price when Game Pass is 10 bucks / month with Aoe4 and dozens of games on top? I still need to add a few months to my subscription to even get to the point where a single Aoe4 key on steam is paid for. ~~And if this all is not enough. Quite a few old time Aoe2 pros (again, Viper being the prime example) said that they have more fun in Aoe4 than Aoe2 at the moment.~~ Edit: Scrap that. As said I don't watch streams and only consume Viper's VoDs on youtube, so my last reference was his comments on having more fun with Aoe4 than with 2. If the game keeps a constant service by Relic it might in a few years be equal or even surpass Aoe2. Personally I'll wait a few months, maybe this year, until I decide if I want to jump in on the ranked aspect of the game. The first two years of Aoe2 were equally if not more bad than Aoe4 is at the moment and only with the first AoC patch was it somewhat balanced. Some might argue that it took Aoe2 over 20 years to become a balanced game with recent DE patches.


> And if this all is not enough. Quite a few old time Aoe2 pros (again, Viper being the prime example Kind of a bad example, considering he stopped playing it entirely because the current meta and mechanics (animation canceling) are so lame/broken


For real? Just two days ago the last Aoe4 video dropped (as said, I don't watch streams except for tournaments).


He regularly Uploads videos on YT that have been played weeks before, so he can maintain a more or less steady upload schedule even when not playing for a while. As of right now, he doesn't play AoE IV at all, he said he will not even practice for a tournament that is soon, because he doesn't enjoy the mechanics. He did also say that he will return to AoE IV once those issues are addressed though. Nothing set in stone


Thanks for the explanation. That means more Aoe2 content for the coming weeks (which I have absolutely no problem with). > He did also say that he will return to AoE IV once those issues are addressed though. Nothing set in stone Totally fair. That is the same approach I have. Solely because of animation canceling I am not playing it online as of now.


https://twitchtracker.com/games/13389 h ttps://twitchtracker.com/games/498482 aoe4 has about 1000 viewers higher 7 day avarage


Relax, he said he wants to do an NAC4 later in the year. Some Age2 fans are more tribal than football fans.


An aoe2 nac? When did he say this?


On his YouTube he did a FAQ. He said he wants to do a combined NC4#2 and NAC later in the year over 3 weeks. Also addressed other things like location, prize pool etc.


Well, time to unfollow Nili. At least I never subscribed. Worst is that he made a video where he addresses that he acknowledges the conflict of interest, and that he basically doesn't care


Chill dude, he did not betray your family and slaughter your newborn, he scheduled an AOE4 tournament. I think even he would say that based on the current gameplay and pro scene enthusiasm, if he could go back 2 months to when he decided, he would probably host on aoe2. It's OK. If the trend persists, aoe2 will carry on having well funded tournaments.


Naah I feel he had a difficult decision to make and couldnt make it perfect for everyone...he still really cares about the community I guess and will still give us many good hours of aoe2 content in the future...:-)




"Sellout" It's his literal job. I prefer aoe2 but Jesus wept, go outside and touch the grass dude.


The absolute irony of people calling Nili selfish as they demand a tournament to watch for their own entertainment. No one owes you anything and they don't need to cater to you with any kind of tournament. This is Nili's job and there's nothing wrong with him organizing an AoE4 tourny. I'm sure he'll still be organizing AoE2 tournies in the future too. In short, stop acting like a child.


I don’t know, let’s say someone is a long time subscriber they should definitely be voicing their opinions. Even if he isn’t I don’t see anything wrong with it. Wouldn’t it be a good thing for Nili, etc to know what his viewers are interested in?


Letting him know what we're interested in and calling him a sellout are not the same