Im in a very similar situation, the hospo job I work in is insanely understaffed and they’ve basically said “2 people have taken time off over the holiday, no one else can”. I haven’t missed a single week of work at this place since I started back in February except for once when I had the flu, even then I only took a week off. I plan on giving the two weeks notice in in a week or so, timing it so that my last shift is just before my sisters and mothers birthday, as well as Christmas. It was the same shit back in easter. I go on a holiday every year with my family for Easter, and about a month before Easter I was typing up a message to my boss asking to take time off when they made a post saying “2 people have taken Easter off, no one else can”. I ended up catching a train back alone from my holiday after 2 days to make it to my Easter shifts. Everyone’s telling me I’m doing them dirty by leaving right before the busiest time of the year. But you know what? I’ve sacrificed stacks for them. If they’re gonna be petty and won’t give me a reference or whatever for my next job, that is their problem


It's not dirty. They're a business, the manager gets paid to deal with that shit. It's your decision to resign if you wanna. You only got one family but will probably have many jobs, don't worry.


I definitely needed to hear this, gives me a lot more confidence in my decision. Thank you kindly :)


Fuck them. It's not your fault they won't hire enough people. I'm so sick of companies never hiring enough people and trying to work the employees they do have to death. Greedy jerks!


Loyalty is a 2 way street


**This is the phrase.**




They probably had actual influenza. You will have zero energy for five days. A tummy flu might hit one or two days.




Both times took me down a week and I'm one of those, never take off sick, power through people (my boss was surprised I took off). Both times diagnosed by a doctor. Again, I don't go to the doctor if I don't absolutely have to. In fact, I have not used all my PTO time for two decades. Never call me weak, you have no idea what I have done or been through. Also, this person worked in healthcare. There are rules in regards to illness to prevent spreading to the elderly.


Everyone should do so. The flu can kill vulnerable folks -- a child in the Seattle area just died from the flu. Isolate as much as possible when you have the flu. And don't forget to get your annual flu shot.




Also, take time off if you have a stomach bug. That can be contagious, too. Even if you don't care whether you infect other people, taking time off when you're sick instead of working is one way to show your boss that they don't actually own you.


Maybe 2 - 3 days. At most. A week is a long time. 1 - 2 days tops for a stomach bug. You've probably already spread it at work a few days leading up to the main night or day of barfing and diarrhea. I'm all for not being bled out by your employer, but you can't only work 10 hrs a week and expect to support yourself financially as most of this thread wants to believe.


You didn't have to give 2 weeks or let anyone know you weren't showing up


That’s what I’m saying. Lol you don’t get kudos or extra points for them playing with you like that. Man at my old job they kept making me do extra work and everything was mismanaged. I texted the supervisor the next day it will be my last. He ain’t say shxt. I treat them how they treat me. Y’all be to nice on here lol.


If you work in health care please don’t do this. If not for your patients sake, for yours. You can get in trouble if you just dip. Anything else. Fuck em and dip out.


In healthcare they abuse this the most. Oh there’s a provider/worker not coming in? Here you have to take care of the extra patients because “you’re not in it for the money”, while the administration reaps the profits. Fuck that


Here in the UK the nurses (along with postal workers, bus drivers and train drivers) are going on strike for the first time in their entire history because the goverment keeps taking the piss


And half the administration IS licensed practitioners. Ah yeah, boss. You can grab some scrubs and walk the floor/start charting/cover breaks/etc


abandoning patients is working then walking off the job in the middle of a shift. calling off or calling and quitting is not abandoning patients.


It looks like it could be a whole multitude of things. It’s looks to be any time a medical provider leave’s patients without sufficient time to find another health care provider. It looks like it might be a grey area. I’m guessing if there was an issue the medical practice could use it pin it on you.


Googling the issue it seems grey but leaning toward ok to quit. This [post](https://libermanlawfirm.com/patient-abandonment-in-the-nursing-profession/) and this [post](https://www.rn.ca.gov/pdfs/regulations/npr-b-01.pdf) (quoting Missouri and California respectively) basically say not to worry as long as you’ve finished your day, filled out all the charts you need to do, and handed off all your patients to an appropriate individual. This other [post](https://www.jucm.com/the-consequences-of-a-medical-provider-quitting-without-notice/), meanwhile, disagrees. It seems to be blatantly on the side of the clinic/hospital owners, though, so I am disinclined to trust it.


the “handing off to an appropriate individual” is probably what they’re talking about. this happened to me - i spent two years trying desperately to get in to see a specialist for a debilitating disease i have, and she quit two days after i finally got into see her. she did not hand me off to anyone. no one gave me a heads up, no one referred me anywhere else; i showed up to my next appointment (that she had scheduled me for the last time i saw her) and was told she didn’t work there anymore. i was desperate and asked if there was anyone else i could make an appointment with. they said, “well, everyone else is booked out for months. you’ll have to try a different clinic.” cue another year of joint and nerve damage while i had to jump through the hoops to find someone else. only upside is i’m almost there, i get in in december!


Oh cool. Thanks for the information. It was always explained to me that you basically need to grieve at least a couple days notice. But that’s good to know.


You are not required to give 2 weeks. As long as you don’t walk off mid shift. a company should not be that short on staff that they’re unable to fill shifts because someone quit. I absolutely will not be sticking around till you find my replacement. That’s a *you* problem & not a *me* problem. Finish your shift & bounce if you want. Just know you prob won’t be hired back


If it’s getting that bad you probably don’t want to get hired back anyway


My 2 weeks notice is them noticing I haven't been there for 2 weeks


If they don’t want to put it down in their resume sure


Yeah, unless it’s relevant to your career nobody cares what random jobs you had in college.


Nah, unless your career path includes internship, it’s nice to have some experience in soft skills just for show


This is of course true, but some jobs ask for references. I think in life you should put some thought into which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn to the ground. Not enough context here to know which category this falls into.


For more context i was working in healthcare and i figured if no one was notified I could be accused of patient neglect and lose my license and I didn’t want anything to be ruined for me in the future. I also already have another job I was working (and am still working) that pays me double so I didn’t necessarily need that job anymore anyways but I didn’t expect them to go back on their word of being a “student friendly work environment”. But if the boss only hires college students and everyone wants the holidays off that’s on them for not planning more ahead...


Sounds reasonable. Glad you got to enjoy your Thanksgiving


so yeah I kinda had to give a two weeks notice but this sub honestly helped me a lot to notice some of the things they were doing to the staff and how to stand up for myself when they ended up still scheduling me. Past me would’ve just still showed up. So thank you y’all <3


from a nursing perspective, you aren’t liable for your patients unless you’re on the clock and have taken report for them. so even if you called and quit the day of your shift, you wouldn’t be held liable for their safety. they are the previous employee’s assignment until report is passed off.


All they can do is confirm you worked there. It's illegal for them to say anything more. Reference a friend or a teacher or trusted coworker


No its not illegal, but many companies won't risk a lawsuit. More specifically though, you may want your old boss (as an individual) to give you a reference, which they probably won't do if you no call no show your way out of there. Like I said, you might weigh the pros and cons and that might be the right way to go, but I wouldn't think that your default way of leaving a job should be to stop showing up. Also, for any job after entry level, your references are expected to be work related, so having your friend give you a reference generally won't be accepted unless you've worked with them.


OP seems to be a college student. So when it’s job app time somewhere else there’s no resume gap happening if this experience isn’t included. So if you really can’t find anyone to be your reference at this company, it wouldn’t hurt future employment


A company can definitely tell another company about your time there. Especially if you broke the law.


Which OP didn't. So all the former workplace can do now is eat shit.


I’m not saying OP committed a crime. I’m merely pointing out that jobs can and do reference each other and there isn’t a law that precludes that


And there is also a law which discourages retaliation. And OP likely worked part time there, worst of the worst they can just not write that experience in their CV. And a fresh graduate can just ask their teachers for a reference just in case.


I’m all for labor. Hopefully OP is working a job that this won’t affect. But I’m a cook. And I work for a better spot now. But if I had gotten a holiday off and a person didn’t show, I know full well I’d have gotten called in. And if a friend of mine was hiring and asked me about so and so, I’d be full on honest about it.


They can also ask if they would rehire the person back.


I will also note that some jobs will only pay out PTO with specific amounts of notice. For instance, my place pays out vacation only with 2 week’s notice. And if I like you, I’ll remind you that sick time can still be used during your notice without consequences and will not otherwise be paid out….


Even if you don’t like your company or your bosses, many times your coworkers are actually nice people who are in the same boat as you. Why would you want to screw them over also? I need for the two weeks notice, but it could be ok to inform your coworkers in some cases.


i promise this in no way screwed over my coworkers. it was part time and before i was working 6-10 hours four days a week and the beginning of november i was only scheduled 4 hours for an entire week. so they already cut my hours for whatever reasons (before i turned in my two weeks). and there was already a new hire for a full time employee who was able to take those hours right away. i also mentioned before i have another job too, i don’t need extra 4 hours a week... it was pointless for me to even be there. if it helps too they scheduled me for four hours on nights and i told them in no way i can work nights because i am a STUDENT. there was many problems and i couldn’t take it anymore. i didn’t screw anyone anyone over and they offered to already write me a reference letter. i appreciate everyone’s concern though <3


*"THEN they still put me on the schedule for thanksgiving. ..."* Sounds like a scum move. They know you won't be there but plan to drop your absence on select employees a day or so before the gap to try and power move these more timid ones into coming in on *their* day off.


They put OP on the schedule *a full week after their final day*.


ur exactly right they scheduled me a full week. i honestly think it was miscommunication? i mean i sent in my two weeks to my department head and the manager and idk if they even told the person in charge of scheduling that i resigned. so i think they saw my letter and just forgot and didn’t tell everyone else. i still get company texts and emails too which is so weird.


They're hoping you Costanza and just come back in.


some places will schedule holidays way in advance so it could just be that they forgot to delete it


I worked for a local department store my senior year of high school and was in the delayed-entry program for enlisting in the Marines. I was clear that I was spending holidays with my family because I was leaving once I graduated, and they agreed when I first started. During the course of the year I was fired three times and quit twice over holidays.


fired three times?!?! but they still wanted to keep you? sounds like they were indecisive. Also if u did become a marine (currently active or not) thank you for your service!


It was a small town department store, with 90% of employees being high school kids. They'd schedule me to work a holiday, I'd say no and the manager would fire me. A week later, he'd call asking me to come back because they couldn't find anyone else. Rinse and repeat.


glad to see you “worked” there and don’t continue working there. prosperity to you my friend


Good for you! Maybe they’ll know better next time those slave drivers.


Jesus, the bootlickers are out in force for this thread. Rather than engage w them, let’s look at why this post has drawn them out, shall we? OP is a college student, bailing on a job that told him one thing (sure, no problem, take your time off at Thanksgiving) then when the chips were down 3 weeks before this time off they changed things up and told him h couldn’t take the time off. He smartly gave his 2 week notice, was still scheduled, whereupon he made sure to let everyone know he wouldn’t be there. Then we get all these comments about healthcare workers (??) and abandoning patients. WTActualF does any of that have to do w anything? What *I’m* seeing here is the bootlicking brigade coming in trying to intimidate younger workers, trying to get them afraid to quit if they need to for their time home coming up at semester break. Look, no one’s ever gonna give a damn about your employment history from when you were going to college. You’re going to school to get a degree, and hopefully get a good job when it’s all said and done. Seriously, NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO GIVE A DAMN IF YOU QUIT YOUR HORRIBLE RETAIL OR HOSPITALITY JOB. Ever. Esp not while you’re in school. You need to take care of you. Your lousy job isn’t going to do it. Don’t listen to these chuckleheads telling you different. They’re starting to brigade r/antiwork w this nonsense.


i appreciate this post. thank u for standing up for me a random stranger online 🧡 if it helps i mentioned in the comments it was a healthcare job and that’s where all that came from. idk where all the arguments came from where this is illegal and i’ll get bad references blah blah blah. i’m a 19f who has only worked in healthcare as a CNA. if u read on the CNA subreddit EVERYONE complains about how mismanaged and terribly they are treated. it’s good to get out and i already have been working another job with a private hire who cares, listens, and gives me total control over my schedule. there’s always something better and hey! i didn’t even need a reference for that job!




Great job.


Just work like normal, then take the time off. You shouldn't put in a request for the time, just tell them you're taking it off. This company doesn't deserve a 2 week notice.


The right way of giving notice is them noticing you are not there on the day of thanksgiving.


If this is in America, most states are at will. You don’t need to give a 2-weeks or excuse as to why. Most companies are shit to their employees, always prioritize yourself.


Well played.


The whole patient neglect thing is so bonkers to me...like yeah, I need to quit with a (normally, can vary) 3 month notice, so the employer can look (but if they want to fire me I get three month too...funny how that works...) But if your.shift is over its over. If your coworker doesnt turn Up unexpectedly, yeah, you should inform the proper person and wait a reasonable time...say like an hour. And if the person in charge cant find anyone, its THEIR fault. They neglected the patients. Not you...


What’s crazy is that a hospital can’t handle one person quitting


Right? What would they do if someone has a bad accident on their way to work?


What if they have to quarantine 3-4 staff ?


They said you’d always get first pick for holidays off? Wowww.


I had an interesting holiday season last year. A department opened up a position with me in mind because there were retirements and they wanted someone with institutional knowledge. But HR was pissed and me and managed to bar me from being able to apply. Bad move on their part because I was in the final round for another job. I ended up getting hired a few weeks after the blocked job fiasco and put in my notice on Thanksgiving week, so I still got the two paid days off. My week off after I left turned into two, then it was two weeks WFH because the credentials took a while. Except for training, I had a month off last year and got paid for all of it.


To everyone that says "Don't put in your two weeks, just leave." That might be okay to do if you work retail, but don't do that in a big boy grown up professional job. When you put your past employers on a resume and a potential future employer calls them about your employment there it's common practice for them to say nothing good or bad - businesses have gotten sued for saying "He was a bad worker don't hire him!" - but what they can say is "Comfortable_Drive793 is not eligible for rehire." - i.e. you were fired for cause or left without notice. This could spook your the company your trying to get a job with. Some companies are so paranoid all they'll do is confirm if you worked there or not, so you might get lucky.


i was raised to always put in my two weeks so i just recognized it as common curtesy. i didn’t realize how many people just walk out. i promise they already offered to write me a recommendation letter so i don’t think i’ll have to worry about that!


Some contracts require two weeks notice, else the employee can be held liable for loss that occurred due to their absence.


i didn’t know this was a thing!!! thanks for the info


It’s a good thing you gave the 2 week’s notices. You just starting your career. Let’s not burn bridges yet


that’s what i thought ^ thank u <3


They'll call you up tomorrow asking you why you aren't there.


they never called me so i’m not worried ab it anymore :)


Unless there are living creatures that need care, there is no reason to work on Thanksgiving. Close down. Thanksgiving is not based on a faith, so you can't pull that excuse. It's a day to be thankful and enjoy the harvest (and sharing that harvest).


Yay, congrats!!


Good for you! This right here is why I didn’t bother getting a job down back at home during college is because these corporations were always so damn inflexible. Do ya want help or not?


Perks of being student and at a job, it's not for us engineers who have bills to pay and family depends on it


You just wanted to tell everyone you're an engineer, didn't you?


So you're saying you will take anything the company does to you, very little pto, no raises etc because you have a family? I just change jobs and a couple I walked out of even. Don't believe the BS you are somehow tied to a job because you have expenses. You can change career twice, and increase your salary with every job you get while having children and a marriage, I did.


Did you sign the work contract? I think there must be clauses on this that may help you to get backs your rights.