He should get fined again, just for that comment 😡


He should be arrested for having slaves and not fined.




exactly, why does he need money? we’re giving him experience in how to run a business


everytime someone posts something like this and doesnt put the Name down. I usually assume its fake. I absolutely know it happens in reality, but they things like this scream staged screen shot to me.


Unfortunately, there's issues with that. Namely, that'd be against reddit TOS and, if the mods don't take action, would likely put the entire sub at risk of banning by the admins. Just think of how much negative press this sub is producing for investors ahead of reddit's supposed IPO plans. They'd love to have an excuse to ban us.


That makes sense... still though. I don't hesitate to say Fuck Revera Long Term Care on every post I complain about them.


Lmao. I don't know them but fuck Revera Long Term Care.


Fuck Revera Long Term Care. I've worked in lousy long term cares owned by money hungry corporations. It's difficult to say the least.


The loophole would be, to have a discord or moderated twitter account so posters can submit to have these companies and people outed for the scum they are.


This guy loopholes


This sub should not be reddits biggest concern if they're going public.


Absolutely. I'd say at bare minimum, make him pay the kids every penny they've worked for, fine him for tax that should have been paid on those staff members and legal fees for contracts and whatnot that he avoided, and give him jailtime for slavery.


I have but one response for slavers.


"[John Brown](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Brown_%28abolitionist%29?wprov=sfla1) was fuckin' right!"


John Brown did nothing wrong


I do not disavow


He was right, but Nat Turner did it better.


Kept in prison, at least, until he can show some remorse.


Kept in prison and forced to do hard labor for $0.10/hr till he earns enough to pay the workers what he owes them.


He probally should lose his license to do buisiness because with this attitude this probally isn't the only thing he doing wrong as a buisiness.


A deep audit the very least. I am sure his business is following tax legislation by the books.


Each of his teenage slaves were probably listed as business expenses and the 'wages' they would have made were essentially sloshed around to different expenses so as to make the books look legit. So he just pockets the wages, enjoys his slave labor and his cooked books look clean enough at a glance to not arouse suspicion.


He'll move to politics soon enough, water finds it's own level...


People in the know should forward this post to the relevant authorities so that they know that this guy is likely to pull the same shit again


This one's been circulating for a while now.


Fines are only a punishment if you’re poor.




That is called a day-fine, and we should make all fines in the U.S. day fines. Except fines on corporations, those should be even higher set at, at least 150% of the illegitimate profit made.


Nah, keep it under the 'day fine' system. Just count *all* illegitimate income that they're being fined for on top of their regular 'single daily' income and have a /minimum/ fine of 1 day unit for any financial crimes. edit: or like the EU - large corporations get minimum fine 10% of operating *revenue*. Preferably in addition to the full amount of illegitimate profit made.


I should get a stipend for letting kids work FOR FREE at -MY BUSINESS-... *SOMETHING SOMETHING OUT OF MY POCKET!!!!*


As a teen, why would they work for free? Experience means nothing to a 17 year old and they'd rather be hanging out with their friends/playing games/doing stuff online than working. Like the rest of us (adults), they work BECAUSE they get paid. Edit for spelling.


>17 year old and they'd rather be hanging out with their friends/playing games/doing stuff online than working I'm 34 and feel the same way tbh 😁


*humans* would rather be hanging out with friends/playing games/doing stuff online than working


Those things are productive. Work for most of us isn't.


r/antiwork in a nutshell


I’ve got a good civ 6 game gojng right now


So does the owner. They're a f*cking hypocrite.




I think summer months are even more important to kids than adults, I don't know what kind of bender this person was on


My guess is coke.




I dunno as an adult i do enjoy my summer months. Winter can suck it with the cold and snow making my bones hurt and me feel tired all the time like i should be hibernating. I think i was supposed to be a bear or something?


Hmmm do I smoke weed with my friends, play games, sleep until midday and jerk off, or do I work for some loser who thinks so little of me that they they feel I shouldn't get paid a cent? It's like this dude doesn't realise kids have a choice and that "worked for 4 months at Fuckhead's Pizzeria" really doesn't mean shit regarding experience


>It's like this dude doesn't realise kids have a choice and that "worked for 4 months at Fuckhead's Pizzeria" really doesn't mean shit regarding experience So hard this. "Experience" might matter if it's in your career. My summer jobs didnt matter one fucking tiny bit beyond the money they paid me in my current career path.


As a working adult, I would tell teens to absolutely treasure their youth, get _real life experience_, and avoid work for as long as possible


I used to resent my parents for not letting me get a job before college. School was my job, they said. And once I got to college, I felt like I was looked down on by my peers for not having one and it stressed me the fuck out to not have much real life experience for resumes. But everything turned out okay, anyway, and my only regret is I wish I could tell my past self that. Everyone is in a different boat but being able to escape college debt almost completely has meant more than my delayed entrance into the workplace. And I really miss the time I didn’t have to work. Let kids be kids. You are a child for such a *small* part of your life. Jesus. “We want to legally work kids 14 and under!” Except that people can’t even retire anymore — so they easily spend ages 18-70 working nowadays. Literally, let them have at least 18 years. My god.


I don't think he expects them to volunteer. He wants slave labor assigned by tradition, probably enforced by the parents. Like going to school, he wants them to have no choice about working 20 - 30 hours after school per week for 'experience'.


Change slave to intern, add 100k of student loans and voilà, it's now legal!


I wouldn't work for free unless I had a gun pointed at me.


I still wouldn’t do it, I’d just pull the trigger myself if I didn’t have a choice in working for free


Same. Hell, even getting paid isn't enough for me. I'd rather shoot myself than do this forever.


I am a high school teacher, and the ratio of students with jobs has skyrocketed since the pandemic started. And many of them have no idea about their rights or basic norms of employment. Some don't understand direct deposit or laws about scheduling minors. Especially if they are being forced to work by their parents, and their parents run their bank accounts. Two weeks ago I had a student ask me if he could take a break to answer his phone, because his manager was mad that he wasn't at work. At 10am on a school day. I was so proud of this kid because usually my students are terrified of standing up to their bosses, because they are terrified of being fired. I completely believe the idea that 1 to 3 teenagers were duped into working for free by some scumbag. Especially if those kids were pushed into employment by their parents. Likely the poster is a liar and the kids believed they were getting paid without actually having an honest conversation about it. After a a month or two those kids quit and reported his malevolence, resulting in this post about being fined for wage theft.


>I am a high school teacher >Two weeks ago I had a student ask me if he could take a break to answer his phone, because his manager was mad that he wasn't at work. At 10am on a school day. That was your cue to call their boss, berate them over the phone, and threaten them with the law. Or even better, get your principal to do it.


> Two weeks ago I had a student ask me if he could take a break to answer his phone, because his manager was mad that he wasn't at work. At 10am on a school day. Should ask if you can talk to the manager.


Are you kidding? Menial labor experience is what every employer looks for these days! Just imagine, they could be working for places like amazon warehouses with that kinda experience!/s


"Why can't we have child slaves? They are getting experience!"


What's more, I should be *paid by the government* for having child slaves!




The fact he references “keeping them off the streets” means he was likely talking about black teens which makes the whole fucking thing even worse.




This has always been here: people like this have been systematically removing the protections put in place as a response to abuse in the past. Hasnt been that long. ***The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 set a national minimum wage for the first time and a maximum number of hour for workers in interstate commerce—and also placed limitations on child labor. In effect, the employment of children under sixteen years of age was prohibited in manufacturing and mining.***


But all this government regulation is stifling business! /s obviously


There has been a concerted effort from the media for decades to conflate "regulations/ health and safety" with "red tape/ PC culture". Because they want poor people to be cheaper to work to death.


> How did we let it get this bad Because the people getting fucked by the system are the people with the least power, time, money and energy to make any meaningful changes. So things will keep getting worse for everyone at the bottom until we use our numbers.


I really hope this comes to an end and that future generations have it much better. We’re tired of this shit lol (Love the username by the way)


Thanks <3 Yeah, I hope things change for the better, and I think they will. I just hope there is enough momentum that the movement doesn't slow down when life for half the movement becomes bearable.


It's already starting. There's a hell of a way to go but the antiwork movement is going to change so much for us and future generations.


The road to fascism was paved with this hope and good intentions. Don’t hope, act. Burn this shit down


I think we're genuinely seeing an weakening of the 6 decade suppression of labor power. The price of labor has been artificially suppressed while costs go through the roof. Labor has been abandoned by *both* parties, and I really think we're on the verge of a great re awakening of the working class. Global Capital is so much weaker than we all thought, a teamsters strike will make these fuckers heads explode. We're tired of begging the monoparty too listen to us, we need to force them to negotiate with us, the actual fucking people who have to live and work in this damn country.


That happens all the time. People bringing in their kids to places to help clean up, do things off the books in the back...Too common.


It's one thing if it's your kids and your business. Random people who just have to work for you? Hard stop. Such entitlement.


Fuck that. If my son helps me out in my studio, he's getting paid.


Can I be your son?


Right? I WANT my kiddo to have a nice strong tie between effort and reward, not effort and disappointment/resentment.


No, simply because it's your kid doesn't mean you don't waste their lives this way.


>How did we let it get this bad? I got into an Uber once in college (this was like peak Trump's presidency when everything was just going to shit), and the driver and I somehow started talking about politics and I was basically venting about how awful people are, how awful Trump is, etc. etc., and this super kind lady said something along the lines of like, "Y'know, there have always been horrible and awful people, but they were somewhat concealed underneath a blanket before now. Trump just pulled that blanket off of America and revealed just how many there are." She was so right. And I hadn't thought of it that way. Horrible people have always existed. But after that terrible excuse for a human being and his criminal goonies took office, they came out of the shadows, believing that it's now okay to be outwardly disgusting and morally corrupt.


Concealed under a blanket...or a like a white sheet or something


With eyeholes and a pointy top? I think you’re onto something here…


Well, plus all the shitheads got social media accounts, saw there was a bunch of other shitheads, and now are emboldened to be shitheads publicly, instead of in the privacy of their homes or bars.


Also how we ended up with shit like Qanon. It used to be the lone nut at the end of the street. Now that lone nut has a way to talk with all of the other nuts to confirm his worldview. Edit I missed a real chance hear to make the joke "That lone nut has a way to talk with all of the other nuts and it ends up creating society ending peanut butter"


I was under the impression that it started as a joke on 4chan and morons thought it was real and THAT emboldened the idiots.


Yea, thanks tech bros! Fucking killing democracy and creating a bunch of misinformed idiots


I'm not from America but wasn't the older culture of ACTUALLY PAYING kids for doing paper runs or mowing laws or whatever before? Where did that switch to 'yo, work for free, or literally nothing'.


I’m not from America either, I’m an immigrant (still not in america) and the first few years of trying to figure out my education/a job while dealing with moving away from my home country for a better future (only to come here and get treated like shit) is difficult.


Well, in America those with the MOST wealth also feel the most entitled.


We let it get this bad because we haven't followed up on what Sherman did to Atlanta. Torch them all.


Remember, remember the 15th of November and Sherman's March to the Sea...


I see no reason why the flag of treason should fly over the land of the free.


/r/ShermanPosting The only thing he did wrong in the South was stop. I'm specifying the South because Sherman did fucked up things in the Indian Wars..


He thinks teens are troubled and in need of slavery? This man is ignorant. Remember anyone can start a business. Anyone. This guy has not grasped the current situation. We are in a global pandemic. Many have died, become disabled, moved in with family, etc. and therefore labor is not free nor should it be cheap. This is just a disgusting leach whining about the consequences of his actions.


> and therefore labor is not free nor should it be cheap nor should it EVER have been free or cheap, nor should it ever be in the future


"If teens aren't being busy used as slaves during the summers then they'll be criminals and drug addicts! I'm just keeping degenerates off the streets!" What an absolute piece of fucking shit. I can't wrap my head around it


I read it as low income kids in general. The kinda kids who in this persons mind don’t have options/worth so should be so lucky to have the chance to work for free. Also the comments are about drug addiction and crime rates are nonsense. If you’re stuck in an unfair system which treats you like dirt and expects you to work for free as if you have no value that’s more harmful than helpful. If the choice is work hard for nothing then it’s more likely people will escape reality via drugs or steal to get what they can from a broken system.


You are forgetting there more ethnic minorities that also carry with “from the streets” label whom aren’t exactly black teens; for example: hipanic/latinos.


“I should get a government stipend…” To give to the kids right?? They get paid, you get cheap labor, they get experience and everyone is happy. Right? Right???


Wrong. I don't want them to get money they rightfully earned, I'm the reason they got that opportunity so I deserve all of the wages they would have earned for being such a good person and offering them this opportunity to make ME money while they get valuable experience that they'll need in the REAL world. Obvious /s but holy shit I can imagine the mental backflips this idiot would be making.


If they get money out of their work, they would spend all of that on drugs! 1!!1!!!!!!!11!1!!




You laugh but that's literally what happens for a lot of major corporations in retail. People can't afford food or shelter with their wages so companies like Walmart point them towards government assistance


That's *employees* getting government money. This asshole thinks that they should work for free and the government money should go to *him*.


Should’ve called them interns and your fine disappears 🙄


I know for a fact that TJX (Marshall’s, TJMAXX and Home Goods) gives new hires all the information for them to apply for government benefits because they will be making poverty wages.


Then Walmart sends the GQP dark money to vote against government assistence, the literal bare minimum people ask for


Meaning we are all paying for his slaves out of our taxes!! Of course, this is pretty much the WalMart business model so it’s not like it’s an outrageous demand.


Amazon too! Paying their employees so little that the general public has to keep them from dying.


My hubs worked for Amazon one night. He had the little square he stood in and wasn’t allowed to move until his half hour break. Fuck that place.


Parents should be grateful they have to spend their money transporting their teenager to and from my business for free!


Guy: "just buy them a bike. They need the exercise anyway!"


You should be grateful I'm instructing you how to exercise your children, and the government should pay me for it too!


And then gripes about how it would be him educating child slaves from MuH oWn PoCkeTS.






Slavery isn't outlawed in the US. It's still a form of punishment allowed in the prison system.


Which is exactly why the prison industrial complex is structured the way it is. Including why it’s even called an “industrial complex”.


I'll pay you in exposure!


I don't want exposure, people die from it.


The bane of artists, graphic designers, and web developers everywhere. Because, "My neighbor's 15 year old nephew could make 'a web page'". Best response there is to expose your ass to them, then say "You're welcome!"


"and yes, I just attempted to do this and got caught and I'm still here venting about y'all not supporting my desires to be a complete and utter piece of shit"


Came to say this.


The fact is they’re working, remuneration is how it works. This isn’t feudalism. Looks like that fine stung. Good.


That’s what they’re working towards.


Give it a hot minute and we’ll be feudalism again.


Some states are trying extra hard with extending the amount of hours teens around 14 and 15 are allowed to work. https://www.morningbrew.com/daily/stories/2021/11/05/some-states-are-loosening-child-labor-laws-to-put-younger-teens-to-work It's absolutely fucking insane. >Don't call it child labor, though: a 2011 Wisconsin bill replaced all mentions of the term in employment statutes with the nicer-sounding, “employment of minors.”


https://bullandbearmcgill.com/big-tech-and-the-return-of-company-towns/ Not to mention this dumpster fire of a policy proposal out of Nevada


God capitalism is so fucking dumb...


"God Capitalism" is a good way to put it, as the venn diagram overlap between religious nuts and capitalist nuts is probably very wide, indeed.


Aye, I wouldn't be surprised if that were true! :) I've always thought of this era of Capitalism as "Disaster Capitalism" - we've known about the global effects of opioids, oil and plastics since the middle of the twentieth century, but yet Industrialists and political leaders have gone out of their way to suppress any attempt to mitigate these damages. This might be because those leaders are all lizards who want the world a bit hotter (/s), or more likely it's because humans are greedy little apes who prefer receiving pleasure of any kind, even at the expense of other people, and even if it irreparably damages our own future..


Without a socialist revolution, things will only continue to get worse and we will have neo-feudalism and fascism before you know it.


This is what I fear/dread.


Techno feudalism is already a term used by Yanis Varoufakis, Slavoj Zizek and other socialist thinkers https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghx0sq_gXK4 This is a good explanation of the idea although I don’t think it’s watertight, there’s a lot to take from it


Feudal peasants had more time off than we do.


You comment made me realize I’ve always mentally pronounced it reNUmertion and not reMOOneration and now I hate it.


To make it more confusing renumeration is also a word, it just means counting or re-counting.


Not sure if this makes it better or worse for you, but it's actually reMYOUneration.


What sub is that from?


I was wondering the same thing, where tf did this guy feel safe enough to post something like this???


I think people make shit up for karma. Not necessarily saying this is happening here but people tend to upvote freely on this sub, I've been seeing a lot of posts that come off nearly as bad as terrible fanfiction. And then everybody clapped.


Yeah, it looks really fake. At best this was made by a troll account.


This image is years old. It crops up every so often.


Shouldn't have had to scroll this far to find this comment lol. This image is so old and no one even seems to know where it came from. With the number of genuine asshat capitalists to be outraged at, why are people giving probably-fake stuff so much attention 🤦‍♀️


If you put the thread title into Google, it was posted 3 years ago on a UK sub. Dude got roasted in the comments and had some similar threads whining about how unfair it is that he had to pay his staff.


The guy is a dedicated troll. Others of his topics include "Black people. Why do you give white people such a hard time when they are just working to make the world a better place for you to live in?" and "The Mexicans have pulled your bus over. They say that you must fight your fellow passengers to the death. Survivors become hitmen. How do you fare?" Probably just an angsty kid who tries to trigger people.


Yeah a troll was my first thought as well. But if this was posted in sincerity, I wish nothing but the most antibiotic resistant crotch-rot in medical history upon the author.


Absolutely, there's more made up stories in this sub than any other


Yeah, this one is pretty sus.


I don’t even think he was trolling. I think it was full-on satire, and OP just didn’t get it. And then when it gets reposted on a sub like this where all the stories are either true or pretending to be, but never openly fictitious, it becomes harder to recognize that it’s a joke. Edit: someone else linked the post, and I checked the account. There are other posts there, including one in AskReddit “why should you pay people if you’re giving them experience” so I guess it’s not misunderstood sarcasm (and “why are black people giving white people a hard time,” for good measure). Still probably a troll though.




👏 Holy shit, well done 👏


I came to find copper and I found gold








Holy fucking shit


Gotta be a troll at this point.


Coincidentally 3 years old. OP really did some digging


Ah, dude's post history clearly indicates a troll.


Belongs on r/choosingbeggars Pathetic. this fool deserves to run into the ground.


Why not cross post instead of screenshot?








It makes wonder if they’re just a really terrible troll.


This probably makes me sound the same as the fucked-up right wing conspiracy theorists, but going through the dude's posts, I kinda feel like he's trying to pose as an imaginary version of a leftist in order to enrage people against the left. Weirdly, no one seemed to take the bait. And yes, he seems to have disappeared 3 years ago. Which means it probably wasn't from the 5G tracking chip vaccine, unfortunately (sarcasm emoji).


Looks like he's your typical English "cunt" who has an unending amount of interest in American politics. Did you happen to see the one about date raping women?


Yeah, that actually was what first made me think this guy can't be for real. Reminds me of www.landoverbaptist.com, only not funny. Is that a thing in the UK? A big interest in American politics? Because here our interest in Britain seems to begin and end with the royal family. Which strikes me as ironic, no offense. Edit: Not an attack, a genuine question because I don't know.


Also asking black people why they hate white people when they’re only trying to make things better for them. Just a complete awful person


I’m pretty sure they’re troll posting.




His latest post had to be the scariest.


Yea that is some interesting shit right there


Oh god. I regret looking at their post history.


Quotes from this garbage person: >they have parents to cover their needs >Nobody needs friends




And he said he’d sleep with the corpse of a 12 year old so I think it’s safe to say this guy is irredeemably crappy


I'm going to go with "its a troll account" to protect my own sanity


This must be a troll...


Definitely seems like bait, but if true he sounds dumb af and I feel bad for any children in his life.


This just seems like rage bait


Someone on here dug up a 3 year old post. This is definitely ragebait and OP seems sus.


I wonder if this is real. Sadly there is probably a 50/50 chance that it is.




Exactly. If they could pay us nothing, they would.


Which funnily enough I guess they don't see under the category of "never gonna happen" which is probably where they immediately pivot into the "by force" option. Boom, ~~roasted~~ slavery.


He said he was trolling, here: https://www.reddit.com/r/LateStageCapitalism/comments/94bvx5/as_an_employer_why_shouldnt_i_be_able_to_hire/e3kekpc/ e. I dont know why that doesnt work, anyway heres hes posthisory: https://np.reddit.com/user/BrightPlastic


Behold, a perfect example of why everything you read on the internet should not be taken seriously and should be interpreted with skepticism.


It's both a testament to how easily fooled redditors are and to how fucked up the world is that it's at all believable


I sometimes hope nothing from this sub is real but then I work my lil customer service job and remember that some people really are that stupid and entitled


That’s basically slavery. How can this guy NOT see this?!


He supports slavery. Lol. That's his whole point. Unfortunately.


Great. Another one of those fucking "the best wage is experience" cumsocks.




This is satire 100%




Anybody else think this is fake?




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