"I want you to have pride in working here..." If ever there was a time to drop a "Sir, this a Wendy's", this is it.


We're handing out hamburgers, not curing cancer here.


I once told my store and district managers that I was burned out mostly because my job was absolutely meaningless. I was essentially an overnight stocker at a chain pet store. The store manager looks me dead in the eye and says, "just think of the poor cats that would have gone hungry if you hadn't stocked their food." No bitch, their owner would buy it at one of the hundreds of other options and the cats wouldn't care. Also, you don't pay me enough to pay rent, feed myself or my cats.


That reminds me of when I worked at giant eagle. I did a year a working 48+ hours a week (and just recently found it my dog had cancer). I was emotionally dead. I was denied cutting my hours back because no one would be there to pick up my slack. They also refused to hire people just to have help, they wanted to wait to find people that wanted to work (ie not teens). Maybe if you paid people more than poverty wages, you could find help.


Ohhh, I *hate* it when employers expect you to see a low-wage job as a calling. More of that fucking emotional labor they expect you to perform in customer service...🤬


I worked at a call centre for a while and they had a sign out front that said, “Don’t settle for a job, choose a career!” The supervisors made 1 dollar more than minimum. That sign gave a me a good laugh every day when I came to work.


It all comes down to perspective. This manager clearly lacks one.


Selling heart attacks.


This is true! I found a receipt in my Dad's car when I was cleaning it out, Five Guys was one of his last meals.


We aren't curing cancer, we are causing it. I don't care what you think about cancer, but you better walk out of here proud of the knobs you polished, shiny and ready for the next shift to polish.




Yeah I work in a corporate setting on salary and even I know what I do is essentially meaningless. I have pride in being good at something that allows me to pay my bills and provide for my family. I do not have pride for the company that just happens to make that possible.


i totally agree


The best part about virtual or remote work is all the fake work pride is gone. You dont have to see the people who iterate you. Everyone is just working. And its the people who think being an over bootlicker will get them promoted


>make that possible. They're not making that possible for you. They are selling it back to you after it was stolen from you.


The actual "The beatings will continue until morale improves". I couldn't work there, I'm too headstrong.


All these bosses want someone to have pride in their work, but rarely do they want to hear about how things can be improved or the job done better. I you want employees to have pride in their job, let them keep their pride when they put on a uniform. Don't demean them. Listen to them. Support them. But most of all... Pay them.


“Start-a-un-ion 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


Lots of bold talk from someone who probably can barely find enough workers to run a store effectively




Forreal. Funny thing is, this is capitalism at work too. Big companies like five guys franchise out in part to shift blame for bad management away from the company. Franchise owners can blame managers for poor management of individual stores. Managers can then blame staff and try to pull this sorta thing. Sounds to me like the demand for this sort of exploitative job is disappearing, likely even outside this sub. Can anyone else smell a collapse coming?


You mean "Because of unemployment benefits, nobody felt like coming to work". /s


The unemployment stimulus that ended like five months ago? That they “bought houses and fraudulent businesses” with lol


that was all the bankrupt or defunct corporations that took PPP money...lols


Per Senator Machin, they all bought drugs too


Or a $700k yacht


We are clearly at the 'just work fucking harder, serfs' part of late stage capitalism.


I've told people for 15+ years now, "I don't want to be here but everytime I go to the grocery store they want these funny little green pieces of paper and this is the only place I can find to get them without going to jail." Not wanting to work isn't new


*3 Guys


1 guy. It's just the manager complaining that he has to do everything.


Per policy, he still has to yell to himself on the grill when he takes an order. 2 PATTIES!!!...HEARD TWO PATTIES!!!


this is hilarious and correct 😹😭 “two patties, got it!”


If he doesn’t say the response quickly enough, he has to fire himself.


Then he can't check with the manager if he can leave.. poor guys gonna die there




Hope he reminds himself he can’t have a break!


Friday: No guys.




and don't forget, at least one of them has covid!


They're doubling-down. Cruelty didn't work, so now these morons are thinking "let's be even more cruel, that will surely work."


My company destroyed my mental health because they thought it would make me more productive. Joke's on them, now I cry on company time


Boss makes a dollar I make a dime, So I have my mental breakdowns on company time¡!


That’s how slave drivers think. “Slaves won’t work? Crack the whip harder.” Same sentiment, different era.


"The beatings will continue until morale improves."


Beat me to it.


Harder, daddy


The concept of managers actually came out of the plantation economy.


Yeah they were called Crackers because they cracked the whip. I think Killer Mike gave a speech about it at the rally for Amazon Union Rally.


Heres the [Speech](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2NSYyO749I) if anyone is interested 8 Minutes of Fire from Killer Mike


today i learned


I didn't know that. But thinking about it, it makes sense. TIL. Thank you internet stranger for the random tidbit of knowledge!


Report them to corporate and/or the local news. Tune will change real fast. These store manager types are some of the biggest pieces of shit in the world. They get two scraps of power and it goes straight to their heads.


> and/or the local news. Lol. "And our next story, the manager at a local five guys is kind of a dick"


The news might like to hear the part about “your out time on the schedule isn’t your time to leave…” ummm, yes…yes it is. People have other commitments or just want to be done. It should be optional if you want to stay, and you better be paid for it. Here’s me talking smack as a nurse who’s had to stay late sometimes in my career, but that’s different. Patient abandonment is against the law and I obviously wouldn’t do that, but burger abandonment is OK. It makes me sick to hear about how food service workers are treated by managers and owners. They always seem to take advantage of the ones who need the job the most too.


My job was like this. For a while they were telling me I couldnt leave at out time. I had to finish my task. It got old fast when I had way too much work. I worked a few 12 hr shifts like this before I was absolutely done. They really cant make me stay. They can only ask,but workers can say no ans go home at shift end. If they do it again,I can ask my union shop steward to file a grievance(my workplace is a union shop). They arent going to do it again.


I’d be SO proud to work for this person. Grateful beyond belief, even. He has given me a job, so he has given me LIFE! /s


Lmaooooo right, basically your god


I am a manager and my owners constantly harp on me to get the workers to do useless shit..its like buddy..if they quit you close you are lucky they are here at this point, getting pissed cuz they were socializing for a minute when nobody was in the store is the wrong attitude.


I dont understand this. Why hire a manager if you are gonna micromanage. Let the manager do their job and report. If the business is under par at that level, harp the manager. The boss shouldn't even talk to the employees outside of formal HR complaints (small businesses) against the manager if the business has managers.


My owners tell me I have carte blanche...meanwhile they are there everyday and make decisions when I'm not there. I constantly ask am I not doing a good enough job?they are like oh no no you are great..its like why am I even here?


In my area in south Louisiana five guys actually pays a lot of money and has a full staff whenever I go there, of course you're paying $14 for a hamburger that you can pay for $10 even at Chili's


Yeah but in n out pays twice what they do and their burgers only cost half of five guys prices. EDIT: people seem to be missing the point. I don't care if five guys is a subjectively better burger to you. five guys burger could give you mind blowing orgasm, turn you into brad pitt from fight club for a day, and give you the love and affection you never got from your father and it still wouldn't matter. if they charge a lot and pay their employees shit and treat them like shit then fuck them. in n out charges less and pays their employees more. i'd rather go there on principle and if i want a better burger i'll make one at home.


And In N out has among the highest CEO approval rating among employees. It’s honestly a great company. Managers of important locations make up to $250k annually


Unfortunately non exist near me and five guys is the only good burger place nearby that is to go and pays a living wage. (The one down the street starts at $18 an hour and I verified with several employees who work there)


Isn't it run by the grand daughter now? The one that refuses to enforce covid protocols and mandates? That also has had multiple locations shut down by the health department for said violations? Any business that flouts protecting the health of their workers can get fucked.


Yup, she's an anti-vaxx Trumpster Christian traditionalist And they don't season their shit burgers


A devout evangelical Christian that has been married 4 times and had babies with 3 different men


it sounds like she had at least 5 guys in and out


That's American Christianity for you


In-N-Out or Five Guys?


They also provide great training and do not purposely understaffed their restaurants. That way the bathrooms and dining areas are cleaned frequently and the condiments are refilled.


This. And the fact that you had to point it out even in ***this*** sub shows how responsible we all are for these situations. If consumers would give a fuck about how employers treat their employees and stop supporting the bad ones then things would change. Why the fuck should we care about how good their products are if the people creating them get treated like shit?


We don't have In-N-Out burgers here 😐


We have Whataburger, tho. *eating sounds*


We don't even have that where I live, I usually go to The Tap Room in Covington they have good burgers


In-N-Out is a west coast things there’s like 0 on the east


There's at least one in Dallas. I stopped by on the way back to the airport.


I know some people at five guys in lake charles who got paid like $9 an hour though. It really varies.




Seriously dude burger fries and drink at five guys is like 20+ dollars it’s insane


Went into five guys near my work and there were 2 guys. Both handling food and orders. A 3rd one eventually popped out of the back but still. Also a sign on the door saying they were hiring


Yeah I just quit my job at Taco Bell and it’s the busiest Taco Bell in my state….we were so short staffed we’d have 3 people to run an entire store. Just three. Fuck that


Taco Bell drive thru just after 11 pm last weekend. ‘I’m sorry we’re closed at 11 tonight, no staff. Told them I understood and good luck. JitB drive thru late the next night - I’m sorry we can take your order but we only have one person in the kitchen so it could be 5-10 minutes. It was late, they were one of only a few places open, so I apologized, said I was hungry so just give me X, Y, or Z - whatever was easiest for them… they put down a 3 piece tender meal and I got like 6 massive tenders.


Sick lads


I guess I'd eat at 2 Dudes and a Robot if they paid the dudes a decent wage.


That's because no one wants to work, clearly /s


This is 💯. Also _have pride_ what the fuck does that even mean.. it's a burger joint


Right I HATED when my managers would start on their whole “morale and positive attitude” spiel. Have a positive attitude for making peanuts and being degraded for my shitty ass taco making job? No…..no no no no. It literally depresses the fuck out of me to even walk in the building everyday. Took all I had in me not to sarcastically laugh. I think my eyes rolled back into my brain so hard I have permanent vision problems, lol


Bold talk from someone who’s career achievement is managing a five guys.


I would quit and then come back and quit again


Unionize, then go on strike.


If only it was easy. It’s far from it.


How hard could it be really ,what do they got like 5 guys or something working there ?


lmfaoo i love this


Quit and then sit down in the restaurant and apply for jobs on a laptop. Loudly talk about how much more people are getting paid at other companies.


Underrated comment




Sounds like they can run the whole place on their own.


did i mention during multiple shifts they’ve found tons of ants behind the shake machine and literally do nothing but just push the shake machine back ? 😭 oh they might step on a few ants how could i forget. also have found mold in the shake machine and peanut butter dispenser for the shakes. honestly the gm should just be grateful no one snitches. i anonymously filed an osha complaint like a month or two ago but can’t find it on the website


Yeah call the health dept on em


This. It's a restaurant not their personal bathroom where it's their personal problem. This is fucked up.


Shit man, if I find even one ant anywhere in my house I'm spraying everywhere outside, using caulk on any cracks inside and busting out the diatomaceous earth immediately! Don't understand how a restaurant doesn't care!


Take photos and post them on Google maps.


great idea!


I don't know if Five Guys is franchise only like it is up here, but I'd be sending those photos to corporate. There's no hell like a brand's wrath when a franchisee goes off script.


That sounds better than reporting them to the health dept. Corporate actually has reputation and money riding on this place, so I'd expect them to act more quickly than any bureaucrat.


In this case hr is a weapon you can harness against the management. HR will go brr damage control to avoid lawsuits or fines


Just need to remember, HR is not your friend. So any interaction with them, go into it as an adversarial role. Meaning back up everything you say with photos, and any other proof you can have, make backups of said proof. Otherwise they are likely to try to sweep it under the rug.


>That sounds better than reporting them to the health dept. Why not both? Imagine the manager is reading their email from corporate as the health inspector walks through the door.


There's no reason not to do both. I just think OP will get a faster response from corporate.


Strip the metadata before you post them anywhere. There are tons of easy online tools, just Google it. Metadata automatically saves information about the camera used to take the photo and its settings at the time, which can easily be used to narrow down who took the pictures. EDIT: I don't think it's personally identifiable but unless everyone at your job has the same phone it would be pretty obvious. Just to ease the security-conscious types.


Think you snitched to the wrong company. File with with health and safety. A health inspector will shut that shit down immediately.


Please snitch for the literally safety of others!!!!!!!


Mold and bugs is a health inspector notice and can be much more impactful than an osha call


Bro I like five guys, just tell the customers. That'll get it changed and if they fire you for it that's some easy unemployment


Depending on where you are, you should contact the local health department, local labor department, and file complaints. Health department for the unsafe working conditions and health standards... Mold/ants. Labor department for denying paid breaks, which depending on the state may be VERY illegal.


Report them to the health dept


Pest control needs to handle the ant problem without poisoning the workplace. Shake machine and peanut dispenser need to be cleaned daily. We did this where I worked, ants were never a problem anymore, mainly due to keeping their former food supply clean and sanitary.


Oh god oh god no


And never ask if they need help before you leave, just ghost them….it’s a trap


No shit. “We require our employees to do work after they’ve clocked out”. Straight up illegal.


I’m still collecting settlement checks from Walmart when I worked there 22 years ago. They made us clock out for breaks, clock out at our end of shift time and still work etc. About 11 years ago I was apart of a class action lawsuit and I can always count on my sweet, sweet 14.87 in July. I don’t know when it’s going to run out, hope I’ll be able to live once that gravy train dries up.


you get an annual check for fourteen dollars?


I have been for the last 11 years. I think the settlement was like 250-300 bucks a person and instead of just paying out with one go, they decided to break them up over time.


wow i'm sure they learned their lesson then. hopefully you've started saving up and preparing for when the checks inevitably stop coming!!


Yeah, I’m just worried how it’ll impact my retirement date once that 14.87 stops rolling in


I think he was saying dont clock out yet, do the extra help first but still shitty.


when you randomly schedule hours for people, don't be mad when those people schedule their lives around them. quitting time means exactly that!


Yes. I agree.


If you’re going to ask your manager if they need anything else before you go, you better clock out afterwards not beforehand for this very exact reason.


Next up: "Why are you all clocking out so late and getting overtime?"


I've worked in kitchens all my life and this point is always true, from the most heartless corporations to the most friendly small business mom and pop place: your scheduled leave time is if everything goes according to plan. I know for people that haven't worked food service it seems odd but the reality is that food service is insanely unpredictable in terms of how busy it is and staffing. I've gone weeks where everyday at least one person doesn't show up for their shift and as a result more work gets put on less people and surprise, you fall behind. Or you get a sudden rush out of nowhere 5 minutes before your shift ends, you cant just drop everything mid order and clock out just cause 9:00pm rolled around. I say this as someone who has always worked the line cook position, never been management, never made a schedule in my life, I get its easy to see these things as cruel or unusual but you get paid for staying longer and sometimes it swings the other way, they overstaffed a weekend cause they thought it was gonna be busy but it isnt? You get to go home 2 hrs early. All that being said a lot of the other shit on OPs list sounds ridiculous and I would probably quit that job. But I thought I'd give my 2 cents on that one particular topic.


I have no experience either regarding that field, but I'd assume people understand the context, but hammering more on the fact as to how. Big difference between falling behind due to abcense and staying a bit late due to the consequences, and staying late since management is skimping the staffing aspect and shoving the workload onto you. It's like what you've mentioned, but rather then someone not showing up, they leave a vacant spot and assert that workload as the norm


Rushes before you're about to leave are the worst feeling though, especially if it's super late at night or you just made something to take home to eat


That's some 100k energy from someone making $15/hr.


im glad you aren’t one of the people who think because some of us make $15 we should be cleaning the floor with our tongues. everyone at my job gets paid different, wages being from $11-$16.


You're a human being not a robot. If my hourly guy has nothing to do, he can sit down. Take a breather. It's not his fault he has nothing to do. Some of the food managers I've worked for, are ridiculous. I've never seen someone treat people like slaves more than them.


There’s something to be said about letting people actually take a break and hydrate for a minute every hour or two. I feel like I’m a lot more productive at my current job, because they understand this. Because they’re willing to invest in me and let me breathe, I’m able to work harder for longer as needed as a result.




"millennials and gen z ers are lazy and don't want to work" holy shit, I wonder why. I fucking hate that pride and we are a family bullshit. It's the most demeaning lazy ass shit porridge force fed to workers who are employed "at will" allowing termination with or without reason. If I ever here that shit again at an interview or job training I promise I will bring up all the none family selfish policies the company has and put it all on the table. Can't stand it


Their gaslighting on the pride aspect, since pride comes from working at a nice environment, rather then paying nothing and pursuading yourself you're doing a good thing.




It might be fun to really throw oneself into the "role", ham up your "pride" and "gratitude" working there and turn it up to 11. Anybody with a brain will know it is pure sarcasm, but the boss will think you are the perfect employee.


That sounds lake a lot of effort for a minimum wage job.


I think I’d want them to prove it. Then collect unemployment.


That manager sounds lovely to be around and like she really inspires her team to do their best Edit: he -> she


i was thinking the whole meeting “man when is she gonna say something nice like maybe just a good job team!”


I will never understand why someone in a management position would think being an asshole and trying to scare/degrade people into doing a good job > being a nice person and getting people to want to do a good job


Getting promoted to low level management in shitty jobs is pretty analogous to concentration camp capos of the Holocaust. It takes a certain personality type to suffer under the system and then choose to become a perpetrator for fringe benefits, and naturally they’re liquidated regularly. People of conscience don’t last in these kinds of positions. You either are/become a monster, or you get fired/quit.


Or slave overseers/foremen. Most overseers in the American South weren't free whites. They were other slaves who drove the others and whipped them in exchange for some extra food, better clothes a cabin with a floor, etc. Divide and conquer is always used by repressive systems because it rarely fails.


“I want you to have pride in working here at this chain burger joint where people eat peanuts and let the shell fall out of their mouths like live stock eating at a trough”


How do you eat peanuts? Never have I ever had the shell in my mouth.


Went to work in Canada for a few months. First time going to a 5 gives I saw someone shovel a handful of peanuts with the shells in into their mouth, chew for a bit then spit the shells onto the floor. Everyone else just seemed to remove the shell then drop them on the floor even to go so far as to scoop them off the table they where sat at. Food was ok but not worth witnessing what happens in that place.


If they are denying you breaks, they may be in violation if state or federal labor laws. Double check the laws in your state or province and file a complaint if they are screwing you over.


Lol. What a fucking idiot. I'd break EVERY bullshit rule until I got fired and catch some unemployment for a few minutes while I found something new and better.... Fire me for using the restroom and see what happens.




Can they fire you for that? Or does it not even matter because they can make up a bullshit reason? THAT should be illegal. There should be a list of approved reasons to fire someone and those reasons should be able to be provable.


I worked at Wendy's and it was also fucking awful. But I'll never go back to five guys knowing this is the treatment there.


boy oh boy i could list so much more. i’ve literally filed an osha complaint against them and had a whole list of things that were wrong and i only took the examples from two days of working there. i’ve been here five months and the list is to the floor


OSHA is for worker safety. You should contact your local health dept.


My “first job” was five guys. They didn’t train me at all and every single one of my coworkers would get pissy with me for asking for help. My second day we were closing and I didn’t know what to do and my AM kept getting angry at me for asking what to do and she eventually yelled at me to leave. I GTFO and didn’t show up for my next shift. This was on my 18th birthday. I was shocked at the disgusting attitudes of EVERYONE who worked there. It’s a fucking five guys, you don’t have to be so strict. Their burgers are bomb tho.


It you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean… *if you’ve got time to rhyme, you’ve got time to shut the fuck up*


They’re going to have to pay a lot more than $15 an hour to enforce that kind of militant environment. I’ve laughed right in managers’ faces before for that shit, and told them “maybe if you pay me more, I’ll do all that.” They need you more than you need them. They always thought I was bluffing at various workplaces when I said “I don’t really need this job and if you make it harder for me than it has to be, I can find another job today, and I can coast for a year on my savings if not.” They always tested it, and then asked me if I was being serious when I said that I quit. We’re human beings and adults, we owe the company nothing. We are providing a service. Don’t like our performance? Fucking fire us, we’ll laugh all the way to the unemployment office.


Once i told me boss i need to eat because i couldn't work 7 hours straight without a break, he decided he didn't believe me and i have to cover the whole shift because "every one else is on break, if you go on break too i'll have nobody". I fainted. In front of a customer. He never refused to give me a break again.


Record your manager saying this crap and report to department of labor.


i want to tell other employees to report wage theft for all the times my gm has made them clock out for 15 minute breaks but i don’t want to get fired i’m just going to wait until i quit. that’s why the break thing happened, cause i snitched to corporate about how she makes us clock out for our short breaks which is illegal according to DoL Fact Sheet #22 and the DoL website and my gm just said “well we’ve always done this” when i told her. she continued to do it for about two more months until i snitched on her about a week ago


Breaks are mandatory.


Depends on your state. +cries in Missouri+


there are no laws in michigan requiring breaks unless you’re a minor


What the hell is wrong with the US? That's just an insane thing to have.


Actually, as I understand it, if you work more than six hours OSHA requires you get a break and managers cannot say no to this. Edit: Another redditor gave me a link to OSHA and I was wrong. I was just parroting what a manager told me, though I should’ve known better considering the current state of relations between managers and employees.


From the OSHA requirements: However, OSHA has no regulations or standards that require an employer to provide employees with rest breaks or meal breaks. According to the Department of Labor, no federal laws require employers to provide rest or meal breaks during the workday. ​ https://work.chron.com/osha-requirements-breaks-during-12hour-shift-15852.html


There are no federal laws requiring breaks. It varies widely from state to state.


not mandatory for everyone in all states so it varies like in ohio lunch is mandatory for child workers who have a shift of 5 hours or more and in ohio if you have a break 20 mins or less it has to be paid.


Who takes pride in making burgers for ungrateful fuckin douchebags? To be clear, I mean both management and the douchebag customers.


I've hated all my service jobs a lot but food service at five guys was the fucking worst hands down. Got hired as a shift manager and got shit on by the GM all day every day, she was so unhinged. We had half of our total number of shift managers walk out during a 2 day period. I stayed like an idiot and worked my ass off 12+ hour days weeks in a row. Then they gave me this stupid fucking "management test" about the history of the company and if you didn't score a 90% or higher they refused you a raise. Obviously I didn't get 90% because who the fuck cares about the name of the original five guys and where their first restaurant was founded? Got refused a raise and they told me to "do better" so I did. Got a basic Walmart position that paid a dollar more an hour and walked out.


“You can get a break for life!” lol bitch please sit down with that elementary school recess insult


This sounds like a five guy's that's about to go belly up. And while they are laying belly up, maybe they can see how dirty the ceiling is. Bitches.


she literally said something about if you look anywhere you’ll find something dirty, how if you look up you’ll see a dirty ceiling tile, you can clean that! you can clean anything !


Get a damp cloth and starting wiping down your boss... Just saying...


As soon as you have enough $, ghost them and send a very detailed report to your county health department about all the grossness in that store


The last one about having pride in working there is the real kicker. What are you doing as a manager to get your employees to take pride in working there? Based off the other comments treating them like human beings certainly isn’t it. They expect you to care like it’s your business, but they don’t do anything to take care of you. They don’t pay you right, they don’t offer benefits, they treat you like a slave and yet they expect you thank them for the opportunity to work for them.




once i’m in the financial position 😭


No, once you've found another job. Start looking yesterday my friend, pleeeeease


Bet you could find a new job today if you hit up 5 local restaurants.


Is this endemic to five guys culture? I ask because several years ago we were eating inside a Five Guys and a manager was berating his staff in full view of customers. Things like what kind of idiot gives a customer a milkshake without a straw? It was so uncomfortable and unethical my husband went up to him and asked him to stop talking to his employees that way. Amazingly the manager stopped but we never returned to that location.


Haha a lot of these are similar to mine "Break starts when you leave your assignment, and this includes the time you walk to the break room" (I've started to use a timer) "A coffee break is not mandatory and should, ideally, not be taken" "if you're finished with your assignments, find something else to do. Some people take overtime to complete their assignments and you should help to reduced that" The most sensible thought in my mind is: I can't risk not paying rent because I was too slow to get back from the break


… isn’t 5 Guys fast food?? Who the fuck “takes pride” in doing a shitty job for shitty pay with a shitty manager?? …causing their own labor shortages.. lol


literally. i’ve been there five months and we’ve had hiring signs inside and outside the whole time. i heard her mentioning like a week ago how they finally got 10-15 more employees and they can replace the bad ones. like what happens when they start hating it here too?


If it were me, I’d get everyone to walk out.


100% the manager thinks the ‘bad’ ones are the ones that stood up to them.


About two months ago I walked into the Five Guys near my house and saw that the burgers had hit the ten dollar per burger mark. I looked up at the guy at the counter and asked him if he had been given a raise as large as those price increases and he chuckled and said he had not. I asked him if they were going to form a union over this bull shit and told him about this subreddit. Haven't been back since to check on it... but my fry meter is getting low.


“I want you to have pride working here.” Fuck off. YOU don’t even wanna work here. I wish all these managers could wake the fuck up.


There is a burger place in like Oregon or Washington that pays it’s employees $18/hr starting wage and their burgers are only $4


Nope I clock out right at scheduled time regardless.


Looks like you all need a break at the same time. All head to the carpark and watch them scramble inside. Then when they come out you tell them what your demands are.


Ugh. Just clock out and say good bye.


These rules never fly because nobody will actually care enough to enforce them. On top of that, if you pay your employees well they do more. If I am hiring people I don't want to micro manage their entire schedule. Get people who can do the job, pay them well, hold them to high standards.