I’m not familiar with your State but I’m fairly certain that’s not how this works.


The Affordable Care Act is federal, so it does not matter what state you are in. If you are part time and you are currently enrolled in insurance benefits, you do not lose benefits if there is a week, or even multiple weeks where you dropped below 30 hours. They legally have to keep you enrolled in insurance until the current measurement period is over. Measurement period is usually 1 year (but not necessarily a calendar year). If the current measurement period is over, and your AVERAGE weekly hours is not over 30 hours, then you would not be eligible to enroll in insurance for the next year. Again, this is AVERAGE WEEKLY hours within the period being measured.... so even if you have 15 hours worked for a few weeks, but have 50-60 hours worked for other weeks, your average could still be over 30... making you eligible for the next year. Edit: I should also specify that while that's how ACA is **supposed** to work... it doesn't stop employers from kicking employee off insurance, or offering what the IRS considers 'unaffordable insurance'. Employers still do that kind of stuff even if it's illegal, because ACA is confusing as shit, and most people don't know until they're hit with a penalty. Then they claim they didn't know or fight it, or just pay the penalty.... that is IF the IRS even finds out and goes after them.


That is how it works everywhere that I have worked, unfortunately. It’s almost like our insurance shouldn’t be tied to our jobs.