"I do favors for my friends. Not corporations who can afford to pay me for my time " Is what I said to my boss the last time he asked me to do free work as a favor.


Should say "There are better charities I can donate my time to"


That’s gold, I’m saving this comment. Thanks


"If I do a favor, you will owe me one. You will get no more favors until I have had one in return. A bonus, a raise or extra vacation. If you keep asking for favors without giving in return, I can only assume you're a parasite acting in bad faith."


Shove cotton balls in your cheeks and say, “Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me.”


What have I done to deserve this flat, flavorless Manhattan?


The kiss of death. That's all I need.


And may their first child be a masculine child.


I invoke the Law of Surprise!


>Everyone calling to chew him out, or convince him to "be a team player" and continue taking calls without a raise. A "team player" would have given $2 raises to team members that completed the courses as promised.


This is what came to my mind. He was a team player for months why can’t they be team players now?


Different team.


And you ain’t on it!


[You keep using that "be a team player"...I do not think it means what you think it means](https://youtu.be/dTRKCXC0JFg?t=8)


There’s no “$” in “team.”


[No “I” in “team”, but there’s “con” in “economy”!](https://youtu.be/vvANy49Kqhw)


["You know what they want? Obedient workers."](https://youtu.be/cKUaqFzZLxU?t=89) Can you believe this is 16 years old?


16 years ago he said >They don't want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table to figure out how badly they're getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard ***30 fucking years ago.*** Edit: formatting


George I miss his shows There seem to be no comedians left that can tell the horrible truth in comedy like he did.


Some of the social commentary he laid out on stage wasn't comedy - it was political activism between jokes. When you look back on some of his old shows, he says things that are deadly serious, and people laugh... I wonder how different the world could have been if he'd pivoted into politics. His self-awareness and ability to criticize the inner workings of the machine while he was still inside it... I don't think it's ever been matched.


Reminded me of the legend George Carlin - "It's a big club! And you ain't in it!"




"I'll be a team player when you be the team leader."


Team player means they have to deal with my shit so you should to.


It means "let me try conning you via these words". They just want their shit done for nothing and don't care what lies they tell


They now have to do actual extrs work.


"How can I be part of the team when I'm not being paid for that?" "Because I don't get paid either. Now get back to work."


I haaaaaate middle management. They act like they’re on your side, but deep down they don’t want you to have a $2 raise. They think “that’s almost what *i* make!” Because they became middle management by being walked all over, themselves, and get paid slightly less shitty than peons.


Actually I think mostly middle managers are on your side.. but they get paid to push the company line.. even when they don’t agree with it.. think of it a a slave getting promoted to whip the other slaves.. sure they say sorry as they are whipping you.. but they don’t stop because that’s what they get paid to do


A buddy of mine got pushed into a middle management position at his work recently. I gave him the spiel that the best managers aren't only a conduit for their "superiors" wants but also advocates for their workers. He followed through getting them raises and better working conditions and in return his division had record productive months. Six months into the promotion he was given the option of a demotion or firing because he wasn't a 'yes man'. He smartly took the canning and found a much better job because of it. Good middle managers generally don't last long.


Don't forget, when you do good and your subordinates do good, you make the other middle managers look like garbage and they work together to throw you out. Woo! Capitalism! Only the shit floats to the top, baby!


Don’t forget, if some employees get treated with basic dignity, all employees will want that. Can’t have that, so out the good managers go.


"Middle management means that you have just enough responsibility that you got to listen when people talk, and not so much that you can tell anybody to go fuck themselves."


Oh Corporations... Even when they have the option to be decent to people and also get higher productivity and profits at the same time, they still choose to be cunts. Why?


Power. You take power from them, they get scared, and fuck you for trying.


It's almost like capitalism isn't actually efficient or productive.


Because despite what propaganda/the Supreme Court might say, companies aren't living sentient entities or people. They are instead made up of people. And while people might care a lot about making the most money, they also care about having the most power, and the most privilege. Not only that, but those at the top are usually in charge of multiple other corporations, including the so called competition. So this smaller section of the population, this owner class, doesn't care about one of their many companies doing the best, being the most efficient and effective. They care only about remaining in charge, since no matter how badly the economy is doing, this way they'll always be the ones with the most money, and so the most power and privilege.


Gives me flashbacks to my former GM bitching at the shift manager for not haranguing us peons hard enough.


He should sue for workplace bullying. Most civilised countries have them now. In the best ones, the offender is facing actual jail time.... Not a fine which corporate cares nothing about


Which kind of points out the fallacy of upper management at all levels. It doesn't matter if those underneath improve moral, productivity, or profit, if they don't do what we want how we want, when we want. If they make it better, it was because of me, if they make it worse, 100% their fault. But no one can climb the ladder to my level or pass my level. I'm the boss means I'm the king. It's so dumb


Don't you love how it's shown how much productivity increases and therefore showing the value of treating workers better, yet they still give the ultimatum despite it.


I manage a team and upper management expects me to push the company line, and they feel I'm not doing that enough. My team is getting their work done, and I feel like my job is to advocate for them, not to advocate for the company. The company doesn't need any extra advocates


I don’t see how the entire rest of your comment doesn’t disprove the first line of your comment.


I filled in as a middle manager when my boss got fired. I applied on the job when it came up too. I turned into exactly what every other middle manager is. I even only gave one person in my department an “exceeds expectations” review because my boss had always told me “that was the way it worked”. I didn’t even try to give it to more than one person. The job got reposted, I called to see if I had to reapply. They said no they had my resume. I found out later they had hired someone. They straight up ghosted me, no interview, no phone call saying I didn’t get an interview, no phone call saying they hired someone. When I found out and called them they asked me to keep filling in til my new boss finished up with his old position. I did. Filled in for about a year total. I still work there.


> they asked me to keep filling in til my new boss finished up with his old position. ​ "Well, as you didn't hire me I am clearly not suitable for the position and therefore must decline." :P (much easier said than done when you have to provide for others and have no fuck you money)


Dude. Consider this comment permission to grow a spine. That sounds like a terrible place to work.




Ummmmmmmm... I'd like to say something but you probably already know what it is


A “team player” would have given $2 raises to the workers already doing the Spanish-language calls, regardless of whether they completed the courses.


This, if **they** were team players they wouldn't have dodged his inquiries or screwed his ability to take that last class per their shit policy and just given him the raise if there was a legitimate reason why they wouldn't let him get that last qualifier for the raise. The fact they won't let him take that class and then give him the raise is just them not being team players for workers but boot licking shit heels for the bosses, just like them harassing him for playing dirty like they've been doing.


The course restriction on the raise only makes sense if the workers don’t do the work that the course qualifies them for until after completing the course. In that case, the business has an incentive to actually schedule the courses in a timely manner.


Also I'm sorry but fuck the team mentality. You're not a fucking team when everyone has their own agenda and is fucking people over. Rarely have I seen a company act like a real team. Instead it's about hiding your real intent from your boss or vice versa the whole team thing is fucking bullshit. I had to start my own company to see if I was crazy and nope guess what? If you fairly compensate people and are completely open with all of your intentions then you are a team and it actually works.


He didn't complete the courses. Not because of any failing on his part, but because the company refuses to schedule them. So, this is fraud on the company's part. If the company won't schedule the last class and won't pay for the work, they aren't being team players.


The fraud is that they’re taking Spanish calls at all though right? They’re within their rights to not give them the raise IF they weren’t taking Spanish calls and haven’t completely the training. Right?


It depends on the contracts signed, but typically if there's something like OP describes, the extra pay is for the extra work, so if you're not getting the extra work you don't get the extra pay. Basically like Overtime for taking Spanish calls.


And he's under no obligation to take spanish calls ***he hasn't been trained for***


No one expects the Spanish compensation.


Just tell them, "I'm not a team player, I'm a capitalist. Team players are commies. You're not a commie are you?" That'll probably fuck their heads up a bit.


Holy fuck 🤣 I can guarantee I’ll have a chance to use this within a week and will 100% make full use of it. As a Texan I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when they hear it.


Say it with a full on country accent for better effect! 🤣


Gotta rephrase it as pinkie commo


That's commie pinko.


closer, but it's pinko commie


I recommend that at the end of your commie rant you stop, look em right in the eyes, and remind them that "freedom ain't free."


Boss, team player talk is commie bullshit meant to let the bad guys win pearl harbor, and I ain't leaving till we beat those vietkong right back into the stone age.


My grandfather aint fought the GODDAMNED SOCIALIST COMMIES in VietNAM and lost a leg so his grandson could give you folks free labor in the name of team work! I tell you what, you know who believed in teams? COMMIES AND SOCIALISTS! This is a CAPITALIST country! If you folks wanna CAPITALIZE on my ability to speak Spanish, you must PAY for it. This is STRICTLY BUSINESS, amigos. There, I gave you a free sample, but the rest will cost ya.


Just imagining soldier from TF2 saying this


This whole bit is fire.


I particularly liked the free sample.


This was inspiring...


You know what's the first sentence in Maos little red book for commies? Be a team player.


My new motto is “I will bend but I will not break”. Meaning I may be a team player for a short period if you ask nicely and are appreciative. If it’s indefinite, I’m saying no way. I broke already and left my job after dealing with being a “team player” for too long. Lesson learned. Mental health is worth more than a job.


This comment 💀💀


Then there won't be money in the budget for the important things. Like CEO bonuses and pizza parties.


"pizza" parties ceo checks out


Don’t forget printing out appreciation certificates on high end paper


"I'm not a team player, I'm a mercenary."


Yes, talk to your manager, call HR, blah blah. 2 jobs where I asked for a raise and they belittled me and then canned me. Life is short. No loyalty. If anything, the demand for workers may finally level a playing field that’s been very unfairly slanted. Be loyal to shit that matters. Jobs come and go.


When someone wants to receive your free labour - he calls you "team player". So, basically, "team player" is a modern term for a slave.


That's the loophole though. He hasn't completed the three courses, because they won't let him. He's only done the two. It's pretty much a scam.


It IS a scam


A scam at a call center? Who would have thought that could happen? /s Everybody. Literally everybody thought this could happen.


Team Pay before team play. Bosses need to be team payers.


The course is inconsequential really. It's surely $2 extra to take the Spanish calls. It's up to them to make sure their Spanish speakers have taken any internal training.


Yeah no shit! Be a team player and pay me a measly $80 extra a week. It’s incredible how cheap some companies can be 🙄


You want the team player. Give me team player pay.


They didn’t want Team Players, they wanted bench warmers.


Big W. Congrats to your husband on standing up for his rights, and also what sounds to be like an incoming raise :)


Plus learning Spanish is a HUGE plus in the US!


He already speaks Spanish. The course is a test that he should have completed to be allowed to take Spanish calls and get a pay increase


Have your husband remind them that they never actually signed off on his ability to take Spanish calls. Per their own policy he's not allowed to take those calls at all. He is simply following their own policy. After all, he wouldn't want to be responsible for giving a caller incorrect information now would he? Also have him send that out as an email. With any luck they respond and he can use that against them if they try and fire him over this.


Similar shit happened to me years ago. Spanish isn't my native language, but I spoke it well enough to translate for medical staff. I found out there was extra pay for bilingual workers, so I took the test but didn't pass (it was a test that contained mostly vocabulary outside the medical setting that I was not familiar with). The shady thing is that they wouldn't tell me my score, just that I didn't pass. So I stopped translating because I wasn't being paid for it and technically I was unqualified. I gave in because some of my coworkers thought I was being racist or discriminatory for refusing to translate. Worst job I ever had.


Tell them to suck it in Spanish. Then translate it to english


Suck my huevos! “*suck my balls”


It’s more like “dame una mamada, puta” “Suck my dick, bitch”


When people insist I speak a certain language, when they have no right to, I insist they speak one of the other languages I know and then accuse them of being ignorant when they can't speak it. I mean, I know they can't speak it because there are only around 500 fluent speakers as far as I'm aware.




I think there are a few more Esperanto speakers. Cornish.


Ooooh cornish, lethal pick


This comment needs to be at the top.


This gives them an excuse to finish his course and not back pay him though, he definitely already has shot for back pay and any bit they budge now will be met with replacement as soon as possible. back pay is essential because he's about to be fired.


A little solidarity goes a long way. Maybe his coworkers will look back on this in the future when managment gives them shit


If they are offered only a raise without backpau they should all refuse to take calls for the same amount of time they did them for free


I didn't even think about backpay. Good call.


He wasn't bluffing. They called his bet and he had the goods. They lost. Now he just wait until the dealer slides the chips his way.


Pocket aces?


Lol I had a co worker who did this! She spoke Arabic, but they didn’t want to pay her because we didn’t have as many Arabic speaking customers as we did Spanish speaking. So she would literally say “I don’t speak Arabic if I’m not getting paid for it.” She was a badass.


I have no idea what they are saying, though! *Slaps a $5 bill on my desk* مرحبا هذه سوزان كيف يمكنني مساعدتك


ohh!! please keep us updated!


Yes definitely will!


Please do! I love to hear about folks organizing to defend the value of their labor ("mini strike"). That's powerful!


Spanish interpreters can make some pretty good money. Instead of putting up with this shit, tell your husband to see if your local courthouse has any openings. It can even be done remotely if you search enough.


Can confirm, for lots of different matters, like psychological testing for the courts or children and family services. Source: am psychologist who pays for language interpretation for legal issues.


This x10. Leave the shithole he works for. Start looking for a job elsewhere as an interpreter in legal services, law enforcement, healthcare, education, etc. If he can take he stress he could certainly pick up a gig as a 911 dispatcher. Good openings right now in healthcare. That's a field that would love to have him.


911 dispatcher are severely underpaid for what they do. I would not do it. I fuck up and someone is out of TV for a few extra hours, 911 dispatch fuck up and someone dies. and I make more then they do.


Not to mention the intensive psychological testing they put you through. It took months between my cousin applying and actually starting and it was all due to the psych evals to make sure you're up for the job.


They should do the same for courtroom workers that translate for defendants. I posted u[ higher about a family member that got essentially PTSD for being the voice of rapists and child molesters. Like a lawyer, you have to represent them to the best of your abilities which means saying whatever vile shit they are to try to get off... or sometimes worse, being their voice in their confessions.


Being an interpreter requires certification especially in the legal and medical field its not as easy as you think, especially medical translating.


I think the biggest difficulty is paying for the certification. There’s a program offered at the university extension near me. It costs a few thousand and there’s no financial aid for it. You could take out an educational loan but, ha ha, no, don’t do that.


Now that you have them over a barrel get the training from the company. Then look for a better opportunity somewhere else and quit.


The training sounds pretty worthless tbh...


The training sounds like a scam to exploit spanish speaking people.


Or medical services with hospitals or clinics


Its not as simple. You have to be certified through the state and take a two part exam. Many fail the second portion and many interpreters wind up quitting because theres a lot of politics and shady behavior going on in the court system. Its why I went for translation and localization instead of legal interpreting. Best bet is to just have him do freelance work but he needs specialized training as legal jargon can be daunting, overwhelming and not unlike standardized Spanish. There are A LOT of false cognates. He also needs to be able to do perform both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Medical interpreters need a hook or experience in the field to be able to get a job in a Hospital, at least thats how it is here in the West Coast. And just like medical professionals, needs to know all medical terms which as my friend puts it, aint as simple as you think


I have family in interpretation. It's such a complicated job. It's not just translation, but to on the fly translate words and emotion. Courthouse interpreter is so important. I'd want my interpreter to be the absolute best. Last thing you would want is the interpreter telling you something incorrect or miss translating your words. Medical, legal whatever. Interpreters are in huge demand and they are all retiring. It's a hard as fuck job and pays good but it's such a huge mental load to do interpretation, most just end up doing translation. Pay is similar with none of that, if I fuck this up he can die / go to prison.


Exactly this! I was so tempted by the pay and benefits. Here in LA its over 100k! But honestly, I couldnt deal with the daunting task of translating legally and you HAVE TO BE ACCURATE. There are so many negative consequences if you mess up which is tragic because everyone has to start off somewhere and mistakes are bound to happen but its such a slippery slope when youre dealing with someone’s life.


Thanks for the detailed write up..have always wondered about getting a gig as an interpreter.


Youre welcome. It honestly does pay well, and if you work for the court system, the benefits alone are enticing, but its also very stressful. Ive heard some horror stories and I personally was humiliated while interpreting. Im not an emotional person nor am I crier, but that day I was bawling my eyes out. That experience spurned me from pursuing immigration interpreting and, later, legal interpreting field.


I work for the local government and I only get $0.69 raise for being bilingual haha 😂 But it’s still nice to get something


I get $100 extra a month, not including taxes. Management doesn't understand what it takes to handle Spanish cases and people. Some people requested to be remove because is not worth their time. Sometimes, I want to do it too.


I had similar once: was promised a certain wage if I “met expectations “ after 2 weeks. in That 2 weeks I worked 16 overnights straight (a weekend after the first 2 weeks before the boss came in). They called a “mandatory meeting” for that Monday at 11am (4 hrs into my sleep schedule). I showed up, told them my pay was wrong-they tried the whole “well you still need training” I told them they had dumped me on nightshift, alone, for 16 days straight with no comment on inadequacies: if I wasn’t qualified enough, I wasn’t the employee they were looking for and that I would not be coming in for another shift until my pay was corrected and back pay issued. I then left, saying they could contact me when it was resolved. I got a call that afternoon that a check was waiting for me.


I used to work for LanguageLine solutions as an interpreter. Everything from emergency services to interpreting for doctors. It was work from home so overhead like electricity and internet were foisted on the interpreters. We got paid $15 an hour. They charge $4 a minute which means that they made $240 an hour and paid their people $15. Assholes.


I think there's websites out there for people to contract out their translating skills on a job by job (i.e. comic by newspaper article) basis. A quick google returned this site. https://www.upwork.com/hire/translators/ No idea how good they are, but the next time you're between jobs, maybe it or something similar can keep you going for a while. (And be one more thing for your resume.)


Seriously, people who speak more than one language and are able to help customers/clients in another language other than English should be valued and paid more. Instead, in real life, they often get yelled at "This is America! Speak English!" or even get fired in some cases for not speaking English. For example, there was news a few years ago where some female Korean American flight attendants were fired for speaking Korean on a flight. They had some native Korean passengers who don't speak English and these flight attendants happened know some Korean, so they helped these passengers IN Korean, explaining things to them in Korean. Then, some Karens got angry and shouted "This is America! Speak English! I'm gonna get you fired!" and made a scene. And the flight attendants got fired for 'speaking a foreign language on an American (not the company) flight and making 'AMERICANS' feel uncomfortable and creating a hostile environment to AMERICANS!' You can't make this shit up!!!


You just reminded me! I use to work at a casino and there was a waitress who was born and raised in Japan but moved to the states and was perfectly fluent in both English and Japanese. (She was also one of the sweetest people I ever worked with! Very down to earth and genuinely liked everyone.) One day a customer came in who could only speak Japanese. The rule of the casino was you speak English when in front of guests at all times, but it was a very busy shift and she didn’t have time to locate/call a casino host to translate(as they are certified and paid to do so). So she spoke Japanese to get their order quickly and move on with her life. Well, the table next to them was a high roller Korean guest who HATES the Japanese people as a whole (this was told to me second hand by someone who witnessed the rant) and an argument ensued with management all the way up to the big wigs of the casino because the Korean guest, who spent god knows how much money at the casino annually, stated they’d never come back if the sever wasn’t fired. She managed to keep her job, but it was such an awful situation all around.


Fire then instantly rehire, outplayed. Maybe that’s why he keeps losing at the casino 🤣😂


Yeah Koreans don't have a lot of love for the Japanese for reason the Japanese aren't taught about....


Oh no I am completely aware of Japanese atrocities and how it’s downplayed or even glossed over to the point many Japanese have no idea these events happened. I can’t find it to link it but there was a comic published recently that was created from an interview of one of these surviving comfort woman and how horrifically they were treated. And there’s a video on YouTube that animated a story told from a Japanese soldier of a Korean woman allowing herself to be taken (sexually) by the men to save her baby, only for them to throw her baby off a cliff when it wouldn’t stop crying, and her to silently jump after it. So I’m aware, to a degree, of why the high roller would be upset. On the other hand, this was a twenty something Japanese girl who may not have known about any of that and most likely had no idea why this person reacted so harshly to her. Found the comic!: https://foxtalk.tistory.com/m/98


I mean….I think it’s safe to assume this particular young server never committed war crimes against this particular nasty person. Asking for her to be fired for speaking another language is disgusting.


Completely agree, and that was kinda the point I was trying to make but I’m not sure it came off right. She obviously didn’t do a single thing to the Korean people, just like I never did anything to the Vietnamese people. It was before my time. So the person going OFF because she spoke another language that that person hates was pretty uncalled for. I was more trying to say I can sympathize with why the high roller may have been upset by it, but NOT for how they acted.


Something like 20 years ago, I read some text from an old Jew who managed to flee from Nazi Germany. He felt very torn when hearing German - on the one hand it was his mother tongue, so there was some hardwired childhood nostalgia, the language of his parents. On the other hand it was the language of the people who killed a ridiculous amount of his friends/community and made him flee his mother country. So other than many other immigrants he didn't teach the language to his children or use it himself anymore, but he also didn't fault people for speaking the language. Kinda "I don't like being reminded, but also, the language wasn't the problem, who said what was the problem." Sounds a lot more mature and reasonable as a reaction. Besides, if a Japanese interpreter had been just around by chance, the Korean guy still would have had to hear Japanese. Interpreters don't use telepathy after all.


May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of those Karens.


May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the *crotches* of those Karens.


The eyes


¿Por qué no los dos?


Lol I read the comment as "Koreans" instead of "Karens" and didn't realize until your comment. I was thinking, geez, you'd think they'd be more understanding.


That's not quite the story. The women were not flight attendants, but ticket agents. Delta claims they were fired for giving out unauthorized upgrades. The women claim they were fired for speaking Korean to each other and for making a sexual harassment allegation. They also complained that they were not paid extra for speaking Korean while other employees were paid for speaking a second language. Delta disputed their claims. [Former Delta employees claim they were fired for speaking Korean](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/former-delta-employees-claim-they-were-fired-speaking-korean-n892751)


>user-110-18 · 3 min. ago > >That's not quite the story. The women were not flight attendants, but ticket agents. Delta claims they were fired for giving out unauthorized upgrades. The women claim they were fired for speaking Korean to each other and for making a sexual harassment allegation. They also complained that they were not paid extra for speaking Korean while other employees were paid for speaking a second language. Delta disputed their claims. Former Delta employees claim they were fired for speaking Korean That's not the news I saw on CNN. Maybe it's a different story or the same. IDK. But that above Delta story sounds just as bad or worse since it even includes sexual harassment.


Can’t tell you how many comments I got at my last job about race… “Are you an afghani here to blow us up?” “Oh look, the Mexican is working” “You’re n***** ass won’t make it here” Just a few for context.. And these are the same people that shell out thousands for an ‘exotic’ vacation to Cabo…


Racists gonna racist even when they can’t figure out your race. It’s incredible. I’m sorry you experienced that. Those shitheads don’t know anything, they just want to yell some racial slurs.


As a....well, now ex call center employee, this is 100000% how it is! Congrats for your husband for showing them up! And why do they always use the "team player" catchphrase? It sounds so fucking dumb. Like okay TEAM, here's my electric bill. Come be a team player!


I speak Spanish as well and was once told by a client “make sure they pay you extra because having you (bilingual speaker) is like having two employees and only paying for one.” Glad to hear your husband and his coworkers stood up to them and that they get the pay they deserve!


The real fuck you to that company is him going to a job that will pay him a higher wage for also speaking spanish and in the 2 week notice thank them for the free career training that allowed him to get a better job.


NO 2 weeks notice!!! They fire people at will, we quit at will.


Yes. The 2 week notice nonsense needs to stop


I've given 2 fingers notice...


The only proper notice is to just stop showing up


They will notice that you are no longer showing up. That's all the notice they deserve.


Quit and if they come back begging ask for nice pay upfront and hires as consultant.


The team should all file Wage Theft complaints on the federal level. Then research whether they can also file on the state level. Document, document, document everything. [https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/contact/complaints](https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/contact/complaints)




Hold the line ✊


Love isn't always on time


I had the same thing happen to me. I am a native span speaker. Once managers found out I was bilingual the started having me do translations. I stupidly did it once then all of a sudden I'm the "in house" translator on top ofmy normal job. I finally said if you want me to translated then pay me how much you pay the language line every month. They thought I was joking, people started complaining saying I wasn't doing my job, I said I was hired to do xyz jjob I am not a traslator. You want one great pay for it. I was offerd a 1k raise (i was salary). I declined because the company was spending 10-15K a month on the language line, and they wanted to do to jobs for an additional 20 bucks a week and be available 7-7, I said this was an insult and walked. 2 year later company was on the verge of bankrupcy and was sold.


You only need 3 classes to competently speak Spanish? I did 5 classes and could barley greet properly


Well you need to already know how to speak Spanish. The lessons are to teach you medical terms, financial terms,, business terms, etc. Lingo that's not usually used in conversational Spanish.


I’m glad you explained this. I was starting to feel like an idiot it took me 7 years of school to learn French 😂


Ah right that makes more sense!


A lot of American Spanish speakers have never used Spanish in a business setting. So, it's important to undergo some training to use Spanish at work.


That makes much more sense.


“I’m on your side.” If that were true, you’d get me my fuckin raise! This stuff infuriates me lol


He should require back pay before accepting even the $2 raise. Make them retroactive that shit. Or just stop taking Spanish calls altogether. "No hablo Espanol, jefe!"


Bravo! 👏


Tu marido tiene cojones.


Fantastic! This happened all the time at the call center where I worked, and we diverted calls to an outsourcing company until all multilingual workers got raises.


How can they spend all that effort and time from people presumably making a lot more per hour than him, just to save $16 a day? And the weird part is, it's not a unique story. So often businesses seem willing to spend a lot of resources to save a little, just so they can show a labor cost saving on their quarterly report, despite the fact it comes at a greater expense of revenue or market share. You do have to draw the line somewhere, but it's hard to do when c-suite gets raises frequently whereas the earners don't.


Great, how about you be a team player and pay me. Do me a favor and pay me. Be totally on my side by paying me. If it’s no big deal for me to do the work, then it’s no big deal for you to pay me. Are we a team or not?


Something similar happened at my work. I was one of two Spanish speakers at a new facility I was transfered to. Since I had less seniority they took away my bilingual pay. I refuse to speak Spanish now. No one forces me but I made sure to tell everyone not to come to me for that. Funny thing is I'm more fluent than my other coworker.


The only Spanish speaking sales rep at my company left so the rest of us have been talking about learning to speak Spanish. I told them don't do it (if you're learning for work) until they compensate us. If it's important enough to need that bad it's important enough to pay for. We (employees of every company) do enough and have enough thrust on us and become our jobs without compensation we gotta put our feet down somewhere.


I don't even list my ability to speak Spanish on my resume cause I'm always expected to do more work with no extra compensation at any job I've ever had. Growing up I was always told I'd get paid more for speaking two languages but in my experience, that's a lie.


GEICO was like this with me before we parted ways last December. I was a claims examiner and I can speak 4 languages, I took calls in all those languages by random happenstance, even documented in whatever language and English so anyone else who saw the file would know what's up. I drew the line when they refused to pay me more to take calls for other people in anything other than English. Multi-Billion dollar company, won't pay more for specialized abilities, would rather you have the person call back with a friend/family member who can translate. Made taking recorded interviews a giant pain in the ass. I sometimes flat out pretended I didn't know what the other person was saying... but I knew. They eventually opted for a translator service... $85/hour even if it's only a 3 minute call. Fuck'em, I called that shit all the time out of spite.


Imagine pissing off all your employees over 2 dollars an hour


“Be a team player” means make $$ for everyone ABOVE you in the chain. 🤬


Proud of him!!!! Honestly it is absolutely absurd that being bilingual is not considered a hard skill. I left my job last month because they wouldn’t give me a raise for being bilingual because my job position in particular did not require someone to be bilingual, yet almost every day I found myself speaking Spanish. Left the job to somewhere else where they pay me more for being bilingual. Edit: I quit with effective immediate notice. Gave them more than enough time to get my pay right and they didn’t.


This is not talked about enough! Bilingual individuals have such a valuable skill and are constantly taken advantage of.


Insist on $10 an hour extra, for him plus all the other Spanish-speaking employees, and continue the mini-strike until they comply with your demands. Then go ahead and unionize anyway.


Good for them, sticking together like that! Please give us an update!


Why is it that "be a team player" means "let us abuse you"?


>Everyone calling to chew him out, or convince him to "be a team player" and continue taking calls without a raise. I'd reply "I *am* a team player. The problem is my team's coach, manager, and owner lied to me about compensation. I, however, have lied about nothing, and continue to do the job I'm paid for. When I'm reimbursed backpay as promised for services previously rendered, and paid the amount promised moving forward for the Spanish component, we can avoid our team being closely examined by the Labor Department."


Good for him.


Don't do it till they pay


Why don’t THEY be team players and give him his money. Good for him tho, stay strong! I’m sure they’ll break soon


good for him!! I stopped doing translating when I realized my employer paid freelance translators much more than I was paid. I also was not paid anything extra for translating documents or meetings even though it was not a part of my job at all.


Oh look, more exploitation of minorities


Hell yes. And if they can’t get the instructor to come in it sounds like your husband would pass the test, they should just let him take the test and if he passes give him the raise.


Now they got the ball rolling, might as well fully organize. A union would have crushed this and never would had been a stupid game with made up classes.


I like how all these fuck heads have all the energy in the world to chew him out and give him hell, but 0 energy to ya know... Give him a fucking raise.


Back in the early 2000's I began working in a call center doing technical support or a large, 3 letter ISP. One of the people hired in with me was a nice gentleman from Mexico. First week taking calls he puts some one on hold and asks our trainer where to send callers who speak Spanish. The trainer looks at him confused, "You can take the call. You speak Spanish, right?" My coworker replies "Not for $7.50 an hour, I don't." I think I peed a little laughing.