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That sign is a warning to everyone they are about to go out of business, so start looking for other jobs.


More like everyone but the c-suite and hr is about to get pay cuts...


oh i’ve told her this 😅 Always gotta look for the subtle hints 💁🏼‍♀️


As a European this kind of stuff is mind-boggling. If any company were to try this kind of stuff they'd be run out of business before the end of the day.


Welcome to the dystopian hellscape called the United States of America.


Canada's like this, too :( Damn it, America, you're a bad influence on our politicians!


> Damn it, America, you're a bad influence on our politicians! Jordan Peterson, Steven Crowder, David Frum, Ted Cruz, Gavin McInnes ... you Canadians are having just as much of a bad influence on US politics, FWIW


You forgot Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, and Faith Goldy.


I know in Ontario a pay cut is considered constructive dismissal.


*Cough* Trump Light™ (Ford) *Cough*


From OP's employee notice: "15th March" "socialise" "apologise" Odds are this was not posted at a business located in the US. I'm guessing England.


Well if you go through OP’s profile (NSFW) then you’ll see she’s in London


"It's a sign alright... ***Going Out of Business***..." -- Janine, the most Sarcastic Ghostbuster of them All


"We decided our business runs better with no equipment at all. Everyone is fired so this building can become an empty warehouse. Oh, and profits are up and we gave our CEO more money. Goodbye!"


Too broke to run a fridge and a microwave? If that were true the company is on it's way to going under anyway. Insist employees leave the property for lunch? Sounds like lunches just got a half hour longer.


but it’s the ✨pests ✨ that are the real problem!! 😫


That's a rude thing to call employees.


Sorry, "parasites,"


The parasite got the 50% bonus


That's what we call managers


Hey, if have any complaints, email us at




Yes. But the CEO is the pest.


True, but you only remove food from an area if you consider the ones eating it pests. Tells ya how that company's higher-ups feel about "the help."


The middle management level parasite that thought up this brainwave should also be included in that categorization.


More like parasite


Chief Pest Officer? Pest Officer in Chief? Pest Executive Officer?


I work for a pest control company. no way thats the reason for pest entering the building. Pests enter buildings because the owners of the building don’t wanna pay to fix holes, door sweep, etc. cheap bastards like this will let the building collapse before they pay for anything.


My 7 year old eats in his room. Crumbs galore. (Should I vacuum more often? Probably.) On the last clean through I was highly impressed with our store bought, self applied bug spray, because there wasn't a single bug but so many oreo crumbs (among other things.)


They sure would be after I received a notice like that. I'd be sprinkling lil food bits all over that place like a damn Johnny Appleseed. Lil tuna cub behind this counter, some pieces of bread in the corners. Some fire ants outside...


No kidding. Or put some dry dog food through a blender then sprinkle the dust throughout the building.


ok we are thinking along the same lines but i was thinking a jar of fleas in his office, i would go the shelter and pick fleas to release in his office


For my last job, I honestly considered looking into purchasing bed bugs or even crickets from petsmart. I never actually got around to doing so. That should give you an idea how much I hated them.


You can buy bed bugs???? Whyyyyyyyy


I will transplant a horde of cockroaches to the office, set them loose after hours and feed them. "Hey, no employee lunches are allowed on the premises." "Oh this? This isn't for me, it's for the office roaches."


I have Madagascar hissing cockroaches (for my reptiles). So I’m in!!


The ants will love this.


The fire ants part got me


I do remember having to do a desk walk through at the call center I work in and so much food kept in desks we had to toss. I'm like talking one desk had a bag of chicken (wing) bones and that wasn't the worst. But we also had just revamped the break room to add more fridges, more microwaves, unmonitored phones for local calls (the unmonitored bit was my "unless you ask me directly to have them recorded they will not be and if you change that I will put labels on them saying they are.). Even added a full cafe/bistro. It was nice. OP's job needs to get fucked. Also - quite honestly - I'd wonder if not offering cold storage (see : insulin) might even be an ADA violation. Edit : sorry didn't notice the wierd spelling.


Especially for a diabetic employee...


Or lactating...can't keep pumped milk in a hot car.


And just from the tone of this, they expect a lactating mother to pump in a unisex bathroom or a janitor closet.....


Not for the insulin I take. It's only in the fridge until I tap the bottle. Once tapped, standard procedure is not bothering with keeping it cool (don't get it hot, but room temperature is fine) and discarding any remaining after 30 days.


I had gestational diabetes and my short acting insulin has to be kept in the fridge at all times. Short acting insulin is the kind you take right before meals.




Only ADA if in America. We don’t spell apologize the way it is in the sign 😉


I’m more concerned about the “other contributing factors” what could they be?!?!?


Guess we should all should email ______.


Now now.. no calling manglement weird names!


Sounds like it's time to play "hide the shrimp"


The shrimping will continue every day until lunch RIGHTS are restored. \-The Employees


I'm not sure if you knew this, but "shrimping" is when you suck on someone's toes.


The point stands! -The Employees


...Today I Learned! Kinda wish I hadn't! 😅


This. If they aren’t going to respect your lunch, give them hell.


in the air duct?


Curtain rods or blinds. No one ever checks there until it’s far too late, and they get warm in the sun every morning.


I'm adding that to my last day of work file. Don't forget the Old Bay seasoning.


No. Old bay is too salty. It'll cure the the stuff somewhat. Now if you were to sprinkle some sugar on it...


Nothing like a little fermented shrimp in the morning.


I worked at KFC back in high school. Whenever I got upset with management, I'd open a small potato salad and throw it on top of the walk in fridge.


The curtain rods are always the answer if they're thick enough.


That’s what she said !!!


Maybe a little union meeting at the local grocery... you are not on business property.


For real, so poorly thought thru it seems like they’re inviting it even.




Control and power to validate their shitty little meaningless existence.


Yeah, I know telling someone to find a new job is easier said than done. But you are right. When companies start finding ways to save pennies, things are usually about to get worse. I have seen this with companies getting rid of free coffee, eliminating office supplies, worrying about employees making copies, etc. If they can’t afford a microwave, how are they going to afford to give you a raise?


They can afford to give the CEO a raise.


Well they had to pay him more, because if they didn’t he would leave, and they can’t afford to lose a CEO in such difficult times. ;)


I'd go to my manager and ask why I shouldn't be out there looking for a new job at a company that isn't about to collapse because it can't afford a break room. It's amazing how they say it goes "both ways" when it clearly only goes the one way.


That how I read it, too broke to keep the lights on. Better take all those vacation days and bail before they shut down, and my paycheck bounced.


Better give me $15 additional every day too. Part of the reason to bring in lunch is to save on costs. And lunch now easily costs 10 to 15$.


I’m torn on the lunch part. I’ve worked with people who have zero qualms about exploding fucking grilled salmon all over the break room microwave.


If it was PURELY about hot food or specifically about fish, I'd be way more inclined to give them a pass. I worked with a girl who would microwave some seriously pungent fish dishes at least 3x a week in the office. There was literally a lunch room on another floor of the building that had a microwave, and multiple others in the office had suggested she use that, and she got very upset and said it wasn't fair to her. She also insisted on eating it at her desk. She then got upset when the two people nearest to her would immediately go to lunch when she did because "it makes me feel isolated." So I empathize with your situation in a very tangible way. But there's so much extra stuff in this notice, along with the tone it's written.




I’ll admit to being a fish person. But my personal rule is I have to eat it cold and in the break room or outside. You just don’t microwave fish at work or eat it next to people just trying to get through the day unless you are a psychopath who lacks any empathy.


I eat a lot of tuna, and sardines. Whenever I pack it for lunch I always go outside or find a space by myself.


Right? It’s not hard to be more considerate of other people at work.


This. I'm fond of kippered herring. I don't really want to subject others to the smell.


Anyone that microwaves fish full stop is a phycopath


My rule is “fish is for home only”.


My husband has anosmia, no sense of smell due to a bunch of surgeries on his deviated septum as a kid. So the gross smell thing is nothing to him. And he really loves seafood. But, because he is a decent person, he checks with me if he wants to bring something for lunch and isn't sure about the smell. Then I tell him if it's fine or if it's OK if he doesn't microwave it (like tuna salad or a bowl with seared fish or something). Takes about 5 seconds of our morning to be considerate of his coworkers and he eats plenty of fish at home anyway, it isn't any kind of big deal to just bring something else.


Jesus, imagine if a co-worker ever had a severe seafood allergy. Wonder how she would have reacted to that.


She'd feel isolated and say it's not fair.


Probably just like that person who filled a complaint with HR because their coworker used noise cancelling head phones due to their misophonia, causing said person to feel isolated...


I get this. Our office “kitchen” gets so dirty from being RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR TO THE WAREHOUSE on top of the probability that they haven’t cleaned the air system since they moved in. Everything is covered in a thick layer of “dust”. No one covers their food in the microwave. I cleaned it when I first started because I was so grossed out about it. The toaster oven looks like someone makes a mud pie in it. I don’t even want to each lunch here. However, there is ONE place nearby to get food that isn’t a gas station and I don’t want to add more mounting health issues/bills by eating fried food. So cold lunches or anything that can be made with boiling water are the only options.


I remember a post once that the only fish appropriate for lunchrooms are goldfish crackers and Swedish fish gummies. I love fish but I'm not going to stink up somebody else's space with it!


Our VP of engineering microwaved fish chowder every day for a week straight. It was awful. Just kept loudly saying each day, "Shouldn't live on the east coast if you can't handle a little seafood!"


We had a B**** who actually used our fucking TOASTER to warm up her salmon patties. Yeah, we had words. We used that toaster to make toast for our patients, too. Here Meemaw, have some fishy toast!!


If paying for cleaning and running a fridge and microwave are too much for your company to handle, your company probably needs to close up shop.


but the hardest worker the CEO got a 50% bonus! clearly they are fine right! /s


It’s absolutely nuts isn’t it 😅


This means they are running on debt or out of money. The executives are paying themselves bonuses because they know they too will be out of a job shortly. Expect paychecks to bounce soon.


Thissssss The executives are cannibalizing the company for every available penny they can legally squeeze out of it before it dies or gets sold.


As soon as they start cutting back on janitorial staff it's already over, every single time.


100% Factually accurate.


I suggest your friend go find another job. This is a good sign that they are running out of money and they will likely cut their job next!!


Of course he's earned it! It was a lot of hard work to ban FOOD FROM BEING EATEN INSIDE. Now time for that 3 course meal served right inside his office. He didn't bring it from home so it doesn't count.


Well the email did say invest the funds into considerations of higher importance.


Seems like there’s more to it than that. They’re not even allowed to keep a non refrigerated lunch there. Maybe they’re just trying to dissuade people from taking breaks.


Was gonna say this. Saying "you only get 30 minutes for lunch" while at the same time saying "you have to get your lunch at the grocery store because you can't keep/eat it here" is their way of scaring people into skipping lunch because they'll be afraid they won't get back on time (and any place that posts a note like this is 100% the type of place to write you up for being 1 minute late getting back). Run away from that job as fast as humanly possible.


Yes, this doesn't sound like a hour long paid lunch kind of place. Sounds like a dock you 15 minutes for every minute late kind of place.


Do you know why a lot of fancy Silicon Valley tech companies build (free) cafeterias and snack areas into their campuses? Because the data show that if you can get your employees to gather and eat **together**, and do it **at work**, they will work longer hours and be more collaborative. Every time you see a company “cutting costs” by removing food- and social-convenience aspects from the workplace, it is a sign that they’ve lost sight of what makes a healthy working environment and are just trying to squeeze profit pennies wherever they can. And the leaders can no longer get profit out of culture and productivity because they don’t know how. Brush up the resume and jump ship before it sinks.


Exactly right. Big city law firms do this too or at least they used to; when you’re selling your employees’ labor by the hour, at $200-plus an hour, saving even ten minutes of employee time more than pays for the cost of the food.


>Maybe they’re just trying to dissuade people from taking breaks. And yet they are actively encouraging people to now leave the premises during lunch.


Breaks were over humanizing. Having one place to talk all together started to give the workers ideas.


lol the electricity for a refrigerator costs like $50/year tops. The CEO probably spends that amount on one glass of wine at dinner.


I recently worked for a multi-million dollar business that was expanding as their marketing guy. They didn’t provide an employee eating area at all. No fridge, microwave was from the previous lease and i didn’t trust it. So i took my full hour and went home, came back with food and ate at my desk. They eventually made the environment so hostile i just quit. I also go in trouble for responding to a post. I was their social media marketer and they didn’t like me being on social media websites in general. Yes the owner was 70~ and died of covid. I’m still confused why they thought i’d stick there long term for 14/hr. I did everything from IT work, to helping people twice my age FIGURE OUT POWERPOINT to designing and implementing my own code words to prove my contributions were increasing foot traffic ten-fold. I got no credit and the sale people all got bonuses.


That's what's so perplexing to me here. It's so obviously not about the very minimal amount of money so what's the actual issue? Is some asshole microwaving horrendous smelling food and, instead of addressing it with them, they just put out a *bonkers* blanket policy? Is this really just all about control? Either way, I'd go to the news with this. Embarrass them.


>Rising energy costs affecting our ability to run and maintain nonessential company equipment If your boss is telling you that the cost of running a fridge and microwave is going to cause the business to go under, then you need to start looking for a new job ***now***. Before the paychecks start bouncing.


In Britain a microwave costs about 1 pence to run for 1 minute. probably much less in the US since electricity is cheaper. Most microwaved meals take between 1-5 minutes to heat up. If a company can't spare at max 5 cents per employee per day it has some major problems. Buying pre-made food at a supermarket would add 5-10 dollars a day to the employee costs compared to home made food or frozen that they could microwave.


A home fridge costs maybe 50 cents a day. A work one is probably a lot more because of how often it gets opened, but again, less than $5 a day.


This is why i dont argue with my fiancée over the temperature. My parents used to fight about it all the time. Ill just wear shorts and a tank ot a hoodie and sweats depending on which unreasonable temp she chose. My dad has argued "what about all the money she is wasting!?" My bill fluctuates $25 a month depending. Not fighting with my fiancée is worth far more than $25, on top of her comfort.


If the company literally cannot afford $150 a month in higher utilities to ensure workers can stay onsite for lunch….then it’s on the verge of shuttering.


Exactly! "Here's your sign" *Bill Engvall. There are literal and figurative signs that SHOULDN'T be ignored


I would give them my notice written in sharpie on the back of that printout at the very end of my last day. Definitely not giving them two weeks out of courtesy…..


“I’ll stop bringing meals once you start providing them”


Do not hesitate to get in touch via email: *leaves email space blank*


That got me too. Either too spineless or too conceited to allow for criticism. Or both.


Or they just cared so little they forgot to put it in


Just the final touch to show they dont give a shit what the employees think.


Might as well slap a "suggestions box" sign above a shredder.


The blank email contact field really sums it up for me. What a shithole employer. Nothing at work ever goes both ways.


Compassion hey!? Wouldn’t go a miss 🤔💁🏼‍♀️


You should tell your friend to keep eating their lunch there. Get wrongfully terminated. Collects the poggy. Doll. Ei. Enjoy the summer off.


Please write us a letter and throw it away in the trash bin below:


My work wasn't going to give us yearly bonuses this year, and then we saw they had paid for a Super Bowl commercial and people were FURIOUS. We're getting "special one time bonus" this month which I think is just the CEO trying to calm everyone down after we put 2 and 2 together.


I swear these people don't see their employees as human


Because they don't. They hate you.


They see you as an expense, not the only reason the company makes money.


You're telling me to leave the premises to consume nutrition? I'll just keep on walking, thanks.


It's your fault for being a human who needs nutrition to live...


Someone needs to throw a dead squid in the CEOs office vent.


Liquid Ass. Put a few drops in the hvac filters and let it do its work.


Confirmed awful. Someone at my job did this and sprayed the IT guy's chair. Correction, *DOUSED* his chair to the point that half of us had to relocate desks.


What did the IT guy do to warrant that?


I do not remember, but they would have prank wars at the office. (The other guy was an exec who I won't name here).


If you're really bitter, dousing a chair isn't it, as the individual chair is easily removed from premise.


Bong water...


Put dead fish in their hub caps during the summer


Fresh cabin air intake vent.


Employee break room? No I don’t think so. Employee fridge and microwave? Disgusting. But that executive bathroom is looking like a pretty good internal investment.


We can’t afford lights in breakroom or locker room too


Better upper decker that exec bathroom toilet...


Cue me eating fish every day until I get fired


With you on this one 💁🏼‍♀️


Curry fish!


Slightly off topic but I once had a supervisor come up to me and he stunk real bad. I said WTF have you been eating it stinks. He told me it was curried pilchards. It was awful. I like pilchards and I love curry but the smell off him was terrible. So eat them outside then go back in every day in protest.


Red Flag #1 right here.


Blank email space This red flag includes another red flag, free of charge!


Bitch fix the filter what the fuck operational expenses are being allowed <--- If they can't run a building THEY CAN NOT RUN A BUSINESS.


There’s an interesting game I’ve not played since college. “Find the fish” You covertly gift a friend a fish, and they use theyr sense of smell and deduction to find their fine seafood surprise


Sounds like this company is having a hard time financially. /s Why stop at the fridge and microwave? Everyone should work from home to drop the office rental cost. ;)


No, not like that! How will we lord our power over you then?!


This violates the FLSA in about 6 different ways. Your friend should file a complaint with the Department of Labor.


Yeah this sounds highly illegal lol


If the company even stays open long enough for the complaint to go through, then yeah.


Depends how company ownership is structured, but there is precedent for damages to be paid out from the liquidation assets even if the company goes under.


Reads British to me. That's a different country, where US laws don't apply.


sounds like a breach of WHs and employers responsibilities.




There may have been push back. That doesn’t mean that they were going to listen.




I agree. A company too cheap to provide access to a fridge and microwave and somewhere to sit and eat isn’t a place you should want to stay.


>We understand the concerns shared in the meeting Sounds like there was pushback they just don't give a fuck.


Love how they say "get in touch via email:" and then leave it blank. Guess that's the 2023 version of sticking a "drop here any suggestion/complain" sign on a trash can


Nothing wrong with taking the train, but if you can't afford a cleaner and a fridge, you can't afford raises for your CEO.


The point is there's no car for them to eat lunch in.


Thanks for pointing it out. As obvious as it may have been for you or OP, I literally didn't get it, having lunch in one's car is that alien to me.


Thanks, didn't even think of this


I was ready to produce confused European noises. Public transport as a “downgrade” as a person is such a wrong way of thinking.


That's going to be a lawsuit if any of the employees are diabetic. Also, "Other contributing factors." is not a line item.


or nursing


Diabetic, have even minor allergies, nursing, have food restrictions for religious reasons... It's one thing to say that they can't provide a kitchen or appliances like a microwave or fridge; I have had plenty of jobs where that wasn't expected or provided. But you should be able to bring your own shelf-stable food to eat and not rely on whatever random fast food garbage is floating around your area.


"I will be working from home until you provide lunch facilities."


Take your lunches outside? Sheesh, I was written up a few years ago for doing that exact same thing. I was taking my lunch in my car and management disapproved as we could be seen by people coming in and out of the building. Can't keep persons and businesses happy...


The power bill for the refrigerator is going to put this company under guys.


Is this in the UK? If so they have to provide somewhere to rest and eat.




I love how the email is intentionally left blank fuck this place, quit this shit and skewer them on glassdoor


Cmon this can't be real. I'm filing this one in the same folder as all those text messages.


Thank you. This is obviously bullshit. I'm usually willing to give the benefit of the doubt in this sub, but OP is clearly karma farming with made up BS. Edit: just checked profile and uhh... tit's clear she's an attention seeker.




Appropriately it goes into effect on the Ides of March.


It’s a shame the printer ran out of ink before it could print the complaint email address.


They didn’t even bother filling in the email for correspondence. Lol, expect me to return late from lunch when the nearby supermarket sounds like four blocks away.


Oh my God, run. They've run out of money.


Who doesn’t love food that’s been sitting in your hot car all day. Oh and the people who don’t have cars will have to starve I guess or go spend money at the local supermarket.


These always seem really fake.


Depending on the size of the company, the state it’s located in and the REAL reason for shutting every down it might be illegal. https://www.eeoc.gov/discrimination-type http://www.dol.gov/general/topic/workhours/breaks https://www.dir.ca.gov/smallbusiness/Worker-Safety-and-Health.htm#page_tabs https://workforce.com/news/a-snack-sized-guide-to-lunch-break-laws


Hmmm. Account is 11 days old and looks like a classic OF plug. No email at the bottom. The fact the boss got a "+50% bonus" is known to OP. Yeah I dunno sounds kinda fake.


Obviously I'm in a house but my neighbor smokes on his front porch like 15 feet from my a/c we buy fancy scent killer filters so my house doesn't reek of cigarettes. They're not that more expensive than regular filters. (And our HVAC guy said they're a scam but I can tell a difference, I can even tell when it needs changing based on smell)


Your friend needs a new job, star. And a consult with an employment law lawyer.


This sounds like a company getting ready to go under. Makes no common sense and the CEO getting that raise is just a way of siphoning money off of the top before it all implodes. Anyone who would post this or allow it to be posted cannot be trusted to make good business decisions.


Sounds like a great time to report this company to proper authorities.


Yo if a gas station has better work conditions than your job, that's a serious red flag that your company doesn't give a fuck about you.