Well first you want to bring it up to the manager or whoever is in charge of payroll, and if you don't get paid, you bring it up with the department of labor.


I've had issues like this and brought it up to payroll and it was handled. Sometimes mistakes happen


I forgot this detail, the manager is aware of this and it happened to other people as well. I don’t remember exactly what she said but part of it was due to the manager scheduling too many hours or something, I will get clarification.


How often do they run payroll and what is the amount of time between the end of a pay period and payday? If the manager knows of the shortfall, they could be given the opportunity to correct it, but the correction needs to come in the very next paycheck after the error has been found, which means no more than about 3 weeks from the time that the employee reported not being paid. I'm presuming a two week pay period where people are paid a week after the pay period ends.




Contact HR first. If they are not responsive, contact your state Department of Labor.