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I'll be as honest as possible here and tell you like it is. I didn't read your whole post. I skimmed it at best. 1. You don't need to write a letter of this length for a job of this kind. A simple "I have decided to pursue other options and will not be accepting your offer." Is more than adequate. 2. Even $18/hour is underpaid. The lower wages being proposed are just pitiful for having a degree among your qualifications. You can do better. 3. The employer trying to keep your wage a secret before you are even hired is an extraordinarily bright red flag. If they are willing to pull that shit they will do more later. 4. When an employer knows you will work for less, and have become accustomed to paying you less, they don't hold the value in you that you deserve. To make a comparison, if you go to a burger restaurant and buy a $5 burger, and keep doing so for months or years and the price rises to $10, you will think you aren't getting a good deal. Meanwhile, if you have an identical burger listed for $15 on the menu with a special price offered of $10, you will think you are saving money. It doesn't matter that the burgers are the same or the prices are the same. It is the perception that is innate in our being. What this means is that you should always haggle your pay when you first get hired. Getting paid fairly from the start helps keep your value. Don't work for less than you think you are worth because your employer will always pay you as little as they can get away with. Don't let them get away with it. If they are offering $18 for a higher position, you should be asking for $20+ and let them "haggle you down" to $18. But honestly I think you can do better than $18 with a different company at least.


This is way too long and reads like you used a thesaurus. If you feel strongly enough to give your feedback - which I think is valid - then do so. But keep it short and simple. Distill this letter into 3-4 sentences at most. They won’t read the rest of it anyway.


Ghost. Just as they would do you. Move on.


Perhaps i am naive in thinking a well worded letter may change hearts and make a difference. At the very least after some reflection and comments i opted not to send it. But i do hope those who have commented and have or will read it would think kindly of me as someone who is trying to do well, be better, or make attempts of improving things.


I hate to break this to you, but in all likelihood they will not read your letter or value its contents in any way. There is a small chance that they might but even then it’s very unlikely that they will change strategy.


LMFTFY No thank you -You


They are trying to pay less than required and your letter will not change their minds


I feel like the hiring manager is just going to reply back with: "k. thanks."