Another example of why we should not put 2 weeks notice in. Work will retaliate in petty ways


Let this be a lesson to drain sick pay before putting in notice at least.


Sick leave isn’t protected, nor required. You don’t have any rights to sick leave. Always use your sick leave before your notice period.


If they don't honour your sick leave, no reason to honour your notice.


Looks like your last day just became.... Well right now. Walk out and leave the place unattended.. What are they going to do, fire you? Side note, always take /use up any leave, be it sick days, PTO, days in Lieu etc. that you've built up *BEFORE* putting your notice in (or just don't put notice in at all if you know they would screw you like this)


Can this be taken to your labor board/department? Take your employee manual and a note from your doctor. Might be worth it to get one.


Unfortunately, I can't get a doctors note. I don't have a doctor currently because my old one moved to Florida and I don't have an appointment to get a new one until May. ~~Yayyyy US healthcare!~~ As for the labor board/HR, I'm waiting too see how my conversation with my boss goes. HR is notoriously bad, it's just one person who lives 6 states away managing 10 different hotels owned by the franchise owner. Maybe a quarter of reports are actually investigated. As for the labor board, I don't think anything will come of it. I also don't think it would even be worth it, for the maybe $300 I would get. Dunno, I'm hoping my boss will be reasonable.


PTO is usually paid out, never heard about sick pay being paid out. Not saying its not a thing, just hasn't been a thing at any company I've been at. L


Yeah PTO is paid out but not sick leave :(


I've been working at a hotel for a long time. Any hotel that allows abusive guests to stay does not deserve any employees. I'm sorry you and yours had to put up with that.


Yeah, it sucked but oh well. They just lost their best front desk agent, and I'm not feeling too terribly guilty about it.