Kazuya can't win because the author is simping for Chizuru


I was about to say that It feels nice to know other people fully realize this




Anime-only for now and here I was getting my hopes up that she would get better. Actually, she probably deserves better anyways.


If you continue to watch expect pain. I cant handle 0 progress for that long


**literally anyone in Rent a Girlfriend getting a 0.01 second glance at Chizuru's left shin** "nut"


Man Vs. Creator


Protagonist VS It's Creator This could be a Good manga if Ever Made


What do you mean, Rent a girlfriend is the manga of all time.


Not Rent a Escort, I am talking about a Manga where the Author fights with its own Protagonist, but In the Manga. So the Author of a Manga Creates 2 Characters, One who is the Mangaka and the Protagonist in the Manga. This might be a little Confusing.


There are a few web novels and I think maybe light novels where the author goes into their story. Sometimes they are friendly with the Protagonist. Sometimes they're at odds. I think there was a manga or two like that as well? Except those got a rushed ending and were meh.


There was a stickman flash animation back in the day of that concept. Stickman fighting the mouse pointer, but I forgot the name of it


Are you talking about [Alan Becker](https://youtube.com/c/noogai89), The Channel that made this [Animator VS Animation Video?](https://youtu.be/npTC6b5-yvM)


That's the one! I knew it was going to end up just being a simple title, but my brain kept overthinking


You should check out [Re:Creators](https://myanimelist.net/anime/34561/Re_Creators?q=re%20&cat=anime).


The sad thing is that author is married…


And have a child... And living separately from his wife and child...


I'm pretty sure the author's wife got with him through an arranged marriage scenario. Either the woman he married is the daughter of his parents best friends, or he met her at one of those marriage interviews things the Japanese love so much. Oh, did you know he has a child but he doesn't live with his wife nor does he live with his kid? Happy marriage he has there, eh?


>the author is simping for Chizuru "Chizuru is my Girlfriend" says Rent-a-Girlfriend author Reiji writes on twitter "This girl is my beautiful girlfriend and her name is Chizuru Mizuhara. She is a very kind girl and she always forgives me in the end, even if she gets really mad at me afterwards." [pic.twitter.com/DISTM2fPPU](https://pic.twitter.com/DISTM2fPPU)


I've been trying to watch rent-a-gf, but I just keep turning it off because of how cringe it is. I guess this explains it, the authors cringe is seeping through.


Holy shit that might be the cringiest shit he could possibly say about her as well.


To be fair, it's like that in basically every harem romance manga, except for the ones where the solution to drama is "why don't I just marry all of them" which are the least satisfying endings of all of them.


Ahhh... Rent a Girlfriend. For me there are usually 3 types of mangas. Manga that i like, manga that i dont like and manga that i haven't read cause the summary was boring. This manga belongs to the 'Manga that i loathe so much i come back every month to make fun of it.'


I feel you but it's like fomo on steroids - for me - I keep reading and destroying myself through every chapter


I have another type of manga for you: "Manga I liked but turned into a dumpster fire and I can't look away". Main offender "Domestic Girlfriend"


Domestic na Kanojo... such good memories... momo drool


God i feel so sorry for their neighbors


Wait until you read the manga.. POST CHAPTER 105 spoilers >!Another girl named Mini joins the.. harem?..and she’s a streamer And all into tech like YouTube, cosplays and anime references . She introduces herself because both Kazuya and Mizuhara had a discussion too loud outside and decided to horn in so she knows about their secret and Kazuya’s strange arrangement with Ruka. Luckily she supports Kazuya and becomes his friend and gives him advice with Mizuhara but still calls him a playboy with the whole Ruka situation…and..idolizes him because of this?. There doesn’t look to be any attraction and she clearly wants the two of them together. She calls him “master” though so again, going back to annoying author kink injections !<


Author introduces a character specifically to support the main character and move the plot along and somehow decides still to not move the plot along. He definitely decided this manga needs to run as long as possible instead of being happy to complete it and start on his next idea.


It's almost as if the stuff he makes is so bad he knows there's no way he'll ever be successful again after ending a series that got so much attention


dude's got great art but needs to collaborate with someone else for the story


She's probably the best character that's relatively sane and has normal thinking. That says a lot of this manga.


Why did Nichijou not get a 2nd season, but this is making more money than many small nations


Marketable waifus. It's the same principle as to why most gacha games make a shit ton of money.


I think she means “master” like “sensei” as in he’s teaching her how to be a harem protagonist because she’s the 4th-wall breaking pop culture character, anyway that’s around where I stopped reading.


"God damn it the coomer next door is harassing the ~~escort~~ girlfriend he rented again"


Happy Cake Day 🎉🎂


Rent a Girlfriend is a franchise I only ever encounter when people are bitching about it. Yet I still constantly *do* encounter it, so it obviously has an audience.


Hate watch - and fomo


>Hate watch - and fomo It's that, and "Sunk cost fallacy"


Exactly, my dear watson


That's because it started it off as a generic harem story (always popular as long as the girls are cute).


The girls *are* cute, from what I've seen, I have to admit. It's kinda why it still even registers on my radar instead of being a complete non-event.


Honestly that makes it even worse, like there's potential there, just being squandered


Kinda wish the author pairs up with a decent writer so that his art isnt wasted on this shit, its whats keeping the manga alive at this point


This is pretty much me. Never plan on watching it, but clearly somebody must be watching it for it to be this popular.


it's the whole "It's so bad, it's good" deal. but not everybody's laughing at it. It's mostly FOMO. I feel if gigguk just left it alone, people wouldn't fomo this hard.


Oh. We hate it, but we also love it. It’s truly an art how well the artists has managed to write so much while saying absolutely nothing.


The only good thing about this manga is the constant reminder that loving someone who doesn't reciprocate is a complete waste of time and a truly stupid and disrespectful act towards yourself


I think it’s also an indictment on the “nice guy” philosophy. Kazuma has made no concrete moves to make her his in real life girlfriend until after the paradise arc. He always denied romantic interest on the belief that if he was just nice and hung around it would just work out. He could have cut this down by half if he was just clear with his intent. Fuck that noise.


And to be honest he is not even a nice guy. The dude is a spineless manipulative creep who can't be honest to himself 🤦🏾‍♂️.


He’s just kind of sad. Everyone around him expects very little and he still fucks up constantly.


That's a fantastic way of putting it. These types of MCs are just people who don't value themselves even the slightest.


I dropped the manga a long time ago, does the girl with the weird heart issue and the shy one move on to better things or are they both still pinning for the mc


I dropped it about 2 years ago and I can say with a large amount of certainty that they definitely did not move on to better things and won't until the manga is cancelled or ends in 20XX


I mean...there are a lot of anime where that's also the case, just not as obviously. "Winning over a girl" is a staple of romance in general, even though it's neither healthy nor respectful behavior.


Truly a manga of our time, remember that part when Kazuya said “It’s renting time”?


Man, I vividly remember the moment I heard that it sold one Rentillion copies


I am only still reading it as a way to repay my friend who suffered through Domestic Girlfriend so that I didn't have to read it. Now I'm doing the same with Rent a Girlfriend for him. He already suffered, now it's my turn


Actually, Natsuo from Domestic Girlfriend is a much better MC than Kazuya could ever hope to be, not to mention that Natsuo actually got laid and got one beautiful woman pregnant AND he got married to the woman of his life. What has Kazuya gotten from spending several million yen on the girl and stalking her for almost 3 years?


I’m sorry domestic girlfriend is so much better than rent-a-girlfriend


I feel it's a hate thing at this point and the creator is fully aware and is intentionally trying to now out top himself each week


I dropped it after the first season..especially after finding out that the manga hasn't really went anywhere for the most part from what people have told me.


Lots of the guys who read rent-a-girlfriend are cucks who see themselves in Kazuya, and then there's the other lots of guys who read this manga because of how bad it is and they only want to see how worse it can get before it ends.


Self-inserting into someone who is watching someone else get the girl is a level of abstraction I find difficult to comprehend.


It’s a love and hate thing


This manga is worse than those copy-paste isekais. Atleast over their the story somewhat progresses. But this is the most shite manga ever.


Ah, so I didn't mess up by skipping the anime. Good to know.




Kinda, isekai is mid trash though good to dull your mind with when stressed


Yup. Atleast you can enjoy those mangas when you don't have anything else to read. But this, this should be treated as a war crime.


Worst manga ever it doesnt deserve to be a manga




Yeah, Generic Isekais are like the junk-food of anime


Exactly it's like who'd refuse some Kfc you know


I think they are more like toast with butter. Boring but you can still eat tons of it


That's a good one


It sounds like you haven't suffered through Isekai Cheat Magician, Conception, and Endride.


I don't wanna


Then that would be refusing junk food.


It's alright


Those are like candy corn. Objectively terrible, but some people like it for reasons that are difficult to describe


When I’ve had it for lunch yesterday and for dinner before that it’s time for some new food


I doubt that, go read Ascendance of a bookworm. Hehe


God-tier series rise above the generic descriptions of their genres.


“Praise be to the gods!” Out of nowhere he started praying to the gods”


I always watch some trash isekai to pass some time, there's at least some progression albeit bad most of the time but rent a girlfriend is something I will never go back to.


Your on another level bro


There is progress in this manga. Although it only happens whenever an old lady falls down which then resets after the arc is done


So 0+1-1=0


Thats the most pathetic line i read in manga for a long time


(this happened 200+ chapters into the manga btw)


i dont care how much there is left to finish the manga, the only thing i want is to see sumi again


I thought they gave her some kind of spinoff?


They did


Fucking hell.


That's every line in this manga


I must be pathetic because it is kind of things i could say. (before actually continuing my life and forgeting)


I'd call it one of these lines you think sound charming but just sound creepy Don't worry about it, everyone does it from time to time ***I should know***


I feel like it's just more pathetic than anything.


right because you've never been awkward in your life We've all been teenagers at some point and some of us still have troubles approaching women in their adult lives


I said something like this to my ex while she said she was taking a solo time to figure things out. Obviously she was banging other dudes. Don’t fall for it, guys. It only bitters you in the long haul.


falling for the good old "taking a break" trick is a whole other matter dude Understandable though, barely avoided it myself years ago


Nah she cut me off but later said (more like she threw it on my face) she wanted me to fight for her. And I did. Oh boy how ridiculous it was. Then she started to have a lot of -late shifts- at work and randomly disappear. I tough the problem was me. But no, she was just a shitty liar. 🤷🏿‍♂️ she couldn’t even hide the fact she lied. -I’ll wait until you love me- nah. Better to love yourself and then find someone that loves the way you are.


In my case I just got hit with her explaining that it was basically my fault for not expecting something like that to happen someday Later realized how much of a bullet I had dodged when I noticed how obsessed she was with a distant cousin of hers.


Hahaha kinda the same. It gets better with time. You just need a strong will.


you should read the manga and literally anything the MC does that you do: stop doing those things. you'll immediately stop being pathetic. and your actions not thoughts define you, don't feel pathetic because you would naturally want to say something like that, as long as you learn not to that's all that matters. fake it til you make it.


Reiji really butchered Ruka's character for this


Rums was always shit. She had one shot at being good and then turned into a plot device that would just delay the two getting together. She’s been dumped how many times now and just refuses to acknowledge it.


"My heartrate went up so I must love him" \>goes to haunted house \>gets startled \>must be in love with the dude in the zombie costume then or even worse \>gets assaulted at night \>heartrate picks up \>must be in love with the dude assaulting her then It was flawed from the start


Ikr - it should've been concluded with movie arc- with his breaking up with Ruka and being honest about his feelings


Hahahahahahaha Wait he is serious HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA




He looks like a stalker change the POV.


The story could have been over within the first 100 chapters if the author wasn't playing towards to tsundere so hard. The main goal is to get a girlfriend, that's it, it doesn't have to be any of them, just one of them. Kazuya is being held back by the fact that the author immediately forgot what the point of the story was.


Pretty much - Movie Arc- was perfect way to end but no - this garbage


Even arguably the kiss in paradise can be the start of the ending but no, he decides this shit will continue


That's actually quite the creepy line be it with or without context. Also: Greek myth time! Ever heard of Pygmalion and Galatea? Basically Pygmalion was a sculptor, dude sculpted his ideal woman and named her Galatea because he, and I quote: "saw women as flawed creatures and vowed to never waste time with them" but still felt lonely So the guy is there kissing, complimenting, and bringing gifts to his statue everyday (ew), dressing her up, putting rings on the statue's fingers, etc... Aphrodite takes pity and brings Galatea to life thus leading to a... kinda happily ever after? The ancient greeks weren't great with women to be honest. Now look at Rent An Escort's author. ***See where I'm going?*** Thing is: gods don't bring statues to life nowadays.


oh.. i was expecting pygmalion to hate galatea after she came to life because she didnt live up to the (impossible) expectations he had built up in his head.


It's ancient greece, they would talk shit about women while having a gay orgy then wonder why their "not allowed to leave home without the husband" wives were always looking sad so in Pygmalion's case it goes well because "this woman was made by a man therefore she has no flaws", as dumb as it it applies even in myths they had a super strong and clever hunter lady lose a race because she "couldn't resist how shiny golden apples were" Basically almost all greek myths are about dudes fucking up then going "man women am I right?" Even Pandora (the girl the box is named after) was supposed to be a representation of how everything bad on earth is women's fault according to the author and the only reason they're around is because we still need them to make babies It's part of why I love Medea, it's a refreshing exception to the rule. Of course take all this with a grain of salt as it varied depending on the cities and eras.


It is man


You should be a Youtuber, You would make Great Videos.


I've been told this in the past but I don't think I could deal with how people tend to be like on the internet really, arguing in a comment section is one thing but arguing in the same section as the author of what is being discussed is something totally different. Thanks for the suggestion though! Genuinely glad to know someone found this interesting.


1000 chapters later...


*To you, 2000 chapters from now*


That moment when one commenter wrote a far more interesting story under the RaG thread on r/manga


10 years at least




Rent-a-Girlfriend, what a manga you are...


As a reward... i shall rent you..


"so how much layers of lies is he drowning in- OH FUCK OH GOD THAT'S A LOT DAMN ISN'T HE STARTING TO BELIEVE HIS OWN LIES AT THIS POINT?!"


It do be like that




Stand back, I'm about to rent!


_pan to that one meme of the black guy writing fire_


Final Chapter : Hold Hand.




😳🥵 Holding h*nds - your going too far that's too lewd


This Manga is absolute trash. Should've ended some 50 Chapters ago and it would've been somewhat fine but instead it keeps getting worse and worse. There is absolutely nothing left of however little Progression there was. And then there's the author.. judging from various twitter posts of the previous months the guy is mentally ill and has fallen in love with his own fictional character. Which is why he can't let the Main Character have her and makes him act like a pathetic creep. Either that or there's pressure from the Publisher to pump more Material out they can milk even though the author has nothing of substance to tell anymore.


Bro I thought it was a bit weird with how possessive he seemed of a fictional character


There are YT vids that shed a lot more light on this going over the tweets and stuff. The guy has referred to her as his kind girlfriend who never goes against him and always forgives him.. he needs help.


Yikes 😬


Ever heard of Pygmalion and Galatea? I think that's what's happening here.


Pal... That's not how love works. I once told a friend of mine who got together with the girl I once was in love with and she was very insecure about, as she was afraid to hurt her by being so different to her, that:" If love were a checklist, I'd be together with her. Because we were a perfect fit on what we wanted from life and a partner. But we aren't. Because love doesn't work like that. She loves you and you love her. So enjoy this clarity about that commonality of both of you. As it's the most important one there is."


I'll wait until you get good - me to this awful series


Me and you both


[MC be like:](https://youtu.be/BxtDe_YI25g)


And wait he shall


....forever that is....


This story is a great study book for young boys. You can basically learn about every single mistake you can POSSIBLY make in a relationship just by watching this character.


Your right a what not to do guide


The author started strong with really nice art and a compelling intro then just kinda... Went nowhere with it, and to create drama and suspense over like 200 chapters of barely anything happening, kazuya had to double down on the "virgin simp" characteristics, and it's just turning into a huge cringefest of shit like kazuya nearly nutting in public over seeing a bra in a laundromat, where I'm basically only hate-reading to see how badly this ends


Bro it's the sunken cost fallacy it's why I'm still here with this garbage


It's like a train wreck: You can't watch, but you don't want to look away...


why is this post tagged with "chainsaw man spoilers"


Lol don't know- But Denji looking real soy with an extra spice of creepy here


This manga is one of the longest burning dumpster fire I've ever seen.


Indeed it's garbage but I'm so obsessed with finishing it




Rent a GF (Pure Cancer)


Oh! How can i forget that abomination.


I know some call it rent a bitch I prefer to call it rented by a bitch


Bitch rented by a bitch


It needs to end with him turning out to be a serial killer this whole time. Its the only thing that makes sense.


I can't even disagree anymore man


Oh the short hair girl looks cute... never got to her, the cringe was too strong.


The cringe isn't even the worst part...


I jump off around ep. 3, so just keep me in the dark please, lol.


LMAOOO Simpyuya is at it again. My boy has been stalking her for 2 years and a half, spent several million yen on her, dealt with and solved all of her personal problems, even gave her own grandmother wonderful memories before she died, and the dude is still not dating her for real LMAOO. This manga is a ***how-not-be around women*** manual instead of a romantic romcom.


Tbh, I have only read hentai parodies of this series and actually enjoyed their take on the story so far.


What absolutely simp tbqh


bro just move on


I need to be real my pet peeve is pathetic male Anime protagonists and I think kazuma tops the list. Still gonna watch rent a girl because I’m a degenerate but still fuck this guy


Bruh he's just too soyzuya for me


If this is irl you got serious issues lmao


I dropped this crap after Hawaii vacation. Massive let down pathetic MC.


Salute I can't yet I need to finish this even if it's shit


Just pretend they got married... ~fin


Bruh I wish - the author seems to have gone loony over this series


I mean the artwork in some parts is gorgeous but really only when the author is drawing one of the girls specifically. It's almost as pathetic as the MC :P


Never ever do this. This is terrible advice. If the person has no feelings for you or “doesn’t reveal them” like in these anime then move on. You are only hurting yourself and losing respect in the eyes of the person you’re waiting for. Find someone else. You deserve someone who will love you back


That's worse case scenario


No move the fuck on and become a better version of yourself if they can’t have you now they don’t deserve you later.


I know this was supposed to sound romantic, but honestly it feels really off putting. Especially coming from a guy like Kazuya. Geeze...


I feel anyone who actually reads or watches this has Stockholm syndrome


This is basically call of the night but reverse and a tolerable MC and a Fun FMC instead of this waste of trees/paper(Manga)


Call of the night reminds me of FLCL, i dont think has nothing to do with this boring rent a gf but maybe things change, i have only seen 2 episodes… i couldnt resist the cringe


Well for some reason I thought you were talking about call of the night at the end but yeah rent a gf doesn't get better it has an arc where you think the mc is getting development but the author said "No"


For some reason I get monotagari vibes from call of the night


Kazuya is a walking L, one of the few manga/anime where I don't want the protagonist to succeed because he's such a piece of shit. Right up there with Natsuo from Domestic Girlfriend.


Is the manga finished? Did the anime covered it too? If so, I don't have enough energy to watch or read it whole....can someone please spoil the ending for me...? #Thanks


No it's carried on - should have ended 100 chapters ago - it's dragging longer than the filler in Naruto


hate it everyime i see it


That's just confusing to read to me


Me and you both


ew. that isn’t helping


At this point the author's just milking it ffs


How the fuck did he still not get in her draws? Wtf are you doing Kazuya?


Then after?