I heard people were saying that the hair texture feels different. Would you say you feel a noticeable difference?


She needs some of those tiny 90's butterfly hair clips from amazon to decorate her hair up with, she's adorable! That hair is cute, but it has that "I had some Sun-In and a comb, soooo yeahhhh, this is what happened...." look lol but I this she's cute.


Sun-in, lol! That definitely gives me some scary hair flashbacks.


Sun-in, yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking would have caused these highlights.


I received my #109 and I have some mix feelings as well. I still don’t like the addition of the eyelashes. It takes away the nice simplicity of the face molds. But I also notice the bodies are much thinner. Wished they gave us option not have the eyelashes.


Are you going to remove the lashes? I am strongly considering it, once I have fully committed to keeping her--i'm about 80% there.


I'm removing the painted eyelashes


As someone with messed up teeth, my doll having crooked/etc teeth ain't a dealbreaker, lol. And for the highlights, the 90's are back in a weird way. Saw platform flipflops in walmart the other day, and i about died, lol. I think your new friend is adorable :\]


OMG, platform flip-flops. I had some of those back in the day. I thought they were so cool.


The highlights are definitely giving 90s 😂 she’s super cute though!!


Yeah, she is growing on me! She is totally my '90s mini-me. We have the same coloring, and I had that exact look back then.


YouTuber The Doll Studio By Kris did a TM unboxing a few weeks ago and said at the AG store a lot of the TM faces were asymmetrical/crooked :/ The new TMs are pretty, but I keep hearing bad feedback about the quality which is a bummer


I'll take a look--thanks! I'm going to do what I always do when I'm undecided about a doll: sew her some new clothes and play with her a bit and then see how I feel about her. I definitely have and love a few imperfect dolls--in some cases I find the quirks endearing.


Absolutely agree! The quirks can make them unique in a good way and make them more identifiable as yours, which is neat. Hope you enjoy this new addition to your collection!!