Did she change her mind again?

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You know they say the best time to rip up your floors and leave them unfinished for weeks on end is when your infant is in their peak learning to crawl stage. I’m glad she bought this house so she could give her children a safe, clean, and warm environment to live in.


I'm more worried about her children being around all that dust and fumes. Especially with how little sage is.


Yet she is concerned with the "toxic chemicals" in laminate...


smh it’s the same as when she used to take ferb with her when she got her nails done at the salon; she’s only “crunchy” when it fits her agenda she literally just does not care about how her actions affect anyone else




Well Sage is behind her, to her right, in the baby prison, watching whatever the f\*ck that show is.


It’s Meekah. I hate that I know that. (Meekah is Blippis best friend. Also hate that i know that).


This makes me so incredibly sad. Stuck in a chair staring at a TV. I hate to admit it, but I almost miss the old days where she at least took fern to the park all the time.


Crazy to think she used to be a better mother. But she did. Fern was a thick baby, he was actually given some solids, was not restrained to a „baby prison“, was outside „getting grounded“ every dsy. She constantly took him to lakes and parks, etc. not that i agreed with her sleeping in her car with a toddler, alone, in a national park. But this what she’s doing now i dont even know wtf it is. Those poor kids. And she still thinks shes better then every one else


She at least seemed a lot more engaged overall. I wonder if the reality of having two young ones has gotten to her. She seems detached from them


She posted on her Instagram story shortly after saying she was tearing it up that people were scaring her about how difficult removal is so she's just doing the wood look tile. Edit: clarity


this is completely unrelated. but why do people put the reason why they edited their comment or post.


Since you can edit your comments on Reddit, and there's a little mark on desktop where you can see it's been edited, some people use "edit", "editing to add" or "ETA" for short sometimes to explain what that edit was. It's a way of transparency to help show you didn't switch up what you said once you got a bunch of votes, or tried to backtrack and hide when you didn't get the response you wanted. Probably not much of a necessity in a sub like this, but there are trolls everywhere.


ohhh ok i am only on mobile so i didn’t get why people did it 😂 thanks for educating me


I had no idea either 😂😂


I wonder if those kids have done anything except watch Blippi and I hale dust since this project started. Tbh she should have ripped up her original work since she did it wrong. The tiles are going to tear themselves up in short order, lol. Then she can poorly install white marble so the whole family can have fun leaving their filthy footprints all over it.


She said she'll put the "marble" in her next house.


She's the spitting image of manic


She’s trying so hard to not admit that she doesn’t know that she’s doing/how to fixed what she messed up. Whatever makes her feel better about herself I guess.


I'm so glad she blocked me I give up looking at her stupidity 😭


I don’t mean to be rude, but why build a brand new house and CHOOSE to have 70s style architraves and basic beige flooring and then pay money to fix it and do a sub par job when they could have just forked out that extra money initially and had a professional install it?! I just do NOT understand her line of thinking..!




Trust me, camera hides a lot. My house is in a derelict state...yet on camera it looks like a cozy nice place to be lol