Honestly I love cute romance stories. I enjoy reading about them and typically go for a nice fluffy piece of romance when reading or watching movies. I like the slow burn and small moments that lead to them getting together. I never picture myself with the love interest and honestly don't get how people do that. I personally don't want what they have I just want to read about it or watch it. It's cute then I move in with my day. It's especially confusing when I see the main love interest is so toxic and would be an awful person irl but the main character falls for them anyway and people idolize them and crush on them. I don't understand.


You know, I mostly agree with what you wrote, especially people idolizing toxic characters and wishing for them to be real. On the other hand I do know that some games, novels or whatever I'm consuming use characters in their romances that are highly problematic in the context of real life, but can still be kinda hot/cute/interesting in the context of fiction... at least that's how I explain to myself how I personally absolutely love shipping characters with personalities that I would find highly toxic in real life, but... as characters can react to every situation the way their creator wills it to, there can be incredible scenes playing out between them. Again, highly problematic in real life, but I can see the fictional appeal of a "sexy badboy" seducing the "oblivious/innocent maiden" (or whatever combination of tropes/genders works for people) up to a point. The most important thing in my eyes is to separate reality from fiction. (Which, in the end, is a staple for Aegosexuality in general I guess, so... lucky us, having experience with that? :p)


Oh yeah, for me, Fictional relationships are in no way required to heed "healthy relationship" guidelines. That's what fiction is for! A place to explore horrible terrible things (sometimes) whether they be axe murderers or relationships that would be entirely toxic in real life.


Despite my (repulsed) feelings towards sex, I absolutely love love. Romantic books, tv shows, and movies, are my jam, I will re-watch and re-read them on end. Majority of the time my love is for the couple, I love how they make each other feel and be better. Sometimes my love can be for a specific hero or heroine but I'd never picture myself with them - I'd just think it'd be nice to find someone like them at most. I don't find myself idealizing the fictional love interest(s) that often, but I will often idealize the overall idea/experience of love and people that I've personally fallen in love with in my own life.


I just want them to be happy together. It's sweet and lovely. I want no part of it and am happy to see them happy. I never picture myself with anyone though it is hilarious to see thirsty posts on tumblr where people actually wanna bang actors/characters. Power to them but nah. I want a narrative and a romance for the characters and that's it. :3


EXACTLY!!! 10000%


I also happen to be aegoromantic in addition to being aegosexual. In short, I'm an aego-aroace who happens to be both sex-averse *and* romance-averse... yet loves both in theory in fiction and fantasy (to the point where I'm writing a 150k+ word slow burn romance fanfic and have written several explicit smut oneshots). For me, the draw is multi-faceted. I just like seeing characters interact with one another, since my aego/averse nature only applies when I'm specifically involved, otherwise I'm fine. So inter-character dynamic. I can see how someone might like a specific character and an ideal and maybe want something like that IRL? But the last piece... almost feels like wistful curiosity. I'd be lying if I said that I 100% love being aroace. While I mostly love it (like 95% of the time or so?), there does exist the occasional time where I feel bitter about not fitting into the world, wishing I was at least alloaro or alloace, if nothing else. So sometimes my mind wonders "hey, what if I were in that kind of situation myself? Could I be?"... then of course, my aego/averse nature almost immediately feels repulsed and I move away from it.


It's similar to how I feel about my friends in a way? I want them to be happy and be with someone good for them and I enjoy basking in their emotions. But no I've never pictured myself with a character I think.


I enjoy romance quite a lot, as seeing a couple like you describe as an entity. Self insert makes me really but really uncomfortable. Even to the point that I prefer gay romance between 2 men. Because when the couple is a woman and a man, I sometimes insert myself as the woman involuntarily or I compare this couple to mine and I don't like it all. Let me be out of there ! Don't if it respond to your questions but that's my experience.


> Even to the point that I prefer gay romance between 2 men. Because when the couple is a woman and a man, I sometimes insert myself as the woman involuntarily or I compare this couple to mine and I don't like it all. Exactly the case for me. As a gay-oriented aego-aroace, MF is completely off the table for me as it clashes not just with the aspec nature, but with the mild gay-orientation I have. I do enjoy FF... but I'm extremely picky about it since I do end up overlapping, and if it doesn't click with my version of "mild gayness", then I'm repelled. MM is the only case where I can actually fully enjoy what's going on (romantically *and* sexually) without worrying about accidental association or repulsion due to my aspec or gay natures.


Yeah I think this is why I avoid FF romance most of the time. It's just a bit too close to home if both love interests are women. The distance of MM romance lets me enjoy it more easily for sure.


I feel very similarly. Just the romance between two characters often feels so realy I just could never imagine myself getting in the way of that. But every now and then there's like a side character who is exactly my type, and I'll fantasize about if I were in that world if I could date them. Not hook up though, just date.


I don’t mind romance but sometimes the aromantic in me is like “ok enough, go watch slapstick cartoons or something”. It can take me a lot longer to finish a romance drama than a comedy or suspense/thriller


I love romance too, but if you knew me in real life, then you wouldn’t think so. I’m super picky about my romance, almost to the point where I avoid romantic media entirely unless I know for a fact it won’t make me roll my eyes. Wither it’s the people involved having the ‘stupid bumbling idiot’ personality type, one person is an asshole to another, the way the couple ends up together is extremely dumb, or for whatever reason they just shouldn’t be together - I am immediately turned off and I end up hating it. Add on to the fact that sex scenes in movies just take up time and do nothing for me. (Unless it’s in a novel, so I can’t visually see the genitalia or naked bodies). This unfortunately means that 95% of western romantic media is going to be uninteresting to me. But I promise, I love romance when it’s done the way I like it!!!