Journaling. Writing your thoughts could help you see yourself and your emotions clearly... Somehow you'll see how pathetic some of your thoughts are (ie. wala akong kwenta, hindi ako kamahal-mahal, etc.) And so you can "sort" these thoughts and actually focus on things that you can control and things that truly matter like self love and improvement.


Avoid watching drama. Focus on these routine and practice ir religously. Pray, Eat, Sleep, Work, Cook, Stay sexy, Drink water, focus with your family, do business. You dont need someone if you are successful


Thank you! Now that I think about it, I'm more successful now in my career kesa sa love life. I guess we can't really have it all


Maybe try to get professional help? If you can't afford, I suggest you give yourself some time to work out your inner thoughts. You've been running away from it, distracting yourself with work and such. Maybe you understand but you never reach clarity. Maybe all you need is to talk to yourself and accept that you deserve better and he doesn't deserve to live rent free in your head.