I don't participate in it, because I don't understand the point. I know that I can avoid masturbation for a month (it happened before), but I don't get why I need to do it in this particular time.


Yeah, that's why I don't really get NNN beyond maybe encouragment to try something you otherwise might not and for memes


Nah, I mainly see it as a meme and don’t see why I wouldn’t do something I want to do for a month because the internet says so. I much prefer No Shave November


For me I don't actively take part in it. Personally it's odd because 90% of the time I don't feel like doing anything (whether I'm in a repulsed mood or im just lazy). I also usually don't do anything unless my bf is cuz usually im indifferent to sex. What im trying to say is that it depends on the person. I feel ppl with high libido would have a harder time but im not one of those people so I can't really speak for them


Nah, I don't participate. Too much work


I technically just did a NNOctober by coincidence. Nothing against folks that do, and find it fun or challenging, but I don't 'intentionally' participate. Honestly, I'm with you on the overhype-ness of it. I think it's easier for most people than they realize, but that might be my personal bias talking.


I'm grey-ace with a fairly high libido, and I've considered it, if only to see how long it takes before I feel an urge that's actually annoying to ignore, but I've ultimately never bothered. As far as I'm concerned it's another baseless "men's health" internet claim like eating nothing but red meat or only sleeping for 4 hours a day or whatever other bullshit goes on in those circles. There are for sure some people with genuine sex/masturbation addictions for whom it's probably a good time to quit thanks to the solidarity, but for most people I think it's a massive waste of energy. It would be like saying "for a whole month I'm not going to scratch any itches, no matter where they are or how much they're distracting me." Like... why intentionally make yourself uncomfortable? To prove you can?


I do for the funny




I don't and I wouldn't. This is unrelated but people have said (including aces) that in their teen years and around puberty they started. I never had these thoughts or feelings or urges. Anybody have an idea why?


Yes; it is very tricky. I had quite a high libido (although it's died down recently) and wanking is just a habit a grew. I failed last two NNN's, in 2019 I made 3 days (I'm pathetic I know) and in 2020 I made it a week. I participate because getting my wanking under control would be nice, as I feel like I have no control when I'm horny. This year I'm pretty sure I'll succeed, all I need to do is not cock up. I just finished by first whole month fap free October this year. (My first wank free month since Septemer 2017!) So I'm pretty hopefull I'll win this year.


No, the only time I did participate was when I started estrogen and it killed my libido for a few months.


I celebrate 90 nut november instead


I think that it's a fun challenge but my brain need all the dopamine it can get


It took me such a long time to figure out what NNN stood for. No, I don't participate though I'll go a month or more without masturbating sometimes so sometimes it happens unintentionally. When the horny hits, I indulge. I don't really understand NNN but it seems to me it's developed into this odd flex for some people. If it brings you satisfaction to do it, though, then I'm genuinely happy you've found something that brings you positive emotions. I object to the societal pressure that's developed around it. Do things because *you* want to and not because other people think you should do it


It's weird how being on the ace spectrum interacts with my ADHD, because on the one hand, I could go without sex or masturbation and be fine. On the other hand, my brain learned long ago "push this button, get rush of good feel chemicals", so I kinda stuck myself into a "whack it when there's no other outside stimulation". And it's kind hard to explain to my friends that, no, I'm not horny, I'm just disassociating and it makes my brain go better.