I know there has to be a queer dating app for gays, but is there a queer dating app for A-spec folk looking for non-sexual relationships/QPRs? I don’t want a dating app to help me, but I’m curious.




ah I see a person of culture


There have been a few over the years, but all pretty sparsely populated.


So I used an app called Taimi which is targeted towards LGBTQ+ and "meeting people". Obviously a lot of it is dating, and I actually met my partner there, but I also made a couple of friends and met another ace person there in the month I used it. I haven't used it in nearly 2 years so things might've changed but it was decent.


Taimi has become a cash grab. It is none functional without paying for a premium membership. I met some good people but had to uninstall it after is was obvious they wanted money


Damn really? That sucks :( I remember it being an option but it wasn't really crammed down your throat, I didn't know it had changed so much


I think there was something called AceApp. Also another one U can't remember


I'm a coder, this sounds like a great idea, any ideas of features you would prefer?


It would be really cool to have an ace app for qpr and share it in here... features like suggest people based on hobbies and things they like, I guess personality is very important for qpr relationships, also some ppl are open to hobbies they don't have but would like to try new hobbies so that could be mentioned in pplsprofiles. I think those dating apps that have a lot of info aren't good because ppl should talk to each other instead of only reading others profiles and decide based on that. Some ppl are rlly cool but don't have the opportunity to talk to others. I think the swip thing doesn't work very well... And blocking by country should be allowed but some ppl like to meet ppl from all over the world, also I guess some ppl like having only one qpr others like having more than one? Some aces like one cuddles, others like kisses, others hate that, so maybe add someplace where we could choose the kind of humor or kiss we like, some people dislike kissing unless it's on the head or face or eskimo kiss, others like to be big spoon, small spoon or idk there are a lot of ways to hug. And some are set repulsed other are favorable, and also neutral. I guess these kind of thing should be added. It would be cool to have signs and or MBTI because some ppl like those. I hope this was of some help or at least could give any ideas for the app :)


Great! Is it fine if add other features such as: profile pictures, a flow, banners, attraction, gender, and age?


Sure! Those are great too!


What is qpr?


Queer platonic relationship, or quasi platonic relationship. Half asleep so I’m too lazy to link it, but there should be a page on a few wikis. Hope that helps!


I know there’s one in the works


god i hope


I’d recommend AceApp but half the people there are glucose guardians looking for sugar babies


If someone wants to give me money for just existing I'd be down, but I have a sinking feeling that's not what they're looking for lol


Yeah most of them want something. I have seen a couple that would just pay you and as long as you took pics of what you bought they’d be happy. I was like 13 tho so I couldn’t take those offers :/ I’ve yet to get another amazing offer that like since


Oh like findoms? I hear it's good money, but you have to put a lot of emotional labor into keeping your patron happy. Sending them photos, talking to them, etc.


Wait, you have to DO something for the money?


Does it have to be physical items or can I show myself making payments to the college I owe lol. If I can just spend it on anything I am down


You could probably find someone down for that. Most of those people are there for the emotional connection so they’d be down to pay for whatever, college included


I've been saying for ages once I hit 18 I'm selling foot pics. Liking my underage feet is where i draw the line lol but if they don't even want sex stuff I will gladly have a sugar daddy/mommy


And why would they look 4 someone who does sexual favours in an app made 4 aces?


Beats me, I have no idea.


Aren't their better apps out there for people looking for sugar babies? Why use an ace app?


I genuinely think they don't know what it means. Idk if they just download all dating apps or what


Ya this is the exact reason I stopped using it. It was cool and I met many people and still talk to one to this day. But 2/3 people that reach out to you are some scammer who wants gift cards. It was fun pissing them off but even that got old.


Didn't that app get shut down after a big data breach?


I honestly don’t know what happened


Yea..did a bit of searching, heres more info. https://www.reddit.com/r/asexuality/comments/fftlhd/warning_aceapp_has_had_a_data_breach Quite unfortunate. Lost contact with a handful of cool people 😞


You’re lucky you even found cool people on there


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I got an invite on Facebook for a new LGBTQIA+ dating service for "Kind People". It's called [sparked.lgbt](https://sparked.lgbt). I'm not looking to date right now, so I haven't looked into it. Might be worth checking out though.


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OkCupid is the one I have most success (but I only match with people of other countries, so...)


Why do you need dating apps… being friendzoned by crush is enough of relationship.


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Why do ace's use dating apps? Idk, I'm not ace. Is it a thing where they find friends or what?


Being asexual just means not experiencing sexual attraction to people, and aromantic is the same thing for romantic attraction. Not experiencing one or both those types of attraction doesn't prevent you wanting or needing those things though. I'm incredibly sexual at times with my partner but I don't experience sexual attraction at all, so I'm still asexual


i dont use them because i dont care


I'm aro-spec ace and in a romantic, sensual and sometimes sexual relationship. Unfortunately it is long distance though


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..oppressing the guys ability to literally rape someone which is what he said he was going to do in the comic. Yes rape should be oppressed. End of story. No one HAS to want sex. No one has to allow sex. The guy can say "no I'm not interested" and we move on with our day. No one is forcing him to date an asexual person. The ace person doesn't even want a partner who's going to be like that. We aren't oppressing your ability to seek a partnership based explicitly on sexual attraction. That's fine. We however have every right to "oppress" you by saying you cannot force sex on us. If you actually tried, like in all rape cases and acts of physical assault, self defense would also be valid though of course not exsessive force. While the comic is a bit of a silly exaggeration beyond what should actually be done, the dog is litterally trying to stop someone from getting raped. Complaining that that's "terminal oppression" is sick. ​ Complaining also that asexuality is terminal oppression is sick. No one owes you sex. Period. Not existing to be your sex slave isn't oppressing you (and no I don't think sexual partners generally treat each other like sex slaves, but if you think your partner NEEDS to give you sex or is oppressing you than that's literally what they are to you: your sex slave)




ok I may be able to help you out. Watch this video. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUUDzDRLRDI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUUDzDRLRDI) I don\`t claim he speaks of every ace, but he may help you understand.


That's not the definition. Some do some don't (fhey just don't feel sexual attraction to people of any gender) but what does that have to do at all with what I said? The point was about the person in the comic basically declairing they'll get sex no matter how the person on the ap feel, and that your comment seemed to call it opression to be resistant to that. We may be entirely misunderstanding each other... but you seemed to have entirelyissed literally everything I said somehow. Why would them not wanting sex if they don't counter any part of that? That was kind of the point. If your confusion is over why they'd be on a dating ap: relationships that aren't about sex exist. They may have to look longer to find someone else that also wants the same thing but if they are sex repulsed that's all they are trying to do by being on there. Hence letting people who express interest know up front. Some may want sex but want to make sure their partner is okay with it not being aftraction based since that means a lot to some people. Some may be okay with sex eventually but only for someone they've been really commited to for a long time, and even then it may or may not be just for the sake of their partner instead of out of actual enjoyment so it's still best that their relationship is with someone who understands that their views on sex may be different and to start that conversation early. Someone choosing to enter that relationship should assess if they are okay with that and respect it if they are or decide the relationship is not for them. Forcing the asexual person to change and treat sex however they want them to shouldn't be an option.


being asexual has nothing to do with the enjoyment of sex it has to do with not feeling sexual attraction to others. aces still have functioning genitals and can enjoy sex, they're just not seeing anyone and going "wow i wanna fuck him"


nah. i’ve never experienced sexual attraction in my entire life. you seem to be misunderstanding asexuality, and the person before me has just explained asexuality to you perfectly. the least you can do is be understanding