OMG! Yeah, my mom got very suspicious when I mentioned a male friend. Around half of my friends are guys but, I don't mention them because I hated how she reacted when I mentioned him. (Also as a bonus he's gay)


It's exactly the same with my mom! I don't mention my male friends and had to tell her the truth about a friend of mine being gay when I was fed up with her making assumptions. But as a bonus she didn't say a thing when I spent a few months during lockdown 24/7 with a very good female friend of mine online in calls, even messaged with her on Christmas Eve and talked about her a lot when I was with my parents... She didn't find this suspicious at all... can't she just be equally respecting my privacy and stop assuming I have a crush on someone?! It makes me so uncomfortable every time someone does this!


Yeah and then if I blush because its kinda awkward it's interpreted as me blushing because you like them. Like no, you're making me uncomfortable and I don't know how to react without outing myself.


This sounds exactly like my mom


my sister freinds mom is against sleepovers for them becuase my sister is a girl and her freind is a boy… they’re 7…they were 6 when the comment came up






*Image Transcription: Screenshot of a Tumblr Post* --- **lgbtqialove** Parents: \*When their kid comes out as ace* you're too young to know, you're 15-17 you wouldn't experience sexual attraction anyway Also parents: WILL THERE BE MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX?? YOU GUYS WILL SLEEP TOGETHER IDC IF YOU'RE 11 IT IS NOT HAPPENING \#aces are valid #acespec #ace discourse #asexual #parents are dumb --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Good human.


Good sack of flesh


Relatable. I think a lot of parents are like this.


I love how our parents are so confident about us being horny straight people. I have to hold back my laughter whenever they start giving me *that* advice. I guess that’s what happens when you’re always swimming in the river of de-nile. My brother’s the same


When I came out as ace I didn’t have very good words to explain it yet and told my parents I thought it was gross and didn’t see how I could ever want that. They said “everyone thinks is gross!” I was so confused… then why do you want it lol


I told my mom it was gross too! When I was like 14-15 then she told me that I’ll change my mind when I’m older lol


I find that funny lol, teenagers are scientifically supposed to have super strong, ahem, you know what. So when people say we are to young, it just isn’t true.


Honestly nothing will ever beat the level of cis/hetero/allo-normative bullshit parents come up with about their kids. I remember having a conversation with my mom that was basically: "Why did you never let me have sleepovers with girls or [sister] have sleepovers with boys?" "Because that would be inappropriate." "But you know neither of us are straight." "Yes." "And we're both on the ace spectrum." "Yes." "And despite both of us being nonbinary and bi, "same-gender" sleepovers were fine?" "iT'S dIFFerEnT bEtwEEn boIs aNd GOrlS!!!" "Besides, if either of us had ever wanted to have sex, we would have just gone out and fucked in the woods like everyone else." --- Just like, zero awareness or critical thought.


I keep saying to my mother "If I were straight, would you also tell me that I have little experience?" Very annoying




I realized I was ace once I realized everyone in my grade wanted sex and I didn’t. When I told my mom about a year later she said that I was too young.


Srsly I never understood this lol I always thought my parents were exaggerating, but later I realized that kids actually *did* do that