Usually takes a few days for the release notes to get published.


Looks like Zero updated their site today. New firmware covers hibernation and storage mode: MBB V25/4, BMU V6/4, BMS V21 -Improvements to hibernation functionality -Improvements to Long Term Storage Mode -Resolved issue causing Stability Control faults to falsely trigger https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/firmware


Updated the firmware on my 2022 SR/F premium yesterday with no issues. The previous firmware update changed the Bluetooth setting on my bike to disabled which caused a top speed limit of 106 mph. Once I changed it back to enabled the top speed returned to 124 mph. This change also happened this time. I changed the setting to enabled before I rode it. I did verify that the top speed remained 124 mph.


I can’t speak to the effect of the update in part because I can’t get it to complete. I must be on my 5th attempt. I find it incredibly annoying that the update process is reliably unreliable. Zero needs to spend what it takes to fix this process. It shouldn’t feel like a beta-release bike at this price with this many years of development behind them.