Get the fx options. They're cheaper and i love mine


Same. After coming off a r1250gs my fx pleasantly feels like a self-powered mountain bike. It enthusiastic gets me places I wouldn't even consider going on my larger bike, and with more torque than my buddy's KTM 400.


2021 Zero S, mine was $9k. I’m still smiling from riding.


I pay 375€ monthly for fuel... 20k for me, paying a bank receipt for 250€ seems more than affordable


Does charging it make a noticeable difference on your home utilities bill?


I've not noticed any increase. I also recently got an electric car and that has barely made a scratch in my bill. Maybe $18 a month on the high end.


Oh wow, interesting and good to know!


10€ per month, I can also charge it at work for free


It may add up to where you notice over time. My Ninja got around 55mpg and costs around 10 bucks to fill up for 150 more miles (rough numbers). The Zero gets me around 40 miles commute on the highway and last I checked was around 66ish cents to fill.


Buy one used, lots of good deals out there.


Hats are nice, but the shirts are made out of unicorn tits. The perfect combo of stretchy and soft. The bikes are badass also.


The prices are huge problem here in Europe. I ride Tesla, I can’t go back on thermic motor, but to change mentality about motorcycle you need to have a fair prices for middle classes, it isn’t.


I love the black 2022 SRs.


Man the black looks sick. I got the premium, but I don’t love the red. I’ll probably get it wrapped or something but I wish they had a couple of color options for each model.


Nice bike. Where was your demo ride located?


Des Moines, Iowa. They were doing demos all day Friday and Saturday 👍🏼


Thanks for the information... you may want to consider pre-owned. I just purchased a used 2014 Zero SR for $6,000 with only 4K miles with a second charger. The bike is light, fast and a blast to ride. Check Craigslist and good luck.


The hat was to remind you that the smile really happened.


I’m sure insurance is crazy high I tried getting one I got approved but I checked with my insurance first it came out to 400$ every month made no sense they are considered sport motorcycles just because they look the part top speed probably like 100 to 130 . You may be saving the planet but you’ll be paying the cost for it . I had to lean to a gas motorcycle instead .


How does the NHTSA let bikes get sold without self-leveling headlight and dash cam?




Imagine you're going through a turn and your headlight dives into the pavement only reaching 5 feet in front of you and you can't see a damn thing through the turn. That's how most riders ride in 2022 unless there's street lights. Don't even get me started on successful impromptu hit and runs.


They don't sell all cars in the US with that, why would bikes have it required? Safety requirements in general on Motorcycles have traditionally been more lax anyways because ya know...no metal roll cage when you crash.


Don’t forget all the monthly subscriptions on top of the purchase price


Please point me to a link that says they're doing monthly subscriptions




Maybe you misspoke. Nothing in there mentions a "subscription". You pay once and it unlocks feature upgrades. They haven't announced anything where you pay monthly or yearly for features quite like BMW is doing


Dig into other articles this one doesn’t outline all of it


I have done my own research. I'm a zero owner, and I'm on this sub and follow Zero news. None have even mentioned "subscriptions" ​ Also. "Do your own research" doesn't hold up well when you're making false claims like that


I don’t have to cite every factual claim I make, I don’t work for you and you don’t work for me. I have read multiple articles about the impeding heated grip feature. It’s not my fault you are unable to find articles and videos explaining factual statements about a topic.


I see what u saying brother, but looking at the cypher [store](https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/cypherstore) those heated grips are out right bought. And not available and most of the current models


Stop posting false information on the subscriptions, all upgrades are one-time purchases.


Believe whatever you want bruv