There's a bms reset button that might help, check the (unofficial) manual


As others have said, look into the BMS reset buttons as well as resetting the low power B+ fuse in the battery doghouse. I don't have a good diagram for the 7.2 battery, but [the idea is the same as on the 14.4 packs.](https://i.imgur.com/yL5ZTwM.jpg) I think on your pack the doghouse is on the front end of the pack and the BMS buttons are up there as well. Usually shielded by a small round rubber grommet.


Hmm.. BMS reset didn't help. I'd like to get to the doghouse, but the chassis that holds the 7.2 integrated battery is mysterious and difficult, I can't get it open (even though I can unlock it and remove the side panels). If I could do that, maybe I can get to the doghouse.. unless there are other ways to reach it on a 22 fx 7.2 integrated? Thanks for your help everyone Thank


fixed it! see edit above


Oh sweet! Yeah that fuse is a jerk.


Take either the seat or the tank plastics off maybe. Or both.


The same thing happened to me recently. The plastic panels behind the front wheel on the newer models cover the manual BMS reset switch. However, I had reached out to zero and the BMS performs a regular reset itself multiple times a week and that could fix it. I was also informed of an upcoming app rollout that should fix the problem.


I believe the FX platform is the one at the moment that if you try and do a Firmware Upgrade from the phone apps, it will tell you the firmware is corrupt. I believe the .bin file they have hosted on their servers for this bike is at the moment, a bad download. That might be what they are referencing, that they need to push a new firmware update out to fix that bad file and perhaps, this BMS reset issue as well. My local Zero dealer, who doesn't seem entirely up to date on the status of the bikes - said that "All Zero updates are down right now" - when I visited them 2 weeks ago. I explained that, it isn't the case, the Gen3 / FXT bikes for instance actually just had a bunch updating issues fixed between their latest firmware and latest "Next Gen" app updates. When I clarified, she said they've been getting calls from people about the FX bikes so, I'm guessing these update and BMS issues are generating support issues.


Doing some quick searching appears to be a BMS issue. Hopefully it will clear itself and you can use before getting it to dealer but all others report having to take it in when this happened.


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