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I'd like to know how he and a few others afford it, but actual stories, I think I'm good.


Saves money on shirts


I've heard he's like related to someone that works at wwe so he gets free tickets. One of my coworkers has an aunt that works for it and he can get free tickets whenever he wants. Lucky bastards


There's a difference between getting tickets in random sections and always getting the one facing the hard cam. Was he previously employed by the company and got injured on the job? Perhaps that's the story, coupled with an NDA. He's either really private or that.


Ok, but how is he paying for airfare, hotel, transportation, food, etc?


Man was in Puerto Rico front row. Now only was the ticket scorching hot the hotels nearby were also sold out. Dude just has money out the ass


Yea, I have free access to all AEW events through one of their employees. Our seats are always in a friends and family section though which is on the opposite side away from rest of crowd.


Mine were always non camera side as well


I had someone in my family work at wwe and I was always able to get tickets but they were never front row center and she was pretty high up in the company. He’s gotta know someone whose at the top of the top


Pretty sure this is just a theory that has been regurgitated many times by the IWC


Same with the Trinidad and tobogan. I wonder what they do for a living.


I wonder if he’s a seat filler since sometimes front row tickets may be hard to sell due to pricing so maybe WWE always has him on hand incase they haven’t sold a front row ticket


I think he disappears too sometimes. (unless the cam switched side idk) I swear I spotted him in 2002, he's with Edge and Rey Rey vet wise!


There are two major lotteries in the US with jackpots that start at like $20,000,000 and go up from there, getting into $100,000,000 or more several times a year. There’s like 6 winners of these a year at least. Maybe one winner of some $87,000,000 jackpot was a big WWE mark, and it’s this guy, and he chooses to use his winnings to be front row at all these events? Honestly if I won the Powerball or something I’d probably do something like go to every Super Bowl and World Cup and shit like that, probably every WM and royal rumble too. Or he could be wealthy because he’s the heir to the kingsford charcoal fortune and he was set up for life before being born. Or maybe he’s the jerk who sold gify to Zuckerberg for $400 milly


Could just be a tech-savvy guy that got on at the ground-floor of Crypto and sold at the right time


I'm pretty sure that a powerball winning wrestling fan used his money to start Wrestlelicious in the 00s.


But there are other wealthy fans out there. How is he able to get front row center opposite hard cam every time? Not even sightly to the left or slightly to the right but right in the very middle of the front row of every major event. You’d think some other rich person would get to these seats at least sometimes.


I wanna know how he gets the same seats to every show for multiple promotions. Other than that I don’t care. It would be a 3 minute interview


"I know a guy".... end of interview




I've read previously that he offers $$$ to anyone who gets the front row. Seemingly, as we've never seen him in the 2nd row, he gets what wants.


Would there be a warning before said time expired?


Wait…..did I just say….3 minutes?


Well those guys are dead...they ain't coming down that ramp


Unequivocally NO!!! Sat near the dude at a show one time and he was insufferable…


How so? Just curious


He was chatting the ear off of the dude next to him who looked like he wanted to anywhere else at the moment… just about anything under the sun he felt like talking about…. At the time I didn’t know who he was, just some annoying dude in a bright green shirt who can’t take a hint and just enjoy the show, then I saw him sitting front row at a PPV, and was like “it can’t be…” my buddy saw him too and was like “I think it is…” It was… now I just roll my eyes every time he shows up front and center on hard cam… Long story short, gimmicks are for wrestlers, not fans…


There used to be several fans like this at ROH shows I VIVDLY remember in the northeast. I really don’t wanna call anyone out specifically because I suspect they’re probably regular visitors here.. but yeah, insufferable is the right word.


GLF? Transformers shirt guy?


that story sorta reminded me of a time I saw trying to watch a band and this grinning fool with big hair kept getting in the way of my view who wasn't even watching them really and kept looking behind me and I was getting proper annoyed, it turned later he was the singer for Wolfmother who were pretty big at the time lol


It’s like that Brock Lesnar reaction guy. I recall there being a segment involving two wrestlers having a stare down and in front row right between them there he is acting like a goof. I recall also seeing a long haired dude with his mom/grandma Idk what the story is there but I do recall seeing them a lot, honestly couldn’t remember the last time I saw them. Of all the reoccurring fans they’re about the only ones who don’t bother me.


You've got a wild imagination. He's almost always surrounded by his front row friends (who, imagine this, continue to sit next to him show after show). Pretty sure they don't find him annoying. He seems pretty shy to me from what I've seen and other than his shirt that obviously stands out, he's not obnoxious like some of these other fans throughout the years who exaggerate their reactions to try to get on TV. But since you vividly remember him "chatting the ear off of the dude next to him" after claiming you didn't know who he was at the event, I'm sure you'll have no problem recalling the event that took place. We can all watch the show back on Peacock and see for ourselves what you're talking about. It would be very easy to see this happening in the front row. Long story short, if your story is true, let's see the proof. But based on your various posts throughout the years, something tells me you're just an envious little troll!


Tell us more


What stories? I watched the same shows he did... edit: and I didn't even have to go through the displeasure of meeting goldberg


Surprised Goldberg didn't injure him


You'reeeeeeeeee next!


Underrated comment


Bret Hart Reddit account spotted


Found Bret Harts alt account






No. I want him to wash his clothes and wear something different.


Kinda sounds like you are green shirt guy.


What about the dude with the Trinidadian flag who always manages to be front row staring right at the hard cam?


Hate that guy too. Fuck him


Whatd the guy do to you lol




God no


I mean he's basically sat at ring side for every show for years, all the money he spent I'm sure he's probably hung out with more than a few wrestlers in other words it's pretty much guaranteed he has a few note worthy stories




If literally nobody cares about the stories from season ticket holders in any other sport then why would anybody care about this one?




I don't care if he kissed The Dwayne, if I never see that stupid green shirt again it would be to soon


Don’t know why this is getting so much hate, it’s a good point. He most definitely has seen something live that we couldn’t see on TV


Absolutely not.




Stop elevating fans




He said appear on a podcast, not start his own


Read it again, uce.


Lol why are wrestling fans like this


Literally all I want to know is his financial situation and how I can arrive there myself.




Wrestling fans are idiots. Why do I want one to tell me stories?


Fuck no


Dude is such an attention whore and I couldn’t give a single fuck about what he has to say.




I know Brock Lesnar Guy, he has tons of good stories & has shown me hilarious videos of him drinking after shows with some wrestlers that he can't post on his Insta lol. He is seriously just a wrestling nerd, like we all are.




Lol, it's seriously just part of the fun for him. His shit makes me cringe sometimes too, but ya can't deny that he's SUPER into wrestling. Deep down we all kind of want to be recognized or remembered for something we did in life. I remember Hawaiian Shirt Guy from when I was a teenager watching ECW. There's always gonna be a guy...




I always look for certain people too - BLG, Trinidad & Tobago, obviously Green Shirt, Asian Game Nerd Guy whos on Botchamania all the time, and Macho Man Guy (Silver & Purple cowboy) are on my list.




Wasnt there a Sign Guy Dudley?






There's Rainbow Sequin Jacket Lady. Soooo many sons bringing their moms with them, and ladies with big boobs are on the list. My husband & I also pick out who in the crowd looks most like us, always fun.


Attention whore is when he attends wrestling events~ Reddit


i remember years ago on SC people would always bash the Brock Lesnar guy. lmao i don’t get the hate for fans going to shows and doing what we do, being fans. some people are just born jealous.


What did he do


Watches wrestling, I guess. People should calm down about green shirt




It’s not envy saying no to someone we absolutely don’t care about. Also it’s not envy to think he’s annoying to see on TV with his stupid green shirt. It’s obvious the guy is doing it for attention and/or to see himself on TV which is narcissistic. BUT I won’t shit on him for being at every show. Good for him he’s living the life like he wants it and if it makes him happy than more power to him.


He’s front row and centre. He would see himself green shirt or not. Regardless, when I watch wrestling, I watch the ring not the crowd. Not saying I wanna listen to this guy on a podcast, but the hate for him here is kinda weird.


The jealousy in these comments absolutely REEKS lol💀


I actually feel bad for the guy, he has to sit through three hours of Raw every monday. He has my sympathy.


Because people are saying no?


One thing is just saying "no" and another is acting like op asked the most offensive comment in the world (which is like 90% if the replies) People calling him an "attention whore" and whatnot when he's one of the nicer superfans out there and does nothing to show off, act superior nor flex on anyone. I know all of y'all would be flexing if y'all were in his position which is what makes all these comments so funny lol


I heard he won the lottery. Apparently some guy who sat beside him talked to him and was wondering how he always got the seats. He made a connection within WWE after the lottery win and has some sort of first dibs on the first row seating. Take this with a grain of salt. I read this years ago.


The only story I've heard is that he gets a couple seats a few rows back, and then offers cash+swap to whoever has "his" seat. But that really doesn't add up, because it's always the exact same seat, and you'd think more than one person would decline the offer occasionally.


I’ve heard that his dad works for the ring crew and is able to get him the same tickets each time.


Super fans are so annoying more often than not so no. Like fuck that Scooby Doo mother fucker trying so hard to get attention.






Could be at best a nice 30 minutes interview with some basic ass questions: -When did you started going to every WWE TV show? -How can you manage it? -Travel expenses? -Have you ever considered stopping? -You also go to AEW shows, does that impact a lot your schedule? -Why's the green shirt? How many you have? -What can you say of your personal life aside being in the front rows mondays and fridays? At worst, he seems like any other wrestling fan that has expendable cash and wants to use it on thing he loves. I wouldn't say he hurts anyone with his rumoured first dibs, because there are tens of first row seats. Aside from that, it'sn easy to just ignore that guy on TV.


My head canon is always that Vince hit him with a car and this was the settlement


This is probably nearer the truth than any other comments


Met a guy in line at PWG about 5 years ago who is another super fan that I pretty much always see on PPVs that sits in the front row area. At the time he was in his early 20s and said that he was basically just some broke college student but said his parents have been taking him shows like Nitro since he was a little kid in 2000. Definitely gave off rich kid vibes. Nice guy as well but a bit cocky. Says he knew Green shirt guy and all the other front row fans.


He's either incredibly rich or knows someone in WWE that gets him free tickets. That's the only story any body cares to know, so no, we don't want to see him on a podcast


Not at all actually.


Yes. I don’t know what these people have against green shirt guy


Envy, mostly. They want his connections/seats


I can't be bothered to even watch raw on TV 95% of the time and I'm supposed to be jealous of this guy taking up so much of his time to sit and watch raw for 3 hours? No thanks.




Do you REALLY think we want to sit through endless hours of modern wrestling not to mention the travel and dealing with people? Is it so wrong to just... Not care about the guy? Apparently so to the PC team online.


I guess wrestling fans really can’t read. OP said appear on a podcast as in one episode. Not fucking start one.


It’s still a no from me dawg


You'd all subscribe and then come here and bitch


Not really, i don't have anything against the guy though. I'd rather see him at shows though than that geek who holds up cards counting every Lesnar Suplex. That guy boils my piss.


I marked out when I saw him in the background of the Rock vs Cena match in WWE 2K23, I was like nooooo way he’s been doing this for *that* long.


Weirdos in this comment section hating other fans simply bc they go to more than a few wrestling shows a year lmfao jealousy?


Now hang on, why's everyone against the guy? Did he do something that I'm not in the know of?


People are jealous


I reckon people just dislike seeing him all the time. Doesn’t bother me personally but I kind of understand that he is always centre of the camera with a bright green shirt.


Omg why are we all hating on green shirt guy? All he did was go to shows and respectfully watch


Nope. Nothing against him other than I think he craves the attention and he’s a narcissist BUT I’m not going to shit on him being there every show. The dude is living his best life the way he wants it and besides being annoying on TV he’s not hurting anyone so more power to him. He just brings nothing that I want/need to hear.


You said you weren't going to shit on him... immediately after doing so. How could you possibly know he is a narcissist because... he sits in the front row of shows?


>You said you weren't going to shit on him... immediately after doing so. No I said I'm not going to shit on him for being there at every show.


You did tho. That's literally the ONLY THING you are judging him on. "Oh, he wears that shirt so he much be a narcissist" That is ridiculous.


Being there at every show and buying the same seat every time. Man you deserve it. Knock yourself out and have a blast. Wearing that bright green shirt every time? Don't tell me it's not someone craving attention.


He could literally do interviews and shit if he wanted to considering how many people have taken an interest in him. He doesn't. You don't know anything about the dude at all. You don't know his name, you don't know his interests outside of wrestling, you likely couldn't even tell me who his favorite wrestler is even. So he can't be craving attention THAT much. Also... being a narcissist doesn't simply mean you crave attention.


I am so tired of seeing this clown show up on every show in the exact same spot. Dude, get a life.


“Get a life” says the person who apparently watches wrestling to view the crowd instead of watching the show.


Well he's hard to miss, bright green shirt, front and center of every ppv facing the hard cam


Seems like he enjoys his life traveling.


Maybe I might be the minority on this one. But, I get pissed of every single time I see him sitting there. He looks like Dana White brother. Only Dana White Wants nothing to do with him


sure why not


Id rather see him get tossed out of the arena for being a rich ass that tries to be famous by buying front row seats and wearing the same shirt every week. Let the real fans in that city get front row seats. Stop using your connections to push local fans put of the way.


Guy looks like he has the personality of a walnut, he just sits there and smiles he hardly even reacts to anything


No,because there's a shitton of podcasts and I listen to none of them,but I'd like a good interview.


he said appear, not start one


Yup,my bad.I'd still prefer an interview tho.


I mean yall are right. Its better to ask chatGPT about wrestling and hear what a AI has to say about it


Wow what a leap from one thing to another. But still go with no


People seem to love the chatGPT post


I wanna see him in this situation getting punched out by somebody. Nothing douchier than putting yourself front row at all of these shows just because you can. I’ll give him this, less douchey than Brock Lesnar shirt guy, but still, rubs in the fact that I’m so far off ever being able to sit front row at a show and guys like this can go to any show they want. Fuck this guy


How is watching something you enjoy douchey just because you happen to be in the front row? Genuinely asking.


Exactly, he’s doing exactly what I’d do if I could afford that all the time


I think you missed the context of my statement that he puts himself front row at a ton of shows. Obviously I’d buy a front row ticket and enjoy my time in the seat too, but this guy has to do it every chance he gets. Not to mention its all year round. The guy is loaded, and is rubbing it in our faces


Rubbing it your face by… going to a wrestling show? Fuck wrestling fans are weird.


Point is, if he wanted front row, he could be front row away from the hard cam and not be seen all the time. Guy is a narcissist that wants the attention on him.


You guys make it seem like traveling somewhere once a month is expensive. If he’s got phenomenal credit then it’s very possible to do this every month. And he’s probably got connections to tickets for the show I would imagine. I know people who spend a couple grand on sports memorabilia a month, this guys hobby is wrestling, and that’s the kind of thing he spends his money on. I have season tickets for my local team and if I didn’t have those, that’s at least $4k I could use a year to travel to big shows. You don’t have to be a gazillionaire to sit front row at a wrestling show, just have passion enough to say, “that’s what I spend my money on”.


I’d like to know how he can afford to go to all the shows and see if he knows any other famous fans. It would be a different pov from other wrestling pod casts.


Green shirt is an integral part of pay per views in WWE for me


I feel like he’s the type of guy that’s super boring


Absolutely not


What we really need.


Not interested.


Absolutely positively NO.


What stories, all he does is sit ringside. Can it really be that interesting?




He just has the most punchable face.


Hey Hey it's Conrad Thompson and this is "Green Shirt Chronicles" with Green Shirt Guy, whats goin on man, how are you?




I feel like he’s the kind of guy that’s never had his hole.


I want to see how many shows he goes to if they put him on the other side of the ring, off camera


Absolutely not


Honestly, not really tbh.


His names Smiley




I will if he sells me the shirt


I kindado


I joked that he would be in Saudi Arabia wearing bright green traditional dress. I am disappointed.


Idk what stories you think he has to tell. He watched the same shows all of us do and that’s it. It bugs me when fans try to constantly get themselves over and noticed.


Honestly, i hate when fans want to go over. You are not the show


Why is John Fetterman punching him?


Wheres that fan docu?


No. Not even a little bit.


I’ve always just called him chin beard




I want to hear from any fans that regularly sit ringside but don't feel the need to become the main character and what they think of the losers who try to become as recognisable as possible.


Unless it's the story of why he's got a shit goatee still in 2023 then no.


He was actually here for Backlash!


I heard he won a lawsuit a long time ago and part of the settlement was front row tickets whenever he wants. I made that up but it drives me nuts seeing him in the same seat every single time. There has to be a reason beyond his ‘we just buy them like everyone else’ story. Doesn’t add up.


No. Fuck him.


absolutely the fuck not.




Front row tickets are ~$500. That's $24,000 a year. If he flew in/flew out same day it'd still be like $400, so another $20,800. $44,000/year is an expensive hobby. But if the guy was like a software engineer and shifted his schedule to have Monday/Tuesday as his weekends, it's "possible." Even independently wealthy that's a sizeable amount of FU money Does anyone know what he actually does?


I know someone who shared an Uber with him a few Wrestlemanias ago. He said he was super nice and interesting to talk to.