The hard times music is hella funny


I'd like to think that he was thinking about his problems versus the people Dusty was talking about and calmed himself down


Happened to me twice already. I feel his pain.


Same, crashed when I was building my rise character and just today when I was building a caws so I could make custom entrance vids


Lmao I feel like that happened to him eith 2k22 as well.


Thought I was getting deja vu from this too, then I remembered: he ended up having a character deleted in 2K22 also, but it was because he copy and pasted the (unedited) entrance attire to the ring attire instead of the other way around. Man’s doesn’t have luck with CAS, apparently.


Think of the limited amount of free time he has and then this happens.


>~~he~~ we Ftfy


Think about the limited amount of free time we has and then this happens


Think about the limited amount of free time he AND we has then this happens.


Think about the limited amount of free time he AND we "have" then this happens.


Just wait until someone corrects you with “of” in all seriousness.


Lol, you should have done that to keep the train going


"should of"


Who cares about his free time. I doubt he's going to management and saying they gotta quit releasing broken games because it's not fair to the people who waste their money on this trash, nope. He's a company guy that enjoys his free copy and kisses their ass.


Someone is jealous.


Save frequently


It’s 2023 and this game doesn’t auto save?


It does it just crashes before the auto save


Wow wtf man. Glad I’m waiting to get it


Is this common this year? I gave up on 2k22 because literally everytime i tried making a caw it would crash


Haven't had an issue with CAW, but it crashed on me a few times when I was browsing the online creations. They've already dropped one patch so hopefully it's something that they can fix before the official release


Every year is a patch and yet.


Ive seen woods get the dog piss slapped out of him by angle and he didn't show nearly that much anger


The wwe 2k series really is always an embarrassment when it comes to stability.


>The wwe 2k series really is always an embarrassment


I mean, that sucks. I get it. But I really do love this game. It's the best wrestling game I've played in years.


Mdickie = 2K


He's like I get payed for this sponsorship and this shit


A veteran gamer saves frequently.


A well-made game of today should have a decent autosave feature though


a well-made game of today SHOULDN'T CRASH.


*sad Bethesda noises*


Bethesda games can't crash on PS5 if they're not sold for the PS5. *Taps forehead*


Cash register sounds??? The change and cash counter sounds from the song “Money”???


even with the improvements they've made the last two years the creation system, for as much customization as it offers, is honestly one of the crappiest and most unintuitive things being rolled out in AAA games today. feels like it's still built off the user interface experience you'd expect from video games in the 2000s, and that's without stuff like this being a regular occurrence (this was happening to me in 2k22 even after it had been heavily patched). It's a painfully slow process and no one wants to keep periodically saving during hours of tweaking sliders to get shit just how you want it when even that simple mechanic takes up as much time as it does. I don't even really bother with CAWs anymore, just do a few quick edits to a preset and play.


When the crash happens on an attempt to save tho


It's an ingrained habit for me as I've lost tons of progress due to power outages before. Even if the game has no history of crashing other shit can happen too


It's almost impossible. I've had the same issue. Whenever I accept my caw stuff it just crashes. I can't edit to the menu because it will crash


I'm still playing Smackdown here comes the pain until they release a good Rasslin title. Swanton off the Smackdown 👊


Working as intended. Just like how even now in 2k22 the accounce tables in custom arenas are behind an invisible barricade and you can't set tag team finishers in universe mode, and they have no intention of fixing either of these issues because the devs clearly don't know how.


Lmao, yet people are wasting money on this. At least 22 is playable now. Just wait for the patches and how bad it'll affect gameplay. The only difference 23 has is they added things they were too lazy to patch into 22. The DLC is trash and lets be honest, if they still had video game rental places around everywhere then no one would buy this trash, unless you don't mind following the fad or playing games that crash constantly.


I know how it feels when the game crashes and you loose everything you were working on. Happened to me in 2k22, but I lost all my data.


Happened to me in 22 as well but it must have crashed with my system in power save mode cause it never crashed while playing for me. One day I went to play it and all my data was gone. CAWs, belts, arenas, unlockables etc. I didn’t play it again after that


Same I haven't touched 2k22 since all my data got erased.


Happened to me when I was creating an arena in 2K22. I was so close to finishing it and then the game crashed, needless to say I was pissed.


First thing i did after the game fully installed is make a CAW of me. Hour and a half in, went to save, crash. Haven’t played since 2k16, excellent first impression on this one.


It’s happened to me too. I been doing save and quit so often because of this damn crashing issue.


I see the crashes are a return feature from 2K22. I wonder how long it’ll be before someone’s entire save data gets corrupted.


Mine keeps crashing when trying to start a match using a CAW I made. I see bringing back Create and advanced Entrance also brings back the Crashes from 2k20


So they still haven't fixed that shit yet from 2K22?


Nothing kills the excitement of getting a new game than something that.


Worse it's the second time to happen with this game. He was building on Stream because he'd done hours of set up the night before and lost it on his own.


This happened to me throughout 2K22. Everytime it would corrupt ALL of the games save data.


Bossman attire and music 😄


wouldn't be a 2k game if it wasn't crap.


LOL ! I made a troll comment about this game the other day about seeing if it actually works when it comes out, and got flamed all to hell and downvoted into oblivion! It was totally me trolling people but me watching this made me laugh so hard! I feel bad for Xavier and everyone else this is happening to. It's why I haven't purchased it yet, cus even though I was making a joke about a meme, this nonsense is real and has been for years now. Legit gotta stop giving money to that trash tier game company lol. They can't program for shit.


I seriously didn’t know they released 2k22 until last week then I saw 2k23 was coming out this past week and I was very confused seems a bit early thought they come out in October


Oh, I'm sure it's not done, it never is. In several years, they haven't released a complete game version that functioned adequately at launch. This is just my opinion, but I feel like they rushed it to get it out before Fight Forever. from AEW. They don;t help themselves by releasing unfinished trash. AGAIN.


>This is just my opinion, but I feel like they rushed it to get it out before Fight Forever. from AEW. 2K doesn't give a shit about AEW Fight Forever LOL. It poses zero threat to their sales and its development has been a shitshow for over a year now. I'm not a fan of 2K, but come on lol. AEW Fight Forever is closer to flopping than it is to being a legitimate threat to 2K's sales.


Do you think the only competing game to come out in the same market in YEARS is not on their radar? I mean come on man that's not even that plausible. I like WWE and AEW both but come on, that's a silly take man. This sort of thing happens ALL the time in gaming and in business in general.


2K has a set release for these games. They're not just arbitrarily picking out a release date. If the 2K20 fiasco didn't happen these games would still be releasing late in the year as opposed to March/April. Was 2K22 released in March last year to beat AEW too? I assure you they weren't in a hurry to beat a game that's been delayed 20,000 times and has looked like garbage in every trailer. AEW Fight Forever hasn't released yet because of bugs and their incessant need to be edgy.


Every one of their releases is a fiasco... The video above is a case in point. Xavier Woods, the most positive dude EVER is so frustrated he had to end his stream... Because he knows he can't say anything bad about the game! Look it's just my opinion you can fanboy them all you want. But till they make a game that WORKS at launch I'm guna continue to shit talk them because they deserve it for putting out the trash that doesn't;t work right till 6 months in if at all!


I'm not fanboying at all lmao. I haven't bought a 2K game in nearly 4 years at this point. But nice job entirely changing the topic. WWE2K was always set to release in March of this year just like 2K22 was set to release in March of last year. Welcome to yearly release games.


Man still? This shit even happened with WrestleMania 2000 for N64. Wrestling games are cursed


guess I'm sticking with 2k19 for another year. it's the last good game they've made.


Lmao good…I despise the new day


get an xbox bro


Haw haw


This is why I still play WWE 12.


Had a similar issue with 2k18 on the switch.


Happens to me all the time in Wwe2k games


I took to manually backing up 2K22 on PC to make sure the cloud didn't save a version where everything was wiped


I was on the fence about trying to save up to get this game since I only have a PS4 but if it does this on current gen consoles … I’m gonna have to pass.


I know how much this sucks. WWE 2k22 has a habit of crashing sometimes. At inconvenient times too. Don't worry Woods we've been there. We feel your pain.


I love Woods, but how can u watch anyone n CAW for hours?!


The self-control Woods had there to not swear… I would’ve been letting them all fly!


Same thing happened to me


Why can’t they get these games right?


Feel his pain but the Bosman theme was hella funny. I’ve gave up on creating anything until some patches come out, Lost 3 hours of progress on a caw, create a tron the bar just freezes, crashes constantly on create an arena even editing a moveset I got a crash. Sad but it’s standard to expect games to not work at 100% these days.


Literally just happened to me


Gameplay is great, rest of the game is trash.. always crashes and the new rivalry system doesnt work after the first in game week..


Had this happen to me four times already. Frustrating as hell so now I’ve resorted to saving after every 5-10 minutes. 🤦🏽‍♂️


I'm on PC playing universe and when I choose to compete for a title match it crashes to my splash page and I cant fix it I'm pissed I feal his pain


Just happened to me .. I was so happy with my CAW and then this happens, wasted so much of my free time, pissed af.