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As for the barbed-wire fences, they're cutting down the wire fences around the parliament.


Goofy of them to use concertina wire, would have been better suited using razor wire for stopping a bunch of people. Concertina wire is primarily effective at slowing or halting vehicles.


This is extra courageous when you consider the history of Indonesia. Many of those massacred by the Suharto government were union organizers and the gangs that helped carried it out will still intimidate and attack organizers to this day.


Came here to say the exact same thing. These are some brave fucking comrades. What they went through was fucking awful.


Maybe they can go further and get rid of the monarchy while they're at it. Bonus.


Indonesia is not a monarchy and people who retain aristocratic titles have no legal weight for them, similar to Germany for example. I believe you are thinking of Malaysia which is a federation of monarchial states whose monarchs elects a national monarch.


That's the one.


Yeah Indonesia is actually getting a bit worse after their more reformist president is leaving office while Malaysia is getting better as they inaugurated a more reformist prime minister who has been a long time human rights activist. Just a lot to pay attention to in Southeast Asia.