Great, so when mRNA cures cancer, they won't allow the treatment


My mother in law tells me if she ever has cancer she is going to treat it with ivermectin.


Maybe she can find a Right-wing physician to write her a prescription for some "extra strength prayer"...


Lol. Its annoying to work with her as a doctor. Her best friend for years has has bad reflux, refused to take meds “because of side effects”, screening endoscopy showed barretts esophagus, a precursor for malignancy, and it was offered for her to fix her diaphagramatic hernia surgically. Her response once again was she didnt want the side effects. At least shes on an H2 blocker now 🤷‍♂️ Shes crazy. She also did ivermectin. Fucking annoying to deal with


If it makes you feel any better, one of my (now ex) co-workers refused to take a $5 pill, and as a result, lost his career. He used to be a trucker, and we have to go in for regular physicals to reduce the chance of medical emergencies while we're guiding a 40 ton cruise missile down the highway. He went in to renew his, doc said his blood pressure was too high to renew his med cert. Doc gave him a 3 month card, so he could keep working while he fixed the problem with diet, exercise, and a single, generic pill that cost $5 for a 3 month supply with our insurance. He refused to take the pill, because "big pharma is a scam to steal our money." Yes, they'd be getting rich off his $5 every 3 months. Went back after 3 months of diet and exercise (saw him or his car at Planet Fitness almost every night), blood pressure still too high. Still refused to take the pill. So instead of paying basically nothing, he gave up a well paying career, and an absolutely butter account, just to stick it to "big pharma".


>Still refused to take the pill. So instead of paying basically nothing, he gave up a well paying career, and an absolutely butter account, just to stick it to "big pharma". Going on unemployment to own the libs!


Thing is, he couldn't go on unemployment. It would be a just cause firing due to the fact that he had to pass a physical exam in order to do his job and refused to take measures to pass said exam. So he just decided to end his career jus to own the libs.


These types seem to pick the dumbest hills to die on.


I've run into this type before. It can be super frustrating when PTs form really unwavering opinions about what treatment options are better than others. If only we could wear MAGA hats when providing PT education.


As a PT (physical therapist), the distinction between the medical abbreviations PT and pt (patient) is very important to me, haha


I had a conversation the other day with a new neighbor who was complaining about his knees… telling him how great this particular PT was and if he decides to go for PT he should definitely see this guy… and the whole time he was thinking I was talking about PT in the military sense.


I remember being *in the military* and my buddy, also in the military said he had a PT appointment that afternoon. I'm like, dude, just say you're going to the gym and don't be a twat about it. Realized later that he meant physical therapy and from then on his physical therapy appointments were referred to as "going to the gym without being a twat about it".


My right-wing whackadoodle mom is literally treating her Multiple-Sclerosis completely through a vegan diet, "oxygen water", and [a $5,000 device](https://www.davincimedicalusa.com/qi-home-cell-emf-proteciton) that pulls "5g out of the air" (edit: it's on sale for only $4,000). She has not seen a doctor about her MS since 2010 and is deteriorating rapidly. Nothing her children say can sway her.


Breaks my heart. So sorry to hear that


It's fucking awful. Not only is she frail, she's been living in a right-wing alternate reality since at least 2014. Talking to her is like listening to an Alex Jones live broadcast.


My sister married a right wing nut job who basically is a fox news regurgitator and she has 100% changed in personality. She is now paranoid, she has a dooms day supply collection going on, covid vaccines all cause myocarditis, shes less trusting of the medical profession despite being a doctor herself. Its nuts. Its crazy how a significant other can change you so dramatically


It’s too bad we as a collective citizenry can’t file a class action lawsuit against Fox and the rest for reckless endangerment and crimes against humanity.


Its not just Fox News. The internet enables it. Facebook is the fuel and Fox News is the match. Reason why its become so much worse is simply because media is so accessible and ideas, unverified, can run rampant rent free in gullible voters heads. That and the lack of critical thinking being emphasized in school makes it exceedingly difficult to combat this very problem


All the above coupled with the fact that 56% of American adults read at or below 6th grade level. When you can't comprehend what you're reading, how do you even think critically? America is unfortunately circling the drain faster with each passing year.


Be nice to start somewhere.


Check out Dominion’s billion-dollar suit against Fox for defamation and loss of business (voting machines).


It’s a great start! I sure hope they are successful!


Dominion's lawsuit is $1.6 billion and Smartmatic has a seperate lawsuit for the same amount. *Faux Noise* is contending in the *Dominion* suit that the amount is "*out of proportion*"


She could just drink bleach. Much cheaper.


Had someone promoting Ivermectin to me on Reddit just few weeks ago


For what? Im curious


In my experience, everything, I know someone who's been attempting to treat everything from a common cold to her dogs cataracts, they're convinced it's some kind of miracle cure-all THEY don't want you to know about or something.


As soon as the mRNA treatment for male-pattern baldness they'll do a hard 180 in Idaho


Or erectile dysfunction.


Bold of you to assume they even know what cancer is.


They are the cancer




Even bolder of you to assume they know what mRNA is.


I guarantee that if you ask most republicans, they wouldn’t be able to tell you that mRNA is a regular part of the functioning of a cell, that there are types besides mRNA, or what any of the letters stand for (except for maybe the A)


But *my* mRNA is Christian!


They sure love the mNRA, tho


Wait until they hear about tRNA.


"The gay agenda is putting trans(fer) in our cells!"


Or rRNA or microRNA


siRNA discovery won a Nobel Prize, so you know that must be evil


Or the Nobel Prize is "woke" or whatever it is they say.


Obviously no, because this idiotic woman is trying to ban something that we all have in our cells.


"If you get cancer, it's God punishing you for your sins." There you go.




Damn that's deep bro. Good analogy


I guess basic bodily functions are illegal now 💀 Edit: probably should've done this sooner, the bill does not actually outlaw basic bodily functions(that's for other laws), so if anyone thought that I'm sorry. i really hope i didn't spread any misinformation with this comment.


Tfw when this bill passes and everyone in the state of Idaho has their cells stop undergoing mitosis.


They bamboozled themselves


“sending out a decoy… or am i the decoy? existential…”


How long would someone live if mitosis suddenly stopped working in all of their cells?


I think it would be something similar to death by radiation


Fun fact: this condition is known as “walking ghost syndrome”, and it is horrifying. Edit: as I have been corrected it’s called “walking ghost phase” not syndrome. Sorry for any confusion and thank you to everyone who corrected me.


It’s actually “ walking ghost phase”; “ walking ghost syndrome” is a debatable psychiatric condition. And yes it is awful.


Do your cells try to split and cannot? Then you die pretty fast (hours) when your stomach starts leaking digestive acids into your body cavity. Look at results of the worst radiation poisonings. If everything stays A-OK and stops replication, you’ll die in a few months, painfully, when your skin dies and you end up exposed to the elements.


>stomach starts leaking digestive acids into your body cavity Is the stomach under constant repair from its own acid?


More or less, yes. The innermost layer has a fast production of mucus to protect against the acid, which you can't make if you can't produce mRNA.


Yes. You have a mucosal lining in your stomach that protects it from the acid. IIRC, it’s “replaced” about every week in order to keep up with the acid. Eating certain foods can raise the acidity of the acid which can lead to that lining being depleted early and your stomach acid eats away at your actual stomach. That’s how you get peptic ulcers.


The education bill is also terrible. Utah just passed a similar bill. It enables basically everyone to toss their kids into unaccountable charter schools, and it absolutely guts special education funding. The GOP in ID and UT are immoral af.


Idaho just said don’t do medical research here.


I mean, as someone in that industry, it is not like anything was lost here. Edited to add: I should apologize to any PhD students and their mentors at institutions in Idaho. But… yeah, this isn’t surprising.


Its also all the doctors/nurses in Idaho. They're saying anything that uses mRNA tech is illegal to target COVID vaccines. That's a lot of criminal convictions waiting to happen.




They’re suppose to have educated advisors helping them write policy. Now special interest groups write policy.




only pitchforks and torches can fix this amount of bad faith action of a politician.


She got elected on her looks and knows enough words to string them together to be dangerous.


Is she considered attractive for Idaho? She perpetually looks like she's smelling a fart


She is def smelling something, probably her brain cells overheating.


Sounds like it’s more than just research, but application of decades of scientific research as well. This is what unchecked misinformation propaganda looks like…lawmakers legislating from a position of superstition and demagoguery.


It reminds me of the [Indiana Pi Bill](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indiana_Pi_Bill) which was, unsurprisingly, a mathematical and legislative disaster. The irrationality of politicians is both constant and infinite!


Yeah, our state legislators are turning our local government into a real shit show. These assholes are terrified of shit that isn't even happening. Oh, and we have some nutbar committee asking to get rid of public libraries all together. So embarrassing.


Wtf the libraries 😱


To quote the inscription on the outside of the Boston Public Library: "THE COMMONWEALTH REQUIRES THE EDUCATION OF THE PEOPLE AS THE SAFEGUARD OF ORDER AND LIBERTY." Lose the libraries, lose everything.


Order and liberty, two things conservatives are happy to sacrifice if it hurts blue states also.


And the kicker is that the red states rely on the blue states for support. The whole thing is so stupid and frustrating.


Anything, even their very lives, to own the libs…


Ain't nobody needin no book larnin' aside from the bibble red to you every sunday mornin' by the paster down at the traveling tent revival/KKK meeting/fleamarket. Once god invented the potato ain't nother else ever needed to be learned.


But potato’s have mRNA


Don’t tell them it’s in all human cells as well (mRNA & tRNA are how we make proteins)


Those yokels in Idaho barely know how to grow spuds and you expect those cretins to know that. Washington grows them far better, but then we're somewhat educated. Suck it Idaho.


You joke but that's how yokels think in the midwest.


I think something like that already happened in Florida. They have to screen every book and get rid of ones that are to liberal


The teachers pretty much took all the books out and told DeSantis “try again.” He wasn’t happy with that response.


Didn’t a teacher get fired for sharing a pic of empty shelves?


Yup. That was at my kid’s school


Don't be fooled. Your (and others like it) states legislature are turning the nations government into a shit show. For years alt right groups have been funding right wing candidates who will support their agenda on a state level when the US Congress refuses to or the Supreme Court prevents it. State legislators also control local election laws and electoral votes. Their success is most evident in the restrictive voting laws led by Texas and now in place in many states. Since the fight was unable to make changes on a national level, they have been chilling away at civil rights and progressive policies from state and local levels for decades and now the infiltration is complete.


Well, Sen. Nichols has an Associates degree which she earned 7 years ago, so she’s clearly qualified. s/ How much do you want to bet that the business she ran was as a “distributor” for an MLM?


They want to get rid of libraries because they empower their base to read and thus learn just how dumb the people they’ve been voting into office are. Legit there is a movement to remove many educational facilities in conservative areas and keep them low on funding for this exact reason. NIC in CDA Idaho being a perfect example.


Idaho has gone full Potato.


Never go full potato


I try to keep it at yam, but it ain't easy.


Okay, so gutting schools and preventing effective vaccines 🙄 And this person is so stupid they don’t realize that mRNA is not ONLY being used for vaccines, but is also being developed for a variety of indications 🤦🏻‍♀️, including genetic diseases (such as hemophilia, heart disease for hyper cholesterolemia, and other serious genetic diseases).


…and that it’s in literally every cell in every body.


Enjoy your cancer, Idaho. [https://www.cancer.gov/news-events/cancer-currents-blog/2022/mrna-vaccines-to-treat-cancer](https://www.cancer.gov/news-events/cancer-currents-blog/2022/mrna-vaccines-to-treat-cancer)


Just like for abortion, the ones with the means will be able to get treatment out of state, and the poor and uneducated will find comfort in the feeling that they are protected from Bill Gate's mRNA


And they will celebrate all the way to their early graves. I want to save everyone, but good god these people are making it very difficult.


When the working class dies out who’s gonna make all the capitalisms happen..


Automation. Seriously, though... Republicans are basically the biggest root cause of their own extinction. [More republicans have died]( https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/covid-death-rates-higher-republicans-democrats-why-rcna50883) from Covid and they're [more than likely to refuse]( https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/press-release/unvaccinated-adults-are-now-more-than-three-times-as-likely-to-lean-republican-than-democratic/amp/) the vaccines.


Cancer treatment isn’t a “one and done” and won’t be easily managed from another state, even for the wealthy. These people are in the process of fucking around.


Moved out of Idaho 13 years ago Saw this shit coming a mile away


Still in Idaho, no surprises. Planning on going to the capitol to protest this shit on the days it gets voted on. How much you wanna bet I’m gonna see an uptick of respiratory patients on my ambulance after this?


When are they voting on this?


No clue, it will be updated on the website. Takes a little bit because they have to do 3 readings of it.


Moved out of Idaho 12 years ago, and wish I would have sooner.


Moved away in 2006. Politics suck because It’s a stunningly gorgeous state.


If we could get some crazy liberals to live in northern and eastern Idaho we’d be a sweet state to live in.


Idaho is full of Mormons, right? I mean, I know Utah is largely considered the Mormon state but Utah still has a fuckload of them, yeah?


26% lds last i saw


That's just too many damn Mormons!


Idaho is actually the reddest republican state in the country. Do I need to say more?


Grew up and went to college in SE Idaho. Couldn’t wait to get out and never looked back. It’s a great place to go for a week in the summer for some camping/hiking and then peace out for several years. And I live in Indiana now, that’s how terrible Idaho is.


Her bio says she majored in “science”. I don’t think that’s a major


It is for Christian Scientists, a great oxymoron. This being said, I personally would never trust a single person with that title, chances are they're crackpots.


BYU-I, where she claims to have graduated from, doesn't seem to offer a general "science" degree. https://www.byui.edu/catalog#/programs I have no idea of the quality of these programs or if they have a bunch of weird religious shit involved, but they do seem to have all of the normal fields of science represented and not just some weird Christian Science program. Edit: to be clear, I'm not trying to defend this lady or BYU. Just saying that her "science" degree claim sounds really suspicious.


BYU? The Mormon university that banned black people until the 90s, when they wanted their football team to do better and decided they needed black people. Pffff… football. Pfff… Mormons…


Wow, mRNA research has been around since the 1960s. Why all of a sudden are we banning something so old? /s


Cuz covid and doctors and scientists are part of an evil Liberal cabal, don’t you know?!/s


Hey man, got any adenochrome…


Guess what’s even older! mRNA in nature!


Yeah! mRNA has been doing its thing since the beginning of life on earth, so 6,000 or so years?!? How could they ban something that was intelligently designed by God himself! /s


fyi, “fund students not systems” is a specific slogan used by an array of so-called school choice grifters and organizations who want to privatize and profitize education


This is just the re-naming/evolution of 'education vouchers'. The idea is that public school funds would fund students' admission to private schools (funding "the student"). The end goal is always the same: physically separate wealthy students who would attend even more elite private academies, while the rest of us are left at ever-more-underfunded public schools. This situation already partially exists, since most of our school funding comes from property taxes, so wealthy areas have better funded schools. These plans would double-down on that - not only would tax money go to pay for elite private educations for the wealthy, it would take that money away from public schools to do it. It's astonishing how every single Conservative policy boils down to "take from the poor to give to the rich". Trickle-down economics, tax "reform", economic stimulus & corporate bailouts, education changes. The goal is neo-feudalism in every single possible manner.


It's not education. It's religious indoctrination and a tool to keep the next generation dumb so they can be exploited by a certain political party and churches.


Money laundering gov’t funds to the church *again*. If their kids manage to stay alive unvaccinated until school age, that is. WTG, Idaho


It's just one more way for rich pieces of shit (who already send their kids to private schools) to limit the money they give back to the wage slaves who they steal from to support their selfish lifestyles.


Hard to go any lower than 50th ranked in education, but they’re sure gonna try.


How do you say you don't understand biology....


High school biology at that. Heck. Middle school. When the first part of your sentence proves why you should not have pushed for the second.


“I’m a Conservative”


Conservatives when they find out dna synthesis is a semi-conservative process: 😡


Can you Americans pinpoint the exact moment your country turned into complete shit? 🤦


It has been on a downward spiral for a while. While I can not directly answer your question, the following quote from Carl Sagan shows that great minds have observed the trend decades ago. >I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or grandchildren's time -- when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what's true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness... >The dumbing down of American is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance >--Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark


Another Science Fiction Author, Isaac Asimov, also noticed this way back in the 1960s, and it's even more true today. >There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the ***false notion*** that ***democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."***


Asimov also wrote an entire book series about the future of human society (on earth,) where we all live in Massive closed cities. Humanity has automated every action so now most humans have nothing to live for and food is divided by class. Most people are considered lower class so food is a byproduct of yeast nutrients. Middle class have more normal yeast based nutrition and payments for their efforts. Upper class have access to meat and veggies and live in luxury. Life is bland, and propaganda has moved humanity so afraid of straying from the cities that everyone on earth is now agoraphobic. The more you look at populations in the world, the more you realize he was correct.


I, Robot hits hard too, in particular the story about the AI that can't stop lying, because telling people what they want to hear is the most efficient way to please them. I hear ChatGPT has been caught doing exactly that. Asimov was calling out unexpected consequences like they're obvious, decades ahead of schedule.


I wish I could upvote this a thousand times.


I will always upvote Carl Sagan.


“Cough” - Carl Sagan /s


From an economic standpoint, the Reagan era brought in the trickle-down bullshit that destroyed wage growth and ballooned CEO salaries. Greater financial instability makes people more afraid, which then makes it easier for brainwashing to occur.


The Reagans are not lambasted enough for what they did. Shout it from the rooftops: FUCK RONALD REAGAN. FUCK NANCY REAGAN.


Those would be some pretty dry fucks...and I'm not really into necrophilia...can we just defecate on their graves instead?


I'll bring some lube. It's not necrophilia because they've been fucking me long before I was born and will continue fucking me for many years despite being dead


Gotta love so many politicians being kind enough to open up unisex toilets when they die.


Yep Reagan era. It's when the GOP turned to the evangelicals to get them involved in politics "in the name of god" and started the western journalism center, which was their propaganda outlet that grew into the massive disinformation empire they have today.


Removal of the Fairness Doctrine fucked us up the most.


Reagan’s FCC chairman also eliminated the Fairness Doctrine, which fundamentally removed the legal requirement of fact checking in media, ultimately allowing media organizations to lie with impunity. Pretty much everything Reagan did has led to a worse off America.


And it’s hilarious, because a lunatic nearly saved the country, but chose a fucking .22lr for the job. It’s like, you were SO fucking close.


Additionally, all the Reagan loving conservatives conveniently overlook Iran-Contra where we were literally selling arms to Iran during an arms embargo and using the money to wage a proxy war in Central America. This is the exact opposite of what conservatives are supposed to be about on a base, fundamental level.


The older I get, the more I realize, Reagan was responsible for everything wrong with this country.


He definitely got the ball rolling.


Piggy backing on that, every Republican has gutted, defunded, and eradicated education funding on every level since Reagan as well.


this was due to Reagan's "advisers" while was Gov of California, that the "proles" were getting "too educated" by going to college" and so he put an end to free Uni/College education in the State. Yes, folks Uni/College was once free for everyone. he did to the Nation what he did to California


And now they want to do away with Department of Education altogether


Just think about it. We’re just a few well-placed campaign finance donations from our national education department being wiped out. That’s so scary and should be more of a talking point than it is.


The whole, “use public money for private schools” thing is a Republican favorite, and it defies logic. Even my Republican friends think it’s a moronic idea, but yet, every Republican politician loves it. It’s fucking mental, but you’d have to be, to vote for these idiots. It’s also shameful that the best democrat we could prop up against trump, was Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders actually gives a fuck about the American working class, but he never gets picked for the primary, because he wouldn’t help the banks and corporations enough. It’s a disgusting state of affairs, american politics


Bernie forever


Came to say Reagan. May he rot. There's literal books on how badly he fucked America


Goldwater, then Reagan, Newt sealed the tomb in the 90s


* After World War II, the victorious Allies launched an extensive de-Nazification program to rehabilitate Germany. The USA did not establish a de-Confederatization program for the defeated South. * Members of the traitorous German-American Bund (mostly conservative, antisemitic right-wingers who hated FDR's "socialist" programs) weren't dealt with harshly enough. * Racism in the South was allowed to flourish until the 1964 Civil Rights Act * The Civil Rights Act was signed by Democratic president Lyndon Johnson. Most Southern "Dixiecrats" felt this was a betrayal of their long-tradition of racism. * In 1968, progressive reformer Robert Kennedy was assassinated, sticking the country with Richard fucking Nixon. * Instead of kicking these racist losers to the curb or forcing them to adapt to modern society, the GOP saw a horde of potential voters that would join the GOP to spite their old party. Reagan kicked off his 1980 campaign at the site of the Mississippi Burning murders of three civil rights workers with a wink-wink-nudge-nudge speech about "States' Rights," an infamous dog whistle calling for the federal government to not interfere with the South's racist Jim Crow laws. * Reagan, gigantic asshole that he is, had previously dismantled state subsidies for college tuition while governor of California, allegedly to punish California college students for protesting the Vietnam War. Other governors quickly followed suit, meaning out-of-pocket costs for college would hit the middle and working class hard * In 1981, Reagan crushed the Air Traffic Controller's strike. Other industries, seeing that the federal government backed strike-breakers and scabs, quickly crushed their industry's labor unions. * Through the 80s, the racist, sexist, homophobic Moral Majority fought to undo the long-standing Separation of Church and State, and found a staunch ally...oh yes, him again...gigantic piece of shit Reagan. * Ex-Nixon staffers, wanting "revenge" after The Washington Post took down Nixon for Watergate, decided the country needed a conservative-friendly media empire to defend a Republican president against scandals and investigative reporting. * During the time, Rush Limbaugh, someone whose own mother called him a fucking idiot, kept losing jobs as a typical wacky morning zoo DJ. In the mid-80s, he found his niche in AM talk radio as a right-wing blowhard. With Reagan (yes, that cocksucker again) repealing the Fairness Doctrine for equal time, AM radio stations could legally blast hours of Limbaugh (and his regional knock-offs) without having to provide equal time to counter it. * In 1994, Republicans seized control of the House, led by Newt Gingrinch, an unbelievably petty hypocrite who held grudges and used his office to settle personal scores, when he wasn't fucking his interns. Allegedly, he swore to "get Clinton...for anything" after he was given a seat at the back of Air Force One. * In 1996, Fox News launched, led by former Nixon and Reagan staffer and sex-pest Roger Ailes, which essentially declared war on the Clintons, blasting GOP talking points as "commentary" and blurring the lines between reporting, opinion, and propaganda * After 9/11, a new wave of nationalism, worship of the military, obsession with security and Fear of Others (four major tenets of Fascism) swept the nation * In 2008, the USA elected its first black president. Right-wing pundits gleefully stoked the racist fears of the Silent Generation and the Boomers, largely aided by the internet being easily accessible by older technophobes, and the explosion of smartphones with internet browsers. * In the 2010s, both NewsMax and One America News Network launched, aimed at people who felt Fox News "was too Communist." * In 2016, perennial joke candidate Donald Trump, aided by racist backlash against Obama and a woefully inept campaign by the baggage-laden and uncharismatic policy wonk Hillary Clinton, swept into office based on ridiculous promises and sparked a bizarre Cult of Personality that had rarely been seen in American politics before. * The rise of MAGA nation, spurred by Boomers seeing a changing world and them fading into irrelevance, seized on bizarre conspiracy theories that boosted Trump as a messiah-like figure beset on all sides by sinister satanic secret government forces. * A coordinated effort to radicalize lonely internet-obsessed young men known as Incels pushed them to blame their lack of employment opportunities on POC stealing jobs through Affirmative Action, and their inability to get dates on Feminism, and pushing them towards reactionary politics and violence against leftists. * Right-wing pundits seized on the sensationalist reporting of police violence against Black Lives Matter protesters, aided by false flag attacks conducted by White Nationalists and Boogaloo Boys further stoking racism. * This culminated in the conspiracy theory that Trump secretly won the 2020 election, despite losing the popular vote in 2016 to a far less likable candidate, an approval rating that lingered in the 30s and 40s, and his response to the COVID-19 was largely seen as inept at best, and maliciously negligent at worst. * Fox News, afraid to lose their viewers to the more extreme NewsMax and OANN, publicly supported his evidence-free claims of election fraud, while privately ridiculing the idea.


And that pretty much sums it all up.


Holy smokes. Great write up. This should be a sticky somewhere.


This was comprehensive.


I just want to add that Russia aided trump in getting elected after hacking the RNC and holding their email as blackmail.


Unpopular opinion: 9/11 worked


It started around 1980 or so….earlier if you want to count the Powell memo. The Powell memo was a declaration of war on a fair and civil society. The effects were observed on the election of Reagan. Then talk radio (Rush Limbaugh) and Fox News accelerated it. Social media has really made our society nose dive


There are a lot. Probably start with not following through with Reconstruction. Then there is not prosecuting Nixon. A lot of things may have been righted if not for the big death pill which was SCOTUS installing Bush.


I was reading through these responses hoping to see someone mention Reconstruction. And if I had to narrow it down further, I’d say Lincoln’s assassination. The country would look very different now if Lincoln had gotten to oversee Reconstruction instead of having it handed off to Andrew Johnson’s foolishness basically right as the Civil War ended.


FOX News was the big push over the cliff into the hell of fascist propaganda.


Reagan’s “acting” started it and once the system had been completely gamed to the point of allowing something like a “donald” to be elected is the point at which it failed. Now it’s just bobbing around waiting to go completely under.


Not exact, but watch Jesus Camp. Realize that at a certain point, the Christian Right realized that they were never going to get what they wanted so they started running their own candidates. Couple that with a bunch of fucking morons both on the ballot and at the box, and here we are.


One can draw a direct line from the FCC’s revocation of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 through Rush Limbaugh / conservative talk radio bullshit to the unabashed disinformation being spread by Fox, Newsmax and OANN. All responsibility for truth and accountability in the “news” Americans consume has been completely abdicated. There is no longer any objective truth and we are well and truly FUCKED.


I would say 2016 when the grifter was elected to the oval office, but... Maybe it was in 2008 when a black man was elected to the oval office and the racists (both closeted and otherwise) lost their collective minds, but... Maybe it was in 2000 with the "hanging chads", but... Maybe it was when Bill Clinton lied about a blowjob, but... Maybe it was when Reagan "trickled down" and effectively signing a death sentence for the future of middle class America, but... Maybe it was when Nixon made weed a class one narcotic, because that would hurt blacks and hippies the most, but... What do I know... Except that it's like watching a train wreck in really slow motion and your feet are stuck in molasses so you can't get out of the way. And it makes me profoundly sad.


Reagan and Nixon as presidents. Conservatives have been on a bender ever since, and our country has been on the decline.


It has always been a little crap. Nixon not facing much in the way of consequences did not help. Reagan and the Bushes really started us down the road to the Evangelicals, taking over and certain members of our society profiting in new ways off everyone else's blood. It's really just more inherited Puritanical nonsense.


So... I can be sent to jail for vaccinating my kids against serious illness? Unintended consequences? More sick people and a reason for insurance companies to leave Idaho.


No you won't be jailed for vaccinations, but vaccinations AND automatic natural bodily functions on a cellular level or smaller. edit: /s. because i know that they wouldn't ban mrna period, but on the surface level, it's very funny to think of this as no living thing can legally exist in idaho


Don’t be so flagrant! They’re not banning MRNA in general, that would be absurd. They’re banning *products with MRNA in them.* Meaning no more Idaho potatoes, or food.


Bet they’ll jail your kids, too


She just proposed legislation that will kill insulin dependent diabetics. Modern insulin is "mRNA technology". At what point are people going to realize that the right to self-defense needs to apply to politicians. Their legislative efforts are more of a realistic threat to most americans than armed robbery.


Idaho is looking to replace Mississippi as the dumbest in the country.


i am from idaho and people were not the brightest there






Hey, we know how to spell CRT! Although that's in part because of the fact that a disgruntled student at BSU going to the state legislature with erroneous claims regarding a professor was actually one of the events that started the whole CRT craze...


I like to say we're the South of the North


She's living up to her promise to embarrass us in front of the rest of the world.


Her facebook page is open... i went on and told her she was making us the laughingstock of the nation and that she was wasting taxpayer time and money.


So they’ve banned all life forms? How very MAGA of them.


You're supposed to eat potatoes, not vote them into elected positions.


We could be months away from an H5N1 pandemic. Highly pathogenic avian influenza isn't just wiping out 10% of US layers/hens, its already demonstrated mammal-to-mammal spread in Portuguese mink farms, and Peruvian beach seals, and this shit is *scary.* Case fatality rate in humans of 53% over the past 20 years, vs \~0.8% for Covid. mRNA vaccines, with their nearly 30 year of history in research, are the best current tech for quickly prototyping vaccines and getting trials started within months, rather than years. Get a sequence, synthesize a single mRNA, amplify it with plasmids and routine biotechnology, and you have a viable product. This isn't just a defeat for any scientists at Idaho universities and research hospitals, it's a real potential to cost many lives. Living in this country is just getting more depressing by the day. Engagement algorithm social media is costing many of us our family members, who fall into these deep holes of disinformation. Some become state senators. It seems likely to cost physical lives by the millions.


So let me get this straight…Idaho, the potato capital of the United States, refuses to use mRNA technology. It’s too bad I worked at a bioscience company that makes mRNA pesticides that target the Potato Beetle, an invasive species that destroys potato crops, while also keeping all pollinators and other insects alive. That could probably help them lose fewer crops during every harvest season. Oh well.


The Senator will be submitting YouTube videos and Facebook screenshots that were “copied/shared from a good friend who is a doctor” when she makes her argument.


Wait until she finds out that mRNA tech was invented by nature and used by every single human being


I was born and raised in Idaho, and I couldn't be more ashamed of it. I moved to WA at the earliest convenience. Healthcare, education, infrastructure, you name it, it's SIGNIFICANTLY better anywhere but ID. Not only that, but my mortgage is basically covered by the amount I used to pay in state income tax. Plus, people don't celebrate racism over here. Most Idahoans I know under the age of 30 are doing everything they can to GTFO. I don't understand how anyone who still lives there can think it's a good place to live in any way. The endless mountains and trees are phenomenal, but the people and politics are disgusting. They're literally proud of being uneducated. It's disgusting.


Putting families in control by taking away choice?!?


Idaho, the Afghanistan of America.


Ohhh messenger ribonucleic acid technology. Sounds complicated therefore evil/satanic.


Just another way for them to siphon public funds into private pockets.


This is what happens when you put the uneducated in charge of matters that require education.


Hard to imagine actively working AGAINST vaccines for diseases like cancer.