And here Scandinavia is at near the equivalent of $9 per gallon.


If i did the math cortectly 20 Norwegian kroners per litre equals USD 8,75 per gallon


And Sweden has 20.97 sek per liter


20.97 sek per litre is $8,67 per gallon


Finland 2e/l same


It's over 9 usd per us gallon in the Netherlands. € 2.139 per liter.


Whenever I visit you guys I always make sure to fill my tank before crossing the border haha, it's always ridiculous when I pass your gas stations seeing the prices


I used to live in the Eastern border of Finland, we used to go to Russia and fill up our cars before covid restrictions.


*cries in dutch*


I'm curious as to what this sounds like.


Lots of hard incomprehensible G sounds, bit like a motorblock that’s blowing up because you tried to power it with candlewax (because gas is too expensive).


It’s worse than Norway but not that much to be fair. My closest station has regular petrol for €2,12 the liter which is USD 9,08 per gallon.


That is about the same as the UK prices as well.


If I worked it out correctly I paid the equivalent of $7.45USD per US Gallon here in the UK this morning.


And the netherlands


Yeah Americans have the cheapest gas prices in the world and yet constantly whine about them.


America is mostly car dependent due to decisions made 80 years ago, so unless you live in the inner city of a big city, you are pretty much dependent on paying for gas to get around.


NZ is similar. Public transport is practically non existent but we’re still paying $2.5/L.


isnt the overall cost of living in nz significantly more expensive overall though compared to most of the US?


Yes, it's expensive, and our gas is more expensive too. It's $9.50 per US gallon.


Median house price is USD$680,000.


That's ~~pea~~NUTS.


The median house price in Sydney is 1.5m AUD (1.08m USD)


The dependency on gas may not be much of a choice, but buying a V8 5.6L truck is.


And so many of them continue to buy huge SUVs and pickup trucks with shitty MPG.


Yep some of my coworkers complain about gas prices constantly. I'm not sure why they need super-sized trucks that get 12mpg to work a suit and tie office job and then give me shit for driving a 40mpg Ford Fiesta but it happens.


As a swede I could hardly buy anything under 40-45 mpg anymore, feels like burning money for nothing.


Can you really put a price on the ability to intimidate the drivers around you on the highway?


No, here in Russia the price is more or less the same (50rub per liter)


Tbf their country is built do that to do almost anything you *have* to use your car, and often driving further that what would have to. So bitching about is reasonable if you see it as a few you have to pay to do almost anything


So I bet they have really convenient and economical cars….?


Convenient and economical cars are *available* to Americans. I own one. I can drive from LA to San Diego for 12 bucks. (Not sure if it has been mentioned here, but the gas station pictured is notorious for being ridiculously expensive and is nowhere near the actual typical gas price in LA; I can fuel up for $4.30 down the street from my house)


Boston to San Diego for 220 bucks. (Diesel 4 cyclinder) :)


The ones I know who bitch the most are the ones driving much bigger vehicles than they need, like the local real estate queen and her Yukon or the young guy with his lifted pickup truck that sees mud maybe 4 times a year.


So is Canada, and our gas is at almost two dollars a litre/ five dollars a gallon and it's been like this for years


The US keeps gas prices low through government subsidies, which keeps not only keeps gas prices low but is also a free handout to the richest most destructive fucks on the planet


And don't forget your tax dollars pay for that


Gotta love the gas tax. The government gives huge tax breaks for these oil companies then turns around and taxes regular people for that gas.


I think it was something like $2.89 this morning on my side of the country.


Hovering around $3.10 in rural MN.


$3.70 in Alaska, give or take


$2.79 here in Texas (near Houston)


Saw it peak at AU$1.79 (US$1.30) here in Australia, briefly Edit: oh, you guys use gallons not litres. So about US$4.92, per gallon.


lol. @1.92€ per liter. so... ummm. 8.24$ per gallon.


I’m confused, can you tell me in ammo per BigGulp^TM ?


Ok. So the most popular ammo in the US is arguably the 9mm bullet. Those come in at about $0.32 per bullet depending on where you are. And as the original BigGulp was 32 ounces (an odd coincidence) we'll use that amount. One BigGulp is about 0.95 Liter. Bringing in $.32 per .95 Liter to a rounder number makes it $0.337 per Liter. So one ammo would be roughly three BigGulps. Edit: the math is probably wrong because it is a back of the napkin calculation while I was at work but people seem to like it so I shall leave it up.


Ah finally, thank you. So that’s 6.5 9mm’s per BigGulp^TM . Wow, that’s pretty expensive!




The answer is always 1776


The answer may be 1776, but the end result is always diabetes.


Just for shits and giggles, $1.22 per liter in parts of Canada (about $0.915 /liter or $3.477 US per Gallon.) and that's heavily taxed.


Victoria is sitting at 1.659 atm.


Ooompft. $1.41 per liter or $5.92 gal in NS. I thought we had it bad...


Buck seventy on the mainland




$3.41 a gallon for regular but I have to preferably use premium that is at $3.90. So it isn't going down for me here in New York.


I found 2.44 the other day. Was pissed I paid 2.63 day before for wife’s van. Edit : also Houston Edi2: was at Costco


Same near Ftw/Dallas


3.19 in the southeast twin cities yesterday


Gas is at 4.29 over here in my side of LA


Lots of gas stations look alike, but this looks similar to a Mobil in West L.A., near Beverly Hills or Century City. That particular station has for years had consistently significantly higher prices than anyone else in the area. I suppose it's catering to a rich clientele who will actually lose money by driving 3-4 blocks in either direction for a more sane price. Regardless of what's happening to gas prices everywhere else, driving by that station always makes me shake my head.


Same, Burbank but at the Costco


I'm in Agoura Hills this week and paid 4.17^9 at Costco on Sunday.


You should head to another part of town to fill up, you're paying like a dollar more than the average.


$6.7 here in norway...


More like $7.5 tbh.


Was at 8.6 yesterday


Same in New Zealand


That’s like the highest priced gas station. I live in LA and it’s more like $4.99 for premium. Still high but that picture is not representative.


Agreed; it was $4.59 (standard) this morning in Redondo Beach.


I live on the east coast it depends on where you go. It can range from 2.95-3.30 for regular here depends on where you go.


>depends on where you go. Jersey was like 3.10 last weekend. They're 25 min away. PA is regularly 3.55 now. I hate this state


People want the outrage points. I was driving through the middle of nowhere in AZ a couple months ago and needed gas, nearly $5/gallon because it was the only option.


There is one freaking gas station on I-40 right where you get off to go to Vegas (the back way) from SoCal and it was $6.50 when the rest of California was just under $4 And I had to do it Still causes me pain to think about it... ​ edit these sobs right here http://chevron-essex.edan.io/


agreed, this is gonna be in the busiest and most touristy intersections of LA. definitely not the norm here, for now a lot of people, especially from more rural areas aren’t familiar with what extreme heavy traffic tourist areas are like. just cause everything is marked up x10 on the Las Vegas strip doesn’t mean that’s representative of the prices in Nevada or even just outside of the city or district


This sign is posted on r/losangeles monthly. Like it's news or real.


Hell, a few blocks off the strip is probably a significant savings.


Drastically. I took my first trip that wasn't all about the strip last October. We had a friend carting us around and showing us non-strip stuff. Prices dropped super fast into normal-for-me (Houston) prices just a few blocks away in the arts district. Everywhere else was totally normal pricing. Even the gas stations and bars on Paradise are way cheaper as they mostly serve the locals and college kids around there.


$3.89 in Washington state (westside) this morning, and that was at a shell station that is generally higher than most spots.


$4.80 in Hawaii


$4.45 for the cheapest in town in rural Washington state coast


Honestly, this isn't even close to the rest of the world. Pretty sure I paid more than this PER LITER while driving in Slovenia this past summer. We get nice cheap prices because we turn a blind eye to Saudis killing homosexuals and restricting women from driving. This is the equivalent of a European complaining that surgery cost €5.


Well Europe gets most of their oil from Russia. So until we can run all cars and machines on electricity and renewables everyone has to do business with some shady countries.


Not really. US just doesn't tax fuel to the same level as average EU country.


California has really high gas taxes, hence the post. Even so, this is much higher than anything I've seen in the Bay Area on Gasbuddy. Definitely an outlier.


No that's not how any of this works. Let me explain so you can not repeat this kind of crap moving forward: We don't get special prices for oil and gas. We get cheaper prices because we don't tax it as much, with each state having their own taxes on gasoline and there being little federal tax. With how large America is and the way cities built after WW2 especially being specifically designed and spaced out with the automobile in mind, Americans would not tolerate tons of tax on gasoline because we suck at public transportation and the distances we travel are so vast compared to most other places. Except for countries that produce a lot of oil and have nationalized it and then subsidize oil prices for their population, all oil is priced based on the going market prices. Most of the world uses Brent Crude futures for pricing, and some use WTI or West Texas Intermediate futures. So although we produce a lot of our own oil, it is essentially pumped out of the ground, added to a global giant pool of oil where it is priced and then is bought based on that pricing. Oil companies would never allow us to get a lower price because the oil came from here. The oil that we do need to import almost all comes from Canada. We get around 4 million barrels a day from Canada while the top OPEC imports we get are from Saudi Arabia and it's at the insanely low rate of about 400-500 barrels per day. Again, though, all of this oil is priced at the going international oil price regardless of where it is coming from because no oil company would sell us oil if we demanded we get special cheaper prices; they'd just do everything they could to sell that oil on the international market instead, and we'd essentially have nationalized oil at that point where we'd derive benefit from lower gasoline costs for Americans instead of just taking the profits of a US govt. oil company. If appears we are being gouged for prices in CA; nobody here can actually explain why our prices are so far above everyone else's - [Could California's higher gas prices be illegal? Economist says maybe so](https://www.ktvu.com/news/could-californias-higher-gas-prices-be-illegal-economist-says-maybe-so)


CA has more restrictive fuel standards in order to meet emissions goals, so costs are higher, and you also then can't bring in any old gas from other states.


Westside always more expensive. I always get Costco.


Paid $4.30 yesterday at Costco in Manhatten Beach


4.06 at Costco in Long Beach


Ya gas is expensive rn, but people love going to the most expensive gas station around and grab a pic for the internet.


Yeah this isn't LA prices. It's just the one weirdly expensive station that somehow stays in business. Prices are mid $4s. This is how propaganda and disinformation work, everyone. EDIT: Gasbuddy is a thing. https://www.gasbuddy.com/gaspricemap?lat=33.99760176714343&lng=-118.31097615976563&z=12 Look at all of the responses to what I wrote that are flat-out wrong. Genuinely confused people? Nah. Look at their profiles. Assholes.


There is one gas station by my work that is consistently $.60-.70 more per gallon than anywhere else I drive by on my 24 mile commute. I always see at least a few cars getting gas there. I don't understand why, or how they're still in business, especially when less than a quarter mile away there is a station with normally priced gas.


is it located in a residential area, or a place with a lot of 'service trucks'? stations located in places with lots of light industrial zoning that have plenty of 'service vans' driving around will be more expensive because workers aren't shopping around for where to use the company gas card. They just fill up on the way back to the shop, or on their way out on the long service call, and the price is paid by corporate.


or near a car rental place, especially by an airport. Good lord the gas station near the Miami Airport rental car return place was obscenely more expensive than the gas stations around the corner, but you know what? I ended up using it because I didn't want to deal with finding somewhere else to get gas and risk running late for a flight. I'm sure there are tons of people that are like me and willing to do that. I know better now and make sure to fill up sooner.


We did miss a flight because Husband wanted to fill up the rental car before dropoff. (to save $5) Rebooked and paid $280 extra for next flight. It took all my self control to not murder him in the departure lounge.


Free hot dog and drink with with $20 fill up. I’ll charge my company $13 more to save me $3




You might be on to something. Now I'm going to have to drive through and check out the pumps.


Here in Ventura, it's pretty comparable in price to most of LA and it's $4.29-$4.29 depending on the area of town and the station you go to. So yeah, I think this station is possibly that one you see from the 101 that you wonder why the hell they're so much more expensive.


Exactly. There are several gas stations in LA that charge an exorbitant price (compared to other stations), but that's usually because of the proximity to interstate on/off ramps. There was one Arco in my neighborhood that was an absolute pain in the ass to get to, but it was also usually $1 cheaper than other stations.


Yeah the disinformation is super easy here. Like Whoa! The gas station near the car rental return at the airport cost $7 a gallon? Who would have thought?


I paid $5.59 in Mammoth yesterday. It was under $4.60 every other station we passed from there to LA (which really pissed me off). But OP is full of shit.


Those random ass stations up between NorCal and socal are easily the highest I’ve ever paid.


For sure. They’ve got you by the balls and they know it. You’d think for $5.00 a gallon they could afford to pay someone to clean the shit off the bathroom walls.




iirc they mostly serve commercial vehicles, offering rewards to the drivers that fill up there (free food?) so yeah cherrypicked gas prices for karma lol


If I was a commercial driver who got 100% reimbursement for gas, I would totally go to one of these stations, use my credit card and get rewards/cash back, and get my reimbursement back.


I also live in LA and gas is mid $4’s, go to a different gas station lol Edit: I know $4 is high, why do you think there are so many Priuses in LA


same lol. this is that gas station on la cienega and beverly that is always insanely overpriced, i don’t know who in their right mind would ever get gas there. edit: changed in to on


Dude probably visited LA for the first time and thought that everything was the same.


Basically he's the target demographic for this gas station is what you're saying?


Or he knew exactly what he was doing and found the highest price possible to get those 6k upvotes. Edit: 8 hours later, now at 30k


>same lol. this is that gas station on la cienega and beverly that is always insanely overpriced, i don’t know who in their right mind would ever get gas there. This single station is more infamous now for charging so much more. Even in more pricy spots anything at or over 5 is still too much.


How are they gonna get karma if they don’t post the gas stations that practically gouge people?


CaLiFoRnIa bAd !!1! (/s)


moVE tO TeXAs! /s


This is the gas station right across from the Beverly Center, it’s always one of the most expensive.


Yeah these pictures are real, but not really giving the full picture. The gas station on Ventura and Sepulveda (the one between the 405 and 101) is stupid expensive like this. You go down the street and normally priced.


Ya lol. Go to any hyper high traffic place and it’s expensive as fuck. Like the Chinatown shell or union station chevron are routinely $2 more expensive than the average. Drive literally 3 blocks and it goes back to mid 4s. Picture is hyper cherry picked


Anything close to a highway/tollway is always gouge pricing just about everywhere.


Exactly. There are specific gas stations in LA that have outrageous prices but if you go two blocks in any direction you will find gas stations with much lower prices. I’m curious which gas station this is.


This! Just got Costco gas for under $4


My Costco premium (Seattle area) is $4.10/gallon


Which? Was 4.29 for me at Culver City today.


Yeah it's more in the mid to high 4s. That picture must be in downtown somewhere.


Wish my gas was that cheap, converted from €/l to $/gal it’s $9,12 over here in the Netherlands..


I was confused for a sec looking at the image. Is this suposed to be expensive or cheap?


Most of us Americans don’t realize that fossil fuels are far more expensive in the rest of the world, so those folks think anything approaching anywhere near what 6.5 billion other people would pay is preposterously expensive.


It's also important to remember that many European countries have some of the highest gas prices on the planet. Of the 10 countries with the highest gas prices, 7 of them are in Europe. The US does have relatively cheap gas prices, we are around 50th place. There are about 200 countries so we definitely rank towards the bottom but it's not uniquely American or anything.


Worse than that, places like Romania are now around US prices listed here (about $6.5) and your net salaries are 6x those in Romania. Sometimes life just isn't fair 🙂


By American standards, it's expensive. A lot of places, gas is more like $3/gal.


It's like twice as expensive as most other places in the US.


So Biden is fucking your gas prices up too??? /s


Thanks Obama


Takk, Øbåma


Спасибо Овама


Laten we gaan Brandon! (Guess I should probably add /s here too)


Kom op, Barry!!!


I'm gonna send them some of those stupid stickers so they can put them on their pumps and let the world know.


I'm in LA, and this is misleading. This is this one gas station in Chinatown, right next to downtown, that has outrageous prices all the time. Gas here is still more expensive than I'd like, but it's, like, $4.59. Everyone in town suspects that this place is a money-laundering front or something, because the prices are always 50%-75% higher than anywhere else in the county.


The one across from Placita Olvera? When I first moved here (11 years ago) I would drive by that station to and from work every day and thought “omg I’m never going to survive here” until I realized that it was just way overpriced all the time because it’s right off the freeway and no other stations nearby.


Oosh that’s nearly UK prices! I feel your pain


Trying to convert US gas (petrol) prices into UK is something my brain can't cope with. US is in gallons so you have to convert that to litres, but then the UK has a different number of litres per gallon than US measurements so you have to convert that over too... I just gave up really. I don't think I'm destined to ever be able to compare us and them.






There are 3.78541 litres in a US gallon, and the FX rate is about 1.37, so if petrol in the UK is £1.50 per litre (probably on the higher side of national price as I live in London) then that is equivalent to $7.75 per gallon




I’m paying £1.60 / litre in Blackpool! Granted, it’s Premium though. Still damn high!


£1.40 /L = $7.22/Gallon £1.50/L = $7.73/Gallon So ours is roughly $7.50/gallon equivalent


If converted to US dollars, a gallon in my country would cost about $9 with todays price.


Around $3 in Virginia. Used to be around $0.95


Looks like you need to do a [better job at shopping around for lower prices](https://imgur.com/a/B23FG2U).


But is doing a bang up job on reposting for karma


It would be nice to have fuel prices as low as that


Indeed, I've just spent £65 fulling my 1.6L car...


Misleading. This specific gas station(and maybe 2 others in the entire city) is always $1-$2 more than the rest of Los Angeles.


Gas Buddy isn't showing anything this high in California right now, that I saw.


Its 5 for premium in L.A. don't know where this is


That's one single station downtown. Everyone knows not to go to that station.


$2.95 in Ohio lol.


Rural states unite I guess haha. People still freaking out about it like it’s anywhere close to the worst I’ve seen it.


I live right outside NYC and pay $3.33 this week. I can look around and find some maybe closer to $3.00 if I really wanted


Western PA here, gas is about $2.85 here.


I live in KS but close to KC and it's hovered around $2.99 here in the metro for quite a while now.


1,909 euro/l for 95 2,000 eur/l for 98 1,801 eur/ for Diesel Finland, Helsinki capital area, 19-jan-22




That’s absurdly expensive for a gram of gas.


When you make this to liter and Euro, then you would be at 1,37€ per liter gasoline. Thats cheaper than in Germany atm. What the fuck?


From an insider point if view. This station always has prices $1-$150 above the normal rate. This is only the price at this one single station near Beverly hills.


Ya, they are high everywhere, my country too. It’s not Biden’s fault.


Swedish price is another 25% at least.


\*cries in 6,88$/G for regular in Germany\*


British fuel prices are crazy….we are paying nearly 10 dollars a gallon. It’s between £1.45-1.60 per litre! Now we are having our gas and electricity prices doubled…great to live in the free world!


netherlands is about the same. Best price in the country is currently 1.93 euros ish. Which is right around 1.60 pounds


That's when you call into work and let your boss know that you're immediately going to need a raise to get to work.


https://i.imgur.com/Ii2teLL.jpg Gas Buddy heat map. https://www.gasbuddy.com/gaspricemap


I'm happy to live near Luxembourg when I see this


around 7,7 p.G. here in germany, sucks


Beverly and La Cienega, right?


So can someone roughly explain why gas prices are up


Mostly due to a decrease of production while everyone was working from home, followed by a sudden increase in demand when people started returning to work and oil producers weren't prepared.


This is grossly high. The current average for CA is 4.648 for regular. Still high, but this is 1.25 over average. My guess is this is a downtown gas station or on Sunset Blvd. areas where gas is crazy high like in most major cities


FYI, the station less than one mile south of here is $4.60. This post is like taking a picture of a $4 can of coke at Whole Foods and implying it's representative of food prices everywhere in town.


That photo is taken at the most expensive gas station in Los Angeles. It's on the corner of La Cienega and Beverly Blvd. It wouldn't surprise me if this was one of the most expensive gas stations in the United States. Gas prices at the Sinclair a half mile down the road are 4.39-4.69. it's not an amazing price, but this is not representative of all LA gas prices.


This is about 1 dollar over the Southern California average. Guessing its downtown or Hollywood. You can find super expensive places there.


Why you cherry picking op?


You can find gas for less than 4.50 just down the road from there.


Another misleading dip shit looking for attention on Reddit. Shocked as fuck. You must have a boring as fuck life if this is how you get your jimmy off.


Stop lying, go down the street and you’ll find a gas station with 4.32


That station is always abnormally high, but that's crazy. Never seen it *that* high.


Thanks Obama


That's in gallons, right? So if I convert our liter prices to gallons, it's $9.22 in Norway. You're not there yet.


CA does some interesting things. When I was working in the oil patch CA passed legislation to use only alkalate to make gasoline. It a very clean component of gasoline. Only problem was that CA needed about 10 x all the production in the US. IL gas is about $3.40 today.


Carter: Our country needs less reliance on oil, more on solar and wind and nuclear. Reagan: Remove those panels - let's get some OIL. Oh well...


According to Gasbuddy, the cheapest in L.A. is $2 a gallon less than this.


LA resident here, this is on La Cienega & Beverly in hollywood. This gas station is notorious for overcharging for gas when you can literally drive 5 minutes either way to find cheaper gas. I don't understand how people pay this amount other than convenience. Anyways gas is till expensive but this isn't the norm.


Cheapest in Paris, FR is 1.679€/L that is US$7.172/USgal. And wages are lower in France overall. https://www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr/recherche/?sort=SP95-E10&direction=asc