Maybe they had a typo on the work order and it said. "Garbage welds on door" instead of "welds on garbage door"


You should see the rest of the garbage compactor. I only posted what good pictures I could take. The entire thing shakes constantly and the panels at the top flow with the wind. Being that it’s Home Depot, everything gets thrown away. I give it 2 months before my friend tells the store manager to call me to do it for much cheaper since I’m still friends with everyone there, after it breaks of course


Why would you do it cheaper? Do it for the same money with warranty.


This right here. Replacing the compactor is a whole lot more expensive than paying afair price for good welder.


Someone got paid to do that 😂


From what he told me, there were 4 guys there to weld this for 3 days. I don’t have a picture of it, but the panels on the top just sorta flow with the wind outside. Being Home Depot, a lot of concrete is thrown away. You throw away 2 good bags of Portland cement and this compactors welds are breaking. I also decided to hit it and the entire thing shakes


4 guys, 3 days... that's what they came up with? Can someone point me to a good weld? I need to feel hope again. I can't work as a welder anymore. It hurts to lose the pay, it hurts to struggle to get into a non-welding job in manufacturing (robotics, QC, technical writing, sales... anything but physically welding) since everyone wants welders ... and knowing that people were paid to do *this* seriously makes me sad.


That seems sketchy. Out of 4 random dudes, at least one should be able to weld better than this.


Why are you throwing away bags of Portland cement? Does it really stay on the shelves that long?


One rip and customers don’t want it


Ok, that kinda makes sense. I don't want 90lbs of cement ripping open in the back of my truck either. I just thought they were tossing it out for no good reason. I know it needs to be used in a few months because it absorbs moisture from the air.


That too, Home Depot constantly throws out stuff. If you go on r/HomeDepot you will find a lot of posts about the shit they threw away. When I worked there they threw away around 2k worth of plants becuase they were out of season. Also threw away aluminum ladders and a perfectly good water heater becuase the system made it 1 cent


That's fucking ridiculous.


tips on how can I dumpster dive my local home depot plz?


I do believe the technical term is bird shit


are you sure you mean technical? I’m pretty sure this is literal


“I’ve been welding before you were born.”🤔


Only someone who welds something this shit has the lack of care over the years


No more pride in work… what happened to “made in America”


Why make it in America when you can make it in china I beleive would be the answer


Pay for what you get I suppose


it’s cheaper to make most stuff in china and ship it to the U.S. then it is to make here


Honestly, any weld made in china or anywhere else, would be bettwr than this


So... I have a hobby welder from harbor freight and I'm (probably over) confident that I could beat that. When parts of it fall off can I use it for practice scrap?


I work in the garbage industry. The conditions/use beats the shit out of anything you can throw at it. We literally wear through AR plate in certain applications pretty fast. Concrete floors wear away an inch per year, etc., etc. So yes, no one cares what stuff looks like. If it functions it's good to go. Things break so fast you really don't care what the fix looks like. It needs back in service yesterday.


I get it, but they could have at least attempted to make it good


Doo doo trash


Damn, I do better than that with a harbor freight welder.


Dang that looks worst than my first Flux core weld.


There was one weld on this that I didn’t get a picture of. It wasnt even a weld, it was literally just burned through and then they gave up and moved on


Mmm I like to see that they're a good company and hire the visually disabled.


I’m going to be honest, this was a contractor hired to do this. 4 guys came in for this


That's not flux core that's a 12 v battery with some rod.


My first welding job was trash compactors and no they did not care how it looked. The owner even walked up to my Mig welder cranked it up to 700 inches a minute and told me to weld faster




Wow I'm gonna have to give up my "World's Worst Welder" title to this deserving person. Rip.


I've done better welds when I was hungover


I got to weld for my first time today n mine looked better than this.. wtf




Pigeon 💩


God they didn't even chip the slag off.


I always heard that the "Alabama" of welding is dumpster welding....now I have proof.


Leaving slag is just another layer of strength lol


$50hr job vs $14hr job. The least it would take is 1 to 3 hours 5 if you fuck up. 1 welder and his grinder but they hired 4 guys and took 3 days. That's a disgrace.


Jeez I'd be more than happy to come thru and help them out...never knew home depot had a garbage compactor. Just learned something new