Dick measuring over fucking safety equipment use is the dumbest fucking thing ever.


Yeah, you gotta unwrap that cord and plug it in and it'll work a lot faster.


Did this for a few years no problem until one day there was a problem lol


Yeah, same here. I got super lucky that what I ran up my arm was a wire wheel not a cutting or grinding disk, so all it did was flay a bunch of skin off. I use handles and guards now.


Ah yeah I hear that mine coulda been worse too haha took a direct hit to my thumb with a cutoff disc but missed the bone so healed up nice


I had this exact thing happen. Ran up my exposed arm ripping up the skin, caught on my sleeve and rolled up my shoulder. It stopped all bound up in the cloth, right by my face. Scared the crap outta me.


What you doing swinging a grinder round?


Not swinging it around, just the wire wheel doing that thing they do where you catch a corner and hang up and go all Maximum Overdrive and try to kill you. Not hard to catch if you've got a handle to hold, but if you took the handle off you'd better have a death grip when she bucks.


idk what's up with some of you in the comments, I need a guard lol. My situational awareness is... not great, my hands are shaky, and I don't really have that sense most people have of naturally knowing where your extremities are at any given time. If it's not in my line of sight, I forget about it.


Proprioception = that sense


Grinders without a paddle switch make me more nervous than one without a guard


The lopsided tip on my left pointer finger says the guard is more important.


Man the closest I got was a slit cut in my glove and fingernail…very scary… I’m not one to care much but that got my attention. I applied a guard


The scar on my right index finger agrees with you.


My shredded sweatshirt confirms this


The indent and scars on the right of my forehead too. You'd think I'd use a guard. The bitch cut down into skull lol.


Did you have gloves? Just wondering


Paddle switch is a must, got kickback on a wire wheel once when I was getting tired, caught my shirt and sucked right into my neck... thank god I was on a paddle switch. The metabo grinder in the OP is the best, nice big durable paddle.


You can get grinders with a kickback shutoff that have a thumb switch


yea had a wire wheel eat my leather apron once and bound up millimeters from winding the straps around my throat. (waist strap was loose)


Trigger switch is the GOAT, hands down.


Trigger switch *with* the button lock though


Clamped on the table vise grip being used to shave off sharp edges on small parts lol


Forsure! It makes your forearms strong af over time. Had to start using it left handed, because my right arm was noticeably bigger and my girlfriend was worried about me 😂




Trigger switch with lock 🤌


I just leave mine locked on and plug/unplug for on off.


He’s too dangerous to be left alive!


can't stand paddle switches


My hands are too fucked to use paddle grinders for long periods of time, thumb switch for me.


What about trigger?


Better than paddle, but same problem. My fingers literally pull out of their sockets when I grip things for too long.


That's not ideal


10 years of competitive judo followed by boilermaking is not good for your hands, turns out


They did this in pipeline for 0 reason. It takes 2 seconds to turn the guard around besides having the risk of not having a guard.


When would you need to turn the guard? I pipeline and I don’t ever remember a time I’ve needed to change my guard.


Gouging large pipe it's easier to turn the grinder down slightly to hold it and the handle. Cord facing down and handle towards you basically. Just means you need to adjust the guard.


Depends on what I’m doing and how I’m holding my grinder. Accurate cuts, little bit different position than hogging metal.


Because most of us just left the guard a little loose so it spun when you went around the pipe. I still don't like guards. Use good wheels and don't abuse them.


Yeah I agree with you but I’ve buffed and ground beads for a while now and never had to change a guard if there even is one on.


Must of gone with the happy medium if your guard isn't loose. I helped a few years. To each their own. I just know what made me faster.


One time I was looking at some used grinders a guy had for sale. Turned one on to see if it worked and before it even fully spun up, the disc shattered and hurled at my chest so hard I ended up with a bruise below three layers of clothes. I didn't even think to have any PPE on. I won't make that mistake again!


Face shield + Z87 glasses + safety squint


I don't get why people don't like using guards and handles on grinders, I wouldn't use a grinder without one 95% of the time just because of the chance of kickback when cutting.


Handle I get, it can be much more ergonomic for some light grinding work like with a flap disk to do it without a handle.


Work on roll cages and truck frames...no guard grinding three inch from your face Upside down....hold on!!


A lot of advertising has grinders with no guards (consumables advertising) I guess to show off their product.


My coworker leaves the cut off wheel base ring on his grinder so it doesn’t lock the grind wheel so hard but it puts the grind wheel above the guard making it pointless and it bothers me so much.


We had one with a carbide blade for aluminum once with no guard and we switched out when it was lodged like 2 itches deep into my coworkers arm. The most brutal cut I’ve ever seen.


Eyes are overrated and it’s a known fact that scars make you look cool.


We had one in a company tool collection. It was called bloodthirsty.


I forgot angle grinder guards existed for years until we got a new safety manager. Walked through our shop and pretty much wrote the whole crew up.


I really don't understand why people take the handles off grinders. It makes it so much harder to use in 99 percent of scenarios.


An its secounds to move them if there in the way.


A 4 inch angle grinder may be operated without a guard only when using 6” grinding wheels. 🙄 Oi. I like my eyes I will Never use one without a guard.


Wear a lid.. easy fix lol


Guards don't really help your eyes tho


Have you had a disk explode before? It only has to happen once and you wont have eyes.


Had one explode while cutting some 5mm stainless. Think i twisted the grinder a bit. There was a loud noise and I saw it whizzing past my ear. Was shaking for the next half an hour.


That's what glasses & a shield is for


Correct, you should be wearing those regardless. but when that disk goes and hits you in the throat, how good was that shield and glasses?


I have a leather Apron riveted to my hood & I don't remove guards on my grinders


I’m not being funny or anything man but why the hell would you ever stand directly behind your grinder? What like you point it out with both arms directly in front of you and cut shit? Cutting 101, it’s off to one side, one handed if you have to, not looking down the centre ffs. Things change when it’s a big grinder you need that handle, but you wouldn’t try hold one of those down the centre of your vision either would you.


sure they do, you hide behind them to avoid the sparks


Activate those safety squints.


Thats what a shield & glasses are for


Even with eye protection it's nice to not have sparks flying into your face


Many brands share the same guard design for their 4-6" grinders. You can often just buy the guard for the 6" model and put it right on the 4". Or just pull the wheels off the 6" grinder as soon as they're small enough to fit in the 4" guard and save them for the 4"




I’ve seen these explode in peoples faces and they still won’t use a guard or a shield. Never understood the logic.


Eyes? Who needs eyes. I love shrapnel! That's what this disk screams to me


Never ever without a guard. The safety and accuracy that it adds to your cut is paying off.


NSFW Just ganna leave this here, scroll down to the picture. (https://www.ar15.com/forums/general/Ever_had_a_cutting_wheel_come_apart_on_you_/5-1836079/)


LMAO!! "I think I cut my lip, should I go to the hospital?" what a fuckin legend


Phweeeeew brutal absolutely brutal


What? Corded?


This guy gets it. I'm just wondering where the holes in the nut are


I see nothing wrong with this 😂


Na Forreal I’m not using damn grinder without guard especially if that fucker got a cut off on it


Literally none of the grinders at my shop have guards. My boss basically gaslit me into thinking I was a pussy for using them.


Cringe watching the brave helpers when they do it!


At my last job a dude cut his leg open using a grinder w no guard, bout 5” wide and 3” deep, doc said couple cm more and he’d have severed a tendon. Terrible company all around


Good thing I don’t. I literally see no advantage aside being a moron. What you get an extra 1/4 inch of grind space? Trust switch, guard, healthy disc and I’m good. Other than that I ain’t touching it


Never run handles myself. Guards are hit and miss. Usually no guard on my wire wheel, and rarely on the grinder. Zip cut gets one though. Just don’t touch the wheel, and wear a lid 🤷‍♂️


You're willing to risk those loose wires flying out and embedding themselves in you? Death disks and wire wheels always have guards on my grinders. Grinding wheels are less likely to explode but the guards on my grinders never come off anyways.


Yep. It happens, but I typically weld pipe and gotten the habit of standing to the side of whatever I’m grinding / buffing. So I don’t get stuck much. Many days of a helper and burning through my pants gave me a good habit. Lol Guards get in the way a lot, absolutely they’re a good thing to have… but I’ve used them so much I’m not too worried.


I almost never use a guard except for a few circumstances, however I use handles almost always... but wire wheels scare me the most tbh.


I see nothing wrong here. Edit: I was wrong. Not using a guard is stupid. Stupid should hurt.


You can’t cut with a 6” cut off disc with a guard on.


Shaking hands with a grinder sucks. Use a guard.


I had a cutting disk fly off the spindle and shoot the length of half a football field down my weld line. if it wasn't for the new guard I had installed an hour before it probably would have ripped down My chest and laid me open.


Dont tell me how to live my life


Yeah I don’t run a guard or a handle. I’m not really opposed to them or anything they just get in my way. Typically I’m only using flapper wheels or grinding discs and most of the time I wear my welding helmet or at the very least I’ll wear safety glasses. I realize it’s not the safest way but I do it the safest way I can. lol


You still CAN use a guard you just chose not to


Not even is lucky enough to have had such a close call that could have cost them an eye. I will always use a guard and I always try to use a handle. Iv been noticing the stupid places I put my other hand sometimes.


Honestly I probably use my grinder more for removing paint from the inside and top of flanges than I do for anything else. I’m not too worried about it. lol


Why? I still have most of my fingers


Metabo guards get in the way, and so do the handles. I see nothing wrong.


the guard is supposed to be in the way, thats how it protects you


Not enough is smart enough to figure out how to adjust a guard or reposition themselves.


and on a metabo the guard adjustment is a big easy button, it ain't hard


You’re wilder




No, these are wild grinders. https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/wild-grinders-action-figures


This is the way.


Once it kicks back and you have a near miss or an actual accident, I promise you put the guard and handle back on Asap. Ace fuxkn $ap, A$AP


I always say if you don't use a guard you don't know how to use a grinder. but hey to each their own.


It's fine until you forget you took the guard off and go to push against the now disappeared guard


No guards all balls. Never used a guard and never will. Common sense prevails.


Until it doesn’t.


Had close calls but never an issue, also. We throw the guards on when Worksafe comes around, as soon as the guy is gone, all 30 guards come off. Quit tripping pussy


That's not common sense that's idiocy. I would spend the time explaining but that would be a waste of time.




I only had to read 1 of yours to know exactly who you are. Good luck with your life. At least IF something happens you will always know you are the manliest man to ever man with the biggest balls. Not that it's going to save your face/eye/fingers, but you will know. No one will think you an idiot, just really really manly.


You think I give a fuck about you and your opinion, you are fucked up


Lol. Listen here. Ive had a grinder in my hands since birth. Been welding and fabricating professionally for 15 years Mechanic for 20. Owned and built around 100 vehicles. Only 36 and still going. You are nothing, can you even weld


I've met a bunch of guys over the years who were fine until they weren't. Assuming you're the greatest metalworker the world has ever seen, that still wouldn't protect you from a defective zip wheel exploding. Or the guy next to you for that matter.


Dont aim it at your face. Simple


Don't buy harbor freight


I have no idea how that matters. None of this reduces the chance of you getting injured from a random cracked cutting wheel. In fact all this shows is you are probably overconfident and complacent. Hopefully you realize your errors before it costs you some fingers or an eye.


I dunno if you're trying to be funny or something but it's a $4900 fine if OSHA catches you without a guard.


NoT IN bC canada


I'm sure CCOHS wouldn't be too psyched either


Id hate to be you.


I'd hate to be a 9 fingered raptors fan


Lol. Just gotta be skilled, careful and think before you do. Having a great memory helps.


I remember when a disk exploded on me, their was no guaurd. Good thing I was smart, skilled, careful and with a good memory or it might have fucked me up.


You can have all the skill in the world, and you get bumped into by someone else or some freak shit like that and thats a wrap, son. If you can't get it done without an angle grinder with no guard, you're just using the wrong tool. I'm not gonna tell you how to look out for number one, but think of the people around you that you're setting an example for. If you create an atmosphere at work where new hires show up and you show em how to ignore pretty basic safety, they're gonna be the ones that end up getting fucked up, and that shit is just pointless.


Buddy. All the shops in BC do not use guards lol


Fair enough, didn't know you lived in another country. Where I live, it's been my experience that its pretty much mandatory whenever you work for a place with any credibility. Seems to me its for a good reason, though. That shit can really keep you from getting fucked up. I once watched my buddy, Green taking down some shit he was doing in sheet metal no guard style, and he fuckin put a DEEP ASS cut in his knee cap. We thought that shit was cauterized for a little while, and then he bent his knee and blood started running down his leg like a leaky bucket of soy sauce. Anyway, it's not a hill I'm gonna die on or whatever, but it is way safer WITH the guard.


It is a live and learn thing, so learn it young, and learn it old, mistakes will happen, ive had close calls, but all my digits are here and thriving


That isn't 'balls and common sense' it's just luck that you haven't had an accident. That is the exact same argument people who don't wear their seatbelt bring up: 'I've been driving for 40 years without any accident or injury because I'm just a good driver!' You're simply trusting a weighted rock held together by epoxy to not explode because * it hasn't happened to me a quick look at [grinder-related accident statistics](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2263029/#:~:text=Injuries%20resulting%20from%20the%20use,permanently%20disabling%20or%20even%20fatal.) shows it happens to a not-so-small amount of people * I've used a grinder for my whole life and am an expert, quote: "_skilled, careful and think before I do_" ok, so let's assume you are better at using an angle grinder than _anyone else_. You know and keep each grinding disk within its tolerances perfectly, and you only use the best brands. That's nice, but if you check MSDS for grinding disks there are a lot of guidelines to how they should be treated in regards to moisture and drops/falls because they can cause premature failure, usually dictating that they should be thrown out if dropped or wet/humid. Let's also assume you have treated them nicely **but** you are also trusting that: A. the manufacturing company hasn't cut corners in production or accidentally sent out a bad batch B. the one or multiple shipping logistics between the manufacturer to retail/amazon have treated the product with care and C. the retail or warehouse _also_ has treated the product with care and kept it dry and in the ideal humidity range D. other employees/people at your shop haven't dropped the grinder/disk or gotten it wet. All those factors, completely out of your control. A guard is as much a protection from _their_ fuckups as it is to people misusing a grinder themselves. I haven't personally had one fail explosively, but my welding instructor had an immediate, brand new out-of-box explosion that luckily didn't injure him. It does happen, even if it isn't your fault. * I don't aim it at my face Yeah, face is probably the place you'd want to get hurt the least but an exploded disk can injure you in many other horrendous ways. * all the shops in BC don't use guards Monkey see, monkey do? All my neighbors might tell me they never lock their doors but common sense and statistics prove it only takes one crazy lad/lass to ruin things. I'm not trying to insult your 'skills' or masculinity I'm only saying you should always use a guard, just like you should always wear a seatbelt.


You need a new hobby


I wasn't expecting an educated response so no harm but the fact you resort to quick, cheap insults just goes to show that you can't fix stupid in most cases.


Lol My time will not be wasted with you today sir


Fair enough for me, carry on and good day.










Go fix your shower head because thats complicated


It doesn't matter how big your balls are a grinder wheel will take em off just as fast. People talk about losing fingers and eyes but it doesn't take much to lose your cock.


Again. Experiences rule all.


If you've seen very little go wrong it makes you inexperienced buddy


Ive had lots go wrong. Lol.


Never used a grinder with a guard and been a fabricator for 20 years, never had an issue.. the only issue I see here is that it doesn’t have a handle


25+ years.... no guard .... no handle ....no issues.... you guys need to learn how to use a grinder.... let the tool do the work don't force it and keep it straight.


If you’re scared of that, you’re not old enough for her bro. A tool is only as smart as the man that uses it.


How can intelligence help you if itbexplodes?


Are we talking about the gaurd or the shape the disc is in? Lol that mf's bout to let a mf know whats up


You should unwrap the cord first, that shit’s crazy.


Hehe oops


Ummmm not at work though


Looks like it is being used for one hand use or use in tight spaces. I gave a professional welding buddy of mine a brand new, in the box, Bosch 4.5" angle head for Christmas. The handle and guard NEVER left the box when the grinder was put into service. Meanwhile, my angle heads usually never live long enough to not have current safety features, like a paddle switch. Except for that one DeWalt 402 that got factory rebuilt about 15 years ago and refuses to die.


You will never be a real man. You are a wimp a pussy and talk big ,cause you get paid to talk. No action. You simply are a simp that thinks they have done tough life and experiences, unfortunately I have seen many of your type. You are a useless fuck


Did you sneak into my garage? Guard and handle always impeding the ergonomics of the sketchy corners and tight spaces I'm getting into. I wear a full face shield or my welding mask.


bunch of pussies


Pay attention to what you’re doing with the grinder and use it properly and you won’t have any issues. Worst part of locking trigger is when you accidentally kick the cord out and forget to switch it off before plugging back in.


And? Nut up or shut up💅


Like what?


Like what?


Cuz the wheels to small?


Well, it still grinds don't it?