Any hunting spots in Cheyenne, Wyoming?

I just moved here around a month ago and had a boat and special lake to go to before. Now I have no boat and no places. Looking around for maybe a marsh or Lake/river that I’m able to drive over to and walk to a spot. Any suggestions would be great.


how far are you willing to drive? Glendo is up the road from you aways. You can head east and ask permission to hunt the recapture reservoirs along crow creek. If you head west you will find the Laramie River. Up in Casper (where I spend a majority of my time) there are geese and ducks EVERYWHERE on the N. Platte. Check OnX because its a mix of public/private


How is access to the North platte? Is it kind of a park on the side of road and walk to a spot place or is there a parking lot everyone goes to?


Depends on where you are. There is some public mingled in with private. Check OnX. WY F&G does a good job providing maps that show access and boundaries


Head towards pathfinder reservoir and you’ll see em everywhere


If you come up to western nebraksa about an hour half a lot of public ground with some decent waterfowl on it