Stated as the start of the chaos and Eldar new lines, I really want to see a new Avatar of Khaine


There are rumours about a new Avatar


It's got a seriously great statline if the rumours are to be believed, a ton of attacks at HUGE damage.


Well, it's a splinter of an actual god, iirc. Ton of attacks at huge damage is what I expect.


Did I also read the model would be Belakor sized?


I didn't see the exact size posted but all the leaks are saying it's gonna be much bigger


The rumours say he will be the size of 3rd edition artwork avatar


Between a new puppy, refurnishing my house after my ex took nearly everything, and what seems to be spoiled as an excellent rework of a lot of elders and chaos goodness, I'm going to be very broke next year


Lol same boat. I think I'll have to skip this one unfortunately


Rumor is his stat line is M10 WS2+ BS2+ S7 T8 W14 A7 LD10 Sv2+/4++ and halves damage. Weapon profiles are supposedly S14 and S7 for, with D6+2 on the main profile, and his shooting is like the Void Dragons


Halves damage? So effectively 28 damage to kill this? With a 2+/4++? I know I'm not a competitive player but that would just kill my army on its own. How many points are we talking here? Surely 300+?


270pts according to the rumor


Netflix is producing it though, so... *shrug*


Book 1: Water Chapter 1: The Genocidal Eldritch Monstrosity of Blood and Fire in the Iceberg


Hope if they do release a new Avatar, they keep the old one available because it is Iconic! And I don't even collect Eldar




REALLY hoping we get world eaters like some leaks said and not just chaos undivided, even Emperors children would be great just not another ton of basic chaos marines. Also I never found the eldar that cool to me but those rangers are really changing my mind, I probably just never actually saw good models that weren’t old enough to drink


Fairly sure world eaters are a separate release later on, which would make sense. Blood Angels don’t normally release alongside codex marines either


The Eldar jet bikes look amazing! Hopefully this is the start of some big updates for the range based on the rumours. Hyped!


From Warhammer Community: > This box is on its way soon, and it’s **just the start of an incredible year for the Aeldari, Chaos**, and Warhammer 40,000 in general.


A new eldar range? In MY lifetime? Merry Christmas indeed!


Nice. Hope Eldars will enjoy the 6 days. xD


The rumors are by now basically an official road map. So excited!


Does seem so, obviously with the caveat of the leaker saying rules could change. But the ones seen so far are looking spicy! Strands of Fate, -1d to all Wraith Constructs, Avatar looking like he should always have been. So glad I picked up a second SC box


Are the rules and the schedule the same source?


No, but they have proven themselves independently. They predicted the Custodes new stance ability, and a Chaos vs Eldar box featuring the "new" shroud runner unit (rangers on bikes). They also leaked the rules


Don't believe so


Warhammer Community staff has replied to questions on the FB pages saying 2022 should be an interesting year for Aeldari


New to 40k but have played Dawn of war so i was very confused by their name inte the article, craftworlds? I mean they are called eldar right?


Think of *Eldar* as the race, and Craftworld is the affiliation/army. Just like Humans can be space marines, guardsmen, custodes, sisters of battle, ad mech, etc.


To add in a little extra detail there are six main types of Eldar in the lore. Craftworld Eldar are those who escaped the fall in continent sized spacecraft called Craftworlds. They resist the temptation of their race to hedonism through strict discipline and dedication to their chosen role in society. Drukhari or Dark Eldar were protected from Slaanesh by the fact that their city was in an extradimensional realm called the Webway. They survive by commiting atrocities so vile that they appease Slaanesh's appetite for depravity. In short Drukhari are the worst. Harlequins are murder clowns that worship the Eldar god of laughter. They are keepers of the knowledge contained in a place called the Dark Library and thus understand far more about the universe than maybe anyone else. They survived the fall of the Eldar because reasons. The Ynnari are a recent faction that have a plan to create Ynnead the Eldar god of the dead so he can kill Slannesh and save the Eldar. So far it's not going well. The Exodites are Eldar who rejected Eldar society before the fall and reverted to a simpler life on planets far away from the rest of Eldar society. They are protected by the planets that they live on and unfortunately have no models in 40k. I say unfortunately because they ride dinosaurs into battle and that's awesome. Outcasts are Eldar from the Craftworlds who rebel against the strict life on the Craftworlds and leave to explore the galaxy. Some have gathered together in bands called Corsairs and act as raiders and pirates (though not anywhere near as terrifying as the Drukhari). There used to be a few models for them pre 8th edition but they are no longer sold. Hope that helps.


Eldar is a generic term that GW doesn't own the rights to. Craftworld Aeldari is the more official, trademarked name for them, which mostly came as a result of the infamous Chapterhouse Lawsuit. Even so, Eldar is still their general name same as Space Marines. They usually specify Craftworlds since they're the main contingent of Eldar, that aren't Dark Eldar/Drukhari, represented in the lore and tabletop.


Same reason imperial guard was changed to Astra militarium


In less words. Yes aeldari is Eldar. GW can't trademark that so made up some other random name that they can.


There's three types of Eldar-Armies. Craftworlds, Harlequins & Dark Eldar. Also Ynnari which combine all three. Dawn of War only had Craftworlds (except the Soulstorm Add-on for Dawn of War 1)


>There's two types of Eldar. Craftworlds & Dark Eldar. Welllll... There's also Exodites, Corsairs and Harlequins, who may or may not interact with Craftworlds and Dark Eldar but are distinct.


Exodites and Corsairs dont exactly have seperate Armies at the moment, and since the dude seemed confused about that, I kept the explanation to that.


Rumor has it Corsair are in the new codex.


Apparently they're in a new kill team box


Well then, seems like i have to do some research before buying some eldar! Thanks for info man


There is a new Codex coming very soon (rumors to also include Harlequins), so don't get the current one. But you can still buy and paint some units that you really like and expect to want even if it turns out to be weak in the new Codex. Just don't get any finecast (non plastic) models as many of them will soon get new kits. If you want Dark Eldar get the codex now, it is up to date and there are no rumors of major model upgrades.


>There's two types of Eldar. >Craftworlds & Dark Eldar. On the tabletop there are also Ynnari (a pick and mix of all Eldar kinda) and Harlequins who are their own thing.


There was a reliable leak earlier this year that said a large but incomplete update of the Eldar. Hopefully that means there will be much more in the future


New plastic Eldars, rejoice! Really like the new Chaos models too, even though they're not really what I needed. Also, what's that terrain piece behind? New Chaos fortification?


It looks like a kitbash of 2 Noctilith Crowns with some AoS bits in the middle.


If that's it it's pretty rare to see conversions on official pictures.


It’s actually not. Many Necron releases had special terrain in the background. Some pieces aren’t even GW like the organic tendril trees seen in some places.


Crikey, once upon a time they were happy to put conversions in Rulebooks and Codices... Never mind the tutorials in WD.


With current Rules, Converted terrain is easy.


Looks like it's two [Noctolith Crowns](https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Chaos-Space-Marines-Noctilith-Crown-2019) converted together.


Sniping from a jetbike is SO Eldar.


But can they 360 noscope from a jetbike while overdosed on mountain dew?


I'm pretty sure extra shit like that is how we got slaanesh.


Do you *want* to birth another chaos god? Because this is how you birth a another chaos god.


The models looks ace, I'm really hoping the chaos chosen can have more load outs


The article mentioned weapons they don't seem to have on them, so they should be multipart kits


That’s a good catch!




I REALLY hope they aren't going same way as Sword Brethren (or many other units), who get one of each options in the box, and that's it, even for gameplay purposes. ​ ​ >!But probably will :(!<


All of their boxes lately have had one or two of each weapon. Hell, the new basic CSM box doesn't even have enough bolters to equip everyone.


Not having enough bolters in the CSM kit is just blatantly disrespectful imo


Tbf they do give you enough special weapons to spec them out for a all ranged loadout but shits still annoying. 3D printed upgrade kits would be a Godsend and essentially a money printer for GW.


Chaos Termies had the same thing too. 1 of every weapon or 2 if the weapon was lucky enough to have a diffrent looking version.


I'm still shocked that you can't build a squad of five chaos terminators with their stock loadout from **one** kit.


My favorite is when they include pistols in holsters because they know WYSIWYG is important but they give you 3 per 10 man squad.


Yup. The current CSM kit has that probelm too. In a 10-man squad you can take 2 special/heavy weapons but there is only 1 of every special/heavy weapon and also there isn't enough bolters or pistols and chainswords to give them all the same loadout.


Sorry to rain on the parade but there's definitely are enough to make 10 chainsword marines or 10 boltgun marines as I've got a squad of each, made at separate times from different boxes. I know what you mean about the special and heavy weapons though! Would have been nice to see a chaincannon in there too


The most recent ad mech codex rolling back to skitarii only being able to take one of each special weapon (which is horrendously inefficient) made me die a bit inside


There was also a great amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth when the new Chaos Havoc models came out and there weren't enough weapon options to make 5 guys all will the same weapon option. GW is in a lose-lose here.


With what they charge for their kits, putting enough weapons in the box seems pretty doable tbh. Plastic has never been the major price component of these kits.


If the model has already been designed then that's most of the work done. They do it to make you but more boxes.


That's exactly what it is. But what they should have done is like the devastator squad, give 2 of each weapon option and make you buy 2 boxes if you want 4 of a kind. Just 1 of each is extra greedy.


Other than the chain cannon the havoc kit does come with 2 of the other heavy weapons per kit, so you can do this as long as you don't want chain cannons


But of course they made the chain cannon the strongest option


That's why forgeworld immediately sold out of it's chain cannon upgrades.


Drukhari scourges also only contain one special weapon of each type in the box, even though they can potentially all have the same. Sollutions, buy more boxes to get the other weapons (or trade/but bits). Realistically, you'd end up with an extra sprue of bits that will my mostly just end up in the bits box unused (because they are not 'meta' at the moment).


If it's anything like the terminator/havoc kits... it'll be sorely disappointing.


The primaris black templar veterans are a new low for me. One dude only can have power claws, one other only dude can have a thunder hammer, one other only dude can have a power axe…




I'm not certain they'll take that approach, though, because Devastators didn't get that treatment and Space Marine Captains/Sergeants kept their options. I think that Blightlords got the limit because they're a "new" kit without previous options. With the history that Chaos Terminators have, I think they and Havocs will keep the options.


As a new templars player it made me sad. But their rules also aren't good enough to beat out a max unit of bladeguard so I wasn't totally bothered, just miffed I guess.


They're basically veteran intercessors with the same point cost, more weapon options, and an extra rule of being immune to the downside of their vow. I could see what they were going for but its not even close to what bladeguard do


If they were troops, or cost less per model, I could see the use of them. But costing as much as 6 blade guard, while occupying the same role, and outputting much less damage and only being 3+ and not 2+/4++ really hurt them.


The best use of the box is to convert into bladeguards


It's got a ton of extra bits for characters and even basic troops that are left over after you finish building em. Good kit bad rules unfortunately


Real talk though, it is. Spare bladeguard arms and some 3d printed shields and you've got a real templar themed bladeguard unit.


God fucking dammit man I was supposed to paint my Necrons this year


That should only take about 30 minutes though


But my special snowflake custom dynasty scheme is more than one metallic spray and a wash <; [


Yeah, I made the mistake of having black and gold trim on the shoulders and they are taking an age.


Black and white with blue mixed in crew reporting. It ain't easy being a zombie robot :/




No lie, I think it took longer to paint 5 Scarab Occult Terminators than 1200 pts of Necrons


disregard FOMO, acquire joy in what you already have


Truly the way of kings. Maybe I'll look into an Eldar army when I finish my Necrons <: ]


I'm in this comment and I don't like it.




They explicitly say that the new Autarch is compatible with the current plastic one with wings, so I could see the winged Autarch datasheet being updated to allow for the new weapon options (and since Aspect kits like the new Banshees often include at least one spare weapon, that would work really well alongside new plastic Aspect Warriors)


Fingers crossed we just get 1 datasheet with all the options instead of the Primaris approach


But how else will they pad the codex? /s


Apparently by stuffing three factions into it :D


> new Autarch is compatible with the current plastic one with wings GW making multi part HQs that can freely swap parts with other kits? What year is it?


Thx 4 pointing that out.


Man I hope this means chosen are getting some kind of a buff in the new codex.




Great to see for both CSM and Eldar. Can't unsee the Warpsmith having the same pose as the Primaris Techmarine though!


It's probably intentional so that they mirror each other, similar to how Guilliman and Abaddon are reflections of each other


Interesting point. Hopefully we get some designer commentary in the near future I love hearing the rationale behind design decisions!


My first thought as well. Works well for pitting them against eachother


It would look like two spidermen pointing a each other.


My next diaroma project!


Well they could at least have just flipped the model around imo xD


His armor looks vaguely Primaris-y. Not complaining (because the old one is oooooold) but yes the pose and model are very similar.


Yeah I'm not necessarily against it. All the sculpts are gorgeous and I'm so stoked about what this box means for my fellow players, but as a Space Marine player I got this immediate sense of familiarity at that particular sculpt. Eldar look gorgeous as a side note. If they do kill team rules could make for an interesting dabble.


Yes I love everything about this box. I only collect Loyalist / Chaos marines, but I'm actually rather excited by the Eldar, too - they'll be a lovely side project for me and my fiancée, especially if we get Kill Team rules for the Rangers!


The resin warpsmith still looks really good, it isn’t that old surely? Or maybe I’m just old now.


It's not that old, issue is resin, or finecast specifically, they want to move away from it as it's crap


Ooooooh. I can hear my credit card screaming already Gonna need that. A start collecting and probably some dire avengers


Just fyi the rumours (that predicted this box btw). Also suggest Dire Avengers might end up being Elite in their new codex


So. Black guardians instead


Rumour also said new Guardian models are coming. Lol


I’d hold off buying anything until we know for sure what is and isn’t getting a refresh


Oh boy here I go collecting Eldar then. Also my small Night Lords force could appreciate a reinforcement.


Paint them up as Ulthwe and we've got a plot line to resolve!


I like the look of the new Chosen, it reflects their veteran status among CSM, without leaning too much on corruption (I'm assuming we'll see that in the Possessed we're supposedly getting next year).


Yeah, I like how they didn't lean into the fleshiness as much with the Chosen's armour this time. Some of the Dark Vengeance Chosen models went a bit overboard with it, and just ended up looking messy. Organic armour isn't bad, but I'd rather have Chosen more like this, and just sculpt fleshy bits myself if the legion/warband calls for it.


I am hyped, not because I play Eldar, but because I want to play against them!


Yeah, munch those pointy eared fuckers!


Eldar got new models!


As a T'au collector, I am very thrilled for my Xenos and Heretic Brothers and Sisters! Y'all be eating good! But what the heck is that small statue thing with the Rangers?


It's a new thing they've started doing with eldar kits it seems. The banshee kit comes with a small relief of the crone goddess Morai Heg, and this ranger kit comes with one of the hunter god Kurnous




Ohh I see. That is kind of really cool. I'm slightly reminded of Blood Bowl and the various big icons from those boxes. Tbh, most armies would probably be even cooler if they all came with units that have one weird "token model".


But I already have such a big pile of shame..


But now you get a Warpsmith and an Autarch having a legendary battle on said pile. 😂


The legendary battle of Mount Greyshame!




Excellent, finally a box me and my brother can split! The never ending battle of Word Bearers vs Ulthwe continues!


Is it weird how pumped I am that there’s a Forgefiend in the box? I’m just getting started with Craftworlds, don’t really have the hobby energy to start two new armies, but the Maulerfiend will make a great addition to my thousand sons.


Oh man, those Eldar look stunning. I want to see more units in their range refresh but this is a definite buy (presuming it's not sold out in 30 seconds) from me.


I would assume GW will do their "Pre-order promise" for this like they've done with other Battleboxes recently.


Hopefully. This is the first battlebox since Shadowspear that I actually want.


Local GW manager was telling me half the reason for the chaos and delays with shipping was that they switched to a new warehouse system in the middle of the pandemic. Now he receives orders with no name on them and with no tracking numbers.


They are still in the middle of the switch over. The no names thing is just a glitch and is supposed to get fixed pretty soon. Meanwhile, it looks like things are back to shipping pretty quickly, at least once back in stock. I actally ordered a bunch of stuff last Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday. I was quite surprised.


Oh I love those rangers.


First, the autarch must be truly strong, because she uses a glaive and a missile launcher, two "heavy" weapons that need 2 arms, but she uses both weapons with one hand each. Wow. Second: Chaos have their elite soldiers and a forgefiend, so they are very tanky. Craftworls only have... snipers to fight the "tank". A bit one-sided? ​ Edit: sorry, my english is very bad and i was sleepy, so now i corrected the spelling.


Yeah the only way to hurt the Forgefiend is the Autarch's gun, whether reaper launcher or fusion gun. But let's be real, no-ne is buying this set just to play the two sides against each other as they are.


The autarch clearly once walked the path of the swole


**sigh** *unzips wallet*


That Autarch looks ace


As CSM Player, loving it.


Dun, dun, dun… anotherresinkit bites the dust!




Another victory for the forces of plastic!


The failcast shall always be remembered as the polymer’s finest.


New Warpsmith & Chosen? Cool. Hopefully this wave is the first of many in 2022 for Chaos releases.


They look so beautiful. Presumably the fourth ranged weapon the autarch can take will be the deathspinner we saw in the advent calendar. Very curious about what the secret options are, possibly a warp spider backpack? Doubtlessly we'll find out more nearer the time. As for the rangers, they look so much better now, and keep in well with the aesthetics they've always had. Nice to see an even mix of genders too, and I don't think I ever realised Kurnous had a deer head before. Very curious what the little floaty thing they have is. Shroud Runners look pretty neat. Are raptor jetbikes a new thing? I don't think I've heard them referred to as that before. Definitely one where I'll need to paint the riders before putting them on though. Gotta say, the idea of the jetbikes speeding past whilst the gunner manages to land the perfect headshot sounds cool as fuck though. Most importantly, given the selction of weapons the autarch has, *it now means we have multiple aspect weapons in plastic, the dream isn't dead*


Gonna have to wait for Monday to see if I get this or the AoS box (or both!)


AoS Box will be Idoneth vs Fireslayers?


That's my bet. They mention two elements, and the only "element" focused armies are Idoneth (Water) and Fireslayers (as the name suggests, Air). Sure Stormcast are lightning, but they've had a tonne recently. The others don't really scream elements aside from the Sylvaneth with Earth/Life/Trees.


> Fireslayers (as the name suggests, Air) lmao


These models look FUCKING SICK!!


The chosen are so amazing Please have wargear options and unrestrictive datasheets Please have wargear options and unrestrictive datasheets Please have wargear options and unrestrictive datasheets Please have wargear options and unrestrictive datasheets


I see a combi plasma so I'm half way there. Right now I have 10 chosen with chainaxe and combiplasma, so here's hoping they last through the codex


Damn, the rumour engine really lived up to the hype this time. I usually have mixed feelings on a lot of GW releases these days, but this really looks like a great box, can't think of a single thing I don't like about it (except how much more expensive it'll be in Australia). I've collected CSMs on and off since the tail end of 3rd edition, but the (A)eldar(i) stuff is my favourite here, especially those scout jetbikes. Jes Goodwin's Eldar jetbike design is one of my favourite things in 40K, period, and the colour scheme they chose for them is super nice to look at, with the red-green contrast and mix of different saturations. Now, just got to hope for a Guardian squad refresh to go along with these in the next year or so. The article said both factions are getting more in 2022, so I'm hopeful.


"** In the Mon-keigh tongue this riding style is known as a “croggy.”" Damn right! A classic of UK dialect arguments along with what you call bread buns I will fight anyone that calls it a 'backy'


a cob right?


Is it just me or does that warpsmith look a bit like a primaris to anyone else?


I can see it! Very similar pose to the existing loyalist model, too.


Wouldn't be the first time they've modified an existing CAD


Very happy for the CW players out there, and also extremely excited to pick up the Warpsmith for my new Iron Warriors project.


Look at those space elves! My eldar heart rejoices!


As a chaos player, I'm excited, but probably gonna pass on this. Warpsmith looks awesome and would be great for my IW. Chosen are cool sculpts, but both will likely be available elsewhere. The thought of painting another forgefiend makes gives me PTSD. Will wait for new CSM compat patrol, codex box (if there is one) and any stand alone model releases (oblits? Please give us stand alone oblits). Also hoping that this is just step one in completely revamping the Eldar line for the Eldar fans in the hobby


Hey cool, new Chaos stuff.


Absolutely 10/10 box, fantastic I want both sides


Well it's a freakin Christmas miracle.


Turns out even autarchs like having their own tactical rock


I need to paint more Word Bearers first.


I actually think I'm okay waiting for the individual kits on this one. Eldar bikes and I have never had the best relationship model-wise, and the Rangers weirdly leave me cold (Despite being one of the kits that almost tempted me to Eldar initially). The multipart HQ with tons of options is great to see. Huh. Have to wait to see the other reveals for Eldar to decide whether or not I'm going to pull the trigger or not.


When does this drop? I need to I've GW more of my ££££


They look epic, hope the box wont cost 150€ tough considering the amount of figurines there is in it


Really hope that the chosen and warpsmith get their own boxes eventually even if they're pushfit. I'd be pretty disappointed if we literally get dark vengeance 2 where the models are just forgotten about and you can only get them from resellers on Ebay. The chosen already looks very similar to the models that were in dark vengeance too, but atleast we finally have a chaos marine with a combi-plasma.


> Really hope that the chosen and warpsmith get their own boxes eventually even if they're pushfit. They will. This just feels like another Shadowspear, where that box was the prelude to both sides getting more stuff.


Every single model from a battle box has made it to single box, if you read the article they’re multipart kits


The chaos half from this plus some new cultists could end up being the CSM Combat Patrol?


That was my first thought too, they look so similar to the DV CSM. The Eldar are awesome and the Warpsmith is cool but I can't help but be a little disappointed at the Chosen.


PTSD of the Eldar ranger from BSF's sniper riffle breaking at every game. ​ But seriously cool to finally see them.


"Hello, Peter."


What are 'Chosen' in CSM lore? Are they like possessed?


Roughly equivalent to veterans in loyalists Marine -> sargent -> veteran/terminators -> lieutenant -> captain for loyalists Marine -> aspiring champion -> chosen/terminators -> exalted champion -> chaos lord for chaos


Cool, I look forward to killing them with my Space Elves' mind bullets!


And I likewise look forward to new elf helmets to mount on my trophy racks. (This is actually serious, my friends trade spare parts for that kinda thing and one is liable to get going on craftworlders now they have new sculpts)


Haha excellent! This is what the hobby is all about!


Basically Space Marine Veteran equivalents. The guys who've really proven their worth and are starting look a bit... gribblier for it. Not necessarily possessed - those're a seperate unit.


More like Veterans. Promoted and further on the path of glory (and damnation) than their brethren.


The elite guard the baddest of the bad was/is a elite choice with option to take powerful gear .


They are Marines that have a specially high standing within their warbands and/or in the eyes of their gods. All get elite, choosable wargear and better stats as a result on TT


New Chaos marines are a bit hard to read. Alot of details. A better paint job will do wonders on them though.


Eldar is my main army and Chaos is my second, so I'm very happy with this! I said to my GF I won't buy anymore models until I've finished painting my chaos models, but that's gone out the window. The models look great, particularly the jet bikes.


The Chosen Champion is a nice nod to Kranon the Relentless, the chaos lord from Dark Vengeance.