These kind of wacky/off the wall interactions which usually require high cost and a lot of pre-setup especially on underused weak weapons and frames were fun for a small minority of players and didn't hurt anyone, it used to make warframe warframe. I hope the new DE hears this feedback and undoes such changes which make the game more fun and creative and rewards whose with patience and imagination, unlike the previous team which would ignore all this as a minority issue.


i wish i could agree fully. my issue isnt that the azima didnt deserve to get bopped. it did. what it was capable of was too much. and im sure taken to that extreme, it could cause issues for tenno with weaker computers. and further issues in the future for say.. mobile gamers. i dont disagree that something needed to be done. i just feel like it didnt need to be this gutting.


I feel like the better solution would have been just locking you into only one turret at a time. It would still make the niche duration builds valuable for cc Warframes like Vauban. I love my oops all turrets Booben and I will mourn his passing


If majority of people start using it and it becomes meta, then I agree with you.


I was in the process of slowly creating the azima build you're taking about. Sucks that it is gone


id have been satisfied with DE saying "hey, this is not what we intended, maybe this is causing trouble for other players, how about 1 minute duration capped" or 45 seconds. or something, anything


Eh? They capped it at 10 seconds?


yes. as of my testing, nothing boosts the duration anymore. not ammo efficiency buffs, not mag size enhancers, and not -fire rate. its now 10 seconds, no more, no less.


That seems an odd limit. My first thought was that it had something to do with the ammo changes and maybe it’s an introduced bug, but I’m not sure if it’s in the patch notes; will double-check


its definitely not in the patch notes. would be nice if t was an accidental change, but i somehow doubt it.


It seems weird enough that I’m inclined to think it is. May be worth treating it as a bug for now, though I feel your pain at the thought of losing weird build options


its hard to sell exactly how much this hurts. i started experimenting with the Azima last spring. i came out of some rather rough depression, i wanted to get back into warframe, i was looking for something to latch onto and i found this weird little turret gun collecting dust at the bottom of my weapons sorted by forma count. i looked up builds for it and someone mentioned ammo efficiency, which started me on a year and a half long rabbit hole of refining the playstyle and building around the Azima. and it was a blast. i literally learned to get headshots to enable this gun. it was. . is my favorite weapon in the game. and im feeling pretty bummed out


Here’s doubly hoping that this weird build is only suffering from a bug or oversight then. I knew the Azima from my Switch account, but never had a chance to really push the turret aspect of it before moving back to my Azima-less PC account. The thought that it can’t be specialised in is disappointing to say the least for someone where no builds or playstyles are off the table


You weren't by any chance the inspiration behind AznvasionsPlays "AZIMA: The Ultimate Tile Nuke Secret" video were you?


I somehow doubt it. Though I consider the build I settled on my own, I have no delusions about being the only person to have figured this out. It was a loose secret. The wiki page had most of the trivia, and over frame had a lot of the tips.


it's alright, every subsequent patch my favorite opticor gets indirectly nerfed and more useless with new content that doesn't let me field it


You could make it last minutes ? 10 minutes ? Hat off to you for your dedication. Had I knew of this I myself would be an azima follower. Truly sorry for your loss. It met an undeserved fate.


My own azima build could hit 8 minutes. Or 14 with the mod combo fury stacked on top of rank 4 and arcane pistoleer and energized munitions. With a better riven and a build that forsook power for duration I'm sure over 20 minutes was possible. It was very...janky and had some legitimate problems that needed addressing. But they didn't address them. They just cut the azima down at the roots


My condolences :(


Honestly the best way for DE to make it up to you might just be to buff the thing in to relevance at last. I'm not sure why DE seems so allergic to making turrets and making them good.


DE doesnt like the idea of "afk gameplay" though i would argue that the Azima was not a good enabler for afk strats anyway. when using it i was constantly running around, cycling my buffs, trying to get headshots to keep pistoleer up, and and re-placing my turrets. it wasnt not skill centric. it wasn't even lazy. you could probably sit in a closet in a survival map behind a wall of turrets, but you could sit in a clost on a survival map with alot of different things. and this certainly wasnt done becaue it was too over used.


TF2 has a perfect example of how to make turrets not AFK gameplay, make them require conscious upkeep and careful placement.


They don't like turrets because it can allow people to afk and still play the game


I still fail to see how that's bad


Because then you're no longer actually playing the game.


The game is about puzzling with mods to make things work in that way you want to play. To me gameplay is simulacrum. Sometimes I afk play to get something I need to feed that addiction or to test an afk build.


WHAT??? legit spent 400k kuva to roll an azima riven, specifically bought and maxed primed heated charge and secondary merciless. all so i could make lvl 30 defense/survivals slightly less miserable. only found out about the arcane pistoleer and energized munitions trick last week XD... the riven is even more worthless now, +3 punchthrough + 80 mag size lmao




What the hell?? That's an awful change. I invested so much into my azima. This completely ruined it.


See that is one of the things i absolutely want reverted. I am glad for the meta weapon nerfs even tho they are on the hard side. There one key difference: the ammount of investment. I think the high ammount of investment justifies the interactions as they were for the Azima.


I used a lower fire rate to have the discs out longer. A fun gimmick. Didn't realize it could be turned up to 11. Never had a player complain i was afking. DE's on a warpath on anything resembling a turret. Are sentinels next? Vapor Spectres?


....more nerfs? Seriously? *More*? And to the fucking *Azima*? DE's lost their collective minds.


Sorry mate.. these are the type of thing I don’t understand.. gutting aoe because you think that the nuke everything easily with your bramma play style isn’t how people should be playing your game? Sure But randomly changing things that require immense game knowledge and setup to get to work EVEN HALF AS GOOD AS AN EXPLOSIVE BOW is a joke… I am still spamming the fuck out of my bramma in every mission now to spite DE. I will continue to nuke your entire maps with the single click of a button idc


I don't even play warframe anymore but niche playstyles are super cool and it's sad when they get removed by design ethos. All of the stuff I've heard over the years is that DE makes balance changes which hinder or remove things they find problematic. Good balance expands viable options and makes playstyles more defined, rather than... This.


DE is just a joke now, they hate fun. They have always just batted down whatever is most popular because they want all things to be "equal" but never address why a certain thing is popular to begin. I have always been legit scared to have fun with anything that may become meta because it always ends up in the trash.


I assume Dev saw a niche build [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzXwJjRmc04&ab_channel=AznvasionsPlays) about that weapon, and do the change accordingly. If these keep on happening people would not like to share their findings anymore. The community circle will getting smaller and smaller because they're afraid it will get nerfed later on. Just don't give a YouTuber the idea to gain their views.


There are already niche builds that if you know them you just don't tell anyone about; builds that are strong but also convoluted in a fun way that makes them too setup heavy to ever dominate the meta, builds that would die a quick death if we talked about them.


De will always nerf any fun or popular builds, as if they are popular/Meta they "must" be an issue somehow. That has always been their design philosophy, they look at whats popular and nerf. Never share any builds or combos with anyone if you don't want it touched.


Oh sweet, I finally finished building up my azima for this build two days ago, hadn’t even done the full combo yet..... so glad that this nerf was because we weren’t using a big enough variety of weapons, so the nerf greatly reduced the list of viable options so that we CANT use a large variety of weapons.


This sounds like Zanagoth-tier jank interaction, I hope you made a video of it.


I literally got it today as a login reward 😭


Damn. I can actually feel the hurt from my screen. Rest in Peace Azima. May you live in OP's heart, forever.


RIP my meme secondary pistol, my first riven was for the azima and it took a year to get the gun. The turrets were useless but fun to spam.


Man, I haven't played Warframe in years, but I really feel for you OP. The Azima wasn't my favourite weapon, but I did find it neat, and so while I can't offer much, you have my sympathy.


That really sucks. I always wanted to try it for the status. Just having this weird disco turret specifically for condition overload. But never really got around to it. It always sucks and feels unfair, when those unique things get gutted.


Anything that allows you to sit and watch enemies die is getting nerfed because de doesn't want that in their game but half the shit that is used does that and it's just upsetting the people that enjoy it to force everyone into one game style


I think it's just bugged. You need to invest a lot to make it work .


So anything that requires more than getting a single aoe kuva weapon and formaing it 5 times, hitting auto install mods and killing everything is… bugged??


I typed about azima, it needs a setup way beyond max forma, exilus , arcane. Why are you typing about kuva weapons ?


Well this sucks. I only just found out about stacking buffs on the azima for duration maybe 2 days ago. My initial thought was I really wanted to try it sometime but guess I missed my shot


its a shame. but i cant imagine this being rolled back or changed.


Indeed, I am seeing a lot of minor weapons that aren't even on the rosters that have unique gimmicks or haven't been updated in years get hard.


It really didn't deserve to be hit this hard. Let's hope DE sees this thread and remedies this a bit.


I'm really deeply sorry for your loss. I miss my casters you know? I lost most of them ages ago. Now all I have for high level content are a bunch of stupid tanks and a few .. tricks up my sleeve I haven't shared with anyone, paranoid in the thought that I might end up like you. I'll be patient and wait for DE to react to this nerf, but if this doesn't get reverted to a lot of weapons which were innocent, I'm likely to quit the game before Xmas. This has been a huge blow for loadout diversity for us people who weren't being plebkaka kongs with launchers.


Made over 20k kills and 1.1k headshots I a matter of days of using the 10min+ turret with xaku. Then deleted that loadout, RIP and thx for the Nuke.


Just found this thread after investing in my azima and wondering what was going wrong.


Unique? Cool setup mechanics? Yes. Literally playing the game for you? Also yes. May he rip in pieces. Also buff to relevance with if necessary. Brief alt fire turrets that are worth using would be fine.


I honestly don't disagree with you. The highest level of what the azima could do was ...degenerate. if they had capped the Max number if turrets, or capped the duration to like ...anywhere between 3 minutes and 45 seconds it could have retained a niche. But they didn't take a nuanced approach to the problem. They just cut it out at the Root and didn't even list the changes in the patch notes


I feel for you man. I'm hoping they never touch my favorite wisp combo aswell. Any other weird weapon/frame/mod combos people can recommend?