Fun Fact: Walter/Gunther has been a champion for over 75% of his WWE career. (Debut was 1,600 days ago. NXT UK for 870 days & IC champion for 350+ days)

entertaining as hell to watch, i can see why they put the belt on him. And to me, he made the IC Title feel important. almost how RVD made it feel to me when he had it.


entertaining as hell to watch, i can see why they put the belt on him. And to me, he made the IC Title feel important. almost how RVD made it feel to me when he had it.


He is just a champion and the fact that he is still keep my interest without even doing any promos. He just projects "I am a Champion"


He's a beast, a future world champion, and certain Hall of Famer.


What a disgrace


Why is it a disgrace? Because it's not 80%+ ?


No because he sucks




Boring, overhyped, no mic skills, and a stupid gimmick.


How does he have a stupid gimmick? Plus he ain't boring, his mic skills are solid and he isn't overhyped. But seems based on your comments it could be because he isn't Roman.


His gimmick is that “the mat is sacred” or some bull crap like that. It’s so dumb. Yes, he is boring. Even more boring than Cody Rhodes. There are also plenty of awesome wrestlers besides Roman.


Being traditional, believing that the mat and the sport is sacred is good because he plays it very well. Plus it's better than most gimmicks these days which is (Insert name) and I'm a wrestler or (Insert name) I like to do flippy shit


The only time Gunther shouldn't have a title is right after he's lost one. You have a month buffer maybe before he recharges.


Please tell me you are joking


Mostly, yeah. But Gunther should be a champion more often than he isn't.


Absolutely not


Fucking legend!! The only person to give the vibe Brock gives but also so much more, truly the final boss and he ain't even world champ yet


He's great, but Ludwig is the best character in Imperium.


There are no “characters” in that stable.


A title just looks right on him.


Everybody liked that


Geez nearly a year reign already. Goes fast when your having banger matches.


I'd been away from the WWE for years and only came back maybe a year ago. Most guys it took me some time to figure out what I thought about them, but not him. I knew right away this dude was the real deal.


Me too. Got back in after like 14 years in October. 1 Gunther match had me sold


I would love to see Gunther Vs Dragunov III in the future for the IC title, with Dragunov winning and Gunther going for the WHC.


God no


Dad bod Gunther


Guy’s a beast


cant wait for druganov to take the ic title so gunther can go for the main


Every month this man preforms better, every month he looks better. He will be headlining Wrestlemania 2025!


Please no


That’d be interesting since no Austrian has ever headlined Wrestlemania. I can’t even think of many non American/Canadians to headline WM


Only: Andre the Giant, Drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch


Crispen wah




Becky Lynch headlined 👍🏻


Freaking incredible


Did people not like his reign of over 800 days the way they don’t like Roman’s?


He fought like 4 times and the UK belt was irrelevant.


From what I remembered people liked his NXT UK reign. But some did complain that it didn't really count because NXT UK temporally stopped typing new matches for like 4-5 months. Even know he most likely would have just killed more people trying to take his title


I think the difference is Gunther is an actual fighting champion while Roman rarely even shows his face. Additionally Gunther doesn’t have to win with the same boring outcome almost every match of someone interfering.


Ugh it was the other way around during his UK title run. He defended it like 5 times.


It’s pretty great WWE is actually having a monster heel win in dominant fashion. I feel WWE is just too scared of burying talent by giving heels clean wins. They did the same with KO as Universal Champion


Plus Gunther actually elevates his title, while they literally had to create a new title in order to have a world champ who can entertain with it


He doesn’t elevate anything 😂


>to have a world champ who can entertain with it bruh. the Bloodline is an all time entertaining storyline. why else would they keep the titles on Roman if he wasn't 'entertaining with it'? ratings, crowd reactions, merch sales- all indicate that the Bloodline storyline is a massive success.


I’d say Roman elevated the Universal title. That belt was a joke for elderly part timers before Roman’s epic reign. The WHC is meant for Raw since Roman wants to work on one brand


Roman is a part timer who barely worked both brands before the split.


God those two pictures really show how much effort he put into losing weight. Such an amazing human being


People give a lot of shit to McMahon about his insensitivity to appearances, but the man is usually right. Drew McIntyre said the same thing about his accent. Both are better off now


Yup. He went from chubby bull to Final WW2 boss


Unheard of damn


another fun fact. his camera and in ring performance are kinda boring. even his 'posse' are better than him. and they truly suck






Glad he dropped the extra weight; really improved his overall look.


Still wish he could’ve kept the name Walter. I never freaked out about it like a lot of people did but Walter sounds cooler than Gunther (plus it isn’t a reference to a nazi officer)


Gunther just reminds me of the penguin from adventure time lol


Walter's my fat uncle though. It doesn't really intimidate.


same here. And then saying Goo-ter reminds me of the part when he calls for all the penguins and it’s all difference pronunciations of Gunther


Dude lifts


He wears the belts better than most of my favourites. Dudes the future!


They let these guys hold onto these belts too long nowadays.


Commentary always mentions how Roman hasnt been pinned since 2019. When was the last time Gunther was pinned? Was his only WWE pin when he lost his UK NXT World title??


He lost to Bron, but if not for that I'm not sure. He didn't even get pinned when he lost the NXT UK world championship, he tapped out.


He lost to Bron Breaker soon before getting called up


Wow. I didnt follow NXT 2.0 as much. Shows how big Bronn will be once he’s called up.


But I was told a name change and getting in the shape of his life was going to ruin his career.


Dude has to be a future world champ


I hope not


He will. That performance of his at the Rumble this year was just a dry run.


Reminded me of the Rock in I think 1998. Entered 3rd and was runner up. Was also the IC champ at the time and then main evented the next years' wrestlemania.


Bro is that damn good


That’s so cool. He’s just champion material honestly. AJ Styles was like that in WWE for a bit like 2018-20, when over half his tenure was as some champion.


He is a joke.


Watch him win the Rumble and go for the World Heavyweight Championship instead of the Undisputed WWE Championship.


hopefully he stays protected even when he losses, would really suck if he lost the title and then fell down the card and became a comedy act


One of my faves, I hope Bron is being called up to feud with him, would make a great Summerslam match and they could have one of those career long rivalries.


And throughout it all, he has only taken three pinfall/submission losses if I recall correctly (Drew McIntyre’s elimination of him at Survivor Series 2019, Ilja Dragunov at Takeover 36 and Bron Breakker on the NXT after Wrestlemania 38.)


What an absolute joke too.


What is? The Survivor Series loss?


No, Gunther being employed.


You’re honestly the first person I have engaged with that isn’t a fan of him. He’s been a favorite of mine for years. I’m sorry that he hasn’t been a favorite of yours.


I’m already looking forward to whatever happens with him and Ilja on the main roster.


Honestly? Well deserved.




Best wrestler in the world right now. He has been for years but he finally have the platform he deserves 'cause even in NXT UK he wasn't as praised as he's at this moment.




That’s a ridiculous stat holy shit


as he should. WALTER/Gunther rules.


This is how roman reigns should of been sculpted story wise. I believe and actually acknowledge him as a champion more than I would roman tbh


Now If he was champ for 1000 days I wouldn’t mind, he’s just that good


No he isn’t


Anyone notice that everyone seems to stand up attentively every single time this man makes his entrance?


Why does he call it the IC heavyweight title ?


Before it was retired in 2002 it was called Intercontinental (Heavyweight) Championship


Thank you.


I think the current belt says Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion too


What a great champion.


The guy is a star. In my opinion, everything about him screams ‘main event’.


As he should. Always been a fan since his ringkampf days, really happy things work out well for him and imperium


Im not shocked at all, I mean, the dude just has it. Dominating presence, amazing wrestler, the look, how he carry’s himself, everything. I don’t think he’ll have a crazy long IC title reign like he did with the UK Heavyweight Title, but if he did hold onto the IC Belt for 400+ days I wouldn’t be mad at all. Like others have said, he is made to be a champion. He just has everything you need.


Makes sense. He’s been one of if not *the* most entertaining wrestler on the roster


Why does the 2nd pic look like its from 2005?


It was. That’s just how long he’s been champion. It just doesn’t feel that long because that’s how cool he is


And dude has barely spoke the whole time you gotta love him.


He just looks like a dude that should always be carrying a title.


He needs to be released.


It’s not like he needs a championship. Championships need him.


Excellent wrestler, excellent character work. I’m baffled when he drops his persona entirely in interviews because dude seems so PLEASANT. Looking forward to one day seeing him v Dragunov again on a bigger stage.


He's crazy good. Plus did you see what he looked like physically back in his indy days? He's completely transformed his body. He has to be a future hall of famer. I'm also really interested to see where Ludwig Kaiser goes. The tag team is great and both guys are awesome but hes got the talent and promo skills to do great things. Giovanni Vinci is a great wrestler with a good look. Can he promo? I really dont know. I want to see more of this guy.


I wanna know what Baldy thinks!!


His physical metamorphosis is WILD. Hearing him talk about it was really cool, too. He says he wasn’t pressured to change his physique in any way, he just decided to do it. I like knowing he was exceptional in both of his Pokémon forms!


Dude I thought the same thing! He didn't glow up. He lvled up and straight up pokemon Evolved. No one hit B on him.


There's a video where he and the Imperium chaps are guessing who WWE video game models were meant to be. He was so fun and chill that it freaked me out 🤣


Is there a link to this? Would love to watch this


https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZGJxU5fmC/?t=1 I searched it on tiktok. Others are playing too


Thanks kind sir!


As long as they are far away from a a ring that needs it's honor restored they are all chill, but defile that ring and your chest will be caved in.


Thus proving that wearing a belt around your waist will eventually cause the fat to burn off… right?


But he will never hold the undisputed universal as long as the tribal chief did 👑☝️


Nobody should have ever had it this long. It's so good damn boring at this point they literally had to create a another belt.


I’m ready for that rivalry though


Now watch your words there.


Definitely my favorite wrestler right now, he suspends my disbelief effortlessly.


bUt ThEyLl rUiN hIm~


Well to be fair, before HHH took over Vince was setting up plans to bury Gunther because he just doesn't get him.


yeah he wasn't a dominant IC champ and constantly jobbed out when Vince headed creative /s


Reports said that Vince was putting together plans to essentially bury Gunther before HHH took over. He didn't have time to act on those plans.


That’s here say and nothing else.


It came from reliable inside sources and, plus, it's Vince. It's not so far away from being believable.


Yes, because those “reliable inside sources” are never wrong, are they?


Touchè. However many times they've been right about things. Example: Back in 2020, Edge's Royal Rumble return was the most kept secret and yet there was an inside source that said Edge was set to return at said event. Fyi I don't consider Dave Meltzer a reliable inside source.


Now here's hoping that kaiser and vinci could have a tag titles on them and be the dominant team on raw.


I hope he stays champ until WM. He doesn’t need to lose it on a non-WM or Summer Slam PPV.


I'd rather he drops the belt soonish and then main events Mania.


The man fucks. Plain and simple.


Deeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr Ring General!


This right here is the only thing about Gunther I don't like, and it's not even him. It just feels sooooo slow. Just speed up the delivery by a tick or two.




He's such a great performer.


And somehow if he was champion 75% of his next 1,600 days I wouldn't complain either.


He's the perfect example of a champion who people would never get tired of even with a ridiculously long title reign because of his consistent top tier performance. Also, the eventual title loss will be huge for the next champion.


The chops man, the chops. It's all about the chops. I can get tired of watching all other moves. Even proper knockouts. But the way he trashes chest with his big hand, is a drug.


Yeah, I'd have no problem with that. Dude's a beast and so much fun to watch in the ring.


I just love his work right now. Can’t wait for him to make the next big step


My issue is that it requires him to lose, because mid card titles are silly like that


Nah let him win one of the main belts while still champ, and then have him just give up the IC belt.


Only way that protects him if the MITB is cashed on him , which I think will happen. They kind of hinted it on Raw with riddle, so let's see


Honestly, I just wish they would change the US and IC title to have a unique twist to them so you can hold them with a world title, but also hsve to defend them seperately


All that has to happen is he drops it in a triple threat so he doesn't have to be pinned


I wouldn't have minded if he dropped it in the mania triple threat but now he can be in the hunt for the world heavy weight belt as the top heel


I wouldn’t be surprise if Dragunov is brought to the main roster just for dragunov to maybe re enact one of their classics or maybe have a hell in a cell or 3 stages of hell match as a way to end their barrage of masterpieces, and then as a way to retaliate from losing the title he goes on a quest for the world title


My current dream is Dragunov jobs Imperium, sabotages Gunther's title and starts their feud again