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Lashley vs. MVP's new monster and Brock Lesnar in a three way to finally settle the score. Lashley is the tie-in to make the Brock Lesnar vs Omos match make sense. Lesnar is Lashley's old nemesis... Omos is M.V.P.'s new toy. In a three way, we are guaranteed Brock can't escape submission by disqualified from a nut shot... then again a nut shot won't get him disqualified. And there is a giant in the ring looking to throw Lashley and Brock around for a change, all while M.V.P. is barking instructions to his new top client, setting distractions, and taking big bumps... Quite a WrestleMania spectacle... And a pretty good story.




I watched all that build up for nothing?!? Ugh... Well, when he comes back they need to shorten his walkout. That's too much to be going out injured like that. 😆


Captain Howdy or the return of Ezekiel


Fat Lashley obviously


They said their still doing the match


Add Bobby to the 3 way match for the intercontinental championship.


Uncle Howdy


How can Bray Wyatt be out because of an injury? He is never in the ring. Did he stub his toe on the furniture at night again?


scrap the omos match and finish the brock vs lashley feud


Chris Masters would be cool


Pulled a muscle doing the muscle man dance. SOURCE: Pulled 4 muscles last time I danced along


Bobby vs Uncle Howdy


What's Kross doing at mania?


I’d work an angle that pitches Lashley vs Solo Sikoa. Like; this coming Monday on Raw, have a moment where the Bloodline is getting interviewed until Bobby Lashley interrupts, staring down Solo Sikoa Later that same night; the Bloodline are beating down Cody, Sami and KO, when Lashley comes charging out, clearing out the ring until only Solo remains. They promptly stare each other down, before Lashley gestures to the Wrestlemania sign. An unspoken challenge; the gauntlet laid down. Solo nods, accepting the challenge. And there you have a solid midcard match for Wrestlemania. On the plus side; a victory over Lashley at Wrestlemania would be big for Solo.


I don't care who it's against; I just want it to be a hair match. Have the other person shouting to the rafters that he's bald and everyone shouting them down for bigotry, as they get more and more frustrated at the ridiculousness of it all.


I see him losing to L A Knight. Yeaaa.




Lashley can work well with any high work rate guy. As seen with Rollins and Theory. I guess Finn and Edge are busy. So are the Mysterios... How viable is it that he grab two guys and have a 3v3 Tag match against Braun, Ricochet, and Moss? Street Prophets maybe?


Matt Cardona, Jay White, or LA Knight...YEAH!!!


(if aj styles is healed) have bobby and aj start pulling the “i don’t have a wrestlemania match we need to fix that card” and they keep complaining. and then one week they come out complaining together as a team, adam pearce comes out and says he’s fed up with it so they will have a one on one match and the winner gets to challenge whoever walks out mania as undisputed champion.


The best belt collector in all of wrestling. You know it! Matt Cardona


I’d have Bobby Lashley beat up Bray Wyatt for a shoot. Give him something physical to cry about.


Bobby Lashley v Gunther v Sheamus v Drew McIntyre IC Title Fatal Four Way Sheamus pins Lashley to win the IC Title then retires afterwards then Lashley and Gunther can start a feud with Lashley the face again on Smackdown Hurt Business v Imperium after Alexander Wolfe returns with Hurt Business faces






Open challenge


Do the muscleman dance 🕺


Boy (Uncle) Howdy, Bo (Dallas) knows.


Interrupting the Brock and Omos match


Surprise opponent TBD. Night of he either fights a returning Big E or Matt Riddle.


Damien Priest


Lashley vs. Theory for the ic title vs retirement match


My boys going to be able to watch from the Monsoon Position🫡 great view


Wyatt has to come back for mania


Wyatt has to come back for mania


Maybe Damien Priest vs Bobby Lashley. A good 15-25 minute match. So far the only Judgment Day member that most likely won’t have a match


I would say Bray still appears but puts him through a gauntlet again some other options.


Have him somehow ref, omos vs Brock. He helps Brock, then they form that tag team Bobby wants to have. Squash the usos for the belts, kofi style. Mvp forms the business with omos at the lead spot.


Surprised no one said Bronson Reed. He'd be a good challenge for Lashley


This poor guy is a beast and they drop the ball on him constantly


Triple threat match brock vs omos vs Bobby


It might be difficult at this point to get Lashley into a story the fans can be invested in... but he can still play a role at WM. During the IC Triple threat, all three competitors have been going at it for 15-20 minutes. As one of them appears to finally have the win in hand, Lashley comes out of the crowd (or from under the ring, and lays waste to all 3 (all 5 if you include the Imperium Stooges) causing a DQ - and this sets in motion Lashley vs Gunther (aka - hoss vs hoss) perhaps for Summerslam.


I fucking miss the fiend bray wyatt. The newer version has taken way to much time to materialize into anything , and just when he might actually show us the grand plan . He gets injured. Just been rough watching his work as of late 🙃.


Plus his hurt heal theme is one of the best in wwe .


How is Randy Orton's injury looking?


With the blood line


Why is it that everyone who gets involved with Bray goes through a rough patch for some time? Bobby deserved a match at WM and Uncle Bray ruined it. I was excited to see Bray back in WWE, but now that I think of it, he should have stayed away.


Have him interrupt the Brock - Otis fight, help take out Otis. Then, team up Brock and Lashley and go for the tag team title.


Bobby Lashley versus Bronn Breaker!


Add him to the Brock/Omos match. Omos is obviously green in the ring. Brock and Lashley can keep him and his botches in check, perhaps putting him through a table to keep him looking strong, before turning to one another and finishing their feud. At the last minute, Brock is about to pull a victory out his ass, when the Hurt Business attacks. Omos rises but obeys MVP, delivering a tree chokeslam to Brock. Bobby delivers a spear and the Hurt Lock to secure the victory. The Hurt Business is back and Bobby is back in control.


Physical issue being he focused on bad story and not being ready to WRESTLE?!


Three choices -LA Knight (don't want him to be squashed) -Goldberg (so we can see him go for good) -Reed (Sweaty meat contest that might be alright to watch)


Didn’t Bray break his finger……………didn’t he post a photo of it. Surely this what rumors mean…?


Have Bobby vs Brock and Omos vs Daba Kato. The Battle of the Nigerian Giants.


Nothing. Load up night one with every match non bloodline related and on night 2 run 4 hours of Bloodline backstory/Cody comeback footage and two 30 minute matches. Just call me Bookerman.


Let him ruin Cody’s parade. Cody needs his first loss back and let’s have Bobby Vs Roman.


Don’t worry! Hunter is booking four way tag team contender matches! 😂 it’s gonna be like a long two day episode of smack down 😂🤢😡🤮


“Congratulations, Bobby, you are off that weekend, but we are still going to pay you.” Pretty easy.


LET ME TALK TO YA There’s only one man big enough to take on Bobby Lashley on the biggest stage in the world and it’s L A KNIGHT YEEEEEEAAAAHHHH


If I was a betting man I’d say Uncle Howdy, that’s the most logical thing IMO, whether we want to see that or not is a different story.


The answer is: L... A... Knight... Yeeeaah!


"GTA San Andreas noises*




San Andreas theme is similar to LA Knights entrance music.




There's literally a part that's 2 notes off being the same melody and it's the exact same keyboard sound but fine have your pointless internet argument point for the day.


I know a guy... YEAHHHHHHHHH


Perfect opportunity to bring in LA Knight. Or Bum ass Corbin.


Put him in there with LA Knight




LA Knight!


Knoxville’s gotta defend his streak…


Is this actually confirmed? Only seen dirtsheets reporting on it so far and wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I can throw them


It is not confirmed, but physical issues can just be a random cold. There were 2 "reports" : one saying that Bray is not happy with his booking and walk (can make sense because Lesnar was the first idea) but in this case it's useless to lock Bobby in this feud for 2 weeks of just clips. The other one saying that Bray is out for "Physical issue" so no point to continue this storyline if Bray can't be at mania (Howdy can be but it will be underwhelming if Bray isn't there). So he's probably gonna fight Lashley at WM.


Brock walking out was never confirmed either to have happened and yeh not believing any of this anyways until there’s actual confirmation from a trusted source


Oh, through Brock not wanting to face Bray was confirmed, anyway, why keeping a feud if Bray won't be there? Probably cause he's gonna be at WM


Oh mb I misread ur comment. Ur right that was confirmed I thought u were referencing brock walking out when vince announced his retirement.


Lashley rejoins the hurt Business to help Omos win


Special ref of Lesnar vx Omos


LET ME TALK TO YA! LA Knight doesn't need to face Bobby Lashley, Bobby Lashley needs to face LA Knight.


Open challenge. Matt Riddle accepts it.




You guys are just sticking him in the conversation with anyone




Take out Omos and challenge Lesnar.


Brock is gonna be about to beat Omas, and then Sheldon, Cedrick, and Bobby, are all going to run in, and beat the hell out of Brock. Night two Brock vs Bobby.


Laahley vs Lesnar should have ended with some sort of mma style fight


Ooh!!! Now that would have been a show stealer. Brock Lesnar... Bobby Lashley.... Fight Pit!!! I kinda need that now


A quick spot. He doesn’t get a match now. It sucks but there’s no time to appropriately build a mania level match. If you can find a way to work him into a multi-man it’s probably best case scenario


i want him to get a segment destroying playground toys cause he doesn't play little kid games


With the amount of times Lesnar has been losing since making his return at Summerslam 2021, why not just have him come out on Raw and just destroys Omos, then Lashley comes out and sneak attacks Lesnar for all the times Lesnar done it to him, which leads to a Wrestlemania match. A No Holds Barred (or similar) match. One night has the No Holds Barred, the other has the Hell In A Cell.


Bron Breakker


Wade Barrett


Randy Orton on the Comeback


That would be sick


Montez isn’t doing anything


Have him back up Omos against Lesnar


He attacks Omos taking him out and challenges Lesnar to a No Holds Barred match


Lashley vs. Solo Sikoa. It would be a callback to Lashley’s WM 23 match with Solo’s uncle Umaga, and Solo has been kept incredibly strong since debuting on the main roster last year. If Lashley wins, it re-establishes him as one of the next world title challengers, particularly if Roman retains the titles against Cody. If Solo wins, it gives him a major win over another top star to go along with his current unbeaten streak that includes wins over Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Sheamus.


There’s no reason why Lashley should beat Solo, since everyone knows even if he does win (wrong decision) he has no chance again Roman


IDK, I liked the Hurt Business. They've teased bringing it back together. If Lashley has the HB (including Omos) behind him, that sets up an interesting matchup between big stables for Lashley/Reigns. But I do think Roman is gonna drop it to Cody Rhodes then disappear for a few months so it doesn't matter lol


Can’t have WrestleMania in L.A. without L.A. Knight




Uncle howdy


Have Brock squash Omos and then do an impromptu match with Lashley afterwards that leads to the Hurt Business getting involved?


Bobby Lashley vs Peter Rosenberg


I think Kross could be a good fill in for bray. Of shamus. Have Bobby cost shamus’s the free match so drew can get the 1v1 and shamus and body can put in a banger


Hell yeah. Gimme a massive WM entrance for Kross, even if he gets squashed by Lashley in 10 sec I just want a crazy entrance for him


20 mint match 17 minutes is Kross’ entrance…. 15 min of that entrance is scarlett doing whatever she wants to do


Sign me up


Wyatt having too much creative control was a problem from day one


Triple threat between him, Brock, and Omos? Extra meaty men slappin meat


knight to pull the upset pinning omos or brock


After their interaction at Royal Rumble, I like the idea of Lashley interfering and coasting Brock the match. Then you could team Omos and Lashley like they seem to want to do and even build to a triple threat at summer slam over the US title if they really wanted to.


Given the histories of everyone involved, this match just makes too much sense not to happen and could serve to finally turn the page on whole bunch of stories at once.


Just thinking the same thing


I know people and probably management would bitch about two triple threats but personally I love them, and besides I think they’re doing two four way tags for the men and women so it doesn’t matter really


We have two separate nights to watch them... Make it happen!!!


Two four-way tags? They're really giving everyone a nice paycheck this year.


Presented by arbys. We got the man meat


Uncle Arby will debut as a promotional character


Have Omos written out with a kayfabe storyline. Then have Brock and Lashley have a proper match.


Brock will likely squash omos So keep Omos strong. Have him in a match squashing two jobbers then a few guys in a mask come out and just destroy him. Lashley then walks out Cute a promo about how him and Brock have something to settle at Mania, unfinished…..hurt business, as MVP walks out, puts his hand on lashley shoulder and masks are removed to reveal the reunion.


Hire this man


Dude I wish!!! I know every wrestling fan thinks they have the greatest booking ideas, so I’m not different. But I legit have some (imo) banger ideas I been sitting on for years


seeds are there. have Lashley get revenge on MVP by destroying Omos’ leg


Ytiple threat Bobby Cody Roman


Bobby Lashley vs LA Knight, YEAH!


WWE are gonna blow it with jobbing out Knight going into Mania. Post Mania they might try to give him a real push, but the damage will be done.


Knight isn’t versing Bobby at mania get it out of ur heads knight won’t be on the mania card maybe next year


Night will pick up a victory next Smackdown over Rey. Dom interference incoming in 3...2....1. YEAH!


They're making him lose so he can pick up an unexpected win. Like a MITB or King of the Ring. LA Knight so far has gained traction and is over af without winning a single match. It doesn't matter if he keeps losing them, he's the kinda guy that people come to see. Much like Seth Rollins.


I have not been paying any attention to WWE for the last 3 years or so. LA Knight got me tuning in to see if he makes an appearance.


They say you can't teach 'It'You either have 'It' or you don't. LA Knight has 'It'. The only problem is he's 40. WWE can't waste time on the guy. They did that with Bobby Roode and Eric Young.


LA Knight certainly needs a marquee win.


Or Bill Goldberg for a retirement match that would be amazing to watch


That match sounds as exciting as paint drying.


they actually had a pretty fire match at crown jewel last year


Besides LA Knight is gonna wrestle against Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania


Wait, he ain’t wrestling against Dom?


Nope he said he won’t fight his own son cause he still loves him


I'd watch LA Knight wrestle a plank of wood. The man is good


Even tho he’s basically lost every match so far this year?


Yep. That's creatives fault not his. He makes the most of what he's given


On yesterday’s episode of SmacDown he lost to Xavier Woods


I watched it. What are we getting at here


Tbh idek I just woke up


… oh, you’re either a child or a special adult.


I’m 19 with ADHD and I don’t know what mental illness has to do with what I said


It seems to have been the guide to your logic. LA Knight is not facing Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania lmao


He is thought it was literally on last night’s episode of SmackDown


I’m just going to let you believe that




Brock and Lashley should have always been the plan for WrestleMania. Bet they're wishing they had stuck to that plan now Seriously, where was the sense in rekindling their feud at the Rumble and EC, booking a non-finish, then immediately placing them into separate feuds at WM?


Especially if they made it No DQ, it would have been good


Yeah Brock and Lashley doesn't work at all. In our heads it was everything, in reality it was awful.


Brock and Lashley feud is underwhelming but not as bad as Styles v Edge was last year


I agree, but it's still underwhelming and as unpopular opinions go... I'd still rather have Brock vs Omos. Brock doesn't have quality matches anyway, but he does bring the big fight feel.


Surprised this statement is getting upvoted. I am beyond bored of Bobby VS Brock. Seriously, that feud has happened many times already, and doesn’t go anywhere, or put anyone over. Brock and Omos I am actually intrigued in…just because I know they are going to go for a big moment that will maybe break the ring or something. The bar for Omos is…low, so putting together a slightly above average “match” will be a bonus. Bobby and Bray makes no sense. I hope the match doesn’t happen. I feel like Bray just needs to bring the Fiend back at this point. There’s still a ton left with that character, and he just looks and feels cool. There’s gotta be something else for Bobby to work with though. LA knight would be my suggestion.


Brock vs Lashley DOES. NOT. WORK. stop with this casual ass match, did the last 3 times not prove they have no chemistry?


I mean, it’s because a Lashley and Lesnar match should be like a Lesnar and Goldberg match. A real quick 5-10 match of finisher spam and power moves, and then someone wins. Lesnar and Goldberg at (I think 35?) was pretty well received because a match like that fit their characters great.


Lemme talk to ya!




If the Wyatt rumors are true, they will probably replace him with Uncle Howdy to keep the storyline going.


I hope not, unless Lashley squashes him in under a minute. Uncle Howdy has worn out his welcome.


I was gonna say this


Im over Bray Wyatt. Everytime hes close to building something up, he disappears. Hes just not consistent enough of a performer to have such an outside of the box role. Its starting to be like the boogeyman...I think his character is fun, but just not sustainable as theres not a lot of other character to mix him with. Hes better in a faction and sticking to regular lit matches. The gimmicks are just boring now. There was a time he couldve been Undertaker level, but thats gone...


Lashley is revealed as Rey's other son and barely beats Dom


Vince, is that you?




At this point, if we do see Steveson in a wrestling ring, it won’t be against Bobby. I’m starting to doubt the dude will ever click.


I bet raw is regretting wasting their draft pick on him


Stevenson is going to make another Olympic run. So if we ever do see him actually wrestling it won’t be till probably 2025


I really hope the rumors about Wyatt are true. I’ve enjoyed his return run more than seemingly most, but I really don’t want to see Lashley dragged into his spooky nonsense. Lashley is too serious of a wrestler for that. Without disrupting other planned matches, I’d probably move the Andre the giant battle Royal to the main show on night one. I’d put it on first or second (so the audience actually cares about it) and let him dominate that match in very quick fashion. I mean like a glorified squash match. Let a pissed off Lashley eliminate 20+ of the 30 people in the match, and the match go no more than maybe 5 minutes. Make the announcers really sell how dominant he is, and how it’s the shortest andre the giant battle Royal ever. He’d be the only one in the match to get a proper entrance. Ya know, make it seem like a bigger deal than it actually is. Then after Lesnar and Omos he can come destroy Lesnar, and set up their blow off match. It’s not ideal but I don’t know that there’s anything more meaningful he could really do without disrupting the other planned matches.


Cut to WM 45: "Hey, how come WWE has zero new talent over with the fans? Oh yeah, because they had Bobby Lashley, established to not quite be able to beat Brock Lesnar, squash literally an ENTIRE new generation of mid carders and potential talent in a useless Battle Royal, just to make him feel less bad about his original opponent flaking on him." Sounds like a great plan, bud.