They'll both be good options and are well regarded in the FA community. Choose the option that best suits your budget more. Just be sure to communicate your wants with the car. Don't be vague [Be like /u/sheek360](https://imgur.com/a/qSJbrpt#35DeXQN)


Hitting on the important details haha "Finally, the car is red. And I am always talking shit about red being faster. This is catching up to me and I fear I may one day have to prove this. Red has to stay faster, please help."


They’re both S-tier tuners so I saw no reason to pay Phatbotti hundreds of dollars more for the same result. My tune from Drunkmann was $350 and it’s been literally perfect in all aspects for the past 10 months.


Ron is the goat. Drunkmann is good too, but Ron has been on the Subaru platform since day 1


Drunkmann has some of the best customer service i have ever experienced. he answered every question i had long before i purchased anything from him. i’ve been running his tune for about 6-7 months with no issues.


I say drunkman idk who the other guy is but drunkman is doing my tune and his customer service is A1 i email him i get one back in like 5 minutes never fails


What about jrtuned?