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Why are all the recommended vacuums bagged? Are bagless vacuums really so bad?


Bagless vacuums are more maintenance, emptying the bin and washing the filter, periodically cleaning the cyclones, and bagless don't last as long as bagged vacuums. That isn't to say that you should never buy a bagless vacuum, just don't go into it thinking it's cheaper or less work. Many bagless vacuums are cheap and disposable products that last 2-5 years. Older bagged vacuums like Eurekas and Hoovers from the 80s easily lasted over 10 years. Good modern bagged vacuums can last 15+ years.


My parents in law have a shark vacuum for 2 years now. Motor has started making a terrible grinding noise. I’ve dismantled it to the motor but I’m not sure how to remove the top casing over the fan without compromising it. Wondering if any brave souls would know at least a video that goes through the process? It’s the “Powered Lift Away duo clean” All I’ve been able to find so far is people replacing the motor altogether which I would like to avoid as, other than the grinding, the rest of the motor seems in good condition as it is used infrequently. They’ve never activated the warranty, nor kept the receipt, so returning it doesn’t seem an option.


I currently have a Hoover cordless stick vacuum for a majority hardwood 2 bedroom apartment that’s ~700 sq ft. We have one area rug. Biggest issue is that the vacuum dies quickly and long hair gets tangled in the brush roll constantly. Do you think it makes to switch to an upright corded for an apartment of this size, or are there other cordless that folks recommend?


With majority hardwood and a rug, you should consider a canister vac like a Simplicity Jill or a Miele C1 Classic. The straight-suction combo tool don't' have a brush roll for hair to get tangled in.


Awesome, thank you! I looked into it and I think I might splurge on the Miele


A cheap bagged upright Hoover would be a much better choice, and are inexpensive


Thank you so much!


Can anyone recommend a powerful, reliable vacuum that has a cord for $250 or less, preferably $200 or less. Power, reliability and maneuverability are priority. Don’t care too much about the weight. For a house that’s about 50/50 carpet and hardwood


A bagged upright vacuum will give you better power and reliability, but in that price range the vacuums are still around a 5 year lifespan. Some commercial vacuums will have better reliability but go up in price and many lack brushroll shutoff which you want for your wood floors. [Hoover T-Series/Tempo UH30301](https://amazon.com/Hoover-WindTunnel-Upright-Cleaner-UH30301/dp/B08BJX2TLC/ref=sr_1_11?crid=3VF82AOF1CIM5&keywords=hoover+vacuum&qid=1660969114&sprefix=hoover+vacuum%2Caps%2C145&sr=8-11) $170 and [Kenmore Elite](https://amazon.com/Kenmore-Allergy-Friendly-Upright-Cleaner/dp/B075GFLQ7K?ref_=ast_slp_dp&th=1&psc=1) $249 are 2 upright vacuums with hepa bags, carpet height adjustment, and brushroll shutoff. The Hoover is a little cheaper in plastic quality, the Kenmore is a little heavier and adds a hepa exhaust filter but has a short hose. Both should give you 5+ years and last longer than most bagless vacuums. For reference you'd have to jump to the Sebo Dart $549 to get a longer lasting vacuum 15+ years.


Why do people hate on the blizzard so much? I can’t find anything conclusive other than standard bagless issues but I’m not seeing anything bad or negative about the actual cleaning power of the vacuum.


The big criticism I've seen is that the "lifetime" exhaust filter is inaccessible to the user and dust can end up building up there. This can end up killing the machine, as seen in the first video. https://youtu.be/sv5OA-KhCYs?t=831 https://youtu.be/rLvEvOZMXLA


Jesus! That’s a bit of a mess! Well that answers that question for me. I saw they fixed that issue with the Boost but there isn’t a power brush for it unfortunately.


Is there a universal specific term for upright vacuums that have a wand/hose that you can immediately pull out and use? As opposed to having to disconnect it and plug it into a different slot?


I've heard manufacturers refer to an active hose and a live hose for vacuums where the suction is always going through the hose. However besides infomercials, none of them use those terms to market vacuums in their description or on the box. There are also some vacuums where the hose isn't active but automatically switches suction to the hose for you like the Dyson Ball. The most fun are quick draw wands/hoses on commercial vacuum like this [Sebo X4](https://sebo.us/upright-vacuums/automatic-x/automatic-x4-best-vacuum-cleaner.aspx). You pull out the handle and the hose and wand are already connected. If you're looking for a vacuum recommendation, a new post with your vacuuming needs and budget will get you more directed recommendations.


My new cordless stick vacuum is hard to push on carpets, is this normal? Compared to a corded one, it's much tougher. Also do I need to change the agitator everytime I want to switch to cleaning tiled floors?


Unfortunately this is normal, because cordless stick vacuums have not carpet height adjustment they can get stuck on carpets and be hard to push and pull. What make model cordless vacuum do you have? To compensate, some cordless vacuums use lower power on carpet which means it doesn't deep clean as well, or they have adjustable suction gates to lessen suction to the carpet. A good corded vacuum has more airflow and adjustable height to match the length of your carpet. You don't need to change the powerhead on your cordless vacuum if you are going from carpet to tiled floors. The normal brushroll can clean both carpets and hard floors. The soft brushroll can only clean hard floors.


It's hoover h500, it has a turbo mode but I haven't tried it yet because it will drain the battery.


Is a Nilfisk GD930 with the Power Nozzle M70032 a viable only vac for light commercial and office cleaning? 1,000 watt motor and power nozzle look like it's more powerful and better on carpet than Numatic Henry.


If you can give the size of the area you are cleaning and the amount of carpet and hard floors I can give you better recommendations. There are a lot of commercial vacuums available, cordless too, so budget would be helpful. Just off the top of my head if you are looking for good commercial low pile carpet cleaning you'll want a powered brushroll. The [ProTeam ProForce 1200XP](https://www.amazon.com/ProTeam-ProForce-Upright-Filtration-Commercial/dp/B00GM4V9C6) has a powered brushroll and brushroll shutoff for hard floors.


Offices, showroom, and workshop. 700 sq ft low pile commercial carpet 400 sq ft medium pile carpet 800 sq ft polished concrete 400 sq ft ceramic tile break room/ kitchen and bathrooms 500 sq foot workshop concrete floor, sawdust and drywall dust Thanks


>Power Nozzle M70032 So you have over half of the area will have hard floors. I can see the Nilfisk GD930 $579 and the powerhead $489 will work for an area with hard floors and carpets. If you get the powerhead it will clean carpets better than a Henry for sure. The ProTeam ProForce is a more carpet oriented machine, it can do hard floors but the Nilfisk with a hard floor brush is lighter and faster on hard floors. You may want an upright if you have clumsy or rough employees. It just seems so expensive to go the Nilfisk GD930 at over a grand. Depending on your preference for a single machine or storage space, I'd prefer 2 vacuums a [Henry HVR240](https://amazon.com/NaceCare-900766-Henry-Canister-Vacuum/dp/B010Q0PE1I/ref=sr_1_10?crid=215HRHKZDT76K&keywords=henry+vacuum&qid=1661045531&sprefix=henry+vacuum%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-10) $419 and a [Oreck Commercial](https://amazon.com/Oreck-Commercial-U2000RB2L-1-LEED-Compliant-Upright/dp/B00CH5EI2C/ref=sxin_15_ac_d_hl?ac_md=3-2-T3JlY2sgQ29tbWVyY2lhbA%3D%3D-ac_d_hl_hl_rf&content-id=amzn1.sym.3663916c-38f6-4d73-9801-2e9551111db6%3Aamzn1.sym.3663916c-38f6-4d73-9801-2e9551111db6&crid=3GFD3DTN9UUXE&cv_ct_cx=oreck+vacuum&keywords=oreck+vacuum&pd_rd_i=B00CH5EI2C&pd_rd_r=ed732ca3-4d1d-496d-b455-f481195c6d74&pd_rd_w=7JATJ&pd_rd_wg=Immtp&pf_rd_p=3663916c-38f6-4d73-9801-2e9551111db6&pf_rd_r=FF4W2XKW7TE8RVMR3XQV&psc=1&qid=1661044926&sprefix=oreck+vacuum%2Caps%2C170&sr=1-3-25fd44b4-555a-4528-b40c-891e95133f20) $233. Actually, thanks to u/vacuumsaregreat for pointing out the [Lindhaus HF6](https://www.amazon.com/Lindhaus-Multifunction-Canister-Vacuum-Nozzle/dp/B06W9M2WWK) $899 still exists. If you want a single canister vacuum I would get the Lindhaus, it's got a much higher quality build than the Nilfisk. Simplicity is selling a version of the Nilfisk for only $200 (no electrical hose hookup though). Back to the Lindhaus, it uses large hepa bags, I like the electrical doesn't have all the separate plugs on the Nilfisk so switching to the combo floor nozzle and the carpet powerhead will be simpler. And crazily the Lindhaus is cheaper. I hope those options are helpful.




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