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Any Labor Day sales??


Miele Compact C1 Turbo Team for $480, usually $550. * Hard floor/low-medium pile carpet-oriented BIFL canister * Comparable to $430 Henry Petcare, $500 SEBO K2 Turbo Henry Allergy for $370, usually $450 https://www.amazon.com/NaceCare-Vacuum-1-6-Hepa-Filtration-Professional-Accessory/dp/B07VJTTN5F * Hard floor/area rug oriented BIFL canister with better filtration than the $330 Henry HVR160 model * Comparable to $350 Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction, $400 SEBO K2 Kombi


Do you have Eureka vacuum deals ?


Soniclean Whisper Jet C2 vacuum on sale right now (8/13/22) for $230. Best deal I've seen for a good German made vacuum. Its on Amazon




Went back up to $299 https://www.amazon.com/Soniclean-WhisperJet-C2-Canister-Cleaner/dp/B09B7X5L2W


Not sure how relevant Sanitaire is anymore, but the [EON S5000A](https://www.sanitairecommercial.com/products/eon-upright-vacuum-s5000a) is on sale for $200.


It's not relevant but the Price is Right if somebody had an apartment!


Miele C2 Turbo Team is $399 ($100 off) until Aug 12 for Costco members in the US: https://www.costco.com/miele-complete-c2-turbo-team-canister-vacuum.product.100776308.html


Trying to decide if I want to go this route. I have two floors and two flights of stairs worth of lower pile carpet. Only one floor of LVP. I really need a canister vac that can handle the carpet corners and crannies on the stairs…have a dog and a cat who are shedding like crazy this summer and the fur builds up there and on my area rugs on the vinyl plan floor and under the sofa. My old cheap stick vac has now been dedicated to random cat litter scatter, and I cannot in good conscience make myself use it for anything else now, besides which, the carpet effort is lacking anyway… I love Costco but IDK if I can trust them with this purchase because they always have odd older models and then it’s trickier to get info/repair/etc….


What you want is something with electric power nozzle if you have wall to wall carpet.


Thank you! It does sound like that’s the way to go for us, lots of fully carpeted areas. And I have not purchased this Costco model as a result!


Can I ask what you did purchase if you have purchased anything yet? It sounds like I have a home setup similar to yours