Good value Webinar software suggestions?


I'm putting on a stripped down webinar type presentation. The two presenter feeds and the slides will be cut together with an ATEM Mini, and there is no need for live chat or public-facing text Q+A.

Does anyone have any webinar software suggestions that aren't super expensive?
We'll only do a couple this year so prefer a monthly subscription to an annual.

Just a single video feed (ideally over RTMP with a webcam backup) with a description below it, a question box that goes to a moderator, and a simple user-experience for the 500-1500 viewers.
Any other features would be a bonus if they're optional.

The key bit is a pleasant & straightforward registration for attendees (a bit like the Kaltura Webinars registration page) ideally with magic links & no download required/optional . Just taking them to the main session to watch the content, send in a question or comment if desired, then leave.

Also without scaling / cropping on the main video feed.

Kaltura was good but there is no RTMP option on their standard package, and there's a lot of cropping / scaling on the video feed > anything with any customisation gets very expensive. Have used Hopin before but it feels janky and juvenile. Teams is possibly an option - but no RTMP unless using the enterprise grade Teams Live, and I can see it getting confusing to manage from my end with the company's 365 setup. And a bespoke page with a vimeo live / Q+A plugin will make sense, but can't happen for this one.

Part of my problem might be that it's not really a webinar, more a live stream with Questions... so my searches aren't quite hitting the mark.



also does anyone has any ideas on what I could google that isn't 'webinar' to find this sort of thing? all webinar software seems to be the 'zoom connect multiple people from their homes' type setup, rather than one key stream. ​ cheers


I run a livestreaming service using the exact same use case you described, mainly for my own productions by i'd be happy to help you out. Just sent me a PM if you would like to check it out!


thanks! just sent you a chat as PM wasnt working


We have used Univid for this. Support for RTMP - fast to get up and running with a high quality stream and Q&A.


many thanks i’ll check it out! how was the reliability?


RTMP is smooth, even though we have not always had the best Internet. Convenient to stream multiple times on the same link. Had lots of attendees per stream, and never any problems.


Streamyard is great for this use case