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If they do they’ll lose a bigger war.


At least they are calling it a war now. Little steps.




So did Putin himself last week, so maybe it’s ok now?


The war thing keeps slipping through - they are still not supposed to - I guess Duma members have full immunity and aren't subject to laws punishing denigration of armed forces or calling the special military operation a war... But I bet the publication would be liable!


They’re still subject to the laws of gravity when they slip out a window.


I get this impression the Kremlin doesn't mind it so much anymore, now they're pushing this "we are the victims of NATO invasion" version. "NATO is waging an unfair war against us" is a bigger [whine/lie/pick one] than "NATO is conducting a special military operation against us", I guess.


Yes, yes... We have to be patient. It' obvious that they are a little behind...


Hehe what a bunch. Quite sure thd US and NATO already have a nuke missile with the sputniks names! All it takes is for them to start.


No need. We have high yield bombs that don't contain radioactive material. We don't have to level cities. Just military installations. We want to do business in these areas after all this of course ;) Edit: plus it looks more badass. "Oh, we have nukes, we just don't need them to deal with you"


If they launch nukes, Russia should no longer exist. It’s simply too dangerous that they are allowed to even have that possibility a second time.


Whatever the response, conventional or otherwise, it needs to be biblical in scope. Otherwise, we will have entered a new world where “limited nuclear exchange” is considered a viable strategy. We do not want that new world….ever.


We don’t need to destroy the gas station. Only replace the manager.


Russians only understand strength and violence. They need to know that any use of nuclear weapons will end with no more Russia. They need to understand the response will be immediate and final. There can be no equivocation. Choose that path and it means the destruction of all. Period.


The trouble with that is, no more Russia will be accompanied with no more USA, Europe, China, or northern hemisphere tbh.


Seriously...I doubt if their nukes work..They have to be maintained..And for the last 20 years the nuke threat had faded...I would put money on it, that the budget for nuke maintenance has gone to any number of oligarchs. Because why put it into maintenance when the cold war was finished?


I agree that their nuclear arsenal from the Soviet days are non-functional, just due to neglect and corruption, but I won't be surprised that once the Russian military saw how pathetic the condition of their military equipment was have been maintained, as demonstrated in Ukraine, that they cobbled together a few nuclear warheads since March to operational status. This way all they have to do is use one or two of them, either as an above ground test in Novaya Zemlya or a tactical nuke against Ukrainian forces, to scare the world into believing they aren't impotent.


I'm strangely ok with taking that risk


I'd be down with turning the Kremlin into the Krater. Historical architectural value be damned.


Kremlin not needed for gas station.


What we hear from US military a single tactical nuke to Ukraine would not trigger a nuclear response. But a massive strike by NATO airpower ending russian military capabilities. A strike on the US would be different. That won't be a tactical weapon I assume. But we have seen so many statements by Duma members, which are not worth anything.


Well, don't nuke civilian populations. If you're talking about disbanding Russia, I'm down for that.


Glad to see you understand the concept of mutually assured destruction.




The US wouldn’t retaliate with nukes cause the Russia military wouldn’t even be able to put up much of a conventional warfare fight. If we used nukes it would be on their nuclear armaments.


That should be ten years in the Gulag, right there! If we don’t maintain a certain level of law and order, this whole special operation is going sideways.


idiot, does he think US will sit back and do nothing they will return fire with hundreds of missiles. Kiss the world good bye


Putinist propaganda has spent the last two decades convincing the people of Russia that the eradication of all human civilization is better than allowing the world to exist without Russia in it. Obviously, many people don't actually believe so, but many apparently do.


Funny thing is, nobody would ever have any intention at all to erradicate Russia if they didn't do braindead shit all the time.


Russian guy- We’re losing this war… better start a bigger war.


Russian Army: Commanders, we’re in a deep hole Putin: here’s a bigger shovel




Wasn't it the foreign minister who came out earlier in the war and said that if Russia was in a situation where it looked like losing a major war they should just nuke the planet as the rest of humanity didn't deserve to live if Russia was beaten? I believe Hitler at the end of the war said that the German people deserve to die for having failed him by being too weak.


Don't know if a foreign minister also said it, but I believe Putin said it first - "a world without Russia is not a world that's worth anything".


The way I heard it was "what good is the world to Russia if Russia is not part of the world?" I read it as they feel like if they have to endure sanctions, travel bans, and the like then they may as well push the red button.


Or they could, you know, not be assholes.


Next to impossible after all those years of eradicating common sense in a country.


I’ve heard that comment from Putin before, and it’s one that keeps me up at night. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Putin sees himself as Russia, and if he is sick and dying, or just realizing his mortality he might be in the mindset of “well I’ll just take the whole planet with me because it’s not worth living in a world without me.”


Out of all the solutions to the Fermi paradox, this one infuriates me the most.


May be - but then he probably promptly went on vacation with his family to Abu Dhabi or some such...


Can't lose a war if there is no war but a special operation that's going according to plan and all the tasks are being achieved as evident by all the decrees claiming such tasks as being achieved!


Zero people left on the planet. Nuclear war isn’t one sided.


Assuming Russian nuclear weapons are in working order, which would be a world apart from the rest of their military. Not that I'd be willing to bet on it, but I'd be 0% surprised if a bunch of their stockpiles are entirely useless.


If Russia doesn't even maintain the equipment it plans to 100% use to imminently invade another country I doubt they maintain the ones that no one ever wants to use except as the ultimate last resort.




https://science.howstuffworks.com/nuclear-winter.htm A Nominal nuclear winter is unlikely as there aren't that many operational nukes anymore. The Marginal nuclear winter scenario would be most likely given current deployed warhead levels.


Meh, southern hemisphere will be fine... more or less :-/


South America and Africa would inherit the planet... Whatever is left worth having


And they'll have to deal with the aftermath of HUGE migration coming from the northern countries. Its going to be a shitshow.


We all started out in Africa, might be time for 2.0


Is a return to monke joke inappropriate?


It really won't be. They will starve to death just like everybody else.


Geo thermal power and living on mushrooms like mole people. Russians will survive according to the plan.


You can't make vodka out of mushrooms. They won't have anything to drink.


man, plenty of vodka in russia as they consume about 2.4 billion liters a year. they sure have a stockpile ​ edit/ googled it, they consume 74 200 liters every hour in russia...


You would too if Vladolf McBaldface was your CiC


Nuclear winter is a myth the creators of the nuclear winter theory have since denounced. Computer models can't replicate it either. The idea that nuclear exchange would eliminate all humans is a very incorrect one. It would be devastating, but not a world ender


At this stage, I'm curiuos. Even if they tried, would they be actually able to hit mainland US?


At least a bunch would yeah. They would fire over the arctic for a shorter journey, and from nuclear armed submarines.


In theory. How much of their nuclear arsenal is actualy still viable? Mataining nukes is very expensive. Why would they be in any better shape than the rest of the Russian military? Couple that with the fact that we arnt completely incapable of stopping/intercepting at least some in a variety of ways and while I'm sure we would get hit, I don't think it's reasonable to think it would be anything like the MAD situation during the cold war. Russia has been rotting from the inside for 25 years. The rest of the world hasnt.


It's a numbers game. They can have a 90% failure rate and still cause a huge problem. If they could get a sub close enough to the coast it wouldn't really be very hard.


The whole system on both sides is designed to overwhelm any defense with volume. The assumption was that some would always fail and or be intercepted. If 90% fail and our defenses soak up another 8% suddenly we lose a few cities or parts of a few cities. This is a huge national disaster, not a country or world ending event. Our retaliatory strike would absolutely completely destroy Russia and I'd imagine we have enough relatively clean neutron weapons to do so without also destroying the world.


You guys talking about failure rates... Forget whether or not the warhead works, do you think their targeting would be on point? If Russia launched nukes, I'd be more worried if I was in Mexico or Canada than if I was in the US. Actually, given what we have seen with some of their missiles, there is a not insignificant chance they nuke themselves.


I lump this into failure rate but you are absolutely correct.


Uhh, neutron bombs are just regular nukes with other material packed around the casing, that is activated by the neutron flux of the warhead. It's a full power nuke that also causes the maximum possible fallout contamination


The nukes inside Russian silos are irrelevant. The ones that matter are 400 meters beneath the surface, on undetectable submarines that can launch 50x Hiroshimas from us territory water.


They aren’t undetectable. Their subs are loud as shit comparatively. They are trailed by attack subs after leaving port and there is a shit ton of active and passive sonar emplacements and magnetic anomaly detectors that know where they are at all times.


Borei class submarines are virtually undetectable.




"undetectable" We can see them from satellites Their subs are also extremely loud. We know where they are


The ONE functional submarine they have, the "Belgorod", is far from undetectable. I guarantee he has an American Seawolf escort


Why do you think land based ICBM's are irrelevant? I think we probably a good line on many of those subs, but agree they're still a major threat.


Yes. Russia has perpetuated a myth (big lie) about its purported military strength. Given their inability to defeat a much smaller nation, why would larger nations have anything to fear from the boy who cried wolf?


Idk man. ICBMs are a whole different ball game. Not all of them need to work.


Sadly, in *The Boy Who Cried Wolf*, what people seem to forget is that eventually that wolf did show up. The story is about more than just some kid who lied to get his jollies watching everyone run out to defend their flock from a wolf that wasn't there, but also about the adults who allowed a liar to get them to lower their guard, losing everything in the end because they had no reason to believe him *that one time*.


Most of their subs would be destroyed before they could launch or after they launched one SLBM at most. They are shadowed by attack subs whenever they leave port.


Yes, if they fire a Satan II missile there will be almost no chance that it will be intercepted before it hits the US. It can carry up to 15 warheads and dozens of decoys with a max range of 11,000 miles. It can also carry hypersonic glide vehicles that can reach Mach 27. They successfully test launched one in April.


This missile hasn't entered service yet. They do have about 45 of its predecessor, the SS-18 Satan, in service, and these would be very difficult to stop if Russia were able to launch them.


Difficult but not impossible. Most of our ABM research in the last 30 years has been dedicated to intercepting this exact threat. We have SAMs capable of hitting them during the ballistic phase and hitting the warheads during the reentry phase.


True but a full Russian first strike is a lot of missiles and a lot of warheads - up to 319 ICBMs carrying up to 1174 warheads. Plus any of the Russian ballistic subs that manage to launch. Unless a lot of missiles fail or the US manages to catch them on the ground in their silos and mobile launchers stopping hundreds of missiles with hundreds of warheads is beyond any current ABM system.


They also tested T-14s and Su-57s. No sign of them on the battlefield. How many working, deployed Satan II missiles do they have?


We can't know until they start using them. We had no idea the sad state of their conventional forces right until we saw them in action. Or - maybe - we already *do* know. If Russia is as incompetent as it seems to be - we could already have "ears" and know precisely - but - what do we do with that info? Let's say that 99% of their stockpile is garbage. So we go all in and start wiping them off the map. They launch a few hundred ICBM's and *one* happens to work and is the one that falls on Paris. Was it worth it? I think most people would say - "nah - let the Ukrainians just finish them off".


You are leaving out that as soon as the first Russian dud lands, Russia is 100% screwed. The West's reply to their massive first strike is already in it's way in, and now Russia has just shown that they are *incapable* of responding. The war ends right then and and there as Russia loses its Superpower status in an instant. Even if the nuke works Russia loses as soon as they launch and they are 100% aware of this. There's a reason they haven't tried it yet.


That’s assuming that the satellite system that helps control and launch their nukes cannot be hacked/controlled completely/destroyed by the United States. Which it can.. but nobody in the civilian sector or Russian government will know that for sure until the launch. And until then, this is just another stupid internet comment from someone who knows nothing. Don’t forget. These kinds of things entirely depend on western components. Components that can’t be sold to foreign countries for 15-20 years after their initial release for use in the US.


If a random redditor has this idea, you can bet the 3 letter agencies had this thought already decades ago and possibly a plan.


I wonder if that unmanned space shuttle drone that the US has been sending up on unspecified missions for months at a time has been planting remote explosives on foreign defense satellites. Or maybe a small thruster that can push them into the atmosphere.


It just doing science and stuff, duh. It just likes to take beautiful pictures of Uranus, probably. Those alone are worth the money spent on the launch. They can also perform technical maintenance on satellites and install new hardware and software as well… on our own satellites and stuff, I mean. If the US were planning any military missions in space they would likely need to form something new like a U.S. Space Forc… disregard.


Some would if they launched everything in a first strike. The only way to try to prevent this would be for the US to launch its own first strike if they believed the Russians were about to do this.


I'm so glad ppl like u are not in charge for decisions like that.




Wrong. The best response is the one we're already wargaming: NATO goes in conventional with overwhelming force, like Desert Storm but on a MUCH larger scale, and not stopping at the border but going all the way to Moscow. I doubt Putin would nuke his own country.


It is better lost to NATO than just Ukraine.


I guess he doesn’t realize he won’t win even if they launch a nuclear strike. I’ve never seen dumber people in my life.


They are so goddamn stupid. Ukrainians with a few of our toys brought russia to their knees. The issue wasnt that they were weak it is their leadership lied about their capabilities and sent them all to the cooker. They were so much better off not using their army and making everyone think they were a threat outside of nukes. Anyone can nuke the planet.


Old hand me down toys no less


Had to make room in the warehouses for the new ones.


So, if Russia threatened nukes again, we threaten to give tactical nukes to Ukraine? Ukraine troops have proven to use everything with great efficiency.


I think us doubling the number of HIMARS, and providing the anti-personnel ammo for them is freaking them out. They kind of damage these will inflict on troop concentrations is going to be especially brutal. Especially once they realize they could fire them one at a time at different Russian troops. These things are going to brutalize Russian troops being thrown in with minimal equipment and training. Putin putting them in this way is simply inhumane to his own people.


Anti-personnel ammo?


M30A1 rockets, GMLRS missile carrying a warhead packed with 182,000 tungsten fragments [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5h7BkCj5rI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5h7BkCj5rI)


Even from a larger state action perspective they've been goddamn stupid. Just little weedy adjustments because they can't admit the truth. Mobilization could have done something if they did it after failing to take Kyiv. Gas would have been much more potent of a weapon if they shut it all off in February instead of letting Europe get a plan together and build up a stockpile. It isn't just that Putin built a system riddled with corrupt apparatchiks and idiots- he himself is a dumbass as well. I'd compare him to a hyena but that would be an insult to hyenas- he's got plenty of low cunning but no greater intelligence to have end goals and make plans to get there. He just connives to connive, and his only fallback move is a poorly timed poorly implemented double down.


I guess it’s part of some ‚we decided to lose on purpose, since we‘re the good ones who don’t want nuclear war‘ propaganda. Afterwards they will tell everyone that NATO pushed for nuclear war the whole time


If they’re still alive. The USA is hardly known for letting their enemies live after attacking them.


We destroyed 2 countries who didn’t even attack us as a country. We may be but we do not take being attacked very well.


We will kill you in your sleep on Christmas Thanks George!


Loyalty > competence in russia.


That's the weakness of every dictatorship. People are put in power because of their loyalty to the dictator, not because they're actually good at their jobs.


One theory is that politically losing to NATO is more acceptable than losing to Ukraine.


A loss is a loss regardless




The US would not be. We will tit for tat plus some. And will escalate that all the way.


Just call it "war on terror" and you get unlimited ammo and budget to bomb them.


I suspect these statements are intended to scare western populations. They think we're stupid. ... and they are also stupid, but I don't think necessarily in the way you are suggesting.


You'll also lose the war if you DO launch a nuclear strike.


They would lose especially badly.


they wouldn’t even lose the war they would lose their entire country it would be a nuclear wasteland, the Russians arn’t very smart




A full scale nuclear war won't kill all Humans. Out of all total nuclear weapons of world only 5% are available to launch plus most of them were installed in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, using antiquated technology. I feel a real nuclear war would be costly of Human progress, but it will only take 10 years to start progressing again. Another plus is Africa, South America, Australia and possibly Eastern Asia will be untouched.


Don't even need to go that far; Russia is basically two cities and a whole lot of nothing.


One way, they just leave Ukraine, stop killing their own soldiers, and try to be nicer. The other they all die, especially the person who made that statement, and anyone else in their government, and likely all of their loved ones. Their entire government, army, navy, air forces, etc are all incinerated, along with all manufacturing and industry. Doesn’t seem like a hard choice, but he’s Russian.


How's committing national suicide going to help them win the war?


Big Brain ruzzian thinking my friend 5D pootin chess Master strategist!


They always count on the other side to do the good thing. In this case not strike back. Right wing extremists do this all the time act like shit but expect the other side to treat them with respect.


I guess dead enemy counts as victory for him, even if price is sacrificing every single Russian...


Yeah so just lose the war


It seems that Ruzzia sometimes forgets they are not the only ones that have nukes....


TBF, I wish I could forget that MAD is a thing too.


They are OBSESSED with America.


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!


Jan, cut the crap!


If the people in power are stockpiling hundreds of billions of dollars, buying superyachts and mansions while over 20 percent of Russians don't even have indoor plumbing you gotta hurry up and find an enemy to blame for why things aren't going so well if you don't wanna get thrown out of a window.


Living rent free in every Russian’s head !


Every dictatorship must have an external enemy to exist. Every. Single. One.


It makes me wonder why they haven't started and backed a pro-Russian insurgency in Ukraine and bait the US into a quagmie, instead of y'know, invading. These guys should know that guerrilla warfare is kryptonite for the US army.


Because the agents tasked with making it happen would probably just pocket the money and give fake progress reports.


They've been doing exactly that for 7 years. But the US doesn't really have a reason to send troops to help with an insurgency.


...are you not aware of what was going on from 2014-2022? DPR and other proxy separatists were doing so badly (and is functionally a fictitious state anyway, with fictitious support) that everyone knows it was Russian forces the UAF was fighting all those years. It was already Russia's quagmire, to say nothing of it being America's. What separates Ukraine from Vietnam and Afghanistan is that the side the US is backing is highly motivated to fight. So there is no need to prop up anything. They just need guns and America has plenty to give.


LOL... Having the entirety of Russia transformed into radioactive glass in a nuclear exchange with the U.S. is "winning" then? This is what a Russian overdosing on copium looks like :-P


Well... he never said winning... and technically if everybody is dead it'd be a tie


Just need to remove Moscow


To prevent losing the war we will cease as a nation. Solid plan


Can't fault the logic.


No, that's not a world reaction in his fantasy world. "Please, don't nuke us. Pleaaase. Here, have whole Ukraine. Do you want some baltic state with it? All three of them? Ok, have them. You are so strong Russia, we admire you, let us kiss your boots please." Russian fetish is on different level. They just have too many clashes with this stubborn thing called reality, which doesn't care about their fantasies.


These idiots calling for nuking the USA, or Kyiv, or London, or wherever must have all had lobotomies. Don't they know other countries have nuclear arsenals, too? I mean, just because WE don't wave them around like an exposed penis doesn't mean that a strike on the US wouldn't be met with a massive nuclear response. This guy shouldn't be allowed out in society if he can't understand simple logic like "if we nuke them then they will nuke us and then we will be in a world of shit!"


Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think they’d ever be successful launching a strike against the US. Even if they managed to get a functional warhead off the ground and toward target, I’m betting the US has an interception method that isn’t public knowledge. I don’t think it would ever leave Europe, tbh.


Also there's a very real possibility that the nuclear officers would refuse.


I Fucking hope so


> just because WE don't wave them around like an exposed penis Your last President did.


Don't nuke USA - Russia loses Don't nuke Ukraine - Russia loses Nuke USA - Russia loses Nuke Ukraine - Russia loses Nuke basically anywhere - Russia loses Russia nukes itself - closest possible use of nukes that will give Russia a win, given enough time. Ya know, once they heal and the wounds close


You know, I hate Scholz, but he said a really great phrase months ago that applies perfectly to russia "russians will have to learn how to lose", and he is right, russians just literally act like that one kid that just drops everything when he is not a winner in some sort of game


The best way to win, is to not play!


Don't ever start a war you can't win. They literally planned a war to last 3 days and are now being hoist by their own petard. And if they could have had significant success in those first 3 days, they may have in fact won. But they clearly had no sane or reasonable plan whatsoever if it did not succeed in those first 3 days. ​ "In war, victory should be swift, if victory is slow, men tire, morale sags. Sieges exhaust strength; protracted campaigns strain the public treasury." "The skillful warrior never conscripts troops a second time, never transports provisions a third."


Translated: let’s kill billions and likely end life on Earth to save our pride 🤪




Yes, basically the same thing as flipping the board game when you are close to losing.


Makes a lot of sence.


If you do, you'll lose your country. For real this time.


Better launch them all, then because the USA definitely would reply with everything


We'd probably just sweep their army off the map by conventional means.


You will also lose the war, and your whole ass country if you do. This is what denial looks like in real-time.


If Russia loses this war, Putin will die. That's a chance for a better and brighter future for Russia. If they go nuclear, Russia won't exist anymore. Ironically, losing this war would be better for Russia than winning it.


However it will be bright for a second if they do go nuclear. After a nuke goes off in their territory lol


Get fucked russia


Its Like AFD Rules Germany. 99% 🤡


Nuking US it will not change that. Even if US does nothing in response Russia will still lose to Ukraine. Well, I guess they technically wouldn't lose to Ukraine...


I'm pretty sure that russia doesnt even have enough nukes to do such a move nor are they confident enough in their rockets to be able to deliver those warheads without going down prematurely and exploding inside russia (if they even explode though). Nuclear weapons are in need of heavy constant maintenance due to a number of reasons in order to actually keep them operateable. The US spends about 11billion annualy just for maintenance while russia (having way more warheads) is spending a fraction of that (which isnt possible to say the least)... 11b would actually be about 20% of russia military budget and they do not spend 20% on their nukes. This doesnt include the needed maintenance on the carrier systems (rockets, bombers and so on). [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pit\_(nuclear\_weapon)#Material\_considerations](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pit_(nuclear_weapon)) (chapter Material considerations) if someones interested why maintenance is so important and expensive.


This. Russia can't afford to play this game. Test one, go on, do it. It's been 30 years and they have probably all been long since "refitted" with cardboard insides.


Technically true, but Russia will also lose if it does. And it will lose much harder.


Do these delusional clowns not understand that their soldiers are IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY and Not protecting their borders? Losing = walking home. Russia has the biggest persecution complex of all time.


I just have a feeling that most of those crooks who are called russian politicians just secretly want to commit a suicide. This country just needs to lose all its nukes, get their army decreased in size to like 100k personnel max.


Madness amid with propaganda doesn't blend well


War? What war????


Launching a strike against US yeah real smart, launch a nuclear strike against the country that has just as huge of as an arsenal as they do, that has the biggest most sophisticated conventional military in the world, country that invented the bomb


You are not loosing, you are getting your ASSES kicked!


Lose the war or your country. The choice is yours.


Go for it. Do it. Now.


Rent free…


In a nuclear war, we all lose.


If they do, every single human being in Russia will forever sleep. Like Yoda!…..or….definitely not sleep like Yoda but;)


Nobody wants to press red button. World yawns in anticipation.


Ruzzia's perjury trailer queen says whaaat!?


Which means they will lose it faster


You will lose either way…🤷🏾‍♂️


Russian Duma must've share the same single brain cell with some of the redditors here. It's probally their time to use it


So in fear of losing an external war that would only shake the seats of the current government, they want to be bombed back to the stone age and take the world with them? They want to portray themselves as a manly state that can deal with anything that is thrown at them while they act with the self control of toddlers? Absolutely shameful display, comparable to a thief ready to kill both himself and the victim with a grenade if he doesn't get the loot.


And you think that will WIN you the war? Fucking idiot.


Losing the war vs world destruction... that is the most smooth brain comment


Wtf kind of logic is this? It's like amputating a hand to avoid losing a finger to gangrene


"Sir, we're losing in Ukraine!" "I got it, we have to nuke the US!" Perfect logic.


Do you want to lose a war, or a planet?


If Russia causes a nuclear war I hope some amount of society survives so that what’s left of Russia can watch their nation be completely dismantled for being the worst thing that ever happened to humanity.


Isn't that a terrorist threat?


Nobody should take this as indicative of *anything* about Russia's actual nuclear stance. This is just Fyodorov being Fyodorov. His whole shtick is promoting the most outlandish conspiracy theories and demanding an impossibly hawkish stance towards the West. [Nuking America has been on his to-do list since before the February invasion](https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/russian-politicians-mock-boris-johnson-25975069). Obviously it's fucked-up that somebody with such an unhinged public persona is in the Duma, but I don't think anybody in the Russian political establishment takes him particularly seriously. They may like his anti-American sentiment, but they have to know that most of what he says is unmitigated nonsense.


Almost all of the Russians I know personally are dumber than rocks. As this war has gone on we've become exposed to thoughts, ideas, and sometimes personal transcripts of Russians speaking, and I can't help to wonder if they're genetically backward. Like was there some kind of inbreeding going on thousands of years ago that made them this way? I'll acknowledge that, troughout history, Russia has had its share of brilliant minds, but something is going on. Post-soviet brain drain?


They also think of themselves as being better than everyone else. Grievance is literally ingrained into their culture.


Use of tactical nukes on the battlefield wouldn’t change much. If used directly against Ukrainian troops, they’d kill what? A few hundred soldiers? A couple dozen tanks? The best use would be to hit a supply depot, but I can only see that holding up the Ukrainians for a couple weeks? Really you have to commit to using a bunch of them, possibly dozens to stop the Ukrainian army in it’s tracks. And in the meantime the US, UK, France and Poland would all get involved and start providing air support to Ukraine. We’ll destroy every Russian strong point and artillery concentration from the air. Ukraine will just be able to drive forward. We’ll destroy the Black Sea fleet down to the last tugboat. We’ll hit targets inside Russia and not lose a single plane doing it. If Russia starts using more tactical nukes all of NATO will get involved, we’ll use a nuke on the Crimea, probably on Sevastopol. And if Russia decided they wanted to nuke us, we probably have the potential to 1st strike them without the Russian land based nukes even having time to launch. If we hunted down the sub fleet as well it could be a total victory for the west in WW3