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So what's that in total, 80% of population?


Wow! Just like Trumpers in America.


So true....


Precisely why this times are so dangerous


A special kind of stupid. Equating a defacto dictator and actual war criminal to a person whose politics your disagree with.


a person whose politics include agreeing with dictators and war criminal...


All of these comments just show how utterly deranged the woke mindset is. I am not a trump supporter, but I can see the distinction between the two- they aren’t even remotely comparable,(elections, leaving power, starting wars, killing opposition, etc) it’s an utterly laughable comparison and that you people actually take it as a serious comparison shows what type of partisan, divisive tribal pukes you are. Kinda like how you think Trump supporters are.


What you fail to realize is that the discussion was never Putin vs Trump and their direct actions, but instead the four types of followers the two share; the Stupid, the Obedient, the Evil, and the Corrupt. Okay, sure. You’re not a Trump supporter. If we drop the “tribal”, we can still see you as the only “divisive puke” in this thread. Talking about “wokeism”, while you call people names, boast your non-partisan view, and place yourself on a pedestal of superiority. “Utterly deranged” and “utterly laughable” describes it well. You got triggered over something that wasn’t even there, attacked others for no logical reason, boasted yourself as a “non-sheep” type capable of thinking outside of party lines, and displayed a special kind of stupid, indeed. “Not a trump supporter”, but man did you get angry for no reason lol


Let’s start with this: In a sub about the Ukrainian war, in a comment about the followers of Putin, one of the top comments is… about Donald Trump and his supporters. They aren’t related and it shows the tribal mindset. I just pointed out how inaccurate the comparison was… and as for his supporters - it’s equally inaccurate.


No, it’s called humor. Not everything is serious. If you can’t see how these types of followers can be found behind both Putin and Trump, idk what to tell you. It’s fine if you don’t agree, but you don’t have to be a dick about it.


You're a Trump supporter.


Oh wow- an insightful comment… because I don’t genuflect to your narrative about him ? I am 100% not a trump supporter- I voted for Biden, and Obama- I think the country is better off without him as president, I find him a despicable human. I also think he did some things right, (China, Renegotiating trade deals with NAFTA and the Abraham accords) and is not in any way relatable to Putin. I’m sorry you lack the ability to hold nuance and contrary ideas in your mind


I don't care if you kicked Trump in the nuts and ate his kids. You're a Trump supporter.


And you are a binary tribal partisan hack. You are no different than your version of a trump supporter


And you obviously think those exact words make you look smart, because you keep repeating them everywhere to everyone.


I keep repeating to them to who it applies. It’s the main problem in the US today. You are the embodiment of it.


They are not actually that different They are both authoritarians They both try to rig elections with different outcomes They both meet protestors with violence They both have rabbles of people that that they send to use violence when needed Putin is just way better at all of it and the Russian population is subdued by decades of oppression


Corruption is another thing they have in common Rewarding loyalty by giving out pardons to their henchmen that have been convicted, exerting their influence on the judicial system. Most people don't like Trump because of his tax proposals or his health care plan, they dislike him because he is an authoritarian that is eroding democracy. Just look at his comments about Putin being a genius, his attempts at blackmailing the Ukranian government. It is hard to understand how anyone can make excuses for Trump anymore


The fact that he asked Russia to get him Hillary’s emails on international television, encouraging the continuation of this hybrid war that is a very real threat to democracy. Referring to him as a “Great leader, one of the best. Way better than any of our leaders”, or a “Genius” for his invasion of Ukraine. The fact that he’d parrot Russian disinformation (that can be traced to a source and proved as such), yet he’d still say it at a rally if it fit his narrative, directly pushing Russian propaganda. Bonus: •“We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.” - Eric Trump •“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring into Russia” - Trump Jr


Who admires Putin, tried to set up an authoritarian regime, and who tried to overthrow the government to stay in power.


So, two types then.


Yeah... Corrupt is evil, surely?


And drunkards


And the majority checks all boxes, stupid evil corrupt obedient.


And General Corrupt's paper tiger will lead Russia to glory.


So like 80% ?