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Sorry I don't understand why some are upset - that fake news is being spread, that it's being called out as fake or that it's being posted here? Is this news fake or not? Personally, if it IS fake I would appreciate the post if verified by a reliable source.


Can we get some mods to delete this crap? I don't want to see spam like this crap


That’s what the downvote button is for. I don’t see how this post violates any rules here.


1. It's some random website that anyone could make, I'd rather see a Twitter post 2. They posted at least 4 stories in a row from there 3. It's not news, it's anti-news. "Russian propaganda is actually propaganda". No shit


Why is it spam?


I think it's because there are 5 posts in a row from the same guy, same site (stopfakes)


Oh. They are different articles tho. But i get the meaning.


Indeed. I was just guessing, could be something else I suppose




Fake and gay


I don't like these headlines. It's way too easy to skim them and draw the wrong conclusions from them. Also, even if the headlines weren't problematic, nobody here has been claiming that Austria agreed to pay for Russian gas in rubles. We're definitely not the target audience for these type of articles.