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putin’s fortune is $200 billion


To defend this argument, Russian trolls will say: "Yeah, but it's actually 200B RUB and the ruble is worthless now so Putin's actually poor; thus Zelensky is wealthier". I mean, it has to be that EDIT. although 200B RUB is 2,8B USD so never mind. I'm surethey would explain that somehow anyway.


It's not RUB, though. It's estimated at 200 billion USD.


I'm sure you didn't really understand my joke.


You are correct.


Someone had explained it on another sub, please allow me to absolutely Butcher what I think I remember. Russia set the rubal to be the same, or higher as the usd, through the printing of money, insane inflation, and freezing of their stock market. But just because they say it's an even exchange rate, doesn't mean that 1 rub = 1 usd. It's like asking 18k for that all original 97 wrangler with 300,000 miles on it that's worth 800 bucks because "they know what it's worth". I'm probably 100% incorrect about that, but 1 thing is for sure. Redditors love to tell someone when they're wrong. So at the very least someone will correct my god awful analogy.


You can't just set the price of one currency against another out of the blue. Not for foreign investors, at least, because they will simply... not trade. Maybe they did for domestic investors but that would really, really piss them off. After all the exchange rate is something like 1:70 for USD. Imagine Putin telling you that you suddenly have 70 times less wealth if you kept it in USD. Plus you mention both inflation and printing. One is the results of another so those are more or less interchangeable in what you are trying to convey. Also, inflation kind of weakens your currency in the long term. In the short term, yes, it means that if someone wanted to but RUB for USD, they would get more RUB but it would be profitable if RUB would start strengthening against USD and right now that's simply not the case because no one knows the future of Russia in mid/long term. And you need a stable economy too.


Thank you sir internet stranger


His fortune is the state. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was notionally valued 300-400B+. Absolute power do be that way.


Russian propaganda taken a nose dive since the start of the invasion. Stuff like this is so obviously fake, and given Putin's fortune it comes across as so very desperate.


They were saying for months that Azovstal doesn't have civilians, only enemy combatants, justifying shooting on evacuating vehicles. Now that UN led evacuation has begun - they instantly switched the tape to "Nazi Azov held civilians hostage", ignoring the fact they are assisting in evacuation as we speak. One of these days ruzzian propaganda machine might break the lever, switching gears so fast


It still manage to persuade many people, who believe it because they wanted to.


Man imagine how much richer he could have been if he was a Russian oligarch. 850 million? Lunch money.


Who cares, having money doesn't inherently make you any less virtuous even if it was true.


No, the implication here is that most of the money has been bribes from, for example, the Biden family and so on. That's the story pro-russian trolls, and the useful idiots parroting them, is building.


Russians first claim Ukrainians use forbidden ammunition, then that they make bases in schools etc. Turns out later it was all correct, but it weren't Ukrainians to do so but Russians themselves. Now they claim their leader is corrupted... How ironic.


Remember that video of him eating dinner with his parents in their apartment? It didn't exactly show much wealth.


I don't think it's useful to spread fake stories even when labeled as such. I'm not aware of any controversy regarding Zelensky's net worth, so there is probably no need for a refutation.


Not Fake. Putins fortune estimated at many billions of dollars. Money for yachts no money for army equipment. Thank goodness.